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Lead the Starks or Lannisters into battle using amazing preassembled miniatures based on the characters of the best-selling novels!
Lead the Starks or Lannisters into battle using amazing preassembled miniatures based on the characters of the best-selling novels!
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Posted by CMON (Creator)

Valar Dohaeris, bannermen!

The campaign ends tomorrow, and Reek has been unlocked (though he's still a broken man).


In case you missed the action during the weekend, make sure to check out the new Optional Buys that have been added:

Find out more about the Terrors & Inspirations Terrain Set HERE.



Find out more about the Deluxe Activation Tokens HERE.

 Now, it's time for HODOR!

If we reach $1,300k all backers will get Hodor carrying the crippled Bran, and his pet Direwolf Summer, including both of their miniatures, Attachment card for Bran & Hodor, and Unit card and Solo Movement Tray for Summer!



3D Render of Bran and Hodor
3D Render of Bran and Hodor


3D Render of Summer
3D Render of Summer


"I'm here, only I'm broken. Will you ... will you fix me ... my legs, I mean?"
"I'm here, only I'm broken. Will you ... will you fix me ... my legs, I mean?"


Ned Stark next to Hodor & Bran and Summer, for scale
Ned Stark next to Hodor & Bran and Summer, for scale



*Cards and rules subject to change before final release.

And now we introduce one of the youngest princes of Winterfell, none other than Bran himself (along with his pals Summer and Hodor)! Bran and Hodor are a normal Unit Attachment. Of course they are not actively leading the troops in their unit, they’re just along for the ride (perhaps fleeing north after certain unfortunate events took place…), represented by the fact they do not actively take up the “attachment limit” for the unit they’re in. 

While in the unit, Bran can Skinchange into Hodor, granting the unit a bit more offensive punch in the form of D3 added Hits. In addition to this, however, once per game Hodor can make a heroic sacrifice and block an enemy unit from charging you… Of course, in doing so, you’ll lose the ability to deal those extra hits on account of… Well, a missing Hodor.

This isn’t all you’re buying with your 4 points, however! By taking Bran you gain access to Summer (who is technically free, but in reality is part of the 4 points you’re paying). Summer is fiercely protective of the young Bran, and will viciously attack anyone who tries to harm him. Anytime Bran’s unit is attacked, Summer jumps into action. Even better, Bran’s Skinchanging can target him as well, giving him a bit more of an offensive punch than normal.

Do remember that Summer is a unit all on his own, so while keeping him near Bran is recommended, it is not a mandatory thing, and you’re still getting another whole activation out of it by taking the trio!


Once we reach the Bran, Hodor, and Summer Stretch Goal, you will have fully unlocked the Stark Heroes I box! All backers will receive, as part of their Hand of the King pledge, these Stark Character (and Direwolf) in this box, which has an Estimated Retail Price of $35.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Anthony Briglia on

      does the wolfs also get a free maneuver each activation since they have a Calvary symbol?

    2. Missing avatar

      Poundshopper on

      Really pleased with this. Hodor is the right scale I think unlike the mountain and great join umber who are too big

    3. Missing avatar

      Ponty on

      Awesome! And I really like Summer art. Direwolves should be different and suit their owners, so does Summer

    4. Pierre-Adrien Beauplet

      While it's nice to have these characters, it's a bit weird to have them be part of a unit. I expected them to be NCUs, but hey, I'm not going to complain.

      How about a nice warmachine as a last stretch goal? Mercenary, so every faction can get it?

    5. Sandor Clegane on

      Maege will either be part of heroes 2 pack or offered with a Mormont unit. Or I suppose in a female-centric heroes box.

    6. Sandor Clegane on

      +1 for recommissioning summer's art. Love the mechanics - awesome!

    7. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      So...Whither belongs Maege Mormont, then? Stark Heroes 2? A singles pack?

    8. Missing avatar

      Zsuth on

      @AP- this is that stretch goal. They said that before this was revealed. It's kind of a unit. Get it?

    9. Missing avatar

      david on

      I always prefer unit SG than character SG, but in this case, I love it.

    10. mitchell king

      Awesome SG

    11. Rennie on

      Great SG! Love it :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Ben Carroll on

      If next and likely last SG is a unit, what do we legitimately think it is, given the time period of the game? Glover's? Karstark's? Northmen levy?

      Freys as mercs?

    13. Mr. Kirsch

      Time for some Iron Islanders!

    14. Frank Lee on

      Maybe they'll have a Bear Islander unit.

    15. Missing avatar

      AP on

      Plus another dire wolf is super cool!

    16. Missing avatar

      AP on

      The contributors confirmed that the next sg will be a unit.

    17. Missing avatar

      NIcholas Johnson on

      Hodor. Hodor. Hodor.

    18. Daniele Mazzoni on

      my god, people that have negative comments readz are surely fast!
      This is a cool stretch goal. Period.

    19. Missing avatar

      Matthew Kenny on

      So Maege Mormont isn't in the Stark box 1. She is just a random extra I guess.

    20. Peter Bradley on

      "Who rules Barter Town?"

    21. David Smith on

      O'h look,another fin rock, lets stand on it :)

    22. Anthony B

      Summer art looks a bit cartoony, and more like a raccoon than a direwolf. Is it possible to make his art a bit more fierce?

    23. A Davies on

      Underwhelming, but hey that's life I guess :-(