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The highly-acclaimed board game of viking pillaging and glory comes to life in this digital implementation. Plus exclusive promo minis!
The highly-acclaimed board game of viking pillaging and glory comes to life in this digital implementation. Plus exclusive promo minis!
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11,213 backers pledged $769,502 to help bring this project to life.

Mystics to join the Clans, and Gods to bless them

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Brothers and Sisters!

The brand new monster Jörmungandrsson awaits to be unleashed at 480k to all backers acquiring a Physical Viking Pledge.

The monster hides itself in the deeps, but there is no reason why we should the same. Instead of waiting for the Midgard Serpent's son, we have decided to provide it an incentive to get it out of its hidden place with a couple of offerings:

First, we're making available a classic Blood Rage expansion:

For $25, the Mystics of Midgard, offers all clans the opportunity to get a powerful new unit to join them in battle: the mystics, shamanic warriors that through the Ages are blessed by the Gods, receiving new and useful abilities. The clans that are able to wield their mystic power in battle will surely earn their place at Odin's side!

Mystics plastic miniatures.
Mystics plastic miniatures.

And, speaking of the blessing of the Gods, we've just created a new offer to attend requests we've received regarding the powerful oversized Gods:

For $25, the Kickstarter Exclusive Deluxe Gods of Asgard, a version of the classic expansion, brings the same resculpted and oversized figures released in this campaign as Stretch Goals for the backers acquiring a Physical Viking Pledge, but without the coat of metallic golden paint, making possible for backers that are acquiring the Digital Viking Pledge to have access to these Gods, as well as giving the opportunity to those of you who want to have them painted.

For the Glory!


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    1. Balloongineer

      +1 to unpainted gods

    2. Missing avatar

      Alexander on

      yes, please give backers the choice between painted and unpainted gods. that would be great. unpainted goads is also cheaper for CMON, so why would it be a problem for you?

    3. Missing avatar

      cancer85 on

      i m a baker . please give us the choice between golden gods and deluxe gods! please! it will be great! give us the option

    4. Angelic_Scars on

      That would be great Jack. I'd certainly prefer it.

    5. Jack Tenrec

      @César Mendes I absolutely agree with you. :)
      I'm a Physical Viking Pledge backer but I like the Deluxe Gods add-on much more than the Golden Gods included in my pledge. And, obviously, I will not buy them again (and again, since I already have the original Gods expansion) as add-on.
      Therefore, I sincerely think Physical Viking Pledge backers should have the option to choose between Golden Gods of Asgard and Deluxe Gods of Asgard on the Pledge Manager. That would be a great great gesture on the part of CMON. ;)
      What do other people think about this?

    6. Kristian Korvus on

      @Diego, CMON produce only english-language games and expansions. Other language editions come from other (local) producers.

    7. César Mendes on

      Yes it would be great if you guys could give us the chance to choose between the gold Gods and the "normal" ones. I will paint mine and that is the only reason why I'm getting that expansion.

    8. Missing avatar

      Diego on

      CMON, is the Mystics Box a multilanguage version or not?

    9. Missing avatar

      Diego on

      CMON, is the Mystics Box a multilanguage versions or not?

    10. Missing avatar

      Diego on

      CMON, is the Mistycs Box a multilanguage versions or not?

    11. Alex Radcliffe on

      +1 to being able to choose to skip the paint.

    12. Missing avatar

      Leardeous on

      I want to echo the request of so many other backers. I love the digital addition, the new goddesses and clans, etc. but really have no interest in the gold gods; however, I would love to have the option of the unpainted gods of Asgard as painting the miniatures is one of the pleasures of having the physical game.

    13. Pitstarter on

      +1 to being able to choose the gold or non-gold gods for the physical base pledge.

    14. Carl Svärd on

      Please let us choose if we want them painted gold or "clean". It would be a very nice option to have for us who wants them painted in standard paint schemes. :)

    15. Davide Cannizzaro on

      I prefer a lot this version of the gods!!!
      Please do an option in the pledge manager to select the gold or non gold Gods of Asgard miniatures .
      einar +1

    16. Missing avatar

      Einar on

      An option in the pledge manager to select the gold or non gold Gods of Asgard miniatures would be great :-)

    17. Dasha Vovnenko on

      We unlocked it yey, cant wait to see the next SG

    18. Michael Sprague

      I'd rather have these gods over the golden ones

    19. Sebastian Benders on

      I’m happy to see things get more fleshed out, and better, and better! I’m now in for more than $110! Thanks CMON!

      My one hope: that the clan boards could be double layer as as Stretch Goal, so one could actually put their tokens in there! 🤩

    20. Missing avatar


      Add the Wildboar clan to optional buy!

    21. Missing avatar

      Leardeous on

      @BELisarius, never said anything about super polite. Just a simple reminder for verbal civility. We all know how easy it is to be bellicose or disrespectful hiding behind our screen far away from our target. I do agree that KS is usually decent with the users's discourse.

    22. Belisarius

      @Jeff, always good to have someone super polite, but for better or worse people arent going to change how they interact and have different ideas of respectful and considerate, and KS is a pretty decent online place compared to most of the internet.

    23. Missing avatar

      Leardeous on

      @donnbobhardy, thanks for your input. (the following is not directed at you donnobobhardy.)
      There is a declaration below the Post comment: It states, "Be respectful and considerate."
      For those of you who want to be antagonistic, please do it on another platform which hosts angry people.

    24. donnbobhardy

      They're cardboard as opposed to thin card stock.

