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Lead the Starks or Lannisters into battle using amazing preassembled miniatures based on the characters of the best-selling novels!
Lead the Starks or Lannisters into battle using amazing preassembled miniatures based on the characters of the best-selling novels!
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"The Umbers may seem simple, but they are not without a certain low cunning."

Posted by Michael Shinall (Collaborator)

Bannermen! This week we have something special for you.

It seems so long ago, but during the final post of the Kickstarter we showcased some images of three additional units, and have been revealing them steadily over time. We first had the House Bolton Blackguards revealed in our New Years Update, then, back in April, the Lannister Pyromancers made their debut, leaving only one unit left.

Well, we decided today would be the day we talk about them, so without further teasing, let's take an in depth look at the House Umber Greataxes!

Per usual, the Umber Greataxes box contains 4 sculpts, including bannerman, and a total of 12 models plus Unit Card and movement tray.

"Your creepers best come fast, or my men will swarm those walls and win the Moat before you show your face. I'll make a gift of it to you when you come dawdling up." -Greatjon Umber
"Your creepers best come fast, or my men will swarm those walls and win the Moat before you show your face. I'll make a gift of it to you when you come dawdling up." -Greatjon Umber

Clocking in at 7 points, the House Umber Greataxes aren't the cheapest Combat Unit option - but such is the price to pay for their raw combat potential. Unlike other units, the Greataxes don't have any fancy Orders, movement shenanigans, or defensive tricks - they just kill stuff really well (a trademark of House Umber, actually).

No, instead we trade all that for two devastating attack options: The first is the Defense-annihilating Executioner's Fury attack. While it requires some set-up (the unit has to have begun their turn engaged) it outright bypasses any Defense the enemy has, and hitting on a 2+ doesn't hurt either. This attack is specifically made to punish enemies who Charge into the Greataxes, as well as give a potent option to dealing with any unit that has an obnoxiously high Defense Save (such as Lannister Guards or House Bolton Flayed Men)

In addition to this, the attack also carries the trademark Stark theme of gaining an additional power boost when the unit is near death, in this case the addition of Critical Blow, which effectively means every roll of 6 is outright killing two models (multi-Wound enemies notwithstanding) - it's never smart to leave a Stark just mostly dead, and the Umbers are no exception to that rule.

Next, we see the Greataxes have a second Melee Attack in the form of Mighty Cleave. Unlike Executioner's Fury, which is super handy for getting rid of high Defense targets, Mighty Cleave should be your attack when focusing on units with a poor Defense value, as you stand to deal more damage overall by exploiting that value. This effectively means that the Greataxes have a method to deal with most any threat they come across- just a matter of using the proper tool at the proper time.

Defense-wise they have a respectable 4+, and while that's an average value they combine this with an above-average Morale Stat of 6+, which is another Stark trademark. The only real negative to the unit is they are slow, boasting a mere 4 Speed stat. While this may not seem like much of a big deal when the average is 5, those inches matter: All of a sudden an average March of 10" turns into 8", and in later rounds that Charge comes up short by 1-2" that you wish you had. Just something you'll need to be aware of and play around.

Finally, this unit also makes House Umber army lists that much more viable. An army led by Greatjon Umber gains additional benefits from his Tactics Cards when they target House Umber units, and now you have multiple options between the House Umber Greataxes, Berserkers, ad Greatjon's own Affiliation: House Umber Ability (which bestows the House Umber keyword to any unit he joins). Between the three you gain an entirely new sub-set in the Stark army to play with, for those who really want to push the "Fiercest When Near Death" theme to its absolute limits.

And that is going to conclude our look at the House Umber Greataxes, loyal bannermen. August will soon be upon us, and with it the arrival of the Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game proper. What will your first battle be comprised of? Going to have Robb square off against Jaime? Perhaps a clash of might between the Greatjon and the Mountain? What are your plans?

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    1. Heretik on

      @reubrico yeah that might be true as well, we shall see pretty soon, anyway I hope they aren't less realistic than the other stark lannister or bolton miniatures we've seen so far, as I fell like they were kinda of a little bit cartoony

    2. Missing avatar

      reubrico on

      @heretik you're right, it does feel a little strange that not one other website nor CMON have chimed in. But what comes to mind is that maybe CMON had a deal in place with these outlets to not publish anything until a certain date and ICv2 didn't honor that but other news outlets are.

    3. Heretik on

      @reubrico that's true, but maybe they mixed up true and fake ? I thought that there would be more websites to talk about it for example, and CMON didn't officialy said a thing about the NW starter, I believe it's kinda strange

    4. Missing avatar

      reubrico on

      @heretik I was thinking that it could've been fake as well but if you click on the photos in the ICv2 article you'll notice that the Umber axemen box had the exact same artwork as was shown today in the update. The odds of that being just a coincidence I feel are extremely slim.

    5. Heretik on

      The Night's Watch has only be revealed by ICv2 ? I have just a little doubt, as we heard nothing about the news here, and the style of the NW is quite different from every other miniatures so... Could it be technically a fake ?

      And I'm very excited by the Umber Greataxes, I was actually not necessarily looking for the units showed at the end of the KS to be at a high place on my wishlist but they are all extremely interesting !

    6. Missing avatar

      Paul de Wijkerslooth on

      Don't mind me, just looking for the 'Order now' button :P

    7. Brian on

      No Tully cavs huh? Still very cool!

    8. Ashton Sung on

      They're retail items.

    9. Missing avatar

      S.K. on

      How can the new 3 units be ordered as they have not been part of original pledge?

    10. Sandor Clegane on

      I feel like it would have been more useful to simply link to the article from ICv2, but alas here goes:

    11. Missing avatar

      reubrico on

      @CMON any chance we'll see some new units at origins?

    12. Missing avatar

      reubrico on

      @Christian as was I as you would think backers deserved to hear any news first before anyone else. But it's still exciting that we got details on the new umber unit.

    13. Chris barr

      Really like the look of these

    14. Christian on

      aww, I was hoping for info on the Night Watch stuff that was revealed earlier this week...

    15. Jeppe Polling on

      I like them
      But i personaly would thought they had sundering. Never in my wildest dreams i thought that they might negate defense saves all together

    16. Mark-Ders on

      Awesome. Hope we can order these new units soon.

    17. Missing avatar

      iampetty on

      Damn, that's badass.