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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, February 9 2019 7:57 PM UTC +00:00


Update 6: OFMOS — A Powerful Tool in Business Education, Executive Training, and Beyond

Update 5: Profit — "the root of all evil" — is the top performance metric in the long run

Update 4: Richard Feynman's "Mayan student" adds some perspective to the OFMOS worldview

Update 3: What do the simulation's ACTIONS really mean?

Update 2: Scenarios (Player Mods): Your Own Industries

Update 1: Why do cars get bigger and bigger? [Learning Powered by OFMOS]


Play it like chess or as a business simulation.


Have fun and, in the process, develop a deeper understanding of the business world with this simple board game (a mechanical business simulation). With 1 board, 2 sets of 18 pieces, 90 money chips, and 2 dice, OFMOS is transformative — good for you, good for your family, and good for the society. :)

Some key improvements over the campaign that ran this summer (OFMOS - Be the CEO) include slightly-refined rules, a simpler instructions document, and a new look and feel.

The previous campaign page OFMOS - Be the CEO and the website provide more details about the importance of the game as a learning tool.


The rules are simple, as illustrated by the first page of the newly-designed instructions document.  (Download the 4-page PDF file at and print it as a booklet on a 11x17 sheet.)


Game set for 1-2 players:

  • 1x Board
  •  2x Set of 18 Product Pieces (9x Triangle/Bike, 6x Square/Car, 3x Pentagon/Plane)
  •  1x Set of 90 Money Chips (40x $1 Million, 40x $10 Million, 10x $100 Million)
  •  1x Set of 2 Dice (1x Product Complexity Die, 1x Product Value Die)
  • 1x Instructions Document
  • 1x Box


  • Chipboard - board, money chips, box
  • Paper - instructions document
  • Plastic - pieces, dice

Note: The images on this page show a prototype, not the final product.


OFMOS is a powerful learning tool, which can be used both at home and in more formal education settings. The one-day workshop, detailed below, illustrates how the game can be used to help lower-level managers develop strategic skills and a better understanding of their company's strategy in a much broader and dynamic context.


Cristian Mitreanu is a business professional with over 20 years of experience... Other than that, a bit of a car guy, some soccer/football, and (strangely enough) a passion for explanatory theories.

Besides OFMOS (did I tell you about the game?), it's worth mentioning my management picture book Spointra and the Secret of Business Success, the fact that I founded TEDxUIUC, and my article in the MIT Sloan Management Review.

And, some might say, I am also a failed stand-up comedian... Watch me (trying to) take a shot at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for its branding. ;) 

Risks and challenges

To minimize any inherent risks, we will be working only with well-established manufacturers and fulfillment services. Also, the game needs some post-campaign final touches — an additional time that we tried to account for. Nevertheless, we will keep all project backers well informed throughout the process.

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    - Instructions
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