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A strategic board game with amazing miniatures, where Viking clans pillage and battle in a quest for glory at the end of the world!
A strategic board game with amazing miniatures, where Viking clans pillage and battle in a quest for glory at the end of the world!
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9,825 backers pledged $905,682 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping Update 9/28

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hey backers,

I just wanted to drop in and give you all a quick update about the status of shipping!


As many of you have noticed, EU packages are going out now. We've been given a estimated time of completion by the end of this week. That is when our hub in EU believes they should be done shipping out packages.


As mentioned in the last date, the ETA for the container was Sept. 17. However our hub in Australia has not received a delivery date for the container, nor have we received notification that the container has been released by customs. At this time, we believe the container is at the port and working its way through customs. We'll update you once we know when it is on its way to the hub.


The China facility has begun shipping out packages, but we're waiting to receive tracking numbers and to get an estimated completion date.


The container that is shipping directly from the factory to Canada should arrive sometime within the next week. If all goes well they should be done by end of next week.  


We're waiting on the containers to arrive here in the USA. Once they do we will begin shipping out packages pretty quickly since for this project we had all pledges packed in China. Right now the estimated time of arrival is mid October. We will update you as we have more solid information!

Thank you for your patience and continued support! 

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    1. Olivier Guéret

      Still hadn't got my pledge and no answer from Cool Mini... not so Cool !!!

    2. Halvor Viken on

      It's the same for me Lars Martin Franke.
      My shipment is marked for Phase 1, but no tracking number
      This waiting game is grueling!

    3. Fredrik Almén on

      Still nothing Sweden

    4. Missing avatar

      Lars Martin Franke

      It is still possible. In my case, Germany, I only found that my copy should be part of the first shipping phase, September, but no tracking number, no carrier, nothing else as of now.

    5. Missing avatar

      Magnus Dahlin on

      If it still is possible for some, check in the Pledge Manager and in your Blood Rage order. I also got the tracking number in there. I have pledged for Zombicide BP and The Others, so i can access the PM.

    6. Ryan Verniere on

      USA Backer. No tracking number as of yet. Has anyone in the US received a tracking number or their pledge? Still very excited!

    7. Missing avatar

      Lars Martin Franke

      Haven't received anything yet. Pledge Manager also still has no tracking number or anything. Just the note the my copy should be shipped in Phase 1 - September 2015. It really start to worry a little. No reply from any of Cool Mini's support doesn't improve things at all.

    8. Missing avatar

      Moran Taylor on

      I have just received tracking information from "ABA Aetherworks" and am assuming that this is Blood Rage about to ship :)

    9. Teppo Koivukangas on

      Waiting for my pledge to arrive in Finland.. I happened to check on it today and they claimed 2 failed deliveries (funny, as no one had left any notes or made any attempts to deliver anything..).

      Using DPD as service.. or rather.. using some auxiliary they have in Finland.

      No proper contact forms, but did manage to find one possible email, so will see how long a wait till I get mine and in what shape..

    10. Missing avatar

      Lars Martin Franke

      "Hi I have just heard of a friend of mine who lives nearby that he has received the pledge. Whereas i have not received a pledge nor a tracking number. could you please check, thanks.
      colin ("

      Same here. I also dropped an e-mail to your kickstarter-account and your company-support a few days ago because of this. I'd very appreciate any form of answer. I realize Essen is on but still...
      Thanks. Much appreciated.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Heel on

      Giv me game game nooooooow

    12. Missing avatar


      Hi I have just heard of a friend of mine who lives nearby that he has received the pledge. Whereas i have not received a pledge nor a tracking number. could you please check, thanks.
      colin (

    13. Ferdinand Heider on

      Received my pledge with all boxes intact, on September 30th, the same day I've got my shipping code. Now for glorious pillaging.

    14. Marli Vlok on

      The only rage in Vancouver (CAN) is mine, at the lack of this kickstarter arriving...can't help being no tracking number...grrr

    15. Anthony Davis on

      well I messed up a lot on this. seems I missed a section on the order form sorting the shipping.
      assuming I'd done things right but at 5;30am UK time I woke up. double check both blood rage and Black Plague and realised I'd missed one bit. once done the price was generated on both. £18 for Black Plague but because I've be stupidly late with blood rage the shipping has gone up massively to £40. really annoyed with myself but hopefully now my pledged items will be on their way. uuugh!!!!
      fingers crossed I won't be making that mistake with my other kickstarters.
      think I'm going to stand in a corner now and think about what I've done!

    16. Kasper on

      received my pledge this morning(NL)
      I seem to be missing 1 of those yellow ring for the bases

    17. Katarzyna on

      For those who didn't get the tracking number - check the e-mail's spam folder. It may be in there.

