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The Elder Ones are being summoned. Face the monsters and embrace your insanity so you may disrupt the ritual long enough to kill them!
The Elder Ones are being summoned. Face the monsters and embrace your insanity so you may disrupt the ritual long enough to kill them!
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    1. Missing avatar

      T.A. de Vries on

      Awesome kickstarter.
      But I agree with other commenters that we have enough investigators...
      I would like to see a bit more mystery, story elements and puzzles in this game. That would make it stellar!

    2. Rumplestiltskin6 on

      Loving this stuff coming thick and fast!

      Hoping that we soon see more Elder Gods, such as Yog Sothoth, Shub Niggurath, Shudda Mell, Yig? Some significant ones haven't made an appearance.

    3. Missing avatar

      ShirowShirow on

      I'm still more interested in monsters than investigators, but I'm honestly surprised by how all the ones that have been revealed are so darn cool. I can't wait to kick some eldritch ass with Pops.

    4. MGAC

      Just keeps getting better and better.

      Hint...hint...CMON. I'd love to see you add the Dunwich Horror and Wilbur Watley.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jed Morganstein on

      Would LOVE to see a Shadow Over Innsmouth supplement / optional buy.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jed Morganstein on

      Agree with those saying that we're heavy on investigators and light on content. I think there is definitely an undue level of negativity toward this campaign, but I can't help but think of the variety between the sins in The Others, and look at the limited representation of Great Old Ones in this campaign. I'm still hoping the mi-go and Pops are part of supplement that's in the process of being unlocked (though both being KS exclusive makes that seem unlikely).

    7. Randy Shadowman

      Pops rocks!

    8. olerock on

      also, new elder god please!!!

    9. olerock on

      note: kleptomania says you 'must' but then goes on to say 'IF you do'. remove the fragment 'if you do' and rewrite the last sentence as 'if you can't, gain 2 stress instead' to make the world good and right again.

    10. Mini Mee

      @Rhys637 in your opinion. I love these sculpts and not bothered by the scale in the slightest. I do agree there seems to be plenty investigators and hope they move on to more long lasting content.

    11. Rhys637 on

      Everyone , please remember every single Investigator is mechanically the same except for their 1 Unique skill. Stop cheering random sculpts that are horribly scaled.
      Way too many Investigators even w/o the Season2 box. Would have be nice to see more thought invested in making a dozen or so unique individuals instead.
      And its not really that hard...check out Update 16 and see a handful of thematic, unique Investigators made in a short amount of time.

    12. Missing avatar

      David Wilhelm on

      What is the difference between healing 2 stress and gaining 2 stress on Kleptomania. It seems like it should be gain or lose, or maybe increase or decrease.

    13. Mini Mee

      Papa Justify! That is a pledge saver!

    14. Missing avatar

      Shawn Heezen on

      wow pops is a Dio fan

    15. Simon Cressey on

      Can we add Season 2 Optional Buy at the survey where you get to add extra bits ect and still get the ks exclusive minis

    16. Drew on

      The cards are made out of pure pacing.

      Yes, the numbers are sometimes made up- the cards are almost certainly so that they can split up the expense of getting to another Elder God.

      Shub Nigguruth, Gug, Yogsothoth, Chaugnar Faugn or Azathoth? Who knows?

    17. Scott Stefanik

      Lol! You read my mind!

    18. Missing avatar

      Fayt1989 on

      So will There be a season 3 now! Only one add on to buy seems a bit Cheap

    19. Missing avatar

      symbiontsynth on

      Loving the updates so far - would be great to see new episodes though, or maybe a toolkit for creating custom campaigns or standalone scenarios. Would also love to see another old one added to the season 2 box.

    20. Missing avatar

      Oraculist on

      Looking forward to Pops. In Lovecraft's stories practitioners of Voodoo (Vodoun) are depicted as ignorantly serving the Great Old Ones (as in The Call of Cthulhu) and that was always a little uncomfy for my modern sensibilities so I am happy to see that Pops and Adilah on the investigators' side. As someone who liked to play as Dexter Drake in Eldritch Horror, I'm happy we have a nice array of magical heroes to choose from.

    21. Missing avatar

      Chris Clark

      More tiles please 😀

    22. Krzysztof on

      Investigators and insanities. Investigators, cultists and insanities. Investigators, discoveries, cultists and investigators. Investigators, investigators, monsters and investigators. Cultists, investigators, investigators, monsters, insanities and investigators. That last one doesn't have much investigators in it!

    23. Missing avatar

      hatch on

      I like this Investigator :)

    24. JLo on

      Nice to see more insanity cards being added. Please also consider adding more discovery and Mythos cards.

    25. Mashing

      I'm glad they are addressing the shortage of insanity cards. Now I'd like to see that happen with the discovery cards

    26. Jack Hepburn Raine on

      No more investigators please. unless john constantine :-) agree with michael. we are at too many investigators not enough content.

    27. PK

      Please stop investigating spammers

    28. Leonardo Reis on

      Please stop spamming investigators ;) [2]

    29. Bernd on

      Please stop spamming investigators ;)

    30. Paul Cartwright

      The time spent developing and play testing them. The art work on them. They don't work for free you know ;)

    31. Ben Power

      POPS is best investigator there is!

    32. Paul Cartwright

      Hmm this is a very good investigator though! Plus more insanity cards and nice easy stretch goal gaps. So I'm happy with this myself.

    33. Victor on

      More investigators !! Hooray !!

      Seriously... 4 cards in 20K SG? What are they made of?

    34. Missing avatar

      Patrick Culver on

      I’m liking the investigators but I feel it will be hard to get to these stretch goals. But at this point can we get the one more investigator? The legendary...Baba Yaga?

    35. Stickler Meeseeks on

      Clearly Pops doesn't skip leg day! Any takers on guessing who his favorite loa?

    36. PK

      Insanity now, serenity later

    37. Michael Sprague

      If we're getting a Papa Midnight.... Where's John Constantine????

    38. PK

      Papa Legba :-)

    39. Brian on

      Enough investigators! LOL More monsters please! Gug!!!!!!!!