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Lead the Starks or Lannisters into battle using amazing preassembled miniatures based on the characters of the best-selling novels!
Lead the Starks or Lannisters into battle using amazing preassembled miniatures based on the characters of the best-selling novels!
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Hear Me Roar: Lannister Commanders Updated

Posted by Michael Shinall (Collaborator)

Bannermen! We are back today with probably the single biggest update yet, as we're going to be going over all the Lannister Commanders and Tactics.

There is just a tone to cover in today's article so we're going to skip any introductions and openings and just get right into it!



Your faction's Generic Tactics are one of the main factors in identifying their play-style. With the Lannisters you're going to have an extreme focus on tampering with your opponent's Morale, Counterplay-effects, and a healthy dose of Defense-based effects. Combat is not your strong point (usually)- you're going to win the game via indirect damage effects (ie lots of Panic modifiers) and controlling your opponent's options and actions. 

Again, as we have a lot to cover, we're not going to go over each of the seven Generic Tactics Cards in detail, but going to give some small notes about each and how they have evolved over time:



  • Intrigue & Subterfuge: The first tool in your counter-play arsenal, allowing you to shut down enemy NCUs. No changes from previous incarnations!
  • A Lannister Pays His Debts: Changed from giving a battlefield maneuver to instead placing some Condition Tokens down, which feels more in line with Lannister style.
  • Hear Me Roar: Instead of giving a flat negative, this effect now scales based on the destroyed ranks of the enemy unit, making it a nasty "finisher" card. Also opened up to be used on any Morale Test, not just Panic.
  •  Paid Mutiny: The original version of this was causing a lot of stuff to happen in a single activation (and was a bit clunky). It has been refocused to now be more in line with Lannister Counterplay tactics, with a focus on dealing damage, but more importantly, shutting off nasty Attachments.
  • Counterplot: Slightly nerfed the Crown effect to allow a re-roll instead of just automatically cancelling the effect.
  • Fealty to the Crown:  Boost effect changed to Crown, and modified to restore additional wounds only, rather than creating a +/- 4 swing in both directions.
  • Wealth of the Rock: Its Wealth boost now prevents D3 Hits instead of allowing re-rolls to Defense Saves. This change was made to make the benefit a bit more useful across more units, rather than just wanting to stack the effect on your best Defense unit.

Alright, again, we're keeping it brief on each item, but hopefully now you have a good grasp of the generic tactics and style of the Lannisters. We're now going to move onto the specific Commanders and their individual tactics!

Throughout the campaign we gained a total of five Commanders for the Lannisters, each with their own unique play-style, theme, and methods of winning the game. While each of these guy could have an entire article unto themselves (and many have) we'll give the brief run-down of overall tactics, play-style, and any changes that might have happened to them during development.

In case you need a refresher, remember that your Tactics Deck is made up of 2 copies each of the 7 Generic Lannister Tactics Cards and then 2 copies each of the 3 Commander-specific Tactic Cards listed below, giving you a total of 20 cards. This means your Commander will make up roughly 1/3 of the overall Tactics Cards available to you during the game.

Jaime Lannister: The Kingslayer


  • Playstyle:  Units under Jaime's command will gain additional defensive capabilities and in general embody a "reactionary" style of board-control, aka you're not going to have many effects that you yourself utilize, but rather the effects you do have instead capitalize on your opponent failing.
  • Counterplay: Again its important to remember that most of Jaime's effects are going to be based on your actions, not his own. If you focus on objectives and outmaneuvering him then you're good to go. The worst thing you can do is just charge right into him without a plan or a strategy, which is exactly what he wants.
  • Attachment Changes: Jaime's Attachment card got an overhaul in it's effect (but don't worry, you'll see the Expert Duelist return) namely because it did not synergize with the Tactics Cards available to him- it was an individually powerful effect, yes, but it did not embody what Jaime's play-style was all about. His new Counterattack Order much better fits in theme with the rest of his Tactics Cards.
  • Tactics Changes: Deadly Riposte originally caused automatic Wounds, which now causes Hits instead, with additional Hits if you're targeting Jaime specifically. Precision Strike has been replaced entirely with Expert Parry to better reinforce the theme of defense with Jaime, rather than giving him 1 random offense card.

