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A strategic board game with amazing miniatures, where Viking clans pillage and battle in a quest for glory at the end of the world!
A strategic board game with amazing miniatures, where Viking clans pillage and battle in a quest for glory at the end of the world!
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Shipping Update for Australia and New Zealand

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Brothers and Sisters!

Australian and New Zealand backers: all the waiting shall be rewarded.

Here are, finally, the details on the Australia and New Zealand Ship (and it contains good tidings, indeed!):

  • LU HE 207S, arriving on September 17th.

Brace yourselves, Ragnarok is coming soon!

For the Glory!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Christopher John Hannah on

      Where is my game? I have not received it yet.


    2. Autarkis on

      Just opened mine up and it is glorious!
      From Sydney.

    3. WM Coles on

      Recieved an email stating it was colected by courier, and would be delivered Monday (2days ago).
      Courier (as usual) didn't bother dropping it off until now.

      Happy happy, much goodies, very chuffed.

    4. Riely 'Stilts' Molloy on

      FNQ is expected Friday. Hopefully

    5. Missing avatar

      Cameron Edwards on

      According to my tracking mine has not left Sydney yet for Brisbane. Hopefully I get it before Friday night boardgames.

    6. Missing avatar

      Bhajho on

      Not yet :) Auckland

    7. Kieran Billings on

      Any kiwis get their's yet

    8. Riely 'Stilts' Molloy on

      Wonder how long for that horse n cart to make north qld??

    9. Jointil the Beardless on

      Knock knock and a realy big box of goodies

    10. Anthony Patman on

      just had a knock on the door…

      postie has been and I have it!


    11. Alan Graham on

      Woohoo - 8:45pm email "Your delivery is ready to be shipped from ABA Aetherworks". Looking forward to hearing from lucky people in Sydney get their deliveries first.

    12. Riely 'Stilts' Molloy on

      Checking my spam box hourly. Still nothing but viagra and penis enlargements.

    13. Jointil the Beardless on

      Tracking number for sydney so at least 1 more week

    14. Moriachi on

      Yup - just got an AusPost email from Aetherworks so it's all go.
      And in Melbourne BTW.

    15. Alan Graham on

      Great news guys, although checking my email account I don't have anything yet. I'd expect deliveries early next week!

    16. plebc

      I just got an email from aus post as well. Here's hoping!

    17. Stephen Zammit on

      Just got an email from auspost saying I have a shipment ready to be sent from Aetherworks. Looked them up and they are a miniatures store in Sydney who also do ks fulfilments. Hope this means blood rage is coming soon!

    18. Riely 'Stilts' Molloy on

      I've got it address to my work so no chance of missing it. The excitement of delivery trucks has worn off now though

    19. WM Coles on

      Still nada here. Will be going to AusPost an an hour or so (closes in 2) but don't expect anything.

    20. Riely 'Stilts' Molloy on

      Can we please have an update please. I don't want to have to resort to shawshanking you (a letter a day)

    21. Alan Graham on

      @Riley - No idea, but the good news is Customs said they would finish their strike action on 30th Sept

    22. Riely 'Stilts' Molloy on

      Cmon - any update yet for Aussie customs?

    23. Missing avatar

      Cameron Edwards on

      Bloody customs hurry up.

    24. Tidalick on

      Waiting like a boss.

    25. Anthony Patman on

      still haven't got mine :(

    26. WM Coles on

      In Sydney, about 5kms from the AusPost Distribution Centre.
      No tracking numbers provided.
      Still nothing in the mailbox.

      Will post here as soon as i receive it.

    27. Missing avatar

      Stanley Allanson

      Does any one have a tracking number ?
      I keep checking in the pledge manager section , I have a packing slip just no tracking number.

      SO keen for this having a table top day on Sunday it would be great to crack this bad boy open

    28. Jointil the Beardless on

      Please Loki let our game arrive today . I don't know if begging to Loki will help but worth a try

    29. Hector Aragones on

      i'm in sydney but nothing yet as of this morning

    30. Hector Aragones on

      Has to be today! I'm on annual leave all of next week,.. I need it before then haha

    31. Alan Graham on

      @Riley I like your optimism and the fact you'll be busy all weekend is a good omen that it will arrive! However, I'm pretty sure we'll see sydneysiders post here first that they've received their copies and this will be the best sign the packages will arrive very very soon.

    32. Riely 'Stilts' Molloy on

      Today is the day. I can feel it in my bones. That and the fact I won't be home all weekend to play it means it will definitely arrive

    33. Riely 'Stilts' Molloy on

      Not yet. It's our weekly nerd night too. We're looking forward to this so much too. Maybe by next week.


    34. Missing avatar

      Cameron Edwards on

      I'm assuming no one has thiers yet?

    35. Alan Graham on

      Customs workers have been striking so that must be delaying delivery for sure...terrible timing!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Cameron Edwards on

      Still have not received a tracking number. After emailing trying to change my address they said to wait til I got my tracking number and try again.

    37. Riely 'Stilts' Molloy on

      Not yet up here in QLD. I get all excited every time a truck pulls into work though.

    38. Hector Aragones on

      Anyone from AU receive there's yet?

    39. Riely 'Stilts' Molloy on

      Cmon - what logistics company are you using to deliver these games?? Just so I can watch out for the trucks. Haha

    40. CMON 36-time creator on

      @Andrew Hello! Can you please email and tell us your pledge number so we can help you out? Thank you!

    41. Bennett Thompson on

      LU HE had departed a while ago, seem the strike hadn't slowed down the offloading at least. I can just imagine the packages sitting there like disgruntled vikings, waiting for their bureaucratic paperwork to be processed before pillaging all before them!

    42. Riely 'Stilts' Molloy on

      Of course Aussie ports and postal are striking today. This is Loki's handy work

    43. Nigel McNaughton on

      you filled out the pledge manager?

    44. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Hey guys,
      Can't seem to see any update of payment/shipping address area for this, yet have been a backer from the start. Can anyone help me out? Waiting patiently in Adelaide

    45. Riely 'Stilts' Molloy on

      See update #43 mate. Mid October I tjink

    46. Bruce Monson on

      When are these expected to arrive in the U.S.?

    47. Alan Graham on

      LU HE - Currently in Port Botany...woo hoo!