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Lead the Starks or Lannisters into battle using amazing preassembled miniatures based on the characters of the best-selling novels!
Lead the Starks or Lannisters into battle using amazing preassembled miniatures based on the characters of the best-selling novels!
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Stark + Mercenary Attachment Updates

Posted by Michael Shinall (Collaborator)

Bannermen, we are back with the second half of our look into the revamped Attachments!

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Ok, with that reminder out of the way, you should know the drill by now, so let's get right into it:


Well will begin with the Generic Non-Character Attachments:

Previously the Captain allowed the unit a once-per-round re-roll. While this was a great effect, there were several instances where it was rendered redundant (charging, numerous Stark Cards/interactions). With that being the case, it's now been changed to popping a Vulnerable Token onto a unit, allowing some greater variance in tactical options as well. Sure, you can use it immediately (and I'm sure most people will), but a savvy commander can use this to set up additional options and plays instead of just applying brute force.

Umber Champion

The Umber Champion remains unchanged from his previous incarnation. When it works it works and the Champ worked well, allowing the House Umber units to get that much more deadly and allowing other units to gain additional threat when they suffer damage.

Crannogman Warden

 Ah, here's another fellow that hasn't been seen due to getting lost in the shuffle! The Crannogman Warden is your sneaky option, granting you a constant re-roll when picking off unprepared enemies. This guy will reward clever activation-play and catching unwary opponent's off-guard.

Now that we've looked at the generic attachments, let's dive into the Characters! Like the Lannisters, we're not going to be looking into the Commander versions today- we'll be taking a look at them in another article later on.

Robb Stark, the Young Wolf

We begin with Robb Stark, the Young Wolf himself. His Attachment version basically means a unit will never need to Maneuver, instead gaining all the benefits of doing so when they march. More so, he also grants the Rapid Assault ability, allowing the unit to Charge when activated via the Maneuver zone. Of course, this all comes at a hefty 3 Point price tag (but also remember that Grey Wind tags along here).

Grey Wind is a tactical unit- he's not going to deal the most damage in the world, but that's not why you're taking him. Grey Wind is here to set up combos with units by passing out Vulnerable. Have him activate, go tie up a unit and make them Vulnerable, and then have another friendly unit (let's say Robb's) come and make use of it. He's a valuable asset, just don't waste his potential!

Extra note: You'll notice the newly worked "Monster" icon on Grey Wind here as well, displaying his unit type (which has been changed from Cavalry).

Greatjon Umber, Loyal Bannerman

Greatjon's Attachment version got some small tweaks, namely because the old ability was causing some wonky interactions that we wanted to avoid. Keeping in line with the House Umber theme though, you now have the option to gain some nice re-rolls while also smashing through enemy defenses... at the cost of some Wounds, of course.

In addition to this you also gain the Onslaught ability, allowing you to charge when activated by the Combat zone. A nice buff to keep up with the aggression of House Umber.

Bran and Hodor, Protector and Ward

Bran and Hodor (and Summer, don't forget them as well) make up a wealth of utility for a unit. Bran's Skinchanging will allow you to put down some extra Hits when either Summer or his own unit attacks, and then you have Hodor and his HODOR!!! ability, which... Oh... That's a bit depressing... Ahem, anyway, it allows you to once-per-game severely hinder an opponent's charge, but in doing so you're also going to give up the Skinchanging ability on the unit for the rest of the game... Sometimes you have to sacrifice...

Of course, you can't talk about Bran and Hodor without the other member of their little group, Summer. While he doesn't have the tactical usage that Grey Wind has, he more than makes up for it in dedication to protecting the young Bran. Each time an enemy would target Bran, they're going to get a nasty hit from Summer (who in turn can be boosted with Bran's Skinchanging). The damage can really add, giving the opponent a tough choice of either targeting the wolf or continuing to try to take down the unit.

Extra note: You'll notice the newly worked "Monster" icon on Summer here as well, displaying his unit type (which has been changed from Cavalry).

