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A strategic board game with amazing miniatures, where Viking clans pillage and battle in a quest for glory at the end of the world!
A strategic board game with amazing miniatures, where Viking clans pillage and battle in a quest for glory at the end of the world!
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9,825 backers pledged $905,682 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping Update 10-12-15

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hi all,

We have heard back from all of our hubs. Here's a brief update from each:


The EU shipping hub is still shipping packages out. They are nearing completion at this time. As a reminder, this hub ships packages, then sends tracking numbers to us the following day. We then upload those numbers to our pledge manager which sends an email to alert you. So there is some turn around time between when the package ships and when we upload the tracking number. 


We have been told that Australia and New Zealand are completed shipping.


The Canadian hub is currently shipping out packages. They should be completed by the end of this week. As with EU, the Canadian hub ships packages out then sends us the tracking numbers the following day. We then have to upload those numbers to our pledge manager that will send an email to alert you. So there is some turn around time between when the package ships and when we upload the tracking number.


APAC has informed us they are done shipping.


We're still shipping here at the USA warehouse. Our current estimate is that we should be done shipping by the end of October.

As a reminder, when we ship your pledge out, you should receive an email notifying you that it is on its way to you with a tracking number attached.

Thank you for your support and patience as we continue to ship out your pledges of Blood Rage!

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    1. Garage Gaming

      I was upset that I haven't received mine. I decided to check the Pledge Manager for tracking and for some reason my address was missing and I had an outstanding balance. It is a shame that I wasn't emailed ahead of time to resolve this... but that would definitely be an issue, that would hold up shipping. If you haven't checked, please verify your addresses in your Pledge Manager.

    2. Missing avatar

      Kyle O'Donnell on

      I was warned about this type of thing and it's completely unacceptable that you take our money to fund your project and then don't provide us (the backers) with the goods that we paid for, but rather fulfill shops and whatnot with a product that wouldn't have even been viable without our money. Unbelievable. You took my money when the pledge closed. I still have yet to see, or hear, anything from you.

    3. Missing avatar

      Javier Fernandez Garcia on

      Man they have obviously given priority to shops placing orders upon foundation of the proyect against the very backers who have friggin founded the game in first place! This is betrayal, and I will for sure not participate in any othet cmon ks.

    4. Missing avatar

      Javier Fernandez Garcia on

      This is really unbelieveble. I hear shops are selling the game and I wonder how is this that many backers have not yet received their copy, me included? Fix this asap please.

    5. Ray Nosko

      Got email and straightened out issues. Would have been nice if you all were a little more proactive, but as long as I get my stuff in January I'm good.

    6. Ray Nosko

      How long does it take to hear back? I sent an email on Tuesday to I would have thought I'd heard something by now.

    7. Ray Nosko

      I can't believe I don't have my copy yet. No communication since October. If I hadn't logged in here to check and see what's going on I guess I'd still be in the dark. Not impressed.

    8. CMON 36-time creator on

      Hello everyone! For those of you that haven't received your copies yet, can you please write to so we can help you with that? Thank you!

    9. Missing avatar

      Nathanael Green

      I mean, how many times do I have to give you the same information again and again?

    10. Missing avatar

      Nathanael Green

      I still don't have my copy either. Who should I contact about this?

    11. Sulucion

      haha, found out i still owed a dollar sumthin... :)

    12. Sulucion

      and i paid for shipping in my original pledge so i know it's not that.........................

    13. Sulucion

      Seen the game at my local store - Yet i don't have a fucking copy, what's the deal?

    14. Mark Turle on

      Don't like complaining, but was at a wargames show and saw a trader with Blood rage for sale, yet I still have not received my copy, Now in these comments I see I may not get it till January

    15. Missing avatar

      Richard Grosshans on

      No package yet up in Canada either, I thought they were supposed to be shipped out in October? Comment below says January?! Where is the update on this? Would be nice to know either way.

    16. Missing avatar

      Andy Duncan on

      Yet to get anything I was updated a couple of weeks ago that an email was imminent still no sign, same deal as the guy below its a Christmas present for someone and we are heading into the busy postal schedules

    17. Missing avatar

      Deman-Vandierendonck VOF

      Where exactly did you have to do the second confirm? Can I check this somewhere?

    18. Sulucion

      Yup haven't received a thing yet, and sadly can buy it from Everywhere Online! . seriously, where's my game... .

    19. Missing avatar

      Rouven Binder on

      Hey folks, didn`t received anything yet, no message, no game & it`s a little bit irritating to see the game for sale on my favorite onlineshop..hmmm is it me or...?
      Please give me/us a fast feedback, so I/we can keep my/our trust/money in u;)


    20. Michael Magliocca

      Extremely annoyed that I just discovered that there was a second confirmation and shipping needing to be addressed. And I found out in the comments for a different companies kickstarter. I was wondering why I still had not received this game when I confirmed months ago. Improve communication CMON.

