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Lead your tribe to victory over a chronicle of battles against savage opponents. Amazingly detailed and brutal miniatures await you.
Lead your tribe to victory over a chronicle of battles against savage opponents. Amazingly detailed and brutal miniatures await you.
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Let the battles spread!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Savages!

Fresh from the oven, we have new Resource tokens to enjoy!

Now the quest to add a frightful Mercenary to our forces truly begins:


We know you're anxious to finish unlocking the Um'Gorr tribe, but there's still plenty of time for that (and much more). We'll get to them in due time. But for now, we'd like to address a concern that's been voiced by many of our backers: Can't the players involved in a Chronicle play more than one Clash at the same time?

The contents in the core box only allow one battle to be played at a time. The setup of each battle require several components, from a board, to terrain tiles, scenario dashboard, a bunch of tokens, etc. So that doesn't really allow for a second battle to be set up at the same time. Well, that's the reality so far. But we heard your requests, and will do our best to take care of it.

When we reach $670k we will add an extra game board to the HATE core box! This will begin to make it possible for players involved in the Chronicle to play two battles at the same time, keeping the game moving at a brisk pace.

A board is not all that's required to play two simultaneous battles, but with your help we're sure we'll be able to add all the necessary extra components to allow you to fill your game nights with as much HATE as possible!

Unleash your HATE!

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    1. Herbert Geekswain on

      @Chancy - completely agree

    2. Herbert Geekswain on

      Xavier Superbacker 1 day ago
      @Herbert : Having seconde board free with SG > Having to buy a second game to have a second board

      For you, maybe. But this is only useful for those who want to play two games simultaneously. The fact it will take up several SGs to provide all the components to do that is even more aggravating for those who will never use those duplicate components.

      On that basis it seems fairer to all backers that duplicates is not the default position, but that the additional components can be bought by those who want them as an add on.

    3. Antonio Lozano

      How about just throwing in the cardboard tokens in as well as the 3D tokens so we can play two games at once or I’ll just copy the design and print it out and glue them to some styrofoam and boom done terrains are an easy fix too so all you really need is a second board I’m also thinking of using meeples instead of the inocent tokens

    4. chancy on

      @RoelofSetsFire understood, but an SG that only benefits 1 type of group of backers such as is not what I was hoping for, this SG is annoying to those who struggle to gather groups regularly or are groups that buy their own copies individually. An SG that had a different board would be better than a copy, and the fact it is just a board and not enough to play the game with 4 players until other (useless to the above mentioned backers) SG's are met is frustrating. Let addional board and cards/tokens be addons so groups can pitch in for them if they want and the rest can get SG goodness that benefits everyone.

    5. Missing avatar

      RoelofSetsFire on

      @Chancy: The big difference with BloodBowl is that when you buy Blood Bowl you only get two teams in the box, so if you would play with six you would buy three boxes anyway, Hate has six 'teams' essentially, so it stands to reason that you get more playable areas.

    6. Xavier

      @Herbert : Having seconde board free with SG > Having to buy a second game to have a second board

    7. Xavier

      Great SG. I was hoping that you'll done that, that will make the chronicle faster and more interstanding for everyone. L

    8. Herbert Geekswain on

      A disappointing stretch goal (particularly if all the other game-play duplicates now required are going to eat even more SGs). This should have gone as an optional buy for those who don't want to play the default and designed league play style.

      This could be recovered (somewhat) if the additional board also adds additional gameplay styles other than two pairs being able to play simultaneously (which could also be achieved by a second copy of the core game...)

    9. Missing avatar

      Leif Stensson

      @Lilltiger: But they're already making the scenarios different in different battles by putting additional tiles on top of the boards based on scenario cards, as shown in the gameplay video.

    10. Missing avatar

      Lilltiger on

      This is great! But could you make to boards a bit different, and also have backsides on them with differences as well, so we would get 4 different battle scenarios (i would realy prefere 6 different).
      And even better, make them so when placed next to eachother they would line up the different scenarios neatly. This would allow for custom rules that would enable FFA style of gameplay!

    11. Budala on

      Seriously ? A new (same) board as a SG ? And the next will be the tokens, and the next the tiles....
      Make a addon for those who wants to play 2 games simultaneous

    12. chancy on

      Not interested in the extra board. I didn't demand an extra pitch for bloodbowl or guildball as that was clearly a league as was this. If it was an extra different board with additional missions then this would be more acceptable to me, otherwise feels like a waste of an SG that could be unlocking tribes, campaigns and characters from the Hate series instead.

    13. Zhiyuan Fu on

      Am really very happy with the extra board SG (planned or not, it shows that CMON does listen to their customers). With this SG I am sure there will be questions as we unlocked all the cardboard tokens to plastic ones how this will pan out for the extra board/game (which will need tokens and terrain as well also).

      In all likely hood, we might see extra sets of tokens provided as stretch goals or the second group can use the original cardboard tokens to play. However it would be more effective that towards the end of the project for CMON to release a "Chronicle Carnage Pack" which consist of a board, extra set of plastic tokens and cardboard terrain for a packaged price so that players who want to expand the chronicle to 6 players can go ahead and get that together with their pledge so that they can host truly epic games with 6 players making full use of all the warbands in the game and concluding the campaign possibly in a single game setting.

    14. Gabriel Giroux on

      Well, that is the best news possible for my group and myself. Thanks CMON!

