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Lead the Starks or Lannisters into battle using amazing preassembled miniatures based on the characters of the best-selling novels!
Lead the Starks or Lannisters into battle using amazing preassembled miniatures based on the characters of the best-selling novels!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Ben Carroll on

      Yes. Love the rule book. Am getting it. Passing on the rulers. Like someone said, as a gamer, I have a box of tape measures. :) Totally cool with these items being add-ons. I much prefer minis for SGs over this stuff.

    2. Missing avatar

      Steven on

      I'm personally happy these are add ons. I don't need em and it both frees up stretch goals for the stuff I do want to see more of & helps push us closer to unlocking them, as others (more completionists) add them to their pledges. It's win-win for all involved.
      Bravo, keep up the good work

    3. Jordan Moldovan on

      There is always someone who is going to be unhappy with whatever CMON does and then that someone will threaten to drop their pledge. As such I would be unhappy/disappointed that a 30K stretch goal, that takes a day to unlock now at the current pace, was some plastic ruler or velvet dice bag instead of miniatures of a unit to be unlocked in full. So it is a lose lose scenario for CMON. No pleasing everybody.

      So it comes down to mathematics: will more people drop their pledge for not having plastic rulers, or for not having a unit completed? I am inclined to believe the latter.

      That rulebook though... AWESOME! Added.

    4. dajebriza

      You're losing me, CMON. More and more paid add-on bits that look like they should be stretch goals are not what I want. I'm about to drop my pledge.

    5. Missing avatar

      Sven Bambey on

      Sorry, Infantry units are 12 miniatures (so there will be 3 stretch goals with 4 miniatures each)

    6. Missing avatar

      Sven Bambey on


      Infantry units are 12 miniature (so there will be 3 stretch goals with 3 units each)
      Cavalry units are 4 miniatures (so there will be 2 stretch goals with 2 units each)

      They promised, that backers will get this 2 units complete within the stretchgoals (so in worst case, they give a free gift of the remaining ones) so it is guaranteed, that every backer get added 2 complete unit boxes with his pledge. That's what they promised.

    7. Burkhard on

      The rulers are doing nothing for me. To be honest... they look really cheap. Rather like something one would expect as the regular contents of the box set not as a add-on.

      The book onnthe other hand really ricks my boxes though.

    8. Missing avatar


      Not sure I really understand the "We are very close to unlocking the first half of the Knights of Casterly Rock at $830k:"

      Does this mean we have to wait for some time in the indeterminate future for the other half of this unit? Are we expected to purchase the other half of this unit?

      Also, the 4 bowman from the previous.. Is that 1/2 of a unit? The infantry movement trays are 12s..

    9. ToThePoint

      Umber sigil description from the Wiki:
      "In the books, the sigil is a roaring giant in chains, but in the TV show it is just the chains."

    10. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Hurra for that rulebook, om on :-) :-)

    11. ToThePoint

      Ahhhh... Good call Metodi. That could be as well.

    12. ToThePoint

      Just found the reference from Game of Thrones Wiki:
      "The sigil of House Bolton in the books is a red flayed man on a field of pink with red blood drops"

    13. Metodi Markov on

      I say - that's chained giant - House Umber.

    14. PK

      Rulers? Back to school sales have definitely begun...

    15. ToThePoint

      I'd have to say Bolton as well. The face and hands do appear flayed along with the drops of blood.

    16. Ashley Nicole on

      7 dollars for little plastic rulers that any pet would rip to shreds? come on guys. Any wargamer worth their salt uses a tape measure.

    17. Matt Barber on

      @Davide Not sure Davide, looks like it could be a variant of the Boltons but I can't find any example of this heraldry from anywhere.

    18. Missing avatar

      Kurt Preuss on

      @Davide the final is house Bolton.

    19. Romu on

      I'm pretty excited about this kickstarter but those rulers don't do anything for me. I'll pass.
      That book maybe i'll get :)

    20. Davide Cannizzaro on

      There are 6 symbols on the book's cover
      3 for faction. Help me find houses:
      One faction:
      1) wolf - stark
      2) bear - mormont / umber
      3) fish - Tully

      Other faction:
      4) lion - lannister
      5) 3dogs - cleagane
      6) ?????

    21. Benjamin Grimonprez on

      Always ready for an "artbook"!

    22. Bryce Flexer

      @Creator - Will there be a web store so I can keep up with all of these figures? I frackin love this campaign!

    23. David Smith on

      LOL, "will the backside mark range" that's what the front does in inches.

    24. Pablo Grazziotin on

      "We may just have the help and encouragement we need to reach our next stretch goals: New Optional Buys!"

      made me laugh

    25. Sandor Clegane on

      But maybe they will do that anyway and just leave the rulebook as the exclusive version.

    26. Sandor Clegane on

      I know it's too late, but they shouldn't make the "Deluxe Rulebook" a KS exclusive. I wouldn't even sell it as a rulebook but rather an art book for all of the art in the game.

    27. Missing avatar

      Julie Thibault on

      I can resist dices, bags, rulers but I just can't resist a beautiful book. :)

    28. Groo the mendicant on

      I have one BIG question about the Rulers. Will the backside mark range?

    29. Kyle Smith on

      Not sure how I feel about a rulebook, but I will bite for nicer rulers. I still want some more substantial stretch goals...

    30. Joaquin

      Pricey rulers

    31. Missing avatar

      Poundshopper on

      Rulebook is nice, I'm glad the rulers aren't a SG as i wouldn't want them.

    32. Daniele Mazzoni on

      Honestly disagree with Michael :)

    33. Michael Sprague

      Honestly, the rulers should have been a SG.

    34. Mr. Boy on

      I want that rulebook all of my table