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The highly-acclaimed board game of viking pillaging and glory comes to life in this digital implementation. Plus exclusive promo minis!
The highly-acclaimed board game of viking pillaging and glory comes to life in this digital implementation. Plus exclusive promo minis!
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The Underworld has a surprise for us!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Brothers and Sisters!

The horn has sounded and with the coming of Heimdall the last of the Golden Gods of Asgard has been unlocked for all backers!

Before we unveil what lies ahead, it is time to make a new special offering to the Clans, and to the land....

Many requests were made for a particular item... well...  we decided to attend the backer's demand and today we offer what you have been asking for!

For $30 this Optional Buy gives you a Kickstarter Exclusive oversized Blood Rage board made of neoprene! While the original board had enough space to fit all the figures, we thought we could increase the size of the board a tad, changing from its original 56 x 56 cm to 90 x 65 cm, to not only give it a more impressive presentation, but also to integrate the Age Track, and the Valhalla Sheets! 

Size comparison between Original Board and Playmat
Size comparison between Original Board and Playmat

But what is that we hear? The clans are restless, clamoring for one more god? Maybe Asgard has more to offer?

We know many of you have been asking for Hili, the extra God of Asgard that was created as a special promo for the Dice Tower. Well, like the other promo figures, we want to maintain Hili's exclusivity. So we have created a brand new God of Asgard to carry on the original game effect of Hili, the Even-Handed. Welcome the goddess of the underworld: Hel, the Underhanded!

When we reach $310k all backers with a Physical Viking pledge will get the Kickstarter Exclusive God Hel, the Underhanded, including her oversized, golden figure, and corresponding Gods Of Asgard card!

Hel's golden figure render.
Hel's golden figure render.
Hel's Gods of Asgard card.
Hel's Gods of Asgard card.

For the Glory!


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    1. Ryan Arrh on

      Can you guys stretch out the Valhalla art on the mat to be in-line with the age track edges? Looks kinda of poor/awkward that it is smaller and not in-line with the track above it. Please do this, right now it looks very "thrown together". Thanks!

    2. JB on

      Great add on!! Is it like rising sun? Stiched?? And gloriouss!!!??

    3. Mister Matched on

      Do we have any info on the play mat quality? If its double stitched edges like rising sun I'm all in.

    4. Drew on

      Well, I think I prefer Hel over Hili any day.

    5. Sebastian Zarzycki on

      Depending on the thickness, you could fold it and store it into the box. Yeah, I know it's a stretch, but wanted to ask anyway. I don't have mat for Rising Sun, so don't know what to expect here.

    6. Ethan Sausville on

      Sebastian, I would be thoroughly surprised if it can fit in the box. I don't believe there is any game with a playing mat like this that can fit in the box (but I could be wrong).

    7. Sebastian Zarzycki on

      Will the playmat fit into the base box? Can it be folded into four without damage?

    8. Darkson on

      YES! This is awesome. Thank you.

    9. Erik on

      @Snon: I believe Hel replaces Hili which was a dicetower exclusive of some kind.

    10. donnbobhardy

      @Snon - Hel replaces the Dice Tower promo Hili.

    11. Missing avatar

      KelRiever on

      I'M SO SAD!
      Mainly because Hel is awesome and new, and I won't have her 'normal' sized figure to match the rest of my Asgard Gods who are painted. UgH!!!!!

    12. Missing avatar

      snon on

      Does Hel replace any of the old gods or will she be completely new
      -x Frigga, x Heimdall, x Loki, x Odin, x Thor, Tyr-
      Maybe finally something -beside neopren add-on- for the 1st campaign backers.

    13. Erik on

      The Rising Sun neoprene mat is awesome, I get so many compliments on it when people see it. Given this one is the same price I can only assume the quality will be the same as well, I highly recommend it!

    14. Missing avatar

      VonTesse on

      Will the mat be edge-stitched like the Rising Sun mat? That was fantastic.

    15. Peter "araziel" Cruickshanks

      What the heck is up with neoprene these days? Every single Kickstarter is bringing it out as if it's the second coming.

    16. Kehlenschnitt (Miremarsh Stumpy)

      Hel(l) yeah. Awesome update.

    17. Korgal on


      how much is the shipping cost if we just take the playmat please ?

    18. Ethan Sausville on

      This is awesome!

      Any chance of more monsters, with future stretch goals? They are the absolute best part of the game.

    19. Thue Eriksen

      THIS... IS... GLORIOUS!!

    20. Frederic Mercier on

      The best Kickstarter update in weeks! Thanks!

    21. Qumad

      lol, just as it was mentioned int he comment sections som days ago, add a neoprenmat and you will get extra sales.. and where we are

    22. Dexter Frankenstein

      @Tom, mash shuffling mini cards is easy if you sleeve them. 3 packs of FFG Yellows is enough for everything and would cost less than $10 on Miniature Market. There are also some really nice tuck boxes you can print and fold to store sleeved cards and all of the tokens. You can find the files on BGG, created by the user, thrainn:

    23. TomP on

      @Jim: I have to agree, this is getting on track now. Hel is a nice SG for al kind of backer, because of it's extreme limited edition. Nice to have her in the collection.

      What would be great for SG:

      - Dual layered player boards
      - Upgraded tokens for the Ragnarok destroyed effect

    24. Tom Cannon on

      Playmat is super awesome. I was hoping for a deck of full-size cards (shuffling mini cards sucks sucks SUCKS), but guessing that's not going to happen with the playmat. Whatever, I'll take what I can get!

    25. Jim Gallagher

      So that's the Hili equivalent.

      Have to admit, I'd still rather have the original yellow plastic figure of Hili as well for completeness... But OK, I guess, you can only play with one set of Gods and I will have one 'complete' set.

      Fair play CMON - Slowly this campaign is getting back on track.

      Now we need 6th/7th player board (maybe on the reverse of the Mat?) (with associated Ragnarok tokens and quest cards if new regions added)

      And wild boar clan for those that missed it (I've already got mine) as new backers will need that to get up to 7 players...

    26. Missing avatar

      Shannon on

      Oh man, Hel is so much better than Hili. Gets rid of the bad after-taste of a flavorless promo being jammed into a flavor-driven game, while still maintaining the exclusive effect. Awesome, and thanks!

    27. John C. Sheetz on

      Yes Yes Yes! Thank you.

    28. Brian Meneses

      Wow, a playmat with everything you need. Amazing, instant add on!

    29. Jawby

      Love it!

    30. Missing avatar


      Works for me.

    31. Missing avatar

      Stefan Stenke


    32. Matthew Degele

      Yes!!!! Playmat!!!!