Bryden Tully, Unyielding Knight

We've covered Brynden before, but he still remains one of your go-to options for having a unit take-and-hold a point without faltering. Stick him with some Tully Sworn-Shields and he'll be right at home.

Brynden Tully, Vanguard Infiltrator

Likewise, we've covered the Vanguard Infiltrator before as well. Not much change here, just some wording edits.

Maege Mormont

Maege doesn't like it when enemies try to test the resolve of troops under her control. When they try, they're going to know why the women of Bear Island are feared. Acting as almost a bit of a counter-point to Brynden, who increases the offensive potential of his unit, Maege is just straight going to punish the enemy with direct damage.

And that is going to wrap up the Starks. Let's move right along to the Mercenaries:

Dreadfort Captain

His old ability was proving to be overly oppressive (sic) and while we did go through some revamps and tuning, in the end it just wasn't creating healthy gameplay interactions, so we refocused the Captain to really push the Bolton themes of utilizing and spreading Panic Tokens. You'll see more of the effects of this when we get to the Mercenary Commanders!

Speaking of the Boltons, however, we come to Roose's own Attachment version. Nothing fancy here, just the nasty ability to begin restoring wounds to your unit when enemies begin failing Panic Tests.


Next we come to the pairing of Ramsey and Reek. Again not a lot of changes here, just some tuning that went on. Ramsey, as you know, also has his Commander version, but we'll get to that later...

Brienne embodies a true knight, and a particularly tenacious one at that. We wanted her abilities to represent that, so she in general just buffs her unit and makes them more effective- nothing flashy or fancy, just efficient!

Finally we come to Bronn, who has stayed his old sellsword-self. He was lovable (as long as he was paid) before, and he has stayed as such now.

And that wraps up all the Attachments, Bannermen. Which do you most look forward to fielding? Are you a Stark, a Lannister, or just out for your own interests?

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    1. JimWolf on

      @Alex I fear we're clutching at straws here. One could just as easily (probably with more 'evidence) reverse that and say that the main time Summer protects Bran exclusively is from the catspaw at Winterfell (so one guy), whereas Grey Wind is mentioned as regularly killing multiple opponents (usually about 7-8) in Robb's battles.

      I'm certain it's just balance. Difficult as we're looking at the wolves in isolation when their points cost is for the attachments as a whole (in which case it's pretty subjective as to which is the better option). Robb is slightly more situational (although an extra movement + pivot is pretty good) whereas Bran/Hodor are going to do more flat damage. With the re-write of their rules (and failed charges) the Hodor sacrifice is less useful than before so you'd probably only want to use it when you really need to limit damage to a unit. Also I don't think they can now join a unit that already has an attachment.

    2. Missing avatar

      Alex Cottey on

      In regards to the number of attacks each direwolf has, I think it can fit lorewise why Grey Wind has less than Summer. I might be misremembering but at some point even Robb gets afraid at the amount Grey Wind has become accustomed to human flesh due to the amount of combat they've seen. You could say whilst Summer has multiple attacks because he is defending Bran at all costs, Grey Wind has one attack because he totally savages one person, which then in turn terrifies the other soldiers making the unit vulnerable.

    3. Jeppe Polling on

      Does anyone else look at the new monster icon and thinks Articuno?

    4. Ashton Sung on

      Too true. But still funny to find a *sixteen page* thread about the topic, and that was just one search.

      The dire wolves in general are interesting to me, since (if I'm reading right) this is supposed to represent them near the beginning of the books, so they aren't huge yet. Looking at the sculpts it backs this up, as in the books dire wolves can get as big as small horses. And seeing as how they're "free" / "one point" it must be hard to balance, because end of the day they're a full new unit that gets an activation, which in itself is pretty big.

    5. JimWolf on

      @Ashton ASOIAF community getting heated over minor details that make very little difference to anything? Surely not! :-P

      Likewise with their rules, it probably wouldn't make much difference giving GW the extra attack but it certainly looked odd at first glance.

