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Lead your tribe to victory over a chronicle of battles against savage opponents. Amazingly detailed and brutal miniatures await you.
Lead your tribe to victory over a chronicle of battles against savage opponents. Amazingly detailed and brutal miniatures await you.
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Turning more tokens into plastic!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Savages!

Another crushed Stretch Goal! Maw, the Horror from the Ashes has been unleashed!


Next, it's about time we finished upgrading the HATE core box tokens to nice plastic ones:

When we reach $710k we will upgrade the 4 Interest tokens, 3 Innocents tokens, and 5 Tracker tokens in the HATE core box from cardboard to 3D plastic tokens!

The Tracker tokens are simply used on the tracks of the Scenario Dashboard to track the rounds and each player's progress in the various missions. This uses a red version of the Savagery sculpt (any excuse to add more skulls to the game is always welcome).

Innocents tokens may be uncovered when pillaging certain Huts. Players must then choose whether to kill the Innocents right then and there in order to gain Savagery, or carry them back to their Village in order to torture or cook them for Hate or Resources respectively. The token has simple, iconic depiction of the Innocents whose fate is in your hands and you strive to claim victory in the world of HATE!

Interest tokens are placed on the game board according to the indications of each Scenario. They represent all manner of different objectives and special locations scattered across the battlefield. All tokens are double-sided, with one of them having a unique side. This is used for missions where something hidden must be found.

Unleash your HATE!

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    1. Cronitarius on

      Since everybody is wishful thinking i would like to cast a wish as well - I would like a Worm as a disrupting NPC and an event deck to break our plans and cripple our efforts;)

    2. Balloongineer

      #MassivePlagueCrossover +1

    3. Evan on

      @Thorsten - I don't think that spamming all of the comments is going to help. Why not back this game for the content of the game and stop trying to abuse Kickstarter for other games? Some of us actually want better components and are excited for THIS game.

    4. Missing avatar

      Thorsten Kiklas on

      32mm ? This is the same as Massive Darkness and Zombicide? ... If that is so and you give us a crossover for massive darkness then I increase from 1 to it PLEASE !!!! ;) NOW !!! not this boring tokens ;) C R O S S O V E R ! ! ! M A S S I V E D A R K N E S S

    5. Ulf Beorstruk on

      These flat ingrained tokens are so much nicer than the 3d ones, which from experience with similar CMON products really clutter the table and don't like very nice unless they're well painted. Please consider doing these flat style tokens for savagery, or keeping the cardboard versions in with the game!

    6. Luis Lopez Cañas on

      a very poor SG, and only 3 innocent tokens? there are several huts per stage, I think that in the next SG we will be unlocking innocent tokens and the skulls as markers ... the same but in red, very bad!

    7. Phil (Dazwayo) Giles

      I for one love the "innocent" look of the innocent token, I'm glad they kept it. To me it looks like a child's drawing.

    8. Foxwhisperer on

      I'm fine with the innocent token being somewhat abstract. I don't need some half eaten child or tortured woman miniatures in my collection really.
      The X token could be better. A rune or something like that.

    9. Korgal on

      No more SG ? It's lightning 🙄

    10. Kill-Krazy on

      Yeah, kinda wished the innocents where miniatures of the vulnerable.

    11. Tony See on

      Maw looks awesome.... the lame a$$ X and innocent tokens not so much....

    12. Missing avatar

      Grither on

      I think if we are gonna draw on some established art why not make the "X" tokens on top the 3 key slot thing/symbol form the graphic novel and the other side be a different color key, again from the graphic novel... That would be sweet... Like a total tie in and that is what the Tyrant was looking for right?

    13. Missing avatar

      Grither on

      I agree! The Innocents toke needs to be 3D with a woman and children on their knees with their hands up faces in anguish, maybe a child pleading. Brutal sounding but I think would set the tone... We are talking HATE here!

    14. Krishna Prakash Upadhyayula on

      Agreed with most of the previous comments. Would be nice to have the innocent token be something 3d, as well as a redesign of the interest token.

    15. Matthias on

      ... and the innocents should be a real miniature.

    16. Matthias on

      The "X" token is a bit dull. What about a skull pile or a runestone?

    17. JK on

      Also, it would be cool if we could use the innocents for something else, like slave labor or breeding stock. Although I guess you could just skin their "extra resources" function that way if you want.

    18. JK on

      (It would add a lot of life to the world if nothing else.)

    19. JK on

      Lame as shit. I was hoping the Innocent tokens would be replaced with, y'know, INNOCENTS. As in miniatures. Admittedly it would cost a lot more but... maybe as an add-on?

    20. Antonio Lozano

      I hate these damn inncoent tokens I’m just going to use meeples screw it

    21. Christian Schmal

      I am fine with tokens between the larger SGs. But the colours of the tokens are an issue for me. HATE does not have to be all black&white, but I think it should not be a happy mix of purple, yellow and cyan colours. And I agree with some of the other backers that X is not the best symbol.

    22. Gabriel Herrin on

      I was kind of hoping for a mini of a wailing child. hahaha

    23. Wang Tang on

      Would have been fine with punch tokens as the ability to stack them is a feature.

    24. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      Disappointing. It's not just that it's "only" tokens (which I can understand, not every stretch goal can be a miniature), but they are boring, uninspired ...

    25. Brian Hayne on

      Love upgrade components! Please understand however that I have some CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM for you guys. Is there anything more creative than just an X you can come up with? When it comes to immersion, nothing takes me out of it like pursuing Xs... unless I'm a pirate. Surely there are some appreciate primal symbology that could enhance these tokens? Also....why purple? However, I LOVE the Innocent token!

    26. Missing avatar

      Giacomo Arosio on

      What about the 2 big token for leading in Hate and in resources? Btw give us more than one sg at time so we can hype more about next objectives :D

    27. PK

      Could the interest tokens be made, um... more interesting?

    28. Pretty Dead

      Really should come out with another update soon on other stuff that comes in the box.

    29. Kyle Dalrymple

      Well, that's a relatively unexciting stretch goal, although I do love me some component upgrades.