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The Elder Ones are being summoned. Face the monsters and embrace your insanity so you may disrupt the ritual long enough to kill them!
The Elder Ones are being summoned. Face the monsters and embrace your insanity so you may disrupt the ritual long enough to kill them!
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WIP Rulebook and Meet the Investigators: Part 2

Posted by CMON (Creator)
Iä! Iä! Investigators fhtagn!

Team, we're on our way to unlocking our latest Stretch Goal:

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Extra Dice Set
Extra Dice Set
Cthulhu: Death May Die Art Book
Cthulhu: Death May Die Art Book

WIP Rulebook

You have been anxiously awaiting, and now, it has been successfully summoned: the Work In Progress Rulebook for Cthulhu: Death May Die

Please keep in mind that this is a Work In Progress Rulebook. As it hasn't gone through editing yet, so typos and missing page reference numbers are expected. Also, remember that the game itself is still going through final development and playtesting, which means things are subject to change from what you see here and what you'll ultimately receive.

Meet the Investigators: Part 2

For those just joining us, yesterday we posted the first part of an in-depth look at the ten Investigators in the core box of Cthulhu: Death May Die

In case you missed that article, you can check it out HERE

Once you're all caught up you can continue below, as we take a look at the remaining five members of the team! 

*Please note all information subject to change before final release. 

Rasputin's figure. Sculpted by RN Estudio.
Rasputin's figure. Sculpted by RN Estudio.
Painted by Robert Karlsson. Please note the miniatures come unpainted.
Painted by Robert Karlsson. Please note the miniatures come unpainted.
  •  SKILLS: Unkillable (Unique), Arcane Mastery (Common), Brawling (Common)
It's hard to talk about Rasputin without immediately acknowledging his unique skill: Unkillable, since it greatly defines his play-style. While one might look at it and go "this is a nice safety net!" (since, if an Investigator dies before the Old One is summoned the players lose the game) but the other way of looking at it is "Look how reckless I can be!"

Players who naturally gravitate towards this "big gamble" plays will come to love Rasputin, since you get a plethora of additional "lives" just in case your plan backfires. This also means if your group finds itself in a particularly dangerous situation they can send Rasputin in without fear of (immediately) losing. This dynamic adds a new strategy to your pool when fighting against the Old Ones, so make use of it!

In addition to this, however, Rasputin also boasts Arcane Mastery and Brawling. The later in particular means that, combined with his unique skill, Rasputin can be one of the most successful Investigators on your team, as combining both skills allows him to pump out those successes when utilizing the Elder Signs and Tentacles.

Ian's figure. Sculpted by RN Estudio.
Ian's figure. Sculpted by RN Estudio.
Painted by Robert Karlsson. Please note miniatures come unpainted.
Painted by Robert Karlsson. Please note miniatures come unpainted.
  • SKILLS: Vengeance Obsession (Unique), Brawling (Common), Swiftness. (Common)
With his combination of the Swiftness and Brawling common skills Ian is perhaps the most versatile of the core box Investigators, and therein lies his biggest strength. When playing Ian you're going to want to be aware of what the rest of your group is capable of, or rather, what they aren't capable of

With his Swiftness, Ian is capable of gradually improving his actions, increasing the number of Run actions he can perform up to finally being able to take any extra action. And, if the rest of your team needs some protection from the horrors you'll face then Brawling would be the way to go, allowing you to get up in there and lock down some enemies.

Regardless of the approach you take, however, Ian's unique skill Vengeance Obsessed means he always goes down fighting. When factoring this in, it actually opens up a third potential role for Ian in the group as it's "tank". Sure, you don't have much in the way of defense, but enemies can't continue to harm you if they're dead (well... usually...). if you have access to some form of healing effects then Ian pairs up fantastically there, allowing him to deal damage and stay in the fight. This is just one example of how combining your unique team dynamics together can change the overall experience of each mission!

The Kid's figure. Sculpted by RN Estudio.
The Kid's figure. Sculpted by RN Estudio.
Painted by Robert Karlsson. Please note the miniatures come unpainted.
Painted by Robert Karlsson. Please note the miniatures come unpainted.
  • SKILLS: Vengeance Gate Manipulation (Unique), Marksman (Common), Arcane Mastery (Common)

So, honestly, who doesn't want to play as a potentially-psychotic little girl who throws fireballs?

The Kid here is a pure ranged damage dealer- Marksman increases the potency of your ranged capabilities, not only upping the distance in which you can attack but also the number of overall dice you're going to use. Meanwhile, Arcane Mastery boosts your damage even more, since you can utilize those Elder Signs to your benefit. 

