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Lead the Starks or Lannisters into battle using amazing preassembled miniatures based on the characters of the best-selling novels!
Lead the Starks or Lannisters into battle using amazing preassembled miniatures based on the characters of the best-selling novels!
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What did any Bolton ever know o’ honor?

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Bannermen! We are moving closer to our next Stretch Goal, the Warden of Winterfell himself, Lord Eddard Stark:


First, we received some questions about yesterday's Optional Buys, the Deluxe Stark and Lannister rulers. Specifically, if they had the markings for Short and Long Range on the reverse side. Well we're happy to say yes they do:







You can find more information about this optional buy HERE.

Speaking of Optional Buys, however, we have a very special one for you today:

While many rumors and whispers talk of House Bolton's methods, none can question the results they achieve. Many are willing to turn a blind eye to the tactics of The Bastard's Girls, but they are far from the only addition the Boltons bring to the fight.

We present to you the Bolton Cutthroats, and a brand new Unit Attachment, the Dreadfort Captain:


 This box contains the following:

  • 12x Bolton Cutthroats (in 4 sculpts)
  • 1x Dreadfort Captain Unit Attachment
  • 1x Movement Tray
  • Associated Unit Cards


3D Render of a Bolton Cutthroat
3D Render of a Bolton Cutthroat


3D Render of a Bolton Cutthroat
3D Render of a Bolton Cutthroat


3D Render of a Bolton Cutthroat
3D Render of a Bolton Cutthroat


3D Render of a Bolton Cutthroat
3D Render of a Bolton Cutthroat



3D Render of the Dreadfort Captain
3D Render of the Dreadfort Captain


The Cutthroats prepare for battle! Flay Them All!
The Cutthroats prepare for battle! Flay Them All!


Includes Exclusive Alternate Sculpt

But that's not all! By purchasing this box in this campaign you'll also receive 1 additional Dreadfort Captain model and Unit Card, limited to being Kickstarter and Organized Play Exclusive, thus increasing your gameplay options even further. Place a Captain in a unit of Lannister Guards for added protection, or attach him to a unit of Umber Berserkers for additional stopping power!

Please note that this is just an alternate sculpt with an alternate art card - it has no additional and/or different rules than the standard Dreadfort Captain!



*Please note that all cards are subject to change before final release.

The Bolton Cutthroats are a new Mercenary unit, meaning they can be fielded in any Faction army. If you want a more thematic approach to your army you can pair them with the Bastard's Girls as well, Commanded by either Roose Bolton or Ramsay Snow to really give you a flushed out House Bolton force!


The Cutthroats specialize in dealing damage and spreading fear. Their Attack Profile is geared toward offense with a high number of Attack Dice paired with a respectable 3+ to Hit value. More so, their attacks also carry the Vicious trait, causing negatives to enemy Panic Tests and thus more potential for damage! Combine this with their Spread Fear ability and all but the bravest of enemies will stagger before them! Be cautioned, however! The Cutthroats trade all this damage potential for reduced defenses, holding only a meager 5+ Defense Value and an 8+ Morale! Keep them on the offense and they will serve you well!


Fear is a powerful tool- few know this better than House Bolton and, by extension, their Dreadfort Captains! While their martial prowess is renown, their true power comes in the manipulation of fear and terror in the enemy. Nearby leaders will soon find the men under their command less than willing to listen to orders, taken aback by the sheer reputation for horror that House Bolton commands. A savvy Commander will use this to their advantage, shutting down key plays and moves that would have otherwise been used against them.

With these two additions you can further bolster your Stark and/or Lannister forces, or take it even a step beyond that: Using the Bolton Cutthroats as a base, perhaps throw in some of the Bastard's Girls. Now cap it all off by adding Roose or Ramsay as your Commander! Both options have a strong focus on manipulating Panic Tokens across the enemy, so the Cutthroats are a natural addition. By combining these two units and the "heroes" of House Bolton you're well on your way to having a fully realized Bolton army!


If you're interested in purchasing any optional buys, just click the "Manage Your Pledge" button on the A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add your desired amount of funds. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our Pledge Manager.

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    1. arkhos on

      thank you CMON, this is the way to do it !!!! 30$ for a full unit + attachment (and in this case alternate sculpt), tray, cards is the right price. hope people will see it and pledge more for this awesome unit.
      keep sending more like this ;)

    2. Cameron Haggett on

      Very much like to field a pure Bolton army!

    3. Missing avatar

      Mark Stackhouse on

      I've never backed a project before and I've been lurking for a while. This add-on pushed me over the edge to commit. Well played.

    4. Simon Swan on

      @Michael this is a great response, thank you very much for taking the time to explain.

    5. Michael Shinall Collaborator on

      If these guys had a 4+ Defense they'd have insane offense AND defense. While Defense is a bit more subjective, one way you can look at it is:

      6+ = rage/leather
      5+ = Chainmail
      4+ = Heavy Armor or Light Armor + Shield
      3+ = Heavy Armor + Shield
      2+ = Ahahahaha.

      Again, is just a semi-guide to help you visualize. If a guy is all about dodging attacks but doesn't wear armor you can assume they would have a 3+ or something. In the case of the Boltons here they just do a lot of damage but don't have much in the way of defense. A 3+ to Hit on a 5pt unit is very good.

    6. Simon Swan on

      You can just feel what evil bastards these guys are from the unit mechanics. CMON have NAILED the feel of this faction, as they have all of them. The minis look great. Is their armor value final? I mentally had lightly armored down as probably a 4+, or is number considered in conjunction with a crappy morale test number too, which basically means they get hurt AND run.

    7. Michael Shinall Collaborator on

      While they're distracted by the club you stab them with your knife.

    8. Sillymander on

      How do you cut someone's throat with a club?

    9. Ashton Sung on

      13 minis in box + 1 additional for the KS Sculpt.

    10. Jason Brown

      @CMON Typo in the graphic - says 14 minis, should be 13, as usual?

    11. Missing avatar

      Ben Carroll on

      Getting these, too!

    12. Groo the mendicant on

      Of all things Unholy!!!!!

    13. Mr. Boy on

      Finally! Thank you CMON!

    14. Travis S

      Savage AF

    15. Paulo on

      as much as I hate the boltons this unit looks awesome

    16. feanor2k

      Very nice!