    15. Missing avatar

      Leif Stensson

      @Michael Bane: I suspect a third board will rarely be needed. Obviously, it'll never be useful for less than six players, but even when you play with six players, if player A and B fight one battle, and player C and D fight another, when player E and F would decide who it is strategically best to attack, they each have five opponents to choose from strategically, but four of those five are already busy in another battle, making it more likely than not that you'll still have to wait for the player you want to attack to become available, even if there's a third board available.

      Assuming equal probability in the choice between targets to attack, there's 80% chance (0.8 probability) for each of player E and F that they'll choose one of players A-D, meaning a 64% chance (0.8*0.8 = 0.64 probability) that both of them will want to attack one of players A-D rather than each other. So almost two times out of three (which would be 67%), they'll have to wait, unless they choose to attack each other because they get impatient rather than making the best strategical choice. This could happen, of course, and might even fit the flavour of the mythos, but I'm not sure it's the way most players would want to play a strategy game.

    16. godgorF

      Shady kickstarter? Get a life.

      Up until the final package is on offer everything that happens with these huge "guaranteed to fund" kickstarters amounts to a game.

    17. Thorlight

      This is what i have been waiting for. I was so out on this KS if it was just a 2 player game. Now im I am confident all will se this to the end.

    18. Michael Bane on

      @RoelofSetsFire - definitely planned all along. I don't really care, I ignore most stretch goals and just back initially if I'm happy with the product, or at the end if I'm happy with the final result. I suppose people feel deceived in some way, but it's not like this was hard to see coming, given it's up to a six player game where only two were able to play at a time.

      My question is: are their going to be 3 boards in the box now to accomodate 6 players (yay!)? Can we buy an extra board as an add-on if there isn't (not as cool, but better than nothing)?

    19. Andrew Writt

      I will follow my comment up simply as opposed to getting into details on every item.

      If you want to build excitement it shouldn't be behind paywalls for a game box that doesn't offer the experience that is advertised on the front page.

      I have backed many products on kickstarter and own many CMON products. I only have an issue with how this one product is being managed.

    20. The King of Average on

      635 to 670 for a board which isn't even enough to actually play together (need more components as well) - seems like an odd choice.

      That being said, I am very glad to see this missing feature will be included in the base game, just bummed it's so piecemealed out.

    21. Mmag on

      Pretty meh for me :/ I would like to see new content that expand and give more variancy and replayability to game, not getting twice the same components

    22. Missing avatar

      RoelofSetsFire on

      @Andrew Writt: What would you prefer? That they lay out all of the stretch goals they have planned from day one? That would cause less excitement during the campaign which in turn would lead to less money raised. Less money raised = less extra stuff for the backers.

      @CMON: not sure whether I completely believe that this wasn't a planned upgrade all along, but happy to see it on the menu regardless! Haters gonna Hate!

    23. Michael Bane on

      @andrew and brandon - it's marketing, relax. Stretch goals are a great way to keep some momentum when a campaign stalls. Stripping components out and then "adding" them at dollar amounts, allows you to have goals without actually needing to make more stuff. If it bothers you, just wait until the campaign ends and settle up on the "complete" game in the pledge manager if you like it then.

    24. Missing avatar

      Brandon Gilbert on

      @Andrew Writt my thoughts exactly

    25. Andrew Writt

      After further research (not easy and seems intentionally hidden information because they know its an issue) this game seems very poorly designed as is for more than 2 players. Now they are hacking it up into stretch goals and do not even have the decency to put those stretch goals together. Plus they are teasing out key additions with component upgrades. This is one of the shadiest kickstarters I have seen in recent memory. Especially from an established company. Honestly, I would be ashamed if I were you.

    26. Rob Gould on

      I was hoping for components to play 2 games at once, assumed it would be an additional buy so very happy :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Choppy! the chipmunk eating lawnmower on

      Love it. Hate those who oppose this. I will feast on their bodies.

    28. Thomas Jul Christiansen on

      Useless for me! :( well then i can stop checking the new stretch goal for now :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Brandon Gilbert on

      I dunnnoooooo about this. The game is 120 USD which is already more than twice what its worth, therefore the worth comes from the stretch goals, and now we re losing numerous stretch goals from what is a clear issue with the game to begin with. Trying to play a campaign in this game seems impossible, you either have people sitting around half the time or u have to set up a schedule for when people show up to play? That sounds ridiculous, a major issue with the rules, and just adding extra copies of components sounds like a real cheap cop out

    30. Rainmaker on

      Love it! Definitely would love a Massive Darkness and Black Plague crossover.

      You can’t give us a crossover once and not always lol!

    31. Mark Jonny Konrath

      So maybe with placing both boards next to each other, 4 tribes can fight against each other at the same time? I´m not sure about any rules but would there be any problem of fighting 3 opponents at the same time? For me it doesnt matter because I´m in love with the game already but it would be interesting to know.

      And well like in every game -> a Zombicide/Massive Darkness Crossover is essential, you know ^^ shouldnt be possible for a few characters of every tribe to be converted.

    32. Rascarcapac on

      Great idea. So now that the warriors have plenty of room to slaughter, you can unleash the giant creatures and war machines!

    33. Joel - Panda Stew

      heck yeah!

    34. Gervill Froad on

      Thank you for listening this will keep game groups from getting board of this game! :D

    35. Missing avatar

      Philip Boorman on

      Great that's what we want hurrah!!! More please thank you.

    36. Mark-Ders on

      Love ... er ... hate where this is going ...