Gregor Clegane: The Mountain


  • Playstyle: Gregor and his units make stuff dead. If you like the ideas of control and denial, but prefer a more aggressive playstyle, then Gregor is the Lannister commander for you. There is no subtly here- its the Mountain, you're going to go on the offense and try to smash their head in.
  • Counterplay: They're going to try to smash your head in. As a result most of their effects are going to be based on attacking and dealing extra damage. If you can weather that storm then you'll be in a better spot. To a point Gregor is also a bit predictable- you don't have to worry about any additional surprises when you go to engage him, as you know he's not going to suddenly Riposte your attack. Basically, try to kill him faster and harder than he tries to kill you... Or outmaneuver him into better positions for yourself. 
  • Attachment Changes: So Gregor's basic Attachment and his Commander got a bit of a switch in abilities, but otherwise did not change much. His Commander version allows you to deal additional straight Wounds when you attack, and makes your charges all the scarier- really embodying what it means to play The Mountain.
  • Tactics Cards Changes: While yes, the theme of Gregor is attack attack attack!!! that can lead to a bit of a dull play-style. In the end we replaced Cleaving Blows with the new Orders to Destroy, allowing you to utilize the Tactics Board to further your aggressive nature, meaning that you now care more about it outside the Combat Zone. This change also gives some diversity to play with Gregor so you're not always just throwing down a different type of attack buff. You will also note that all of Gregor's cards now not only gain additional effects for targeting his unit, but any House Clegane unit. So yes, you can now be rewarded for running that entire army of Mountain's Men that you wanted.

Tywin Lannister: Lord of Casterly Rock


  • Playstyle: Tywin specializes in Weakening his foes and then capitalizing on said Weakened Condition. While a lot of the Lannister Tactics focus on denial and targeting enemy Morale, Tywin brings effects that cripple your opponent's combat capabilities to the party as well, making an army led by him one of the premier control armies in the game.
  • Counterplay: You're going to want to have ways to remove the Weakened Condition- and this means the Wealth Zone becomes your best friend. If you make key use of it you can avoid a lot of the nastier effects when playing against Tywin, or at least force your opponent into claiming it to block you. Activate Weakened units early in the round and attack, thus forcing your opponent to either expend the Weakened Token or suffer the full attack. Your opponent will semi-tell you their plan based on who they are Weakening, and they can't weakened everyone, so utilize the gaps they leave.
  • Attachment Changes: His original Ability prevented removal of any Condition Tokens, and that was proving to be a bit too harsh. Instead, he now places a Weakened Token on any unit in Long Range (up from Short Range), and also gained the benefit of tossing Lannister Supremacy on any unit he joins, giving them the bump that having The Great Lion himself leading them would impart!
  • Tactics Card Changes: We actually never got a proper look at Tywin's Tactics so its all new! As you can see, however, he (surprise surprise) focuses on the Weakened Condition and punishing enemies who possess it. 

The High Sparrow


The High Sparrow is our first NCU Commander, meaning he won't actually be on the battlefield- doesn't mean he isn't effective, however, as his reach can be felt even when he isn't near!

The Sparrow specializes in granting a wealth of buffs to units if they are faithful enough, embodied here with Morale Tests. Now, we know, the usual Lannister payroll doesn't exactly scream "we're doing this cause of faith!" but two things to consider: The first is that the Sparrow's Influence effect assists you there, and the second is that... Well, actually I won't mention the second. I will suggest you go look up his previous NCU card... Who knows, visions of the future might come to you... Anyway, moving on.

  • Playstyle: Heavy focus on gaining extreme buffs from passing Morale Tests. The High Sparrow has an insane amount of synergy with <redacted> units, who trigger their own unique effects off of Morale Tests as well. Since he allows you to trigger <redacted> and <redacted> via his constant "tests of faith" (aka Morale Tests) then you just get to double, sometimes even triple-dip benefits over and over. So all in all, you're probably not going to run too many of the usual Lannister options when you could instead focus on <redacted> instead. Of course, spreading some Champions of the Faith across standard Lannister troops gives you more options as well.
  • Counterplay: If you have any effects that give penalties to Morale, this is their time to shine. Otherwise, make heavy use of the Tactics Zone to throw down some Panic Tokens to help mitigate how many Morale Tests your opponent can succeed on. If they're running full <redacted> then this is going to be tough, since they aren't exactly lacking in the Morale-department. In that case, you're going to want to take them down before they become too "riled up" from all those Morale Tests, so strike units quick and strike them hard.
  • NCU Changes: Original version was nasty and probably had the most utility of any NCU in the game, which was a bit of an issue since he was technically "free". We changed him around to bring him more in line with the other Commander's power levels, noting the fact he is, at the end of the day, also a free NCU. Oh and we removed the bit about <redacted> from his card as well.
  • Tactics Card Changes: Again, we never actually looked at these before so these are all new. As you can see, Morale Tests are the High Sparrows bread and butter... Or scourge and flail, as the situation dictates. 