    18. Jonas Gabrielson

      Yeah, I obviously have no problems with waiting for the game – that comes with the territory when you back a Kickstarter – but just the strange randomness when it comes to shipping makes me nervous. I start wondering if there's a problem with my order or in shipping, especially when others in my country have their games already (because you for some reason assume packages are prepared in that order, even though that's probably not the case). If there was some sort of logic to the order of shipping, or a timetable or sense of progress, that would make me feel better. For example, if the boxes are shipped in KS backing order, I would be more patient since I literally backed Blood Rage in the last minute. Or if I knew that it would take perhaps 10 workdays for them to go through the say 4000 EU orders, that would make this situation easier to understand. As it is, the lack of information makes the wait harder to bear than necessary.

    19. Anthony Davis on

      I too have not received a tracking number. I know two friends about 5 mins from me that have got theres but they only had the game, no added extras.
      but I am sure they said that the eu had two loads of shipping?
      I'm sure it's stressful so I'm not moaning but would like to know how my poor parcel is doing. :(

    20. Chooi

      No sign of game or tracking number for UK. What is most distressing is lots of people I know have received theirs in UK, including nearby cities. Are there more than 1 shipment to UK, some being significantly delayed?

    21. Missing avatar

      Magnus Dahlin on

      @El Terrible

      I should mention that it is a tracking number from DHL Germany, it arrieved to Malmö last friday.

    22. Missing avatar

      Magnus Dahlin on

      @El Terrible

      I got the tracking number via email. It is DHL that is delivering it. I should get it tomorrow morning regarding DHL sms. For this shipment time, I expect it on a silver plate! ;)

    23. Katarzyna on

      I got the tracking number, but it appears that the parsel was not given to DPD ("Order information has been transmitted to DPD." status on the DPD page).

    24. Ole Ingvar Stene

      No tracking here yet (Norway). :/

    25. Nigel McNaughton on

      'Struth! Come on Australia!

    26. Missing avatar

      David Ochagavía Gallego on

      First time played yesterday night (in Spain). Great experience!!! Thanks for the game, guys of CMON!

    27. vandeplanque

      don't receive my game yet :/ (France)

    28. Missing avatar

      Steven on

      What an awesome game! Recieved 2 days ago, and have just played the core game for the 1st time. Great gameplay!

    29. Missing avatar

      Maciej on

      Got my tracking number today (Poland)

    30. Christopher Beller on

      It appears as though the first US bound ship (Ever Lissome) may he stuck in Norfolk? Was supposed to leave for Savannah today, but still moored.

      So sad...

    31. Gran Thurizmo on

      Got my tracking number I'm in The Netherlands. Ze Germans have my package now, hope they will take good care of it :-)

    32. Kasper on

      I got my tracking number too (NL)

    33. Corvin on

      Got my tracking number today (Austria).

    34. Chooi

      I called DPD in UK and they don't have any parcels to my address :(

    35. El Terrible on

      @Magnus how did you get the tracking number? And when are you expecting to get it? And which carrier? DHL? Sorry for the interrogation, I'm just really, really anxious to get this game.

    36. Deadwood

      I'm in UK, I had a multiple pledge and only received one parcel on Monday, DPD stated only one parcel had been dispatched, I did raise a ticket with CMON but the rest of my parcels arrived on Thursday.

    37. Missing avatar

      Maciej on

      Still nothing here (Poland)

    38. Missing avatar

      Magnus Dahlin on

      I got the tracking number yesterday, Sweden.

    39. Markus Zernig on

      Nothing in Austria yet!!!!

    40. Missing avatar

      henkvis on

      Nothing overhere (Netherlands). No tracking information, nothing..... Hope by surprise to get it before the weekend.

    41. Riely 'Stilts' Molloy on

      Australia customs workers were on strike for the last two weeks of September.

    42. Neil Pohlman on

      So... Australian container is still stuck in customs?? WTH? landed on the 17th and still hasn't cleared 2 weeks later? Did someone not pay their bills to get it released?

    43. Riely 'Stilts' Molloy on

      Any news on Australian customs yet??

    44. Missing avatar

      Caiaphas on

      Same in game(s), no tracking number.
      And the worst possible shipping company choice. At least where I live DPD is the worst choice for shipping to private households. Usually, they are too stupid or lazy to put the notification in my mailbox, so the only way to find out where they left my package is the tracking number...

    45. Missing avatar

      Patrik Csapi on

      still nothing in Hungary :D

    46. Missing avatar

      Magnus Dahlin on

      Still no Blood Rage or tracking number, Sweden.

    47. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Garcia on

      I received my parcel yesterday but I got some issues:
      - I ordered 2 core boxes with 2 5th player expansion but I only got 1 of each.
      - in the core boxe I got the colored bases are missing
      Anyone has the sames problems?

    48. Missing avatar

      Marko Laine on

      Finnish backer here. Seems like many have already gotten their packages in EU.. I'm wondering, since the delivery should be finished during this week, if anyone knows what company handles the delivery in Finland so I could contact them. I haven't really gotten any shipment info from CMON yet (except the packing slip)... :(

    49. Digital Eide on

      A Netherlands backer here. I recieved Bloodrage on the 29th in good order. It looks absolutely amazing and I look forward to giving it a try this weekend.