Finally, take The Kid's unique skill, Gate Manipulation, into account- Just by being near the portals to whatever-unpronounceable-otherworld you're going to, you guessed it, gain even more damage potential. On top of that, once properly leveled up, you'll begin to automatically damage any enemies that happen to cross it, giving her an aspect of board control as well.

When it comes down to it, if you're the type that is all about dealing damage from the safety of range (while the rest of your team surely protects you) then The Kid is going to be your choice. Plus, again... Little girl with fireballs.

Morgan's figure. Sculpted by RN Estudio.
Morgan's figure. Sculpted by RN Estudio.
Painted by Robert Karlsson.
Painted by Robert Karlsson.
  •  SKILLS: Protector (Unique), Swiftness (Common), Toughness (Common)
Out of all the Investigators in the core set, Morgan is the closest you can call to ca dedicated "tank" archetype. 

This is exemplified by first looking at his Toughness common skill, which he can utilize to prevent incoming damage. Combine this with his Protector unique skill, which re-directs incoming attacks from your allies unto yourself, and you can see what I mean by Morgan being the group's "tank".

Furthering Morgan's role of group guardian, he also has the Swiftness common skill, allowing him to always be where he needs to be and protect those who need protecting!

When Morgan joins the group you gain access to a element of control and damage mitigation unseen previously, opening up even more tactical options for how you approach confrontations. 

This allows your "softer" team members an additional layer of protection from threats- one you would otherwise come to miss should Morgan be sidelined from that particular mission!

Adam's figure. Sculpted by RN Estudio.
Adam's figure. Sculpted by RN Estudio.
Painted by Robert Karlsson.
Painted by Robert Karlsson.
  • SKILLS: Fueled by Madness (Unique), Marksman (Common), Toughness (Common)

The final Investigator in the team is Adam, who takes up a bit of a unique role as not only a ranged specialize, but also one of the toughest ranged specialists on the team.

We've looked at what the Marksman common skill brings to the table, but so far it's usually been seen on Investigators who specialize in dealing damage (The Kid) or moving quickly across the map (Elizabeth), whereas Adam here has his secondary common skill as Toughness. This basically shows how he isn't afraid to get up into the fight if need be, and that he also doesn't need the level of protecting that some of the other Investigators do. 

Perhaps the most unique aspect of Adam, however is his... Well his unique skill, Fueled by Madness. Usually being near your Insanity's trigger space can be dangerous for an Investigator, as it can lead to problems and uncontrollable actions. With Adam though he just gets additional dice (well, in addition to that Insanity, of course). When playing Adam, it becomes a careful mix of wanting to maximize your benefits while balancing that against the issues your Insanity might bring.

For those who like playing the razor's edge, however, Adam might just be your style.

And with that, we complete our look into the core box Investigators! What is your overall dream-team? Which Investigator are you personally looking forward to trying out first?

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    1. Tomasz Rospondek

      Thanks Robert. I'm happy you also liked them :D It is fun to do those things :D
      Nope I didn't post them anywhere else.
      Now I need just ideas for more thematic investigators :D But you can help if you have any idea how :D
      Ash is almost done, next is Sherlock, Poirot and Constantine.
      I'm trying to think bout something with Chambers, Lovecraft and Poe. But no good ideas as for now ;)

    2. Robert Stehr on

      @Tomasz great work with the bprd! did you posted them collected somewhere? bgg? could i help you?

    3. Tomasz Rospondek

      A little preview of Ash Williams skills. Boring at work... ;)

      - Evil Dead is coming
      1 - Entity always follows you. You can move one space with only one enemy following you.
      2 - Entity tries to attack you. Roll 1 bonus dice. If Elder Sign one enemy in your space receives 1 damage. If ! you receive one damage.
      3 - Entity tries to attack you. Roll 2 bonus dices. For every Elder Sign one enemy in your space receives 1 damage. For every ! you receive one damage.
      4 - Entity attacks. You're resting. Roll 3 bonus dices. For every Elder Sign each enemy in your space receives 1 damage. For every ! you recover 1 damage.

      - Ash to Ashes
      1 - Broken mirror. Roll 2 bonus dices. For every Elder Sign put on board 1 Little Ash (Power 1/HP1) on your space. Use them as your units.
      2 - Broken mirror. Roll 3 bonus dices. For every Elder Sign put on board 1 Little Ash (Power 2/HP1) on your space. Use them as your units.
      3 - Broken mirror. Roll 4 bonus dices. For every Elder Sign put on board 1 Little Ash (Power 2/HP2) on your space. Receive 1 damage. Use them as your units.
      4 - Broken mirror. Roll 5 bonus dices. For every Elder Sign put on board 1 Little Ash (Power 3/HP2) on your space. Receive 2 damage. Use them as your units.

