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Moore’sCloudBy Moore’sCloud
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Moore’sCloudBy Moore’sCloud
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pledged of $700,000pledged of $700,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, December 21 2012 9:25 AM UTC +00:00

Big News from MooresCloud: Holiday

Posted by Moore’sCloud (Creator)

Last October we introduced the Light by MooresCloud, a beautiful, connected and powerful ‘lamp-with-a-LAMP-stack’. Media throughout the world picked up the story, and with high hopes, we launched our Kickstarter campaign. We reached a few thousand people who immediately understood the potential of the Light, and a lot of them - a lot of you - backed our campaign.

Light fell short of its Kickstarter funding goal, so we launched a self-funding campaign, which has been running for over five months, but hasn’t yet reached 20% of its goal. People are passionate about the Light, but too thin on the ground.


We know the Light is gorgeous and incredibly capable. At the same time, it’s so different from any other lamp it’s difficult to explain what makes the Light so special. People are used to lamps that turn on and off. They’ve never seen a lamp do more than that. When we explain that the Light can listen to the Internet and react to it (or interact with you, via your smartphone) many people have trouble imagining how that works, or why it would be a good thing.

At the end of February 2013, MooresCloud briefed a roomful of investors with a business presentation we’d spent months working on - a pitch that we thought we’d delivered well. Investor reaction, however, told a different story. The investors said “We totally get your vision and your passion, but what the heck is it?”

After that briefing, the founders of MooresCloud spent a lot of time soul-searching. We knew we were onto something, yet we weren’t connecting. Why? In conversations with advisors and friends they all expressed support for the Light. But most agreed it might be too subtle for a consumer as yet unfamiliar with the Internet of Things.

We now have a solution for that problem.

Every person we spoke with had a strong reaction to one product on our roadmap. It was a product we hoped to release to once the Light had gone to market. Everyone believes it’s a winner. Most want it for themselves. One adviser actually said, “You have to build this -- for me!” We listened, and earlier this year, MooresCloud made a decision to commit itself to bringing this product - codename ‘Next’ - to market.

The idea behind our new product is quite simple. Take a Light, and open it up, scooping out all of the LEDs, laying them out in a row. Suddenly you’ve gone from a smart lamp - which no one has ever seen before - to something so commonplace everyone knows exactly what it is without being told.

Today we’re announcing Holiday by MooresCloud, the best Christmas lights in the world. With same connected intelligence of the Light in a beautiful new form - perfect for the Christmas tree, decorating the home, or lighting the verandah - Holiday has a million uses.

Holiday by MooresCloud brings magic into every celebration. With millions of colours, countless patterns and incredible animations, Holiday adds a glow that makes any event feel special. Fifty LED globes on a seven meter string, individually controlled by MooresCloud’s beautifully designed and easy-to-use apps. Use a smartphone, tablet or laptop - it’s so much fun, everyone will want to play with Holiday!

Holiday comes with dozens of apps to delight and entertain the whole family. With more apps coming from MooresCloud, Holiday will grow more capable and more magical the longer you own it.

Colours tell a story, and Holiday lets everyone speak the language. You can set it to show your team colours before the big game - or national colours for the World Cup. For every mood, every decor, and every season, there’s a colour, pattern or animation to match. Every celebration deserves a Holiday.

With Holiday, the MooresCloud team has come closer than ever before to realizing our vision of sensitive, responsive illumination for everyone. In a decade, this is the way all Christmas lights will work.

We are not alone in this belief. On the strength of our product plans, MooresCloud has secured the investment necessary to manufacture Holiday and bring it to market. We’re already well down the path to mass-manufacturing of Holiday by MooresCloud. Visit our blog, where we're detailing the path from conception to production.

Starting today, you can go to and order your own Holiday. For a very limited time, you can purchase Holiday by MooresCloud at the special introductory price of $129. That’s represents an almost 40% savings over the RRP of $199. It’s our way of saying thank you for your support.

Later today, we will be publicly unveiling Holiday by MooresCloud at CeBIT Australia. From Tuesday 28th to Thursday 30th of May 2013, we’ll be at the Sydney Convention and Exposition Centre in Hall 3, Booth H-30, Stand 2.

