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Moore’sCloudBy Moore’sCloud
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Moore’sCloudBy Moore’sCloud
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pledged of $700,000pledged of $700,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, December 21 2012 9:25 AM UTC +00:00

Postponing Light

Posted by Moore’sCloud (Creator)

Friends of the Light –

Seven months ago, the MooresCloud team developed our initial product roadmap. On that roadmap we imagined the Light would be the first product to reach market – in the third quarter of 2013 – while Holiday, our smart Christmas lights, would follow along a year later.

Six months ago, we launched a self-funding campaign to make the Light real. At kick-off, we announced that we would assess our progress in six months’ time. It is six months today – and we need to make a decision about the future of the Light based on that progress.

As of now, we are only 20% of the way toward the $500,000 funding goal for the Light.

This is very frustrating, because we love the Light. It’s our first product, and we remain proud of it. Despite this, the Light has not proven popular enough to fund its development and production, and no investors have stepped forward to fill the funding gap.

Based on this clear market feedback we have revised our product roadmap. With Holiday in the manufacturing pipeline, we’ve reversed the order of product launches: Holiday will reach the market early in Q4 2013, and we are working hard to see that Light gets to market next year. The Light will happen – after Holiday.

What does this mean for you? If you have backed our self-funding campaign, you have a choice to make: you can either cancel your order, or convert your Light order into an order for a Holiday.

Although they have different form factors, Light and Holiday have almost identical hardware and software capabilities. Everything that you can do with Light you can do with Holiday – it gives you a real opportunity to 'show your colors'.  

We know that this news will come as a disappointment to many. It was a hard decision to make, but the limited resources available to MooresCloud as a lean startup made it necessary. We need to focus on one product at a time, and right now our focus is on making Holiday a success. 

We hope you’ll help us achieve that success by transferring your Light orders into Holiday orders. It’s an amazing product – the first of many we believe will delight and amaze you. 

Thank you for your continuing commitment to us, your faith in us, and your support for us. 

The MooresCloud Team 


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    1. Moore’sCloud Creator on

      @paul - The PSU is not hard-wired to the controller, and in fact what you describe is precisely what we've done. We do very much want to do a battery pack but more products would be defocusing this year. Next year there will be time and resources to do that.

    2. Moore’sCloud Creator on

      @paul - We're currently using Lithium Polymer batteries rated for 2800 mah, and they seem to run fine for several hours (I haven't yet exhausted a battery, so I'm not entirely sure how long they'll run). You'll need to provide 5V at 3A -- though 3A is the maximum draw, only used when all the globes are blasting away on full white.

      So yes, it could run on a small AA battery pack for at least a few hours.

      Great suggestion about doing something on about this!

    3. paul vincent farrell on

      Suggestion: If the connection between the power supply and the box with controls is not hard-wired (and is for example a small plug) then customers could buy the battery pack seperately and simply connect Holiday to whichever power source they need at any given time.
      Using it at home, as Christmas lights, etc? Plug in the mains power cord.
      Want it in the garden or on location or camping or wherever? Plug in the battery pack.

      I'll be honest, I'm hesitating on purchasing Holiday now, because I'd hate to buy a mains-powered unit now, only to find that when battery power is available I might have to buy an entire new $199 "battery-powered Holiday" too.
      But if I know I will be able to simply buy a seperate battery pack in future and plug it into the same Holiday unit, then I'll preorder immediately.

    4. paul vincent farrell on

      Thanks for answers to my questions.
      I'm about to place my order for Holiday, and I'm happy to wait for detailed instructions on making a battery pack, but just for reference could you please indicate:
      1. how small/light would such a battery pack be?
      2. could it run for a few hours on AA/AAA batteries for example?

      Perhaps you could put a photo and a small note on just to whet our appetites :-)

      Thanks again.

    5. Moore’sCloud Creator on

      Paul -

      Excellent questions.

      1) Holiday is mains-powered but it is very easy to battery power the unit; we won't do a product around it this year but will have full instructions on how to create your own battery pack at - we already do it, and it's really fun.

      2) Holiday has 50 globes on a 7 metre (22 ft) string. The whole thing, including power supply weighs in at around 750 grams (1.6 lbs).

      3) The LEDs are guaranteed to run for 20 years. If there is a failure in the string that results in the string going out, you will be able to return the unit to us for replacement under warrantee. Individual LEDs could be replaced with a bit of soldering, though, if it came to that.

      4) Precisely. :)

      5) Holiday is not being offered on Kickstarter as we have already raised sufficient funding to bring Holiday into production. You're invited to place an order at - and thanks for the support!

    6. Moore’sCloud Creator on

      Ben / Luis - If you haven not explicitly made an order for a Light at, then you have not placed an order. Your Kickstarter orders were cancelled on 21 December. If you'd like to order a Holiday, visit and place an order. Thanks!

    7. Luis V. Aguila on

      I don't see how to cancel an order. Please post instructions.

    8. paul vincent farrell on

      Very excited to hear that something's coming soon, and in many ways Holiday looks even more versatile than light. But information on Holiday seems minimal - a few questions:

      1. Is Holiday battery powered and portable (and how many hours expected battery life)? This would be an incredible option for night photographers. And is it water-resistant?
      2. Size and weight?
      3. If one LED breaks will the rest of the string continue to function? Are individual LEDs user-replaceable in the event of an accident?
      4. Given that all the apps for Light are available for Holiday, does that mean that by putting the Holiday string inside a container of one's own choosing we have effectively made our own Light?
      5. Given the price difference between Light and Holiday, how does that work with the different amounts Kickstarter backers have pledged, and are there different package options? Or do we have to purchase Holiday from the other site?

      Thanks in advance for answers, and for the great news that things are moving forward.

    9. Missing avatar

      Ben Copsey on

      So do I convert my order by doing nothing and leaving the current payment authorisation in place? - Thanks