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Lead the Starks or Lannisters into battle using amazing preassembled miniatures based on the characters of the best-selling novels!
Lead the Starks or Lannisters into battle using amazing preassembled miniatures based on the characters of the best-selling novels!
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    1. Lance King on

      I agree a 4x6 fits on a couple of standard folding table set up as well

    2. Groo the mendicant on

      Please add to all mats a option for a 3rd section to be added vertically to the two horizontal sections. So we can run big battles. It was stated you need a 6 by 4 for 50 pt and up games.

    3. Groo the mendicant on

      Blackwater battlefield. Is this the Mudgate section?

    4. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Can we get Ser Bronn of the Blackwater?

    5. Rand Chua TL on

      Damm to get or not to get. ....

    6. Missing avatar

      Poundshopper on

      Hmm, black water is Lannister vs Baratheon so where is Stan Is?

    7. Jack

      These mats are not my cup of tea either, would rather spend more and have 3D terrain, castle walls would be sweet

    8. Missing avatar

      Ben Carroll on

      I am not a fan of the mats either, as I have some terrain and such from other tabletop games. Suppose people are buying them as they have put out 3 now. If someone else wants it and it pushes us to next SG, it is that much better for everyone. :) Saving any extra $ for minis or interesting 3D terrain - like the stakes and pretty tall log wall set.

    9. Missing avatar

      Kurt Preuss on

      @Sandor the problem with to much permanent terrain is that it leads to the same battles over and over. If you choose to ignore what's printed and place your own terrain then the battle field looks cluttered. Objects work great on space mats for games like Xwing and Armada, but look at any other mats out there on the market and you will see nearly every single one is an open field of some sort with only the most minor of details to facilitate variety of play. Now I will say that these mats are a good value for the price compared to what else is on the market. The problem is replay-ability.

    10. Sandor Clegane on

      I love the castle attached to the edge of the playmat, just to counter the alternate opinion.

    11. donnbobhardy

      Except it's not pushing us to the next SG. We've gone backwards since it was announced.

    12. Missing avatar

      Steven on

      While I'm personally not a fan of these gaming mats, or even the terrain add ons (as I'm sure a lot of other existing war gamers are) I appreciate the need for them, for those who are making the plunge in to wargaming for the first time.
      Plus anything that drives us closer to the next stretch goal is always welcome.
      Personally, this is my 4th CMON ks this year & add ons i can skip that others will pick up are very welcome in my mind... anymore I can't live without and I'm gonna need to take out a second mortgage lol

    13. Sandor Clegane on


      If there wasn't any 'present terrain' they would be just another mat without any reference to the IP. If I want a basic "snow" or "forest" or "plains" terrain, I can get a mat from basically anywhere.

      I just wish there were more options, I like this terrain but want 2x4 pieces to cost like $15 each and you can buy up to 4 that connect together. As it sits I can only build a 4x4 which is fine but not big enough (would like to have 4x6 and 4x8 as options (probably left and right pieces that attach to this one).

    14. Missing avatar

      Emelio16 on

      Fairly disappointed. I expected a lesser addon but this is now the 3rd mat and people new to war games will not find this as appealing. Likewise, on the fence backers will not find this appealing to jump on board. Have been very happy and positive thus far, but with 5 days left i expected something different. -1

    15. thermogimp on

      Or you can just put the 3D version on top of the printed version and get the same effect, can't you?

    16. thermogimp on

      For all of the playmats they have said that they are exclusive to kickstarter and organized play. I think that organized play means that they will be sent to stores for use in tournaments.

    17. Groo the mendicant on

      Really not liking the castle walls. Better to have left them off. 3D version placed on it instead. Thus you get a more versatile version. This seems to be the weakness of your mats.

    18. Missing avatar

      Kurt Preuss on

      Same problem as all the other maps. Too much terrain already present.

    19. Bert M Calentine on

      are there any senerios with these maps?, are they going to be sent to stores for tournments?