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The Elder Ones are being summoned. Face the monsters and embrace your insanity so you may disrupt the ritual long enough to kill them!
The Elder Ones are being summoned. Face the monsters and embrace your insanity so you may disrupt the ritual long enough to kill them!
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Meet the Investigators: Part 1

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Iä! Iä! Investigators fhtagn!

It's time to meet the team! 

Today we're going to go over five of the ten Investigators featured in the core box for Death May Die, but before we get into each of them proper, let's go over some basics about them as a whole!

Investigator Basics

  • As an easy Quick-Reference, each Investigator's character sheet lists your actions along the left.
  • At the top you'll find your Sanity Track- everyone starts insane, but as you progressively go more and more insane you'll utilize that madness to unlock additional skills. When facing the impossible to comprehend, being mad has its benefits.
  • Bottom left is where you'll track your Stress and Health.
  • Finally, we come to your Investigator's Skills- the single most important aspect of their character. Each Investigator features one Unique Skill that they and they alone possess, as well as two additional Skills drawn from a common pool of abilities that can appear across numerous Investigators. 


As mentioned, Skills define your Investigator, and each of them can be leveled up numerous times throughout the game, gaining additional benefits and power. More so, one of the major aspects of your Cthulhu: Death May Die experience will be your overall availability of these skills. 

Have an Investigator or two with Stealth? Your scenario experience is going to drastically change because of this, as the group now gains the option to bypass enemies to achieve their goals versus direct conflict. Does one of your group possess a rare healing ability? Well now the group can be a bit more reckless, as you have a means of recuperating damage throughout the mission! Perhaps your entire team is focused on damage-effects, whether they be ranged or melee- suddenly the dynamic is kick down the door and blast them back to <unpronounceable>!

So for those who wish to craft the perfect team for each mission, you have a rich and enjoyable experience available for you in Cthulhu: Death May Die. Of course, you can also just pick your favorites and utilize your motley assortment of skills and powers on the fly- figure out the plan as you go!

With all that being said, let's now take a look at the first half of the brave Investigators joining us...

 *Please note all information subject to change before final release. 

Ahmed's figure. Sculpted by RN Estudio.
Ahmed's figure. Sculpted by RN Estudio.
Painted by Robert Karlsson. Please note the miniatures come unpainted.
Painted by Robert Karlsson. Please note the miniatures come unpainted.
  • SKILLS: Healing Prayer (Unique), Stealth (Common), Toughness (Common) 
From the common pool of Skills Ahmed brings Stealth and Toughness. For those wishing to play a more defensive "Tank" approach to the Investigator, you can focus heavily into Toughness, which reduces all incoming damage to Ahmed, making him a great front-line option. 

Alternatively, you can forgo that approach and instead boost his Stealth capabilities, giving him the option to slip past foes and, eventually, begin damaging them as he does so. Taking this route puts him more into a "rogue-like" position in your group- if you find you already have some Investigators that can deal with things head-on then this approach might be more beneficial to the mission in the long-run.

Finally, we have his unique skill: Healing Prayer. While this starts off with just the ability to remove Stress, once properly leveled you can begin removing both Wounds and Stress (even being able to restore multiple allies once maxed out!) This unique skill, like all the rest, greatly expands how you're going to want to approach each episode. Just by Ahmed joining your team you'll become that much more resilient- of course, when he isn't around you're going to feel it as well, as you'll have to be that much more careful in your search!

Whether its a brawling front-line combat-healer or a slippery rogue, restoring his allies from the shadows, Ahmed brings fantastic utility to any group.

Fatima's figure. Sculpted by RN Estudio.
Fatima's figure. Sculpted by RN Estudio.
Painted by Robert Karlsson. Please note the miniatures come unpainted.
Painted by Robert Karlsson. Please note the miniatures come unpainted.
  • SKILLS: Read the Omens (Unique), Arcane Mastery (Common), Swiftness (Common)

For those that prefer a more "controller" aspect to their Investigators, Fatima is the choice for you. Her unique skill, Read the Omens allows exactly that (partial) control over the Mythos Deck! The Mythos Deck can be a major source of frustration for the Investigators (and a surge of power for your enemies). By including Fatima you can better mitigate this with some limited manipulation early on and, at later levels, outright cancelling the effects! Of course this puts strain on poor Fatima, so it's something you should only consider in the most dire circumstances (or unless, perhaps, you have Ahmed around to restore her!)

