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Moore’sCloudBy Moore’sCloud
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Moore’sCloudBy Moore’sCloud
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pledged of $700,000pledged of $700,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, December 21 2012 9:25 AM UTC +00:00

Update 14: Now taking pre-orders at

Posted by Moore’sCloud (Creator)

Hello and a big thank you to our 1,950 backers. With your help, we’ve manage to raise $275,000 to fund the Light by Moore’sCloud. That’s amazing. We’ve raised nearly $5,000 every day of this Kickstarter campaign - because of you!

It's not the End of the World

Now we’re into the last few hours of our campaign. We’ve come far, but not nearly far enough. Barring some sort of last-minute miracle, we will not reach our funding goal for the Light.

We’re sure many of you are just as disappointed as we are. The emotion in the comment threads has shot skyward over the last week, as the goal began to recede from possibility. We understand and appreciate your disappointment.

But that’s not the end of the story. Far from it. 

We now have a 'Plan B' in place -

The Road Ahead

We remain convinced that the Light by Moore’sCloud is an important product, a new class of device with incredible capability and almost unlimited potential. We have been hard at work throughout December developing an alternative path toward production of the Light.

Today we launched our own crowdfunding site - - to accept pre-orders for the Light by Moore’sCloud. There are a few changes, reflecting what we’ve learned from our Kickstarter campaign:

  • For simplicity’s sake, we will offer only the battery-powered Light. The battery-powered Light also works perfectly well with line power (and comes with an adapter), so you’re getting the functionality of the mains-powered Light together with the convenience and portability of the battery-powered Light.
  • We’ve raised the price a bit, to $149. The extra margin helps to cover our development costs.  
  • There's an across-the-board shipping fee of $10 per light.
  • Just as with Kickstarter, you will not be billed for your pre-orders until we are ready to manufacture.
  • At last, you can order as many Lights as you like!  Right now our transaction engine requires that you submit each order separately (apologies, we're working to fix this), but you can submit as many orders as you like!
  • In order to raise enough to cover the fixed development costs, we need to pre-sell around 3000 Lights. As we received pledges for more than 2000 Lights during the Kickstarter campaign, we don’t expect this to be difficult.
  • We are actively recruiting investors in Moore’sCloud. Every investor dollar reduces the number of Light pre-sales needed to enter manufacturing. We hope to be able to announce some investment in the first quarter of 2013. (If you’re interested in investing, please contact us.)
  • Even with investment, we require a minimum of 1000 Light pre-orders in order to get components at prices compatible with our manufacturing plans.
  • A spreadsheet detailing our new financial model will be published on our blog tomorrow.
  • We intend to keep the campaign open through the end of June 2013. If we haven’t garnered sufficient pre-orders and/or investment to begin production within that time, we will reassess our goals.
  • We are proposing a July 2013 ship date for the Light. That’s contingent on a manufacturing process that begins sometime in the first quarter of 2013. If this doesn’t happen, that date will slip.
  • We will continue being transparent, open, and fully committed to our business principles of sharing, teaching and learning.

This isn’t the end of the road for the Light by Moore’sCloud - far from it. But we still need your support. Your pre-orders will bring the Light to life. It might take a bit longer than we’d hoped, but it will happen - with your help.

We hope that you will continue to back us, and look forward to your comments in the thread below. As always, you can track daily developments on our blog. Let’s keep the conversation going, the ideas flowing, and the energy moving.

With incredible thanks and gratitude,

The Moore’sCloud Team


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    1. Moore’sCloud Creator on

      @Khalid - We did? Where did we say this? I'm afraid you may have misread something... We wrote "Barring some sort of last-minute miracle, we will not reach our funding goal for the Light." - which is pretty much what happened.

      But it's ok. You can still get a Light at

    2. Missing avatar

      Khalid Altayaran on

      I received an email from Kickstarter that this project was not successfully funded. Now you are saying you have reached the funding goal. What's going on ?

    3. Mysticmaus on

      That's strange , i was also the 10th one xD

    4. Eric on

      Sweet I just pre ordered my Light I'm the 10th one :D I look forward to continue to support this great idea. :)

    5. Moore’sCloud Creator on

      @Maxim - Not sure precisely what you're asking. The latest video of the demos (posted above) is the current prototype revision battery-powered unit. It's *close* to the final version. The software will evolve significantly.

    6. Maxim Smirnov on

      When we can see video with the final version of Light and how it workd, just to understan what for I am paying?

    7. Maxim Smirnov on

      Creator Moore’sCloud about 2 hours ago
      @Maxim - The differential in price is from $129 to $149 - $20, or roughly 15%. This is necessary to fund development.
      I have pledged for regular, I and my friends do not need batteries one, so it's 50$!

    8. Moore’sCloud Creator on

      @RRRR It's an issue of power consumption more than cost. It would add about $10 to the parts cost, though, so that's not insignificant. But it would ruin battery life.

    9. R on

      I'm thinking a nice add on that shouldn't cost too much would be to double the "pixel" density... or would it?

    10. Moore’sCloud Creator on

      @RRRR Raising the price by $20 means each Light funds an additional $20 of development, which means we need to sell fewer Lights to fund development, which means we need to raise $500K rather than $700K.

      A blog post tomorrow will make all of this clear. :)

    11. R on

      For those who chose the 129$ battery one and the shipping outside the US, it's "just" 20$ more...
      How was the cost cut from 700 to 500k though?
      Planned investors? :)

    12. Moore’sCloud Creator on

      @olafE - Amazon Payments requests that you set an 'upper limit' for the charge, which is _not_ the same as the amount you will be charged.

    13. Moore’sCloud Creator on

      @Maxim - The differential in price is from $129 to $149 - $20, or roughly 15%. This is necessary to fund development.

    14. Moore’sCloud Creator on

      @Mike - Every penny of the price differential is being put to development. We're still paying 5% to Amazon payments, though.

      An update tomorrow will explain this change in excruciating detail.

    15. Maxim Smirnov on

      WOW, that's great difference in price!!! My pledge was 109$ and now I must pledge 159!!! Just 50 $ more. It's really not "a bit". It's almost the same price like for Philips MoodLight. But I know how it looks like and works and I do not know about it how it will work and looks in final version.
      My friends (4) I not ready to make such pledge too (((

    16. Mike Webb on

      Ok, I get that. but I still think it should be addressed that they are cutting costs by going through their own site yet raising the price point quite a bit.

    17. olafE on

      Just ordered one light.
      Weird, Amazon "said" I will not be charged more than $ 199.
      Shouldn't it say, not more than $ 159?

    18. olafE on doubt I will, and will still order 2 pcs. =) (why did my E disappear?)

      @ Mike, now you will be getting the battery powered version.
      Less variances reduces development effort and manufacturing cost.

    19. Moore’sCloud Creator on

      @olafE - Fair enough. We've raised the price. Now, PLEASE HELP US MEET OUR GOAL! :)

    20. Mike Webb on

      I don't mean to sound rude but, the price increase is $60 from the $99 level and yet your expense has dropped 10% (by not paying 5% to amazon and ks each) seems a little odd...

    21. olafE on be exact, you raised the price 23 something %, not just "a bit". Not saying, the light might not be worth it, but your wording regarding the "bit raise" and the $10 must fee for shipping in the next bullet point sounds just not right. A honest, we need to raise the price of 23% to be able to reach our goal would have sound more honest. (just my 5 cent to this)