Tyrion Lannister: The Halfman


Finally we come to the Halfman himself, Tyrion Lannister, taking up his battlefield Commander role. It should come as no surprise that Tyrion makes heavy use of Strategy and Tactics- when you play as him your opponent will never know just what tricks you have up your sleeve, as previously activated units can suddenly charge forth, old tricks become new again, and even their own units begin to come under confusion and misdirection.

  • Playstyle: As mentioned just one sentence ago: misdirection and cunning are the mainstays of Tyrion's strategy. While the other Lannisters scheme and sneak behind the scenes, Tyrion commands the battlefield with superior strategies that allow you to hit from unexpected places and control the very tide of the battle itself. To make the best use of this, you're going to want to claim the Tactics Zone as often as you can, which does mean Tyrion will need some NCU assistance while he tends to the battle proper. Whether this is in the form of Tywin, Cersei, Pycelle, or a Mercenary option, that's up to you.
  • Counterplay: Claiming the Tactics Zone to deny Tyrion's effects will go a long way in helping you during the battle, but the best bit of advise you can remember when playing against Tyrion is that you need to remain adaptive! If you try to fight him with by just hammering your battleplan into him he's going to wreck you. His whole method of winning is making sure your method of winning doesn't work, so you're going to need to play his game but play it better- he doesn't have a direct route to victory and is relying on destroying yours, so work around that!
  • Attachment Changes: None, the effect was working very well!
  • Tactics Card Changes: Once more these are all new, so can't really talk about changes here!


Bannermen, we have now completed our look at the Lannister forces. You've seen every NCU, every Combat Unit, every Attachment, and every Commander available to them. The tools to forge your complete army for the wars to come has been gifted.

Join us next time when we look to the northern lands and the realm of the dire wolves...

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    1. Michael Shinall Collaborator on

      Maege wasn't thematically fitting as an NCU. I know this was clarified a long while back in the campaign. Don't worry though, Bear Island is very dear to us.

      On another note, however, in regards to Tyrion's battle-version and a "generic" attachment... Again, it's noted that its just a typo on the main-page banner... But, since that's just the type of thing that will come up over and over... and because we love you guys so much... I'm going to see about making a "generic" (aka non-Commander) version... See if we still have time to do that. I have no shortage of ideas on how to already implement more of the Halfman, so we'll see if we have the time. So no promises, but you guys might just be getting something extra ;)

    2. Missing avatar

      John Davis on

      Can't make changes on the older posts.... Thank you for the *Clarification*

    3. Missing avatar

      John Davis on

      Thanks @Michael for the calefaction on Tyrion. Is the same true Maege Mormont and her NCU card.

    4. Missing avatar

      Thomas J. Thomas on

      Some general comments:

      Jamie the Kingslayer's effects are interesting and mostly appropriate IF he was Jamie the Golden Hand. Prior to losing his hand he was an aggressive offensive oriented commander which could get him into a lot of trouble (see the Whispering Woods). The whole counterattack thing is wrong for this character. I realize you want to contrast him with the Mountain but really Jamie/Kingslayer is just a Mountain with a bit more brains. He should at least be a mix of offense/counter ploy - which makes a much more interesting character since you can't just go all in for defense or offense - need changes here.

      (And keep in mind that battles like the Whisptering Wood were won by on table manuver not just "special effects" cards. Make sure magic paragraph cards do not overwhelm actual play.)

      Mountain seem appropriate - but remember he is also really hard to kill....

      Tywin too seems good - a counter puncher.

      Tyrion likewise should be the master of mispercepton - looks pretty good.

      Lannister money bag effects work better for bribes more armor etc. than buying "replacements" during battle (if the unit is bigger why not just start bigger...?)

      My general caution that all these cheese effects can easily get out of hand. Remember this is A Song of Ice and Fire - its medieval warfare with a thing layer of fantasy. People are going to want to manuver a medieval and win battles by being a better general - not manipulating the game/point system with "super card" effects.

      Thomas J. Thoms

    5. Michael Shinall Collaborator on

      -Counterattack should state it triggers off a melee attack. We'll make sure that get corrected.
      -One card per trigger, events are independent of each other. Eg, yes, you can Paid Mutiny into Hear Me Roar.
      -Controlling a zone is not a bonus, as it has no actual effect. Everything related to having claimed a zone is directly from other cards/Abilities.

      That appears to be an oversight on the front-page banner, or someone confused "Commander cards are usually attachment cards" and thought there were separate ones.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ray on


      I don't think there was ever an attachment card for him, and only ever NCU version and Commander version.

    7. Jeppe Polling on

      @Michael Shinnall

      I have found a small typo error on the Hear me Roar! Card, iT says unit.t

      Also 3 questions
      Jaime counter attack, I'm guessing iT wont work on ranged but iT doesnt specificly Say so,....