Aside from her unique skill, Fatima also continues her theme of manipulation via Arcane Mastery, which allows her to convert Elder Signs into Successes. Combine this with the Stress-reduction from Read the Omens and Fatima becomes one of the most... Well, Stress-free Investigators in any group.

Finally, Fatima also boasts the Swiftness skill, allowing her to quickly move around the map. Better yet, once properly increased, she can begin to pull other members of the team with her at an expedited pace, allowing you to get up some fantastic plays that could spell the difference between a win and a loss with proper timing!

Sister Beth's figure. Sculpted by RN Estudio.
Sister Beth's figure. Sculpted by RN Estudio.
Painted by Robert Karlsson. Please note the miniatures come unpainted.
Painted by Robert Karlsson. Please note the miniatures come unpainted.
  •  SKILLS: High Strung (Unique), Brawling (Common), Toughness (Common)

Sister Beth is not to be trifled with. Arguably one of the best front-line fighters available to the Investigators the good Sister Beth's skills are all focused around surviving in the thick of things and bringing down everything around her (probably utilizing violence).

This is apparent with her two common skills: Brawling and Toughness. As we previously spoke of with Ahmed, Toughness insures that Beth can survive when she decides to get right up in a monster's face and take it head on- which is where she'll usually want to be, given how her Brawling skill works. Once properly increased, beth can begin taking on whole mobs of enemies at once, bringing down a reckoning upon them. Combine this with her unique skill High Strung and you have an incredibly resilient fighter and potentially amazing damage output.

All in all, you may think Sister Beth a bit one dimensional "Oh she deals the damage" but that would be severely understating what that can contribute to a group. Your enemies aren't messing around, and odds are they are going to be far deadlier than you are, so not only having someone willing but also incredibly capable of engaging these threats while everyone else completes your mission can be a real game-changer!

Borden's figure. Sculpted by RN Estudio.
Borden's figure. Sculpted by RN Estudio.
Painted by Robert Karlsson. Please note the miniatures come unpainted.
Painted by Robert Karlsson. Please note the miniatures come unpainted.
  • SKILLS: Savage (Unique), Brawling (Common), Stealth (Common)

Let's take a look now at how the proper combination of common skills can really separate one Investigator from the next:

Here we have Borden, who boasts the Stealth and Brawling skills, two that we've already discussed on other Investigators. Combining these options, however, creates a new play-experience all together. Whereas Sister Beth took a direct "Kill 'em all!" approach and Ahmed used his Stealth to better position himself to support his allies, Borden here... Well Borden likes to sneak up on enemies and utilize that ax of hers (or whatever weapon she finds, really). 

One need only take a look at her Savage unique skill to piece it all together. When playing Borden your goal is to find those nice isolated targets, stealth up on them, and cut them down. Not only are you rewarded for this method via the extra damage from both Brawling and Stealth, but if you manage to neutralize your target then Borden also recovers all her Stress, keeping her going that much longer.

When Borden is included in your group suddenly enemy positioning is going to matter that much more- It may become beneficial for some of your group to distract enemies, pulling them away from others, allowing Borden to work her particular form of magic. Likewise, I'm sure there will be times when you're facing down the Old One all by themselves and Borden won't be around, and you'll find yourself wishing you had a stealthy-ax wielder right about now...

Lizzie's figure. Sculpted by RN Estudio.
Lizzie's figure. Sculpted by RN Estudio.
Painted by Roberto Karlsson. Please note the miniatures come unpainted.
Painted by Roberto Karlsson. Please note the miniatures come unpainted.
  •  SKILLS: Lucky (Unique), Marksman (Common), Swiftness (Common)

For those who prefer a more run-and-gun approach to encounters, Lizzie is the choice for you.

