A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game


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    1. Jardanes

      I love both sculpts but isn't the Stark Heroes box 1 closed as well?

    2. Missing avatar

      Matt C on

      Wow, love the flavor on that.

    3. Missing avatar

      Shane on

      Don't really like the Theon sculpt, wish it was based more on the art from the box

    4. Brian on

      @Jardanes Wondering the same...

    5. Haris H.

      Man. I was so hopping it would be Bronn as a Merc. Sighs... Wait, if the Stark Hero box not closed yet does that mean there will be another Stark Hero? Who could it be?

    6. Groo the mendicant on

      Its not even a hero attachment. Just a glorified reroll. Meh.

    7. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers on

      Why... what a waste of a SG...

    8. V. on

      @Groo its a free once a game reroll on attack or morale rolls at the cost of one model out of a unit... it DEFINITELY will see play on a competitive level just as a little insurance a particular unit will do what it was bought to do... either do damage, or stay in the fight.

    9. David Smith on

      As proven in other games, a re-roll is a very powerful ability. Don't think it costs you a figure though as wouldn't Reek be replaced by a unit model when he dies like the other heroes do?

    10. Rand Chua TL on

      Do wonder about the re-roll is a one time use ability?

    11. donnbobhardy

      @Rand - Generally speaking, killing someone can only be done once. Not sure if healing wounds in this game works on attachments, but I doubt it.

    12. Sune Radich Vestergaard on

      The caption on the model, '3D Render of "Reek" (some parts may be missing)'. Priceless ☺️

    13. Missing avatar

      Poundshopper on

      Nice to see two sculpts in a SG for a change and both are nice. Poor reek

    14. A Davies on

      Excellent stretch goal!

      @CMON - please please please could we get an alt sculpt of Roose Bolton before the KS ends? That would be absolutely fantastic :-)

    15. donnbobhardy

      @Davies - You don't like Roose's sculpt?

    16. Missing avatar

      Iain Row on

      @David Smith

      I believe that when the rules say a lost attachment is replaced, that means a figure is taken from a back rank and put into the slot he left, so yes it does cost you a figure.

    17. A Davies on

      @ Donnbobhardy, Roose's sculpt is ok but I'd love to see a more dynamic pose for him before the KS ends. I live in hope.

    18. Missing avatar

      Guillem on

      @Jardanes @Brian I hope that the next SG will be the Stark Box. It will be a shame to have all the stark characters except one, and no one will buy the box just for one character. I hope the next character will be the one who finishes the Stark Box.

    19. Missing avatar

      Michael Dore on

      Please be John snow. I want to be able to have battle of the bastards.

    20. Zhiyuan Fu on

      Think of Reek as basically a cosmetic unit for the tactics card for "set an example" he contributes to the unit ranks in the front next to Ramsay and when using the one time ability a model is sacked and in this case Reek is removed and a unit model at the back is move up front to take Reek's place.

      With or without the actual Reek model, you are basically sacking a model for the said one time ability, the Reek model just makes it aesthetically cooler and also let you opponent know that there is at ability at one glance.

      Options and variety are what makes for an interesting game and I am glad it is introduced in such a creative way which makes me hopeful that CMON would continue to support and make this game fulfil its maximum potential.

    21. Foxwhisperer on

      The Ramsay sculpt should have had an apple in his hand... "Hello apple, your name is Reek now..."

    22. Sybaris of the Abyssal Woods on

      Intriguing SG, for what is essentially a once-per game re-roll. I assume that he is part of the cost for Ramsay. I do understand why they included a KS exclusive there though.