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Lead the Starks or Lannisters into battle using amazing preassembled miniatures based on the characters of the best-selling novels!
Lead the Starks or Lannisters into battle using amazing preassembled miniatures based on the characters of the best-selling novels!
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Shipping Update + Missing Attachment Cards (7/11/2018)

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Backers, we have some items to address with this update, so please be sure you read everything here!

Dreadfort Captain + Champion of the Faith Attachment Cards

As backers started to receive their pledges, it was brought to our attention that the Alternate Sculpt Dreadfort Captain and Champion of the Faith boxes (included with the House Bolton Cutthroats and Knights of Casterly Rock Optional Buys, respectively) were shipped with no Attachment Cards for the models. 

We apologize for this problem, and want to assure you that we will make things right. We are already working on printing packs with the cards and we will send the appropriate number of packs to all our backers who purchased these items as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we don't yet have a clear timeline, but we will update you once we have more news. 

Quick Hub Updates

Before we get into the bulk of things, if you haven't read last week's Update in regards to shipping, please do so now, since most of the information here is continuing from there.

First, a brief update from each Hub:

  • Australia: Pledges are continuing to be shipped and delivered.
  • Asia: Pledges are continuing to be shipped and delivered.
  • Europe: Pledges are beginning to be dispatched, though majority are still being prepped and processed through the Hub. 
  • Canada: Pledges are being processed and delivery should begin soon (with initial orders beginning to arrive possibly by the time of this update).
  • USA + Rest of World: Pledges are being dispatched while more are being processed through the Hub.
Globally, Tracking Numbers are being uploaded to Geekfunder as they become processed and available, so please keep an eye there for that information. Alternatively, US backers can also sign up for tracking services through FedEx, which uses its own tracking site, to get updates there as well.

Frequently Asked Shipping Questions

This is going to majorly be the same questions we previously answered, but they bare repeating. Please note the first two in particular, as we've been getting an influx in those questions specifically:

  • My pledge arrived and I'm missing a ton of stuff!
    Please be aware that due to the quantity ordered some pledges were shipped in multiple boxes. These boxes might not all arrive at the same time, depending on how they are handled by the delivery company. Each package should be labeled "Package 1 of 2, Package 2 of 3" etc etc depending on the methods of the delivery company (aka local mail, FedEx, etc). Sometimes these packages arrive the same day, sometimes within days of each other, sometimes more spread out. Unfortunately this is a factor beyond our control.
  • People in the same town as me are receiving their pledges but I haven't!
    Pledges are shipped as they are processed in the facilities. This is not necessarily done via postal code/area/region. Also, as mentioned, shipping has only just begun for most regions- the majority of backers would not have received their items at this point.
  • Can I change my shipping address at this point?
    No. As stated back in the Pledge Manager deadline, labels are created at the factory for expedited shipping once packages arrive at the hubs. If you are no longer at the listed address you will need to contact your local mail carrier and/or set up an address forwarding service. 
  • Where can I get a Tracking Number?
    Tracking information is uploaded into Geekfunder as it becomes available. 
  • I just checked my Geekfunder and my order is Unconfirmed. What does that mean?
    That means your Geekfunder Pledge Manager was never finalized. At this stage, by Confirming you will be added to the Late Pledge/Confirm queue, meaning your pledge will only now be processed from the factory, routed through our US Hub, and dispatched- if items are available. This also will only occur after all other global shipping has been completed. Would advise you to submit a ticket to Support for further details. 
  • I've received my pledge but I am missing items/something was damaged. Who do I contact?
    Please submit a ticket to our Support Site. This is the official channel to handle any such issues. 
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    1. Andreas Johannssen on

      I´m missing the champion of the faith attachment card as well. Do you need additional information from us or will you sort it out by your own?

    2. Missing avatar

      Tristan Sniadach on

      So how does one use the support page? Because I've only now realized that im missing the champion of the faith attachment card as well

    3. Missing avatar

      David Brittain

      Nope, My bad, totally forgot about the smaller white boxes that were buried under everything else. I do have them, just not the cards like the update says.

    4. Missing avatar

      David Brittain

      @ Steven: I'm in the same boat I can't find the alternate Dreadfort Captain models or the Champion of the Faith models as well as the cards.