Wanting to avoid the thick of direct fighting, Lizzie specializes in ranged combat. Her combination of Swiftness, which grants her an additional Run Action each turn, means she can properly position herself exactly where she needs to (and, of course, drag allies with her at later levels). This pairs with her Marksman skill, which further increases the range in which she can perform attacks. Combine these two and Lizzie becomes your group's ace problem solver as she can cover an extreme amount of ground, offering additional support to her allies from across the map when needed.

All this is capped off with her unique skill: Lucky, which allows her a set number of re-rolls depending on if you've leveled this or not. It's not the flashiest unique skill, but no one can deny the awesome benefit it brings. Just when the chips are down and you really need to get those Successes you'll have the potential to do so, meaning you can make a few riskier plays than normal (or ensure a plan goes... well, to plan). 

Those who want the experience of playing a ranged specialist, capable of dashing around the map, laying down covering fire for their allies and taking down eldritch threats with well-placed shots will naturally be drawn to Lizzie - and the rest of the group will be happy she tagged along!

And that, Investigators, will complete our look at the first five of the team included in Cthulhu: Death May Die's core box! Join us next time where we'll be taking a look at the rest of the team and what they bring to the table.

In the meantime, which Investigator are you most looking forward to playing?

The Great Old One stirs. Sleep tight

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    1. Eric Lotos on

      Wondering about how these abilities stack. Specifically looking at Ahmed's Healing and Toughness. The second level Toughness makes it clear it stacks, but the Healing says 'instead of', so at Level 2, does the healing do 2 as stated or 3 (since it has a + between levels)?
      Does level 3 heal all investigators 1 Fatigue or 2 & 2, or 3 & 3?
      Hope to see consistent and clear wording on the skills! Very excited.

    2. Missing avatar

      David Wilhelm on

      Yea, I know I will just paint frames. There is no way I think I could get the glass effect correct and the eyes are such an important part of the figure.

    3. Kenna

      Yeah the painter is great, except I don't really care for the technique in painting glasses.

    4. Krzysztof on

      These steampunk googles on finished miniatures look rather silly... Especially that almost every other character has them...

    5. Tomasz Rospondek

      @Jason Brown if I saw it correctly all of the skills are 'in the same location unless said differently'. Like with shooting. You shoot only the enemy in your location unless your skill tells you you can shoot to enemy in an adjacent location.
      But just blind guess.

    6. Amit Arnon

      I love the characters! Note that you might want to alter the name a little. Ahmed Yassin was the head of a terrorist organization called Hamas. While I love the Turkish healer, you might want to maybe change the last name..

    7. Jason Brown

      Rules questions.
      1) Healing Prayer: What is the range? At the moment it seems to be any player, anywhere
      2) High Strung: If 2 tentacles are rolled (at full power) does that mean 2 plus an additional 3 sucesses?

    8. Torborg on

      It was interesting to read about how the huge sculpt was made.
      So sad that you guys completely messed up with the pledge tiers at the beginning of the campaign and then even kept arguing that a production of 5000 would be more expensive per piece than a production of 100 or 200. Otherwise you would have had even more (and happier) backers.
      I guess the sculptor was not involved in that, but teamwork also means that you may have to suffer the consequences of other people's mess.

    9. Missing avatar

      Christian Johansen on

      I love all the tactics implied in these characters and their skills. Looking forward to trying them all out ... oh, and I love the miniatures too. ;)

    10. Missing avatar

      Riff Conner on

      Errant comma in Fatima's first "Read the Omens" skill box. Also, I presume the skill levels stack? e.g. the fourth Swiftness level adds an extra action /in addition/ to the free run action?

      Looks good, I like the design a lot. Good muted vintage feel. Don't listen to people telling you it should be all high-saturation modern flashiness.


      Comparing these to the characters from Others 7sins, I like these characters much better. The characters from O7S are great but not all that different from each other, with only one unique non-upgradable ability each. These investigators abilities are way more varied and unique!

    12. pagoda79

      I agree with @Johnnie that I’m not sure I like the sunglasses style.

