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A strategic board game with amazing miniatures, where Viking clans pillage and battle in a quest for glory at the end of the world!
A strategic board game with amazing miniatures, where Viking clans pillage and battle in a quest for glory at the end of the world!
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9,825 backers pledged $905,682 to help bring this project to life.

Late-late backers shipping completed!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Brothers and Sisters!

It is with great joy that we inform you that all packages for the late-late backers and late confirms have been shipped!

You should start receiving your tracking numbers in the next couple of days, so please be patient and only contact if you don't receive your tracking code in 7 week days. 

Now that all pledges have been fulfilled, any damaged and missing parts requests will be taken care of, so be patient, brave warriors. The future holds Glory for you all. 

For the Glory! 

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    1. TalismanJ

      I noticed I never received a pledge manager for this and was never contacted that you were waiting for my input (again). Filling it out now a year plus later, but disappointed I was not contacted via KS. Please use KS to message people when you use a different pledge manager, please. Luckily I backed another project and DID get the notice for the Pledge manager and Blood Rage was still listed.

    2. Jackson Starky on

      I was online to update a couple of other projects that I have now received, and I am still waiting on this one... no response... I have been away for much of the past month and a half, so hopefully it didn't arrive and get returned while I was away.

    3. Artem Filatov

      I still haven't received my pledge. $160...

    4. Jim Zaphiriou on

      I was at a local gaming convention and saw Blood Rage being played. I was excited to see it, and realized "holy crap, I never got my pledge!" Whom do I contact to get this sorted out. It looks like fun game, and Ioved the minis!

    5. Jackson Starky on

      I am still waiting for this... no notifications or anything... it's been a busy summer, and I was away for the second half of July, but I had a hold on my mail for that time, so I shouldn't have missed any deliveries.

    6. Missing avatar

      david john donisthorpe on

      I still have not recieved mine or a notification of shipping.

    7. Jack Papworth on

      Also haven't received my pledge... Paid $105...

    8. mark young on

      I never received mine either. What's the process to try to sort out it out...

    9. Missing avatar

      Claudia on

      I´m from Georgia. Backer 10333 and have nothing! Not shipping notification, not shiping number... nothing. Please help me. This is my first KS I dont know what to do.

    10. Jackson Starky on

      I'm in Canada and was not a late backer or confirmation, and I haven't received anything yet; no box, no shipping notification. It is possible that I may have missed the shipping notification in my email spam folder; do you have the email address (or some identification of what to look for)? Thanks!

    11. Sam Kimpton

      @Adam Acree, you can solve this problem easily by soaking the mini's base in very hot water for 10-15 seconds, then bending it into place and putting it in ice water. You might also try putting a metal pan in the freezer, then placing the heated mini's base on the cold metal and pressing it there for a few seconds to flatten it out while it cools.

    12. Adam Acree on

      Some of the mini's bases are slightly bent, so they don't snap in. Anyone else have this issue?

    13. Michael Magliocca

      I got mine yesterday, and still need to check it for missing/damage. Damn FedEx put the box on the wet ground outside the garage where water drips. They have permission to put it in the garage on file. >:(

    14. Maxx

      Hi, I'm missing 3 plastic bases. I have to contact

      Many Thanks!

    15. Termite

      I don't know how this is possible. I still haven't received anything, and CoolMini stopped communicating with me a while back. I've sent multiple e-mails to their support and have not heard back. I'm sure the game is great, and I've heard wonderful thing, but this is probably the most frustrating kickstarter experience I've had.

    16. Missing avatar

      Robert Hall on

      My apologies. I got this confused with another Cool Mini game. I have received everything I was supposed to get. Sorry for the confusion.

    17. vautravers on

      I think I can finally say this've been the best Kickstarter I've pledged for to date. Cool items, very reasonable prizes, good communication, without delays (at least for me)... #1 Kickstarter as a whole for me, good work guys. I'll keep an eye on you for more future projects

    18. CMON 36-time creator on

      Hello @Julian Hayley, how are you? Can you please contact and tell us your pledge number? That way we can find out what happened. Thank you!

    19. Julian Hayley

      Hi there I'm sorry to comment on this thread late but as to date I'm in the UK and I've had nothing in the way of my pledged items or an email from you with a tracking number or explanation as to where things might have gone wrong either due to my part or yours. Please can you advise where thing go from here. It's disappointing as the game has been available for sale for some months now via Leisure Games and other games sellers here in the UK.

    20. CMON 36-time creator on

      @Robert Hall: Hello Robert! Can you please contact and tell us your pledge number? That way we can find out what happened. Thank you!
      @Claire Thomson: You can check the components list on the boxes and rulebooks. That's the easiest way to know if there's anything missing in your copy.
      @Jeff Lozito: The shipping codes are being emailed in batches, so nothing to worry about for now!

    21. Missing avatar

      Robert Hall on

      so I got the base game. when do I get all the Kickstarter extras and the things I paid extra for?

    22. Coralline Algae on

      Just want to say again how much I enjoyed this kickstarter. CMoN didn't go wild with add-ons or ask us to buy loads of individual miniatures. They just came out with an amazing game for a reasonable price. So happy with Blood Rage.
      Only thing that might have made it better would've been if it didn't have exclusives. I'm super happy to have all of the extra monsters, but I'm guessing that a lot of retail customers would love to have the option to get them too.

    23. Claire Thomson

      Any chance of a list of common damaged/missing parts so I know what I should be looking for, I've not opened any of the boxes yet!

    24. Jeff Lozito on

      What about those of us who received shipping notification last week, but it's been sitting in the 'Shipping Label Created' phase for the past 5+ days?

      Is this something to be concerned about, or is it just getting mailed out in batches?