      - Klaatu Barada Ni *cough* *cough*
      1 - First book - Roll 1 bonus dice for every enemy in your space. First one with Elder Sign receives 1 damage and is moved two spaces away.
      2 - Second book - Roll 2 bonus dices for every enemy in your space. First one with Elder Sign receives 2 damage.
      3 - Necronomicon - Roll 3 bonus dices for every enemy in your space. First one with Elder Sign receives 3 damage.
      4 - Skeletons! Everywhere! Roll 3 bonus dices for every enemy in your space. Everyone with Elder Sign receives 4 damage and you recover 1 damage.

    4. Tomasz Rospondek

      @Rhys long way home...
      Here, PNG file with 'holes' if you still want it =)…

    5. Tomasz Rospondek

      @Rhys, sure, when I'll be back from work. 4 more hours... X_x
      It is still this low res from images in here of course.

    6. Rhys637 on

      @Tomasz you have ablank Investigators template you would consider sharing?

    7. Tomasz Rospondek

      And I guess for the end of this BPRD funny spinoff Hellboy with Anung Un Rama.…
      Level three skills are blocked. After reaching insanity level 11 you switch to:…
      All skill tokens are moving to the same spot or, if not moved from the based level, to the second level skill.
      Now I can wait for the release to make them in HQ and check them in action ;)

    8. Missing avatar

      Łukasz on

      Well guys. It seems like campaign stuck, due to strange SG decisions... Are You going to do something with to convince us to pledge Cthulhu with more cash?

    9. Rolling Solo on

      I like the character “Adam” ;D

    10. Tomasz Rospondek

      So if you've already mentioned Liz...…
      Fire track rises with every physical hit for one each time. After filled, bad things happen and it resets to zero.
      All for today :D

      I'm also with BBoE, but without any resins. Haven't try to paint anything... Not enough time, space, and of course skills! ;)

    11. Rhys637 on


      I just need to up my pledge for the Big Box of Evil...and maybe a resin Liz for my lady friend so I can tri---I mean persuade her to paint a few extras for us.

    12. Tomasz Rospondek

      Why late pledge? I got it during campaign ;)
      And the size of Hellboy miniatures fits perfectly in here :D
      I can see a lot of things I can make from both of those games :D

    13. Rhys637 on

      Now you should go late pledge the Hellboy game to get some really nice miniatures to go with those cards.

    14. Tomasz Rospondek

      @Jason L Perry glad you like it =)
      Here is the third one. Abe Sapien =)…

    15. Big Tom Casual (Orange Nebula) on

      Oooh good catch Sharkey. The book does make extra effort to qualify elder ones as part of the triune-‘enemy’

    16. Jason L Perry

      @Nicholas Hobbs, it says "Sanity Track" in the rules, not "Insanity".

    17. Jason L Perry

      @Tomasz Rospondek

      That's so fun! Great idea!

    18. Missing avatar

      Tim Arnold

      These investigators are awesome!

    19. Nicholas Hobbs on

      I would personally change any instance of "lose 1 sanity", to "gain 1 Insanity". Simply because the track is labeled the insanity track and is in an increasing state. I feel that it reads much easier that way. Again this is just me.

    20. Tomasz Rospondek

      Just for fun. Hellboy Investigator =)…
      Rest of BPRD squad later :D

    21. Missing avatar

      Mauser on

      *sigh* thats not what psychotic means. if you're going to make a game that makes fun of mental health issues, ateast do it right

    22. Qeqtoxii on

      So , when Rasputins sanity drops to last point , he is killed for good and not revived ??

    23. Jynk

      I finally know what it is that throws the sculpts off for me. They're so short. Like someone squashed them down between the art and the sculpt. Legs are too short.

    24. M.E. Snyder, Master Mason of Valoria on

      Rules look great, simple but lots of opertunity for intersting things to happen. Question though, do tentacles always increase sanity, even when rolling monster attacks or for discovery cards? Also, in the example with Ian vs the fire vampire, the fire vampire hurts Ian, and resulting in an additional fire token being placed, prompting Ian to place a damage counter on the fire vampire because of his unique skill. Since the fire vampire was hurt, shouldn't a second fire token be placed, since hurting and being hurt triggers placing an additional fire token? Also, does ending your turn on a space with a fire token call for a wound check? Finally, what are the limits to the number of items, followers, and conditions you can have and do you have to draw a discovery card when on a safe space? These may be some things to clarify in the final rules.

      I'm super excited for this game now! I really like the idea that a hand full of half crazy individuals in the world are dedicated to taking on the Mythos. It reminds me of a rule in the RPG by Chaosium where if a player gets a Mythos skill rating higher than his sanity, then he only loses half the number of sanity points in the future as they are somewhat used to the horrors of the Mythos (and they have likely experienced several bouts of madness and suffer from some kind if insanity effect). Can't wait to be playing this next summer!

