pledged of $200,000 goal
5days to go

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Wed, July 25 2018 2:00 AM UTC +00:00.

pledged of $200,000 goal
5days to go

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Wed, July 25 2018 2:00 AM UTC +00:00.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Martin Moran on

      Hell hath no fury like a nerd scorned.

    2. Blaz

      Nothing much, had the luck with 220$ pledge.

    3. Chucky5 on

      Come on guys! This is not Zcide. We don't want 50 heros.

      Give us some more monsters, different monsters. Give us old ones.

      We have enough heros already

    4. Rhys637 on

      Of course the limit has been removed, I never said CMN didnt know how to market, because they definitely do. They nudged and tweaked till they found the correct level for this item. and its still over-priced.And I can babble all I want, just as every one else can.
      Does not change what they have been doing at all. If they add some actual content options, be it as SGs or add-ons, I will probably back this. But given the time frame, I doubt we see it and I will pass.

    5. toby on

      @cmon - I backed at a dollar just to say that what you are doing with this campaign is shameful.

      You are creating artificial scarcity to push up prices at the expense of people who have supported you and built your customer base on Kickstarter.

      The fact that you have the audacity to increase the price as you increase the wait time for your top their pledge is a joke.

      This is indefensible. I will not back another cmon project again and not will I buy any of your games at retail

    6. HxCx on

      aaaand...Im out... :/

    7. Sharkey on

      WHAT UP, I'm only here holding onto a Jan 2020 biggie for a buddy, haha

    8. Fenrir767 (Jayson)

      @Kitteye that's a great point I hope they have mutiple shipping options as I may keep my pledge and wait for the big guy but it may just make more sense to grab the base.

    9. Blaz

      At the start of a campaign there is no foreshadowing.

    10. Terjil on

      Well, I´m staying at my 100$ pledge and July 2019... but its fun seeing the amount of money rising up like hell with this unlimited Ryleh pledge level ;-)

    11. Missing avatar

      Chris Clark on

      Can the next stretch goal be a CMON response to the stupidity of waiting a year after the game delivers to recieve the finale.

    12. VaBene on

      This maxiture needs nearly 0,2 squaremeter of space, as it has a height of nearly half a meter, and with an estimated wall height of your flat of 2,5 meter, this figurine costs -the square meter in Munich is way higher than 5000€ to buy- around 420-450 € (200 € just to store), so think about that! Who wants to pay so much for a mountain of plastic! Best wishes from your sustainability, your lifetime of work and the oceans

    13. Missing avatar

      Cameron G on

      @donnbobhardy would love some marvel but one is better than none 😂. Just have to butcher it all with paint next haha. Did you grab a big pledge here or just core?

    14. LittleLionMan on

      A bit cheating ks.. They are putting the SGs AFTER It is reached. Weird CMON ks

    15. Chedr on

      I wonder if we will get the game next July and the Model/expansion in april 2020

    16. Missing avatar

      Kai Schmidt on

      If I back the Bigature Rising thing for April 2020 ... is that the shipping date for the expansion, or would I also have to wait almost a year longer to get the base game?

    17. Blaz

      Ah, Sharkey is also here again at CMON's "preorder shop".

    18. Finagle

      @James Austin : I thought about that at first.. but then again.. they usually foreshadow the next stretchgoals.. there are none...

    19. Missing avatar

      markelms on

      Whats happpen with the SG?

    20. Sir Geekjeff, Valorian Spelunkers Guild on

      Can’t help but think if they’d explained how this was going to work before (early bird pricing and shipping waves, then unlimited backers at price X) they would have spared a WHOLE lot of anger and bad will.

    21. Mark Horneff

      Will we be able to pay for split shipping ?

    22. PK

      Boy, that escalated quickly...

      And I don't even like Lovecraft, but the uproar over how this is being run is most entertaining. :-)

      Not so well played, CMON...

    23. Rich "Lonely Tree" Hensch

      I like how I haven’t been able to pledge the big pledge since it was still 225

    24. Missing avatar

      Robert Partridge on

      I love all the apologetics going on here. OH, CMON didn't anticipate such a strong response.

      Really? So, because they were shocked at the response they slowly ticked the price up? That doesn't make any sense.

      The reality is that CMON was doing this to make people commit, sort of like a pressure sales thing "oh, you better act now or you're screwed". Which isn't what kickstarter is supposed to be.

      What we need to do, is to be strong and not patronize this project to send a message to CMON and others that this practice is unacceptable. Otherwise this crap will be the standard for future kickstarter releases and hurt the hobby.