      I know iT is 1 tactics card per trigger, but just for the record, what if a card creates a new trigger? Like paid mutiny followed by hear me roar! ?

      Intrige and subterfuge negaties Any bonus, does This includes the symbol for the tactics cards?

    8. Kevin on

      Seeing the commander version of Tyrion (Halfman) reminds me, that we didn't get his standard attatchment version. Does that mean, there is no non-commander attatchment for him anymore?

    9. Wayne W on

      @Michael Shinall That's what I figured but it is good to hear it from you. It probably won't come up that much, but good to know in case it does. It will really change strategy if games where this is a factor.

    10. Michael Shinall Collaborator on

      @Wayne W
      Once graphics finishes their overhaul we should have an updated rulebook.

      But to answer your question, with a direct quote from the book:

      In the event that an NCU would activate, but there are no remaining empty zones on the Tactics Board, then that NCU’s activation immediately ends."

    11. MRiley on

      I really wish the Lannisters were less interesting from a gameplay perspective as most of them are so obnoxious from a story perspective and I feel awkward using guys like Tywin :p

      Thanks for the steady updates!

    12. Wayne W on

      When can we expect to see these new updated rules? Please don’t say when the game comes out.

      Also, if you are playing with more than 5 NCUs between all the players, what happens when all the spaces on the tactics board are full?

    13. Ashton Sung on

      Ah I gotcha Groo. Yes I fully expect things like that to happen eventually.

    14. Groo the mendicant on

      What I mean Ashton Sung is the possibility of new versions in the future based on events. Example Jamie of the Golden Hand became a much different person than the Jamie before his maiming. That could be reflected in new command cards plus a possible new model too.

    15. JimWolf on

      @Michael Shinnall I think everyone would understand the intent behind it but your last comment would need to be explicitly stated within the rulebook when describing general attachment effects (which it may very well be). Nobody wants to face the pedantic rules lawyer across the table who's going to try and exploit any ambiguity.

    16. JimWolf on

      @Seb I agree, it "could" be interpreted either way as it's currently written although the opponent would have to be a bit of an arse to argue the "only deals d3 wounds" angle.

    17. Michael Shinall Collaborator on

      All Attachment effects are just added to the unit, in this case the effect is added to the melee attack of whatever unit he is attached to. Abilities are always in addition to anything else involved in the attack unless they specifically state otherwise. Gregor's effect says to deal D3 Wounds, this is in addition to anything else the attack does.

    18. Sebastian Källström on

      @Michael Shinall
      I do not get your answer to Sybaris question, as seen below.
      "No because there is always the chance the attack doesn't deal any Wounds, and people could infer that means you also wouldn't get to deal any additional Wounds."

      If the Mountain attacks, ergo rolls his attack dice, he automatically does D3 wounds to the enemy whether his attacks also wounds, right? I understand where Sybaris is coming from, because when it comes to Raw (rules as written) it looks like the Mountain only does D3 wounds as his "attack". Or have I misinterpreted it somehow?

    19. Ashton Sung on

      I read all that more like Faith Militant units will have abilities that trigger when they pass morale tests already, so the High Sparrow causing more will trigger more of their stuff. I don't read that as having different cards.

    20. Groo the mendicant on

      So I guess in the future we will see High Sparrow tactic cards that synergize with faith militant units? In other words command tactic cards replacing other ones? A kind of build your deck.

    21. Ashton Sung on

      Throwing this list down:

      Tywin Lannister (Commander)

      2x Lannister Guards + Guard Captain (6pts each) (12pts)
      1x Lannister Guard + Bronn (8pts)
      1x Halberdiers (+Tywin) (6pts)
      1x Halberdier (+Jaime, Young Lion) (8pts)

      1x Pycelle (3pts)
      1x Littlefinger (4pts)

      This is my Lannister Supremacy list. The defense, combined with Tywin's Weakening effects look great. On the NCU front Pycelle for even more Weakened, and Littlefinger means I can get the card draw zone multiple times, which also lets me throw down more Weakened as well.

    22. Michael Shinall Collaborator on

      No because there is always the chance the attack doesn't deal any Wounds, and people could infer that means you also wouldn't get to deal any additional Wounds.

      To cite the (full and updated) rulebook on the topic, however:

      WOUNDS: When a unit suffers Wounds, 1 model is removed from the unit for each Wound suffered. Some effects will say to deal a unit “X Wounds”- Wounds do not allow Defense Saves: they are automatic damage to the unit.

    23. Sybaris of the Abyssal Woods on

      On the Mountain's card. It is written : Each time this unit makes an attack, it deals D3 Wounds.

      Should it mention "it deals an additional D3 Wounds" instead? It could be interpreted as the D3 wounds replace the regular dice rolling with automatic wounds.