    25. Gordon Hart

      Sorry this is so noob but can someone explain the optional buy of the "cardboard dashboards". Does the Blood Rage core game not already come with faction boards? Are these "cardboard dashboards" better quality?

    26. donnbobhardy

      @Jeff - No.

    27. Michael Lipinski

      The backers of this Kickstarter have to be the all time, most entitled, whiniest backers I've ever seen. THIS KICKSTARTER IS FOR A VIDEOGAME! If you don't want the videogame, then leave.

    28. Missing avatar

      Leardeous on

      Maybe I missed something here. Are the backers already given a choice between the gold coated Gods of Asgard and non-coated Gods?

    29. Missing avatar

      Leardeous on

      Very happy to see the Deluxe Gods of Asgard; however, I have already backed the physical pledge along with buying the cardboard clan dashboards, neoprene mat and clan tokens. As an avid painter of miniatures, I would have preferred that the backers were given a choice between the golden deluxe Gods of Asgard and the non-painted Gods of Asgard rather than making them an optional buy. For those making this decision, could you consider this option for us miniature painters. Thank you

    30. Missing avatar

      Diego on

      CMON, are these multilanguage versions or not?

    31. Dario Becci on

      I was expecting MoM included with the optional BR Core Box along GoA since this KS went up high.

    32. Missing avatar


      +1 for keeping gold gods as default or making it swappable. A lot of us pledged because of the gold gods stretch goals and before this update which introduced the non-gold gods.

    33. donnbobhardy

      I would also like the option in the PM to choose Gods (Norse or Greek).

    34. Johan Hellqvist on

      People who don’t read the details. If you pledge $15 for the digital you can add the non-gold deluxe versions.
      Besides, the people who want the non-gold versions are also the ones who seem to hate the design of the monsters. IMO it’s only plastic anyways.

    35. Jason on

      Just adding that I'd also like the option in the PM to choose the set of Gods (gold or unpainted).

    36. Steve Sena on

      +1 for non-gold gods.

      I hate the look of the gold ones, but I have way too much sunk into this game to buy a THIRD set of gods. Especially considering the Gods expansion is the one expansion I almost never play with.

    37. Missing avatar

      Joe Phelps on

      +1 for non Golden gods, they are hideous. Feels really bad to have to pay extra for versions of the miniatures that I don’t have to strip paint off of.

    38. Tim van der Weyden

      If we can't swap the gold Gods for the unpainted ones (which I understand is a logistic nightmare when each backer can choose for him-/herself), it seems like I have to strip some mini's of their coating. =)

    39. Belisarius

      +1 non gold gods option

    40. Joey Mordecae Dimmock

      aye, those are the 4 base game mystics and ram clan mystic, no wildboar there I'm afraid :(

      @ Nuno
      I assume that message was for me? Fair enough on both Iso and Car oil. I'll have to check that one out (any suggestions on brands, or types? I assume there are dozens of types after all..)

      I think it'd be a sensible suggestion to maybe put out a survey for every backer to respond to... which do they actually want. Golden foil coated gods and tokens, or unpainted (I actually have no issue with the golden horn though for the record). Obviously it'd suck for those who do actually like the golden paintjob, but if the vast majority of people wanted unpainted, then it'd be nice if they could swap them over instead (make the golden the addon)....
      probably a dream though right? :(

    41. Missing avatar

      Danilo Di Maio on

      i understand that for all of u the mystic add-on price is a shame... but let me explaine: i m not american i m italian , and here the mystic box cost 25 € on the ks 25$ .... for me (and lot of european backers) it's worth.

      for the problem of the golden gods. i can see that no one like the golden colours. cmon can give in the viking pladge the regoular orange gods... and as addon the golden foiled special one. am i wrong? this can accomodate the largest part of us , dont you think?

    42. Nuno V. Costa on

      @Joye i have tested enough isopropanol to say its safe to use on plastic. The results are anot excelent but it does the job. I like car oil brake, it works really good and its cheap and above all, doesnt damage the plastic.

    43. donnbobhardy

      Where are you seeing Wildboar Mystics?

    44. Jim Gallagher

      Would love the option to swap these plain ones for the gold ones. Shouldn’t be hard to do either, just earmark a batch in the factory to skip the gold paint.

      Also, look at that, At least one wild boar figure is available! The mystic.

    45. Ethan Sausville on

      Please let those of us who have the Physical Level switch these with the gold ones.

    46. Joey Mordecae Dimmock

      Aye, the US swears by 'simple green' for paint stripping, shame we don't get it here in the UK (or least I'm pretty sure we don't).
      Original Detol can work, but it stinks to high heaven and takes a couple days to work.
      Meth Spirits works, but can melt plastics and resin if left on too long.
      Isopropanol Alcohol works very well too, and seemed ok on plastic (but haven't done too much testing on that).
      Fairy power spray is another one, but apparently melts resin minis.

      Overall, sure it's doable, but it really shouldn't be necessary. If anything, the golden versions should be the one in the addon (super special edition :D ).
      I do get that it'll be a logistical pain to ask us what set we want (painted or not), and probably isn't feasible... but it really does suck to force what I suspect will be a really not so great paintjob on us :(

    47. Daniel


      Thanks, Simple Green is great stuff. I will pick up a bottle. No sense in paying $25 when I can just strip the included ones. PITA but it is what it is.

    48. Christopher Hawkins

      +1 to add the option to swap the golden god models for the regular ones..

    49. Nuno V. Costa on

      @Daniel oil brake usually does a good job. Avoid anything that can damage plastic over time. I believe UK or US have something called simple green, they say it works great too.

    50. Daniel

      What do you guys use to strip paint from minis?