    25. Missing avatar

      Simon Neumann on

      Now anyone can get it. LOL. Super exklusiv

    26. Shiyao Li on

      Now I start to wonder if they gonna bring in bunch of expensive add ons

    27. Missing avatar

      Dan Harris on

      I understand the hate for the limited supply. But I dont quite understand why people are trashing the entire game. We dont know a whole lot about it yet. Why take a dump on the entire project? I dont think CMON owes it to "loyal" backers. How many buy multiple pledges to flip them on the secondary market? CMON has treated their wallets well in the past. I dont begrudge CMON for getting theirs. I'm staying optimistic on this project.

    28. James Austin

      @Finagle they usually have to drop like 5-6 at a time at the start of campaigns because they can't post the updates fast enough. In this case they're scrambling around trying to deal with a bunch of psychopaths instead of getting stretch goals up.

    29. Mellekai

      @Zip: I fell in it my friend. But I was able to calm down. :)

    30. mi&vi on

      Where are the SGs ? Hope that the difference between them continues to be low, instead of doing the same thing they are with the Giant Mini.

    31. Brian on

      Just find a way to let folks play the epic final w/o the big mini and I'm sure everyone will be mostly happy.

    32. Fenrir767 (Jayson)

      Well I got a pledge for the big guy going to have to wait and see more from CMON on this as I don't necessariyl mind waiting for the big guy but 6 months and $150 when I could just get the base game and if the base has everything in it well then maybe that's what I will do

    33. DropDeadCriminal

      wow, rising cost pledge levels. Well screw you too COMN. Looks like I am sticking with Peterson Games for my Cthulhu fix.

    34. Himle on

      Seems my big one was fucked up to. My pledge was confirmed and now it's not...

    35. donnbobhardy

      @Cameron - Anything superhero works for me. I was actually thinking that JL Mythic Battles would be sweet.

    36. Shawn Torno

      My FOMO made me back this. Now I will have 14 days to watch and decide if I want to keep the pledge. I love your work, CMON, but not a big fan of paying $30 more to wait an extra 9 months. We’ll see how this goes.

    37. Kittye

      Long-time CMON fan/Legion-member and major Lovecraftian Horror fan. I finally managed to snag the big guy at $250 for April. Production takes time, so I completely understand pushing back delivery. It sucks, but I can understand having to approach this as a first come, first serve. The problem is, it will be far more economic for CMON to ship based on region, not backer number.....so those dates will almost DEFINITELY change. And cranking up the price? As a marketing professional, I say bad move on that part. Creators can't edit pledges after they're live, but I highly recommend that CMON consider evening out the cost in the PM and allowing people to apply the excess to shipping or other extras. Frankly I'm still excited for this game - but depending on how things play out, it may not make it to my shelf.

    38. Daefyd Wyr


    39. Andres Ramirez Carrasco on

      I would like to know the cost of shipping ?????

    40. Caleb Maturin on

      Can we get a hateful comments stretch goal? We are about to break records!

    41. EtePetete on

      They throw their draft horse on the market and then with these inconveniences. Absolutely wrong planned and very lousy implementation. And the biggest surprise is still: shipping !! Either wait one year or another $ 40 shipping

    42. Missing avatar

      Hengst 2404 on

      Well, only have to wait until January of 2020, no biggie. Of course the road to getting it involved numerous instances where it said I did and then I was back at 100 magically. Crazy stuff. Sadly they never address unhappy people in these things.

    43. Not Zip!, Only Brain Pudding on

      @mellekai I was worried that you fell into a salt mine buddy

    44. Missing avatar

      Killape on

      Nice, peeps who said they won’t back another cmon games are back again:) and the salt level is high. You guys can buy my statue for 999 usd in august:)

    45. Brian on

      $250 and who knows when you get it now.

    46. Missing avatar

      Jesterx on

      I understand it right? Without the big mini we dont get the final of the game?

    47. Adam Tyson on

      Nah not happy with hoe they've handled this. At least keep the price the same for all tiers. People pledging for the same thing and receiving it 10 months afterwards paying $30 more seems really poor.

      You've just killed any and all excitement I had for this project. I'll save the money and use it to back a project created by people who actually care.

    48. Missing avatar

      Bryce Neubauer on

      Once a mob is started it's hard to stop. Where is my pitchfork at dang it.

    49. DaveTypo on

      @ks hahahah that’s funny

    50. miguel angel martinez on

      @Rhys637 Yeah you are right, actually I backed that one too and yes we are still waiting for them to show the new sculpts and all, thanks for the clarification.

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