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Lead the Starks or Lannisters into battle using amazing preassembled miniatures based on the characters of the best-selling novels!
Lead the Starks or Lannisters into battle using amazing preassembled miniatures based on the characters of the best-selling novels!
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    1. Amanda Gilchrist

      @Nicholas @Gavin, Thank you for the help. Upping my pledge yet again.

    2. Gavin Meakings on

      Edit: I just saw that Boltons Girls are 7 rather than 6 points. So remove one of the Dreadfort Captains from the list, you may want to switch Ramsey over to that unit as an attachment.

    3. Gavin Meakings on

      You already have -
      The Bastards Girls - 6 points
      Bolton Flayed Men - 9 points
      Ramsey Snow (General) - Free
      Roose Bolton (Non-combat unit) - 3 points
      I would then pick up 2 packs of Bolton Cutthroats (5 points per unit) and they will also come with 4 Dreadfort captains (1 point)
      I would then run this army -
      The Bastards Girls with Ramsey Bolton (commander) - 6 points
      Bolton Cutthroats with Dreadfort Captain - 6 points
      Bolton Cutthroats with Dreadfort Captain - 6 points
      Bolton Flayed Men - 9 points
      Roose Bolton (Non-combat unit) - 3 points
      This comes to an even 30 points. You can do this for cheaper by buying 1 extra unit of Flayed Men rather than the two units of Cutthroats but I can't see that force working so well.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ben Carroll on

      I do like that the flags are molded with the design on them. I can paint minis, but not freehand very well at all. Decals work ok, but I like this better.

    5. Missing avatar

      NIcholas Johnson on

      @Amanda Gilchrist: Guessing 1-2? Assuming the 1000K gets unlocked, you'll have a 9pt cavalry and the archer/dogs are ... 7ish? Maybe 5 points for the 2 Bolton characters (one as general, one as NCU).

    6. Amanda Gilchrist

      If I want to play a 30pt game with the Mercenaries, how many "optional buys" would be required? I think having three factions for around $210 is a way better deal than two for $150.

    7. Missing avatar

      fredrik akerlind on

      Really nice models!

    8. David Smith on

      They are called constructive criticism.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      Stop whining people and enjoy the campaign! It is amazing how many "issues" people may find - horses' legs, nonfunctional flails, left handed riders...

    10. David Smith on

      Have no fears about quality Olivier Carrère if they are the same as Wrath of Kings quality. Besides you would be only getting a fraction of the number of units if they were to be hard plastic kits.

    11. Cameron Haggett on

      Mind blowing cool!

    12. Celestial Lucid Dream on

      *by "other models" I mean the Lannisters and Starks

    13. Steve Mackenzie

      I'm in the 'these look amazing' camp on this one. Great stuff.

    14. Mr. Boy on

      I can't believe the placement of the third leg of the second horse. Are you kidding me CMON?! Were a horse actually galloping in that position the leg would be slightly more curled. Some source material that should help you fix this problem:

    15. Bridget (Over Troubled Waters)

      Still no longbows for the "long"bowmen?

    16. Missing avatar

      David Dubois on

      Must buy. Wow CMON, those figures are insane!!!!

    17. mitchell king

      @robert. No this unit will be free with core box

    18. Asha Greyjoy on

      If you have a rider on your left and you want to be swinging a flail, you cannot do so on that very side. Also, this looks better on the movement tray.

    19. Celestial Lucid Dream on


      Hopefully before they launch the game. They'll do some revamping of their other models to bring them up to standards of the Bolton Cavalry (while still being in line of GRRM's vision of course).

    20. Olivier Carrère on

      They are the best, by far, 3D renders we've seen. The lines are fairly dynamic and there is interesting detail work going on.

      I really wish all models matched that quality!

      I also really wish the models would not be molded in PVC, but rather higher quality plastics so that the actual minis match those renders. (and removing seam lines wouldn't be nearly impossible!)

    21. Missing avatar

      NIcholas Johnson on

      As lovely as they are, can they at least have functional flails? Those chains are going to get tangled with the 'cap' of the handle when swung. Flail chains should be connected to a ring that is in-line with the handle, so that when you swing it, the chain goes around the ring to increase momentum.

      Some images. (I make no claims to the authenticity of these weapons, just that the ring where the chain connects to the handle would be functional).…

    22. Missing avatar

      Paul Petersen on

      Nice enough figures and unit, but since when do the Boltons have the heaviest cavalry in Westeros?

    23. Robert Szczelina on

      I presume the Flayed Men will be an add-on (for 30$?) and not included the core box?

    24. Sandor Clegane on


      All the best knights are left-handed (Jaime... hehe)

    25. Sandor Clegane on

      The house of Bolton is quite possibly the strongest in the game so far! Who would have seen that!

      I mean their cavalry and ranged units are the best two units in the game.

      I like that... a nice twist on the "mercs are weak filler" that most games tend to rely on.

    26. Missing avatar

      Matthew Kenny on

      So badass. With these a Bolton Merc force looks like a viable option in battle

    27. Klobouk on

      They are great but I kinda hoped for a halfway stretchgoal of plastic tokens

    28. David Smith on

      They look awesome but please tell me you have reversed a couple of images and half are not left handed.

    29. Missing avatar

      Matt C on

      As much as I was hoping to see Mercenaries other than the nefarious Boltons, I must admit those guys are absolutely terrifying (and excellent) looking!

    30. Missing avatar


      @CMon: What is the estimate for increased shipping costs for a unit box addon?

    31. Limey Beats on

      OMG... need to raise more $$.. what to sell... don't need a car right?

    32. Kevin Joffard on

      Yesss ! Bolton Knights ! :D

    33. feanor2k