Come say hello - and have a play with Holiday, (And if you need a pass to get into CeBit, just let us know. We’ve got a few to share.)

The past nine months have been an amazing journey. We wouldn’t be where we are today without your enthusiasm and insight. Now it’s our turn to return the favour. We want Holiday to light up your lives, complementing every mood, every decor, and every season. Thank you for your help, your wisdom, and your support. With you behind us, MooresCloud can look forward to a very bright future.

The MooresCloud Team


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    1. Cameron Bendschneider on

      Thanks for addressing my questions promptly.

      Cheers, and good luck.

    2. pclabtech on

      Since all of the bulbs are individually addressable still, you could probably use it for a score keeping game whereas the light in the middle of the string can move toward one team or the other until it reaches the pole with the rest of the bulbs on it of that team's color and it flashes when they win... not only can you use this for holiday lights but possibly other applications as well.

    3. Moore’sCloud Creator on

      @Matt - We'll be making an announcement about the Light in mid-June.

    4. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      Okay so,

      What about "Light by Moore's Cloud?" Not doing it anymore?

    5. Moore’sCloud Creator on

      @Dan - Agreed. We've been busy getting ready for launch at CeBIT Australia, will have time to video after the show ends.

    6. Moore’sCloud Creator on

      @Cameron -

      All MooresCloud apps are HTML5 and work well on either iOS, Android, or Windows Phone.
      It has a power supply (3A/5V) which is not a wall wart.
      Each bulb can be addressed individually.
      It is possible to address multiple sets together or individually.
      There is an API (IoTAS) which allows apps to be written.
      The unit has an IP rating of 65, which means it can be rained on but shouldn't be immersed for any length of time.
      The string is 7 meters, the first meter is just cable, then 6 meters with 50 globes at 120mm intervals.
      We will be getting video up soon after CeBIT (which ends on the 30th).

    7. Maxim Smirnov on

      The price is to high, guys!
      And what about lamp? I really more like the lamp than this one.

    8. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      Needs more video, Mark!

    9. Missing avatar


      Hi pclabtech, you got a point, why somebody would pay extra and wait for it, if this is already available. By the way what the brand name, could you provide direct link to it?

      I would also like to see answers to the questions asked by Cameron.

    10. Cameron Bendschneider on

      All sounds interesting, albeit with a number of potentially glaring (to me) omissions in detail.

      How is it powered? Is it a rechargeable battery set up or permanently plugged in to a wall wart?

      I see an IOS app, but will Android apps be available too?

      Is it possible to address each bulb individually?

      Is it possible to address multiple sets individually?

      Is there an API which would allow third party interaction to be developed?

      Can the unit be used outdoors? (Weather proof?)

      What is the distance between each globe on the line? And the distance between the controller unit and the first bulb?

      Can we please get a video demo at some stage? Can't see myself flying up to Sydney for CeBIT I'm afraid.

      Thanks - I'm looking forward to seeing what can be done with this.

    11. pclabtech on

      Have you seen the ones at Sears? They are 79.99 and you get 4 colors, but all of the lights are pre programmed and each color illuminates every bulb of that color. You can't program them, you just choose one of the 16 different pre-programmed flashy choices.

      I am assuming that if this is their "light" but all strung out, you can individually address each light to turn on and off with the internet scripts they used, same WIFI box, and same Linux mini computer control board... 129.00 sounds good for us kickstarter folks, but I believe that should be the price for retail as well. for somone to pay 200 dollars for fancy holiday lights is agreed, a little steep for my wallet.

    12. eri

      Curious why it is that the maximum authorized amount allowed for the charge is $199 while the Holiday is $129+$10 for shipping - why not just charge $139?

    13. JAYTEE on

      Good luck Team. Pre-Ordered. How do I get 2?

    14. Stephen R. Duncan on

      Once again, I'm afraid you're overpriced...even at the intro level.

    15. R on

      So the pledges on the original light will just get canceled?
      Good luck with the new product!

    16. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.