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Lead the Starks or Lannisters into battle using amazing preassembled miniatures based on the characters of the best-selling novels!
Lead the Starks or Lannisters into battle using amazing preassembled miniatures based on the characters of the best-selling novels!
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    1. Cyd@lone on

      @Jack: in the books, Tywin's armour was deep crimson with highlights of gold. In any case, that's how I'll paint the figure.
      Yet, the look of this armour is truly terryfing, befitting of the cruelty of the owner. I'd guess Greyjoy's or Bolton's would be less elaborate.

    2. Matt Valentin on

      It would be cool if we could get that attachment if we bought a different lannister unit box. I think I'd rather have another set of the Mountain's men or halberdiers.

    3. Brian on

      Yeah buddy!!!! Tywin!

    4. Morten Skeem Kristensen on

      But why buy this dude with the calvalry?? i don't get it, isn't he meant to be attached to a unit of lannister guards?? shouldn't he bee in the box with guards instead then??

    5. Missing avatar

      Ben Carroll on

      Things were progressing nicely until they released this. Love being able to get the knights as an option like the other units, but understsnd the frustration of having to get a whole unit of knights just to get him. If they offered him for $5-10, all kinds of people would be upping pledges to get him. I would for sure.

    6. donnbobhardy

      @Gavin - Gotcha. Not a collector, so I missed that POV.

    7. Gavin Meakings on

      @Donbon. For a collector an exclusive alternate sculpt is important. The model also provides early access to attachment and they have implied it's similar to the Crannogman Warden and will not be available again until retail when it comes with a unit. So not having the model as part of your Kickstarter pledge means you have less options in competitions until the model gets its retail release.

    8. DHS on

      Adding that champion of the faith on a box that is already unlocked was a bad move. Really you guys have no shame. You want me to buy the box for 1 extra sculpt. I guess I'll just revert back to 1 $

    9. donnbobhardy

      It's an exclusive SCULPT. The Champion of the Faith will be available later. Probably as a future stretch goal.

    10. Dondon

      @Aleksandr Hewitt:

      "CMON can't please everyone. All campaign there was nothing but calls for more add-ons of unique non-core units."

      I'm amazed since the Add-On is mostly composed of things we already have. In fact I asked for more units on Add-ons so I could help raise the numbers spending money here when maybe it will smarter to do so on retail, but giving a KS Exclusive with something we already have is a bad move.

      But it's good to see you are pleased.

    11. Gavin Meakings on

      I agree Murmli. I would have been happy for them to add it to a new Lannister unit not included in our pledge but as I am already getting multiple pledges I just don't need more knights.

    12. Missing avatar

      Murmli on

      Really ridiculous to bind the Kickstarter exlusive models to additional buys.
      ok the Bolton Cutthroats are not part of the pledge, but buy an additonal Knights of Casterly Rock for an exlusive Champion of the Faith?

    13. Jack

      Tywin looks the definition of sinister, that armour is more reminiscent of a Bolton or Greyjoy. I find Jamie's armour much more fitting and I am disappointed they didn't keep this style. The special rule sounds impressive though. Not much to add regarding the knight set, $30 is ridiculous and how disappointing so few people will therefore have that exclusive mini.. A stretch goal would have made more sense

    14. Luke Raymond

      Surprised we haven't gotten a Calvary attachment yet.

    15. Missing avatar

      Gidian on

      Last time I mentioned that this campaign/game is expensive, I was called Troll. But it seems I'm not the only one. ;)
      Maybe you get a lot of miniatures. But around 180$ (including shipping) is a lot of money for a game. I'm not sure at the moment if the KS version offers enough to pay 9 month' in advance instead of waiting for a good retail offer.
      And the addon prices make me ask myself if I really want this game or if I rather safe my money for other games.

      Don't get me wrong - I don't want to say that the game isn't worth it's price. But compared to other CMON campaings I wouldn't say that this one is a "must pre-order at KS"-game. Maybe that's why it is far away from being as successful as Zombicide, Arcadia Quest and others.

      But let's see what we get within the next days. Maybe there will be more (exklusive) SGs and less optional buys (which make me always feel I just get a part of the game when buying only the basic pledge).

    16. Aleksandr Hewitt on

      CMON can't please everyone. All campaign there was nothing but calls for more add-ons of unique non-core units.

    17. Optix on

      I was one of the faith militant for this game, in for two pledges; now I'm starting to waiver. I wonder how much support this game will have locally (Australia) and am annoyed by the number of paid addons. Just personal opinion, I'm not at break and run stage yet.

    18. Crimson Ghost on

      Amazing we get the other half of a box set on Knights while the exclusive is a paid add on. I'm only here cause of a friend who wants this game if it was for me I'd be gone already. Possibly still might when I go over what they are getting. I don't see any major value just add ons to get the cream, This campaign I believe has been the biggest money grab from CMON up to date.

    19. Missing avatar

      Julie Thibault on

      Love that Tywin mini, one of my favorite so far.

    20. PK

      lol at both "ruthless efficiency" and "fanatical devotion" being used on the respective cards.

      I didn't expect a sort of Spanish Inquisition... ;-)

    21. Toft Sagacious Breidenbaugh on

      Tywin looks sick!
      But I have to keep saying this: I hate that you have aligned the faith with the Lannisters :(

    22. Burkhard on

      Shame about the champion!

      A friend of mine and me, we wanted to get a Hand pledge each. One getting the Stark contents, the other the Lannister ones. Seeing the price tag on the knights, it is quite useless to buy a third set.

    23. LongGe

      Happy to see Tywin. SUPER UNHAPPY that we have to get a box of extra riders to get the Champion of Faith. I am one more crappy announcement away from giving up on this. there's more add-ons than stretch goals. I'm not sure who planned out this KS set but I'd be shocked to see it be the same person/people who did such great kickstarters as Zombicide: Black Plague/Green Horde and Rising Sun.

    24. Gavin Meakings on

      @Dondon. From the wording it does not seem the KSE exclusive sculpt will be available as a stretch goal as the updates mentions it as a bonus for adding on the unit box. However, we have already seen an alternate Crannogman Warden so perhaps he will be included in the Stark archer box and we do get this new KS exclusive faith champion as a stretch goal later.

    25. Dondon

      The champion of the faith alternate sculpt is going to be also available on the combined SGs?

      I'm asking this, because I'm going for two pledges, since it is the best way to get the most of everything at the best price, and right now I don't want three calvary units. If that mini is only available there, I find that some how insulting. At least you could have that same figure sold separatedly if you are not going to include it on the SG (which I hope you do).

      Imagine I go for 3 Hand of the king pledges... Do I still have to adquire that box to have that mini. That's not thoughtful of backers.

    26. Steve Mackenzie

      @Gavin - completely agree. I am multi-pledging for the HofK level. Which means no exclusive. Mind you, I think I can live without this one!

    27. Björn "Brence" Bonten on

      Tywin makes for a great Bolton theme Tie-in!

    28. Steve Mackenzie

      An alt-sculpt of a character we haven't seen yet in a completely unrelated box of knights? Seems an odd choice but ok, if it makes people add on extra $$ for the exclusive!

    29. Gavin Meakings on

      @Eric. Seems so. Very annoying for those of us who were getting multiple pledge levels as I don't need any more knights.

    30. Eric Roberts aka TechnicolorTaco

      So just to make sure I understand correctly, the only way to get the alternate sculpt is to add on a box?

    31. feanor2k

      Finally :)