    6. Ashton Sung on

      Holy hell, I just looked up "which dire wolf is the biggest/best" and... Let's just say the ASoIAF community has *REALLY* gotten heated over that topic...

      The general consensus I found was that Ghost is the biggest of the lot, despite starting as the runt (and which was mentioned a few times before).

      Then it seems to be a debate whether Summer or Grey Wind was the next in line and then even Shaggy Dog gets thrown in there a bit.

      The basic talk is that Shaggy Dog is the most violent of them, but its also mentioned that Summer regularly beat him when they were play-fighting, but there doesn't seem to be much account of Summer and/or Grey Wind being bigger/better than the other one, just that Grey Wind saw more combat than the others. End of the day its still a dire wolf.

    7. JimWolf on

      @Ray I thought it was likely a typo. No worries. Apart from Lady (who's the smallest) I can't really find much reference to the Direwolves' relative sizes. Grey Wind is "lean" but that's not really indicative of anything as most wolves are likely to be.

      His bodycount is pretty extensive however. Would be nice to get some design comment on why they made them differ in their attacks. It's only a minor detail to be fair but I'm curious.

    8. Ashton Sung on

      Comparing the two, I find the points reflective of their abilities. Most of the Stark Attachments are giving more power to the units versus the Lannisters, and to me this reflects their "we focus on combat" nature.

      I mean Robb is 3 points but comes with an entire additional unit, so does Bran. Greatjon allows re-rolls, bypasses defense, AND allows you to charge.

      Bryden is the only one I think might be expensive because he essentially has Stubborn + the Guard Captain's ability, but is 1 points more expensive. Maybe paying 1 more point for the utility of having both I suppose, but he was the only one that made me hesitate on cost.

    9. Missing avatar

      Matthew Kenny on

      The Stark named attachments are more expensive than the Lannister or Merc ones. Lannisters and Mercs are mostly 2 points each and Starks are all 3's.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ray on


      Yeah I did mean ‘he’ total miss type. I could be wrong but I’m sure grey wind is not as big as summer is described.
      But you’re probably right in it being a balancing issue rather than who is the most vicious.

    11. Dondon

      I believe Greywind should have 3 or at least 2 dice (same as summer). As far as I know he is the only direwolf that has fought in actual battles.

      Seeing the monster creature Icon now I'm just hoping for a Varamyr Sixskins and would love to see how such a Unit would work of it there would be more than one for such a character...

    12. JimWolf on

      "She"? Summer is male unless I've really missed something. And Summer ain't dead yet.

      Grey Wind is huge. I know he probably isn't fully grown but he's described as pretty massive and terrifying. He's also the only one whi actually fights regularly. Certainly enough to warrant being as good if not better than Summer.

      Appreciate it may just be for balances' sake but doesn't sit right thematically.

    13. Missing avatar

      Ray on

      I’m pretty sure this is to represent grey wind still being a ‘pup’ and not fully grown when he was killed. Unlike summer who was a little more mature but still not fully grown when she was killed.

    14. Dondon

      Why does Greywind have only 1 dice attack?

    15. Richard Klammer on

      Is Brynden Tully's subtext meant to match? One says Black fish, the other Unyielding Knight? The mounted version matches on both however.

    16. JimWolf on

      What I want to know is why Summer gets an extra attack dice to Grey Wind?! Such a travesty for the hero of the Whispering Wood!

    17. Reek on

      Why is the monster symbol shaped like a dragon? Wait a minute...

    18. JimWolf on

      @Thermogimp It's a once per game because it reflects Hodor sacrificing himself and subsequently dying. Hence why you don't get to use Sknichanging on Bran's unit after.

      The Skinchanging reflects Bran warging into Hodor and kicking some arse. Can't do that if the big guy's dead. Glad they've kept the wording so that the Skinchanging ability can still affect Summer (presumably Bran's body is lying forgotten somewhere, hidden by Hodor's corpse whilst he wargs into Summer for the rest of the game).

    19. thermogimp on

      Just curious, but why isn't HODOR!!! an order? Its seems like it's the only trait that has maintained the text "Once per game."