      Otherwise though I like this info and seeing how the investigators work in different ways. Very cool.

    13. Edwin Lam on

      Looks every investigators need to fight no matter how

    14. Drew on

      Well, I think I like the investigator side more than I did before.

      Still, at least sometimes I'll be rooting for the Old Ones.

    15. Missing avatar

      Johnnie on

      Thanks for this update, looking forward to seeing the dashboard of all the other characters.

      The two sculpts with glasses, looks very different from the character dashboard. They look like they are wearing sunglasses, which kind of make them less thematically fit with the game. Not sure what is the best way to paint the eyeglasses...Some miniature sculpt just have the frames and leave it open in the lens area with eyes sculpted. Not sure if that is feasible or if someone have a better way to paint the eyeglasses to appear less like sunglasses/goggles.

    16. Fubiquitus on

      The design of the character dashboards is really plain and unappealing.
      They could be much better.

    17. GP on

      There is a typo in the Swiftness skill on both cards. You 'make take' should be 'may take'.

    18. Terry Masson on

      Looks great, I didn't realise until I looked at Borden, are the investigators all real life inspired?

      I'm loving it, the dashboards look effective and thematic, the abilities look neat, and there's plenty of replayability in what I'm seeing.

    19. Christopher Hawkins

      @Robert - Half of the starter set models are male. More than half of the starter set models are white.

      Are your conservative feels so fragile that you're getting upset about a mechanical focus update that doesn't have enough white dudes in it?

      I could be wrong, but it looks like that's what you're doing here.

      My guess is that the designers picked these characters for the focus, because they each neatly illustrated different mechanical aspects that they wanted to highlight.

    20. Big Tom Casual (Orange Nebula) on

      LMAO as long as I don't let any of them read Borden's profile! Egads

    21. Big Tom Casual (Orange Nebula) on

      LOVING the choices for these investigators. My group will have a hard time picking who they want to be because they like them all instead of the usual where they are bored out of their minds with their options.

    22. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      That’s a let down. Almost all women and a couple Turkish guy. Is this SJW PC gone insane?

    23. Pressureman on

      Good update. After watching the gamplay video last night, then seeing how the mix of unique and common abilities works to create invesigator variability, I'm actually feeling happy about getting SG investigators. Having each investigator with a unique skill is actually a big deal.

    24. RoboDoc

      I believe that Elizabeth's quote should be "Best six of eleven" OR "Best nine of seventeen."

    25. Paul Cartwright

      Have to say I'm liking the sound of these abilities and how they tie together. It really looks like every player will have an important specific role to play. I think Borden is the one I like the most so far, the stealthy single target damage dealer.

    26. Thomas M

      Great Update!

    27. Dan on

      Hmmm this is going to be a challenge trying to paint glasses so that they don't look like aviator goggles lol

    28. Missing avatar

      Hickory on

      Can you provide us with a rulebook?

    29. Jorgy on

      You call them "investigators", they all carry a weapon, even the nun..

    30. Jimmy Trinket

      Love the breakdown of these characters. I can't decide who I like best but Borden sure sounds like a serial killer. Yikes!!@ :oP

    31. Rhys637 on

      Well, you need some kind of draft of the rules in order to post them. Not even a WIP pdf? How do I increase those skills ? Do I choose? Can I focus or must I diversify? Do they need to be within xx of each other?

      Gameplay...its how games are played.

    32. Missing avatar

      Seniscram on

      Honestly, this update makes me more excited about the game. I am looking forward to learning about the other characters and their special abilities.

    33. Missing avatar

      Oraculist on

      If playing as Antha in Zombicide is an indicator, I am very much looking forward to playing as Fatima in this game.

    34. Missing avatar

      Rene on

      Posting the rule book would have been a better update than this is.

    35. Missing avatar



    36. Salvatore on

      Better updates are needed

    37. Salvatore on

      That’s disappointing for a huge campaign

    38. Eyne Nacht on

      Looking forward to playing Alexander Crowley the most.

    39. rpgelementsetsy on

      More updates than minis. Show us your miniatures! Lol.