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The highly-acclaimed board game of viking pillaging and glory comes to life in this digital implementation. Plus exclusive promo minis!
The highly-acclaimed board game of viking pillaging and glory comes to life in this digital implementation. Plus exclusive promo minis!
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The Clans will stand strong against the oncoming Doom!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Brothers and Sisters!

The Stag Clan, which all backers with a Physical Viking pledge will receive, has just received a hefty gift in the form of a cardboard Clan Dashboard!

The people clamor, and we listen. If you also want to upgrade your other clans in the same way, we have an offer for you!

For $12 this Kickstarter Exclusive optional buy gives you 6 hefty cardboard Clan Dashboards for all of the other Blood Rage clans! This includes not only the 4 clans from the Core Box (Raven, Bear, Serpent, and Wolf) but also the Ram clan that is part of the retail 5th Player Expansion, and the Wildboar clan, which was only available in the original Kickstarter campaign.

And what comes after this?


Doom comes after this.

When we reach $400k all backers with a Physical Viking pledge will get the Kickstarter Exclusive sculpted Doom token! The Doom token is used to remind players of the next region that will be obliterated by Ragnarök. What better than a fallen Viking's skull to indicate the glory that is to come?

Doom token 3D render.
Doom token 3D render.

For the Glory!

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    1. Matteo Mariella on

      How thick are they compared to the retail version?

    2. Michał Cieślikowski on

      I would gladly spend 12 $ for double - layered ones. Otherwise it's a pass.

    3. Kristian Korvus on

      +1 for ---> Upgrade cardboard dashboards to 2-layered

    4. Michael "erzengel" Probst

      I have laminated all my Dashboards because of the thin material from the base game..., looking forward to the card boards, thanks.

    5. Game Toppers LLC on

      I love this game so much and I’m so glad to get an updated player board. Because the paper ones are just too thin. I would really love to see a stretch goal on these player boards where they would be double layered so that the markers would not slide easily how long the glory tracks.

    6. Missing avatar

      KelRiever on

      What's hilarious (and that I like) about this is all the bonuses are for the board game itself that we love. Aside from wanting to see Hel (and any other new gods) released in 'normal' scale as well as the enlarged gold scale, probably shouldn't we want the rest of the bonuses to be related to the digital edition? Again, if every bonus is for the boardgame, I'm personally fine with that. But thinking about the main purpose for the Kickstarter....
      .....unless they just want to make this a Blood Rage kickstarter with a bonus digital edition copy :D

    7. Yves Gagné on

      @CMON : Well now you just HAVE to re-release the Wildboar clan.. ;)

    8. Missing avatar

      Yordan on

      Indeed, Belisarius. This seems to target people who missed the first Ks and to make some extra money for CMON without much effort for developing new content....

    9. Belisarius

      So for an original KS backer to get this they have to make a $60 buy in for stuff they dont need.

    10. Missing avatar

      Yordan on

      I second to Tim. Shame ...

    11. Missing avatar

      Tim Gräning on

      CMON already produced all those cardboards. They were part of their game night special thing. Here they are selling those at something new and people are going to buy them. Cardboard is nice, but without a double layer (like in scythe) quite useless. I am going to get myself a nice overlay and glue the flimsy player boards to the overlay to actually get a benefit while playing. I really thought these player boards would be added as a stretch goal, but giving us one for free and making us buy the other ones to have cardboard for all clans sucks.. Great for CMON and their wallet

    12. Missing avatar

      Tim Gräning on

      I would buy it if it would be double layered.

    13. Duncan on

      lol, $12 for some thicker cardboard? Yeah, that's a hard pass.

    14. Drew on

      @Steve- I've always been fond of the term "To Vik."

      Current Scandanavians have this thing about rewriting the historical perceptions of Vikings. Now, we hear about how most of them were peaceful 'farmers' and all that kind of crap. I mean, everybody was mostly farmers. That's not what made the Vikings special.

      I think it is perfectly fair that every nation that they plundered wrote about them as "those guys that plundered us" and not "those dudes that are mostly farmers, and I'm sure are great once you get to know them, but we didn't see the gentler side of them because we were being plundered at the time."

    15. DerricDice on

      Thx Cmon. You guys are the best. Glad you take the time to listen. Maybe neoprene mats will be a stretch goal?

    16. Christopher Hainz on

      @Jim: There is the theory that Garm was just an alternate name for Fenrir, so you could just play with both of them, but when the first one is summoned to a province that‘s it as long as one of them is in play... pretty nasty decision then when you have one in hand when to play it... apart from that we play with Nidhoggr who doesn‘t need a village to get into a region, so you can‘t lock others out by just taking all spaces in Age III.

    17. Eric

      This is what I'm talking about. Great job CMON. Giving the people what they want. I love it.

    18. Missing avatar

      Yordan on

      CMON why didnt you offered us the neoprene boards ? The most of the comments were for such upgrade ....

    19. Missing avatar

      Seniscram on

      Thank you!!! pledge level increased. :)

    20. Missing avatar

      Nate T.

      Happy for the cardboard dashboard option. Thank you!!

    21. Clint Lee Werner

      I've always suspected that vikings did have horned helms (not the outrageous Hollywood variety, but something more like what is seen here) to a limited degree. From a tactical aspect it would make sense to have a way to spot your own commanders in the thick of battle (know who you should be getting orders from) and without any sort of uniform, a horned helm would be a good way to do it. Rather how militarizes like the Roman legions had distinctive headgear for their officers.

