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A strategic board game with amazing miniatures, where Viking clans pillage and battle in a quest for glory at the end of the world!
A strategic board game with amazing miniatures, where Viking clans pillage and battle in a quest for glory at the end of the world!
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Blood Rage Digital Comes To Life!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Brothers and Sisters!

We’re very happy to announce that a Kickstarter Campaign for Blood Rage Digital was launched, bringing the highly-acclaimed board game to life in a digital implementation!

For $15 the base Digital Viking Pledge gets you a copy of the Blood Rage Digital game. This is a special price for backers, as the game will eventually retail for almost twice as much. The Digital game is expected to launch in December 2019, though backers will be able to get access to a Closed Beta much earlier than that.

We’re also making available a special Physical Viking Pledge, which gets you not only a free copy of the Blood Rage Digital game but also 4 Monsters available in the original Kickstarter campaign, the brand-new Stag Clan (including their Mystics and Sculpted Clan Tokens), and also 24 Cards to add a 5th Player into the board game! 

For the Glory!

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    1. Daniel

      I just took a peek at the digital kickstarter again, just to see if you made it more interesting.

      Honestly, I was stunned...


      you now offer figures to people that do the 'full on pledge' (physical) in there that are not available otherwise? So people that backed the first kickstarter need to get a second copy of the game they already have just to get these few extra figures? Not to mention the new Hel figure is in a different scale than the first gods of asgard expansion, so it doesn't fit with the miniatures from that expansion but would need to be used alongside the new upscaled gods as well? Good thing I painted the gods for the first one then, right?

      honestly, your digital kickstarter is actually putting me OFF about your company, as I feel that the fact that I threw alot of money at you for the first kickstarter is now punishing me if I wanted any of the new stuff. Wtf would I want a second copy of most of the stuff I already got for? But people that didn't pledge for the first one but now pledge for the new one are getting a better deal gameplay wise?

      unfrigging beliavable.

      It's nice that I can get the neopren playmat as an addon, I am considering a pledge as low as possible just for that. But seriously, that you aren't putting NEW gameplay elements as possible addons and that the NEW god does not scale with the old gods is just a giant kick in the face to those of us that pledged for the first one.

    2. John Charles Hansen on

      Maybe I don't understand how the systems here work but I am wondering why the original backers can't buy the add on you've now produced that would apply to the original game

    3. Sebastian Pa on

      **shipping** - national keyboard override.

    4. Sebastian Pa on

      Hmmm. And how much is shoppingu again - another 30usd so it is as much as tainted grail KS base pledge. Compare WHAT you oficer us for that price ....

    5. John Charles Hansen on

      The minis look great but at almost the price I paid for the full game seems pretty steep especially since I'd have no use for a digital game.

    6. Ben

      60?........ Ha......ha..........ha...........ha

    7. riftsinger on

      wound love to get the minis . no interest in the online game and frankly not paying 60 for something i have no use for, have the minis as a separate offer + any cards needed to play them (i already have a 5th player set ) and i will back for them at a reasonable price . riftsinger

    8. Fierce Tiger on

      gentlemen, it's clearly labeled a 5th Player Expansion. It's just a different totem clan to use in game play.
      Since the previous 5th player expansions were Kickstarter Exclusive, I guess they had to come up with different sculpts for those that bought retail.
      I just don't understand why they are making these Kickstarter Exclusive...???? That makes no sense as long as they are selling the core retail box.

    9. muzfish4 on

      I agree with previous posters. I have no interest in the digital game so would consider backing for the extra miniatures but considering the original set was $75 (without early bird bonus) and CMON want $60 for a 'free' digital game in which I have no interest, one clan and four monsters it makes this new campaign a bit pricey. Not interested unless pricing structure changes significantly.

    10. Jeff Persson on

      I don’t see how it could work as an effective 6th player, there’s just not enough real estate on the board.

    11. Daniel

      seems pretty pointless for those of us that backed the previous one.
      Sure the alternate sculptures would be nice, but not for that price.

    12. Missing avatar


      hmm.. the card art for the giantess is very cool, that would have been a nice mini. the actual version looks like an old dude with a twitch rack.
      the rest is quite pretty, especialy the seer troll. but..
      also curious about the 6th player suitability. and also just the stagclan option, or even just the minis. but i dont see that coming.

    13. Missing avatar

      Joel Nunez

      I also bought the 5th expansion with the original campaign. To follow up on Brian's comment: If the game doesn't facilitate an "effective" 6th player expansion, can there be another physical tier that doesn't include the 5th player expansion?

    14. Glaucio Santos dos Reis on

      $60 is a lot for the physical content, especially compared to what we paid in this campaign (my best Kickstarter ever, I must acknowledge). This may be good for customers that got the game at retail, but I'd be interested in the Stag Clan alone. Also, I heard that you are now shipping by courier to Brazil. That unfortunately means much higher taxes a fees for Brazilian backers. I'm out.

    15. Missing avatar

      Brian Lorenz

      If you already purchased the 5th player expansion from the original Kickstarter, would the one from this new one essentially make it a 6th player expansion?