    5. Błażej Kosiński

      Hi, i just get my package all looks realy great. But its there any chance to get rules in PDF? Or they were send but i cannot find them?

      Thank you for awsome job!

    6. Missing avatar

      Steven on

      I wanted to inform you that I am not just missing the cards for the champion of faith but also the figures. How can I get both?


    7. Missing avatar

      Squad104 on

      Hello im from Holland and I still didnt receive anything yet, and also no tracking number on geekfunder. Can you tell me when the estimated time will be when the packedge Will arrive in europe? Thank you.

    8. Missing avatar

      Peter Haynes on

      @Damien Smith.
      That is correct.

      You didn't get extra cards for the alternate Ramsay, Gregor Clegane (standing), or Greatjon Umber in the HOTK box either.

    9. Brian on

      I received 1 out of 3 boxes. Will I get a tracking number for each package on geekfunder?

    10. Damien Smith on

      I got 4 Alt Boxes and none of them have cards. Is that correct? CotF and DC as listed above. I also don't have cards for Sandor or Robb Alts.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ernie77 on

      @Tayhuck: First nozice i got from GLS with Green Horde.
      Then package arrived.
      Much much later (talking abouz months!) a (incorrect) tracking from geekfunder ..

    12. TayHuck

      Has anybody ever seen a tracking number before the product? I got my pledge today. Super excited. But geekfunder still doesn’t have a tracking number in there for me. Good thing CMON has this shipping thing dialed in.

    13. Justin on

      Soooo just heard back from CMon support... They say Canadian shipping hasn't started. Another backer called Interfullfillment yesterday and they said they were waiting for Something from CMon. So what is going on here?

    14. Ashton Sung on

      Both of these cards have already been shown. The only thing different about them is the artwork on them, nothing else.

    15. PeterS on

      Why not post jpg(S) of the cards here or in another update? Thanks in advance.

    16. Missing avatar

      Ernie77 on

      Last time in Europe i got it via GLS.
      Gamequests trackibg information came one month after i had played it first time ;-)

    17. Missing avatar

      Rich Cameron on

      Sadly, FedEx gave me incorrect info and the package did not show up. Anyone know how long it takes for Geek funder to update tracking numbers?

    18. David Smith on

      Incorrect cards are not a CMON issue Ken, its very common.

    19. Paul on

      Could we please get a digital version of the Alternate Sculpt Dreadfort Captain and Champion of the Faith while we wait for the physical ones to come?

    20. Joshua Wallker on

      Mine has arrived and I gotta say, I am thoroughly enjoying it. It’s well crafted, well balanced (though in the core box I’d give the starks the edge), and my wife, who is much more into GoT than I am, will happily play with me, though I may have to let her win soon or that could change

    21. Ken (The friendly gamer)

      Why is it every CMON game has card issues now? This is the third game that has either had missing cards, cards that were wrong or just a mess of cards. Yeah they will replace them- yet why is it every game this is the issue?

    22. Dana Anderson on

      I took your advice @Rich Cameron. Sure enough they were able to get me the details and let me know when I would be getting my shipment. Thanks.

    23. Missing avatar

      Rich Cameron on

      I was able to call FedEx and with the use of my address find out the info. Good news - it is out for delivery now!!!!!!

    24. Ashton Sung on

      FedEx Delivery Manager is what they're talking about.

      It alerts you anytime a package is being sent to you. It doesn't need a tracking number, you just get a notification whenever something enters the FedEx system addressed to you.

    25. David Smith on

      Might be able to if you download the curriors app.

    26. David Smith on

      Can't track without a tracking number.

    27. Missing avatar

      Rich Cameron on

      I've been all over FedEx's website and there's no function that I've found to allow tracking without a tracking number. Any advice on where to live a tracking number, or further advice on tracking without a number, would be helpful.

    28. Missing avatar

      DanielJ on

      Which shipping company is GameQuest using?

    29. Dana Anderson on

      I show "phase 1" order "confirmed" and "Shipping info Information not available". However, I have not received any e-mail from CMON or Geekfunder yet.

    30. Dean Harris on

      I see my geek finder shows phase 1, and I owe for shipping?