    21. Rafal Jankos on

      Guys, can you post a new update please. Where is my package? It should be delivered long time ago. This is a Christmas present so if I won't get it by then we are going to be very disappointed + will have to figure out new Christmass gift... Looking forward to some solid and mature feedback.

    22. Silverleaf Games, LLC on

      Yes I'm curious why we haven't seen an update. It doesn't seem that Cool that folks in the same state received their game and others might have to wait until Jan.? At least given us a status report even disappointing is better than nothing at all.

    23. Missing avatar

      Howard Hughes on

      Thanks for the information Tadd - that is disappointing! Maybe CMON could at least provide a public update here?? I still haven't received any notifications from CMON regarding my order.

    24. Tadd Ormond on

      Just got an email from Cool Mini Or Not -

      Jackie Clark (CoolMiniOrNot)
      Nov 19, 09:56

      Hello Tad,

      I apologize for the lengthy delays. We are currently awaiting the last of our product to be shipped from China. When it comes in we will begin the next stage of shipping in January.

      Thank you for your patience and support.

      - Although I appreciate the communication I'm kind of disappointed that my game won't even be shipped until January which means I'll get it end of February most likely.

    25. wiski on

      Still waiting for my notification of shipment (and game obviously). I have a friend in the same state who got his weeks ago, but maybe they're shipping out in alphabetical order instead of by location?

    26. Uwe Schumacher

      I am also still waiting for my game (in Germany), although I have heard that other shipments have arrived weeks ago. An Update would be very much appreciated.

    27. Ryan C. Christiansen on

      Any news on US shipments? How far along are you? Thank you.

    28. Tom Dowler on

      Hey, I'm still awaiting mine in the UK, is there any news on the shipping? A friend of mine received his?



    29. Missing avatar

      Jeff Anderson on

      So has all the US folk received the merch? Kinda curious about that. Thanks,

    30. Peter Kageyama

      Hey CoolMiniOrNot - how about the simple courtesy of an UPDATE to the thousands of people who trusted you with their money.

    31. Missing avatar

      Kristin on

      Where is my order? It says all USA to be shipped by end of OCT. it is middle of NOV and I've got nothing.

    32. Gary Yiu

      no emails yet..

    33. Missing avatar

      Zachary Hershberger on

      No update, no game, no response. My friend who lives only an hour away received his email and his copy the next day over four weeks ago. Updates as to the status of shipping would be nice!

    34. Missing avatar

      anthony slocombe on

      no game delivered yet im in uk ,no reply to emails for delivery date im worried itsnearly 3 months late now

    35. Todd Jacobson

      So, I went looking around wondering about the status of this and I saw snuck into the email the 2nd shipping survey sent awhile ago. I have to saw I find it rather annoying that there was no mention of this survey at all from CMON and it appears to be required. Even after already filling out and receiving confirmation on the 1st backer survey. Might be part of the problem some people are having with not receiving the game yet. Seem like a pretty poor communication flaw from CMON as there has been (from what I can tell) no mention of this 2nd confirmation after the initial one. Just a heads up to anyone that hasn't heard about their pledge yet.

    36. Missing avatar

      Niklas Persson Sandqvist on

      Nothing for me either, I'm in Sweden ..

    37. Missing avatar

      Andy Duncan on

      Yip not a thing for me either...

    38. Francis Chong on

      Almost after a month and I still got nothing ... anywhere I can check the status.

    39. Missing avatar

      Claudia on

      I'm in Georgia and didn't got any email.. how long is gonna take?

    40. Where Kunawong on

      I have not received tracking info and game.Thailand.

    41. Missing avatar

      Howard Hughes on

      I'd also like an update - haven't received any information regarding shipping, or when I can expect my game.

    42. Vernon Piper on

      Is there any way to purchase the art book?

    43. Missing avatar

      Ian Ikaikapno Kiyoshi Yoshikawa on

      IS there going to be another update soon? I haven't received an email for the game.

    44. Missing avatar

      Deman-Vandierendonck VOF

      Any update? Have not received my copy or any tracking info. Looks like I'm not the only one.

    45. LooseCypher on

      Are we due another update yet??

      I'm UK and still haven't received tracking info. Looks like a lot of people haven't.

    46. Missing avatar

      Ray on

      In Maryland and have nothing. A friend backed this months after I did. He received his weeks. ago. Frustrated.

    47. Jack Papworth on

      Hi there, I still haven't received my copy of the game? I'm in Auckland, New Zealand. Cheers.

    48. Will Godar on

      @Ryan C. Same here. I sent an email last week asking about it per their instructions below but nothing from customer support either.

    49. Ryan C. Christiansen on

      I haven't received an e-mail telling me my game has shipped. I'm in the USA. Any update would be fine. Thanks.

    50. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      I am in Australia and have not yet received anything. Can you please contact me about this?