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We would like to record our debut EP for you and would like for you to help us by donating some cash. Please help us help you!!!
104 backers pledged $5,925 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Craig Mitchell & Motor City (Creator)

Hey guys, We finished.. The album is done. The artwork is done. The website is just about done.The gigs are coming. The new material is flowing too. 

We're not stopping. This EP is just a taste. Get ready for more. 2012 is going to be our year and you guys helped us get there. 

The album is going to be released in February. Everyone who donated will get a digital download of the record. You will receive that first. After that, physical copies of the album will be sent to donators that gave enough to reach that prize. Posters and t-shirts will soon follow. 

If you would like to buy a t-shirt, more copies of the record, keep up with gigs, etc. You can check out our website at . From there you should be able to listen to whatever you want (free streaming!), buy whatever you want and stay in touch with us. As time goes on we'll develop a more comprensive website where we'll post all sorts of stuff. Probably mix-tapes, links to our friends and other goodies. 

This is becoming long-winded. Let me just say thank you one last time....THANK YOU!!! Expect all your goodies in the mail sooner than later. Hold tight. Once the album comes out, spread it around like wildfire! Send it to blogs, put it on your twitter, put it on your facebook, give a copy to your favorite coffee shop or shop so you can hear it every time you go in there. I promise you will truly enjoy it. 

Be well! 

-Harrison (guitarist of Craig Mitchell & Motor City) 


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