    22. Steve Sena on

      Thicker clan boards do "fit" in the Broken Token insert, but the box won't close all the way. They add a lot of thickness when you have five of them...

    23. Clint Lee Werner

      Okay, the new doom token is awesome

    24. Steve Sena on

      Actually..... Norsemen are from Norway. Viking is a job description used to describe scandinavian (Norse, Danish etc) raiders.


    25. Drew on

      @Steve Sena- Ah, the "Vikings didn't wear horns" myth. It is partially true, but definitely leads people to false conclusions.

      The trouble is that there is a difference between "Norsemen" and "Viking." Viking is a specific ethnicity, while Norsemen is a much larger group that also contains Goths, Normans, Saxons, etc. A lot of different peoples in the area worshiped Odin and co.

      There is surprisingly little evidence on the nature of Viking helmets. But the evidence doesn't indicate that "Vikings" wore horns on their helmets.

      However, there is plenty of evidence that earlier Norsemen did adorn their helmets with horns and even antlers (we have accounts from the Greeks and Romans, as well as archaeological finds that pre-Viking Norsemen put horns, wings and even Antlers on their helmets).

      For an example, take a look at the Vekso helmets- discovered in Denmark.

      The argument that horns are too impractical to wear on any warrior's helmet falls completely flat when you consider how many cultures DID put horns on their helmets (aside from the pre-Viking Norse, we also have Indo-Persions, Japanese, Teutonics and Celts).

      So- yeah, Vikings didn't wear horns on their helmets (probably).

      The "Myth" of Viking helmets is usually ascribed to Wagner's staging of The Ring. The story features surprisingly few Vikings (although it does feature a lot of Norsemen). I feel that this indicates the spread of the myth that Vikings were the only Norsemen.

    26. Joaquin

      @Benjamin - Thanks so much! That's exactly the info I needed!

    27. Missing avatar


      Will stag game come with a normal player board or only the cardboard one? I prefer to have the normal one since I want it to match the other player boards I have and I find if you just laminated the player boards it works better than a cardboard one.

    28. David Marowske

      I wish the boards were available separately for each clan. I already have the base game and 5th player faction clan boards from the Game Night Kit, and only need the Wild Boar clan. Someone asked earlier if these boards will fit in the box with the Broken Token insert. Not sure, but I have the Go7Gaming insert and they will not all fit. However, if you buy the Neoprene mat and take out the game board, they might then fit.

    29. Francois on


      It's way thicker than the dashboard i got in the kick starter right ? can you provide an official idea of how thick it's ?

    30. Missing avatar

      Panon on

      Please, make the doom token in red, like the old one!

    31. Casey J on

      @Benjamin Crow: You may have just convinced me to get the play mat so I could store the thick dashboards in the game box (I have no BR insert) hmmm...

    32. Phil on

      How thick are those player's board? 2mm?

    33. Gary Lee

      Well, there goes the BR insert... all gonna get screwed up and have to buy a new one LOL

    34. Wolvik on

      Upgrade cardboard dashboards to 2-layered and and iam in.

    35. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Crow

      @Joaquin The cardboard clan dashboards are pretty thick, like game board thick. So having 6 or 7 of them stacked up is pretty significant. They don't fit anywhere in the broken token insert, I just stack them on top, but this means the box doesn't "close" all the way. If you were going to get a play mat, you may be able to store the player boards where the main game board used to be. Either way, something isn't going to fit in the box.

    36. pagoda79

      Love the doom token. New boards are a bit pricey unless they're going to be upgraded to double layered. The cardstock has been fine overall.

    37. Jonathan Bonneau Valkir

      Any chance we also get the Wildboar clan? As an additionnal buy maybe?

    38. Marcello

      Only the Saga token left now.

    39. TomP on

      12$ for 1mm thick player boards. If they were double layered I could see some logic, but they're not..

    40. adrsol on

      Wow... Shut up and take my money

    41. Missing avatar

      DrBo6 on

      I am not really sold on 1mm thicker cards for $12. Is there any other upgrade to them?

    42. Jim Gallagher

      Now that's a DOOM token!

      If the thicker boards had recesses in them I could be tempted. Good news for all those that asked for them though.

      I'd still like alternative rules for the new monsters, so they can be played alongside the old ones. Although I guess it's really only an issue for the wolves...

      But if you do that the proportion of monster cards goes up, so we could do with some new quests and upgrades to balance it out...

    43. Ontosh Ko on

      Can someone explain me what is the difference of this clan cardboard from the one in retail box? 1mm extra thick for 12bucks?

    44. Joaquin

      Does anyone who already has the thick player boards know if they would fit in the broken token insert?

    45. Missing avatar

      E Auk on

      Thanks for all the upgrades to the physical game! When are we going to see the Wild Boar clan come back🙏👍. We’d love to use that clan without having to pay $200 on EBay!!!! Thanks for the consideration.

    46. Jawby

      I know this is a long shot, but please consider an add-on for the 1st Player, Doom and Saga 3-D tokens for those of us who would like them but not want to upgrade to the Physical Viking Pledge. Thank you very much for any consideration! :)

    47. Kristian Korvus on

      Great! Cardboard for every warrior clan.

      Is it a chance for us to obtain the Wildboar Clan through this campaign CMON? It was KS Exclusive but this is KS campaign too so...? Please reconsider!

    48. Douglas Klipfel on

      The Doom Token is fantastic. Loving everything about this Kickstarter! Thanks CMON

    49. David "Killer Bunny" Doughty on

      Shouldn't the doom token be gold ;) or maybe blood red?