    25. Jimmy Trinket

      Enjoyed reading Rasputin's back story and is Sergeant Welles also missing an eye? Enjoy reading about these characters. Yay for the rulebook, just about to dive into it. Thanks for that CMON!

    26. Popnfresh on

      I really like the rule set, it’s simple, and it seems like it’s fun honestly, which is the most important thing.

      I like all the character mechanics as well, though as some said maybe the pool for common abilities could be a bit larger.

      I love that if you hit phase 2 the GOO comes onto the board but still cannot be damaged unless the ritual is disrupted first - that will create some fun scenarios.

      My only real concern at this point is there only being 16 Mythos cards per episode, which could get repetitive fast - but then again they’re unique to each episode and it’s just extra flavouring/scenario modding on top what’s already there.

      I can see how some people say it’s not very ‘lovecrafty’ in the whole shoot em in the face bit, but I have the other kinds of Lovecraft games, and I’ll be backing for how it plays (which is a nice surprise because I just came for the minis at first). Honestly if this was just called ‘Dark Ritual’ and was based on no particular property, it’d remain the same for me.

      In terms of my wish list for the campaign, I hope we get a few more GOOs, unique monsters and episodes. Also hope the finale can be translated into an add on for those who don’t have the space/money/desire for the mega Cthulhu.

    27. Rocket Pig Games on

      thank you for the rulebook

    28. Rhys637 on

      I'm very disappointed, since its now all about one skill it seems, especially since that unique skill is what they are touting for the replay and different experience each play.

      Very quickly many Investigators will be tossed aside because they are just an uplayable combination in comparison to others. Makes more investigators even less desirable for me,

    29. Isaac Alexander

      The Dagon Elder One Contents tag says "1 Monters card"

    30. Todd Ferrullo on

      I am a bit disappointed that there seems to only be a pool of six skills that the two non-unique ones are drawn from because with so many investigators that all have the same amount of wounds, the same sanity track and 2 out of the same 6 skills; it is really going to come down to their unique skill only. This will generally mean that some will be obviously better and get played all the time and some will be weak and never get played.
      Btw, I do like the fact that Morgan just happens to be from Indiana.

    31. Missing avatar

      Oraculist on

      Like... if Bill Ny was Peter Cushing's stand in for the 1959 version of The Mummy.

    32. Missing avatar

      Oraculist on

      Is it me or does Lord Adam have a sort of Bill Nye sort of thing going on?

    33. Tomasz Rospondek

      @Danielle when stress is full you "just" can't reroll.

    34. Kenna

      Nice way to clear Not-Indy with a race change. He's awesome, either way!

    35. Daniele on

      When the stress it's at maximum, something happens?

    36. LittleLionMan on

      Pls do a GOOD Game with polished and tested rules. Something like Blood Rage or Rising Sun. Not something like MD.

    37. Missing avatar


      Rulebook needs more pictures

    38. Drew on

      Sharkey- I haven't read the rulebook yet, but from the video, it seems like you do damage to an individual stage of the elder god. When the god has taken enough damage, you move on to the next one.

      He may be able to insta-zap one form, though- and that'd be fantastic.

    39. David Etherton

      Top of page 8, really easy to miss: "Your sanity track has trigger points on it that will do two things: trigger your insanity (see below) and let you level up a skill (explained later)."

    40. Rhys637 on

      Ahh, ok..i see it. it is a WIP, but kinda vague.

    41. Drew on

      The Kid is Nyarlathotep in one of her less well known forms.

      Obviously, her intent is to stop any of the other cults from taking over.

    42. Missing avatar

      Hickory on

      Thank you for the rulebook!

    43. Bryan on

      @Rhys637 Pg 8. " Every time the
      Sanity marker on the investiagor card gets to a [trigger symbol] on the
      track, that insanity triggers. Do the effect on the insanity card.
      After your insanity is triggered, you level up one of your skills. Choose
      one skill and move its marker up one space."

    44. David Etherton

      @Rhys637, when you lose sanity (from rolling a tentacle among other things) you advance on the track on the top of your character sheet. Every time your marker hits a swirly space you can advance one skill. (I think if you lose multiple sanity at once, you stop moving if you hit a swirly space, but the wording wasn't clear).

      I had a question... the discovery card's image didn't match the accompanying text. Both the way you gain the card, and the health on the Janitor, didn't seem to match?

    45. Rhys637 on

      Did I miss it, or is there really nothing in the rules about how to advance the Investigator's skills?

    46. NoobleBear on

      Sharkey, I had the same thought. If he's in the party (and alive) the best course of action would be to protect this guy throughout the game to use as an insta-nuke against final boss/bosses. Sounds fun!