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Lead the Starks or Lannisters into battle using amazing preassembled miniatures based on the characters of the best-selling novels!
Lead the Starks or Lannisters into battle using amazing preassembled miniatures based on the characters of the best-selling novels!
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Lift Your Eyes, and You Will See the Direwolf Banner Still Flies Above Our Walls!

Posted by Thiago Aranha (Collaborator)

Valar Dohaeris, bannermen!

Unless my little birds are mistaken, we have just unlocked Varys "The Spider" for all backers:


As we venture back north, it's good to be reminded of the majesty of the Weirwood Tree (and the horror of the Corpse Piles), our latest Optional Buy:

Find out more about the Terrors & Inspirations Terrain Set HERE.

The Starks will be lucky to be able to count on such a valiant knight as the one our next Stretch Goal will bring:

If we reach $1,205k we will unlock for all backers Ser Brynden Tully, "The Blackfish", including his miniature, Commander cards, and Attachment cards.

"My first rule of war, Cat, is never give the enemy his wish."
"My first rule of war, Cat, is never give the enemy his wish."


3D Render of Ser Brynden Tully
3D Render of Ser Brynden Tully



*All rules and cards subject to change before final release.

Brynden's Commander Attachment Card
Brynden's Commander Attachment Card

Enter the Blackfish himself, Brynden Tully. Of all the Commanders under the Direwolf Banner, Brynden himself is the most grizzled of them all. When you absolutely need someone to hold a line, allowing no enemy to advance under any circumstance, then the Blackfish is your choice.

When playing Brynden, your army will become an immovable object, capable of not only withstanding assaults but punishing any enemy that engages in a prolonged combat with the troops under his command. The Tully Sworn Shields are a natural fit for his army, upping their already mighty defensive capabilities to create an unstoppable bulwark!

Brynden's non-Commander Attachment Card
Brynden's non-Commander Attachment Card

Meanwhile, if you elect to not have your forces led by the Blackfish, he can still be fielded as a normal Unit Attachment, bringing his stubbornness and courage to a single unit. While led by the Blackfish they gain the benefits of his Iron Will, a trademark of the Tullys, and with it the ability to roll an additional Morale Die when they need it most. Adding to this he has the Hold the Line! ability, which furthers the offensive capabilities of the unit he's in, should they find themselves in fierce engagement. 

Brynden (Attachment version) is the perfect, well, attachment, to a unit you want to send directly into the front line or safeguard a portion of your force.

To help us speed through this Stretch Goal, we have a set of Optional Buys to offer to those players wishing to bring even more flair and flavor to their game:



Each of these sets give you 10 Deluxe Activation Tokens for each of the three factions, Lannister, Stark, and Mercenaries, in the form of custom plastic house banners! With these plastic tokens, each time you activate one of your units you can mark it in style by placing a banner next to it or its card. The banners are on 30mm bases, so once a unit has lost at least one of its figures, you can place the activation banner neatly in an empty slot of the tray!

3D Render of the Lannister Banner (with Jaime for scale)
3D Render of the Lannister Banner (with Jaime for scale)


3D Render of the Stark Banner (with Robb for scale)
3D Render of the Stark Banner (with Robb for scale)


3D Render of the Mercenary Banner (with Bolton for scale)
3D Render of the Mercenary Banner (with Bolton for scale)

To add any of these Optional Buys, just click the "Manage Your Pledge" button on the A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add your desired amount of funds. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our Pledge Manager.


When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.

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    1. Missing avatar

      H.P. Loveshaft on

      @kyagencs I totally agree. I hate KS exclusive crap. A shame the concept really took off.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ben Carroll on

      Love the rules for him. Can't see a situation where I wouldn't at least use him as an attachment.

    3. Missing avatar

      Anthony Briglia on

      I hope kevan lannister is the next unlock

    4. Missing avatar

      kyagencs on

      Enrico, why in god's name would you want something to be KS exclusive? All KS exclusive means is that if you ever have a piece that is destroyed or lost, you can never replace it for any reason. Oh, yay. I'm super hyped for that.

      Only people who love KS exclusives are people who want to be able to gouge people on price after the KS is over. I'm a gamer, and I'm always saddened by how many KS exclusive pieces I can't bring down to my local gamestore because they're irreplaceable.

    5. Pedro Nunes on

      Love the blackfish

      It would be nice to know the value of everything we have so far, maybe put this information on the front page? I also would like to know the retail price of miniatures like Varys or Blackfish.

    6. Missing avatar

      NIcholas Johnson on

      @Burkhard they're really both just J'aqen. Shhhh!!

    7. A Davies on

      Now we just need some more mercenary units. Hopefully we'll get another Bolton unit before the KS ends, even if it's as an add-on.

      @CMON an alt sculpt of Roose Bolton would be cool. One with a more dynamic pose would be most welcome.

    8. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Heh, this is one of those "And there was much rejoicing" moments given how much the Blackfish was requested.

    9. Missing avatar

      Alex Bell on

      Thank you so much! The Blackfish is my favorite character!

    10. Missing avatar

      david on

      I've always imagined the Blackfish riding a horse... it is very weird to play him on foot.

    11. Enrico Magazzino on

      Banners are not KS exclusive... so sad :(

    12. Brian on

      Can someone explain activation? Like do units activate when they lose a figure in the unit?

    13. thermogimp on

      @Ben Carroll
      If you use him as your commander you get the first card as an attachment and you get his specific commander cards (which they have not shown yet) added to your tactics deck. If you choose a different commander then you can still use the Blackfish as an attachment (using the second card show above) if you spend 3 of your army points on him.

    14. Missing avatar

      Ben Carroll on

      +1 on the sculpt. Love it!

      I don't understand what the difference is if we use him as a commander v an attachment.

    15. Andrew Coleman on

      Such a great sculpt.One of the best shown so far i think.

    16. Burkhard on

      Is it just me or do Rob and Jamie look like they have the same face?

    17. Missing avatar

      Mathew Woodruff on

      Every update there is some new optional buy that makes me update my pledge. Keep it up!

    18. Reek on

      The Blackfish looks awesome! But we need more mercenary units if they are going to stand a chance against the Lannisters and the Starks!

    19. Missing avatar

      NIcholas Johnson on

      Blackfish may be my favorite sculpt in the KS. Yay dynamic! Yay no one foot up on a rock! (Running on cobblestones is okay)

    20. Wolfgang Kuwaldt on

      the Blackfish is brilliant!

    21. feanor2k