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The highly-acclaimed board game of viking pillaging and glory comes to life in this digital implementation. Plus exclusive promo minis!
The highly-acclaimed board game of viking pillaging and glory comes to life in this digital implementation. Plus exclusive promo minis!
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Original core and a plastic offering to the Serpent, Raven, Wolf, and Bear clans

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Brothers and Sisters!

As the campaign for glory continues to unlock the all mighty and powerful golden Odin, we have decided that not only the Gods shall receive offerings but also the brave men and women, for their bravery and determination!

Although this is a flash campaign, we have decided to attend a very popular request that have been made since our launch yesterday. But while 1 special offering sounded good, 2 might be even better!

And with that, 2 special Optional Buys are revealed!

For $8, we bring the vastly requested Kickstarter Exclusive sculpted Clan tokens from the original campaign for the Blood Rage core box clans! Each clan has a unique sculpt representing its clan animal. These 4 tokens are used by each clan to keep track of their current Rage, and their three stats: Rage, Axes, and Horns. So by acquiring this special Optional Buy, you will get a total of 16 sculpted tokens!

But we did say 2 offerings! So for those of you who joined the campaign excited to take the Viking Saga to the digital realm, and also desire to face the battle in the physical dimension, but still haven't had the chance to get a Blood Rage core box, we bring you the opportunity to do so:

For $60, this special offer combines not only the Kickstarter Exclusive sculpted Clan tokens for the Blood Rage core box clans, but also the Blood Rage core box itself! 

For the Glory!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      Agree on the green RAM CLAN tokens.... plz add CMON! :)))

    2. John C. Sheetz on

      All-In thank you CMON!

    3. Missing avatar

      PatrickSK on

      @CMON Never mind. Just saw the next update.

    4. Missing avatar

      PatrickSK on

      @CMON You are driving me crazy! Why no Ram Clan Tokens???

    5. Missing avatar

      Oliver Rabut on

      CMON really? missing Ram tokens!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Peter Dorney on

      Would love a thicker board for the stag and boar clans.

    7. JB on

      Thank you!!!!

    8. Ole Christiansen

      Thank you for listening! If now we could only get the "First Player Marker" and the Marker for the 5th Player expansion ...

    9. Missing avatar

      Donagh Molloy on

      I need ram clan upgrades. I play green.

    10. Missing avatar


      LOVING the stretch goals and now the $8 addon !!! I'm going to echo others here, and hope you add a $2 Addon for Ram Clan tokens, as having 5 clans with tokens and a 6th without just seems incomplete.

      I (and possibly others) would pay a chunk for Premium player boards with grooves, like the ones in Scythe. I know it would greatly improve table presence over the thick paper boards.

      LOVE this game.
      LOVE this digital option.

      Happy to throw some ideas on the table.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ray Combs

      CMON is there any way we could get a reprint of the original exclusive BR addons and not just the new ones or are your molds lost somehow? My kiddo really wants the originals and we're not paying 100-200$ on ebay for a mountain giant. Thanks for doing resculpts of the player tokens!

    12. Nerds to the Rescue

      Oh, you should throw in the Dogs of War Kickstarter Extras as well... You know... Just for fun. :D :D :D :D :D

    13. Runeclaw on

      Very nice, just what I wanted. Adding $60 to my pledge now!

    14. Missing avatar

      Emyiss on

      Ahahaha your optional buy in for the entire BR base game (4 clans, however many monsters (can't remember), cards, all teh cardboard, board itself, etc, etc) + upgraded clan markers is the SAME as your physical pledge for 4 monsters, half a dozen cards, and a single clan... add to that the ~30 dollars US shipping.. yeah, super not worth.

    15. Angeloko Rosaleny on

      @cmon In the basic box includes the exclusive of the first campaign????

    16. METADNA

      @CMON The huge majority here have already invested in different levels & ways in this game. In order to fit multiple players needs, making dedicated add-ons will help to complete our components & extend the gameplay contents without being forced to get duplicated stuffs.

      Add-on like:

      - 4 (5 adding hili) kse-promo minis add-on

      - stag clan add-on

      - golden gods add-on

      - alternative cards add-on

      - the other clans plastic tockens add-on (update 3: done)

      - playmate add-on

      - big box add-on

      - artbook add-on

    17. Missing avatar

      Kenrick Carlson Keh

      They are not

    18. Creoterra on

      Ram Clan tokens are in the retail 5th player box are they not?

    19. Jonah Stuart

      Definitely need the Ram Clan tokens!

    20. Mike Waters on

      excellent! any chance of adding the Ram clan to this, so everything is the same?

    21. Immanuel Aquino on

      Where's the wildboar clan markers?

    22. Missing avatar

      Florian Mth on

      I agree that physical stuff will please most of the backers since it's mainly boardgamers wanting more stuff, but please don't lose focus on the main subject of the kickstarter (at least what it seemed to be) : the Blood Rage video game. Some exclusive content, or a "season pass" pledge including possible (and, i'm sure, already considered) DLC so that the backer will have "special digital content".

      Thx !

    23. Missing avatar

      Patrick Rieder

      And also what about the first player, doom and scripture tokens

    24. Jim Gallagher

      Much Better... Should increase a few pledges.

      But no Ram Clan?
      No Wildboar clan?

      Still no Hili (please give us the original yellow plastic, really not sure about the Gold...)
      Still no alt monster cards (to mix the new, with old with the new monsters)
      Still no 6th/7th player options.

      Still nothing particularly interesting for returning backers.

    25. Fabian Wefers on

      Will there be an option to choose german in the Bloodrage physical corebox?

    26. Alex Gonzalez on

      That's great CMON, I just need the ram sculpted tokens.

    27. The Hobby Humanist on

      OMG YES. If you guys could just go ahead and make everything available from the original Blood Rage KS, that would make my Christmas very merry indeed.

    28. Batei on

      Cool. I heard a very disturbing rumor there are thicker cardboard pieces for the game that came out afterwards. Are those on the discussion table?

    29. Missing avatar

      Craig A Bonnes

      I have to agree with Celestial Fury. A set of tokens for the Ram Clan (the 5th Player Expansion) would be highly appreciated.

    30. Creoterra on

      Will the previous KS exclusive clan and 4 monsters be available down the road as well?

    31. Lucas Heineman on

      If I remember correctly the 5th player expansion I bought at retail had the 5th player green ones.

    32. Celestial Fortitude

      Omg. What about the 5th player green ones.....