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Lead your tribe to victory over a chronicle of battles against savage opponents. Amazingly detailed and brutal miniatures await you.
Lead your tribe to victory over a chronicle of battles against savage opponents. Amazingly detailed and brutal miniatures await you.
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Warriors, raise your shields! I have a tale to tell!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Savages!

Three more figures have joined the Tribe of Um'Gorr. Not a lot left before they're ready to do battle!



Before we continue, we'd like to take a brief pause to present you a very special short story surrounding the Tribe of Um'Gorr. This was created by Adrian Smith specifically for the HATE board game! Including an epilogue written by Eric Kelley.






All men found themselves cast into the crucible, burning away impurities in the soul; weakness, indecision, cowardice, and more. In the end, what spirit remained defined the man. Else, the husk may lay down and die, never having made any mark upon the world, never having earned respect from men who mattered, and doomed to walk the dust as a soul alone, unseen and unheard.  

Fate came for many in those days, the strong and weak alike. Yet for those few who fought free of her cold embrace, they might forge life anew. They might find a place among their brethren, a lot in life wrought of their own hands and not by Fate’s fickle whims.  

Great glory trailed in a Varn’s shadow. To earn their gaze, even for a moment, might elevate the merest mortal beyond those destroyed in the crucible. For those few, grace might be found, favor earned, and for one shining moment, Fate herself would sway to their will.  

Such was the strength the Varn brought to their lesser kin. Such was the life they brought in the world of death.

Coming up next, the final pair of Warriors come to the defense of the tribe.

When we reach $540k all backers will receive a pair of new Warriors for the Um'Gorr tribe, including their figures and cards!

Um'Gorr Warrior resin figure.
Um'Gorr Warrior resin figure.


Art by Adrian Smith.
Art by Adrian Smith.


Um'Gorr Warrior painted by Robert Karlsson (figures come unpainted).
Um'Gorr Warrior painted by Robert Karlsson (figures come unpainted).

Unleash your HATE!

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    1. James Austin

      The text is underneath it explaining the context.

    2. BartP on

      I'm apparently too dumb for this text-less comic. What's the plot? A guy wakes up, kills another guy, is given a weapon and... what?

    3. Budala on

      This short story is in the French version of the Book from Adrian Smith. It's really created specifically for the board game ??

    4. JK on

      I'd love to see the characters from Adrian Smith's BP guest box brought in as mercenaries. That'd fit perfectly. And you can pretty much toss any damn thing you'd like into the BP universe and have it fit; it practically runs on expies.

    5. Rudy Martell on

      My tale is I don’t see how this world and BP would mesh. A crossover with Blood Rage bringing a Viking Clan into the Hate world is just as jarring, but would be a heap of fun.

    6. Antonio Lozano

      Can we get an upgrade to the innocent tokens like a 3D model or lil figures the tokens take away from the game (I know it’s a prototype but they looked bad)

    7. James Austin

      Well, I mean, Black Plague and Green Horde are the same setting.

    8. Evan on

      Why Black Plague? If anything, a Green Horde crossover!

    9. Ryan Douglas Tellier on

      My money is also waiting for a Black Plague cross-over. Please do it because we love you.

    10. Rainmaker on

      I have a story to tell.....The story of my money waiting to see a Black Plague cross-over. This game seems pretty cool, but a BP crossover will seal the deal.

    11. Steven Remington on

      I have a tale to tell as well. A tale of how I place an order on your webstore back in November on items that were fully in-stock, and you still haven't shipped my order to me all this time later.

    12. Ernster on

      so is the story in the rule book or the future art book add on? ;)