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Moore’sCloudBy Moore’sCloud
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Moore’sCloudBy Moore’sCloud
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pledged of $700,000pledged of $700,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, December 21 2012 9:25 AM UTC +00:00

Update 13: Down to the Wire

Posted by Moore’sCloud (Creator)

Hello and thank you to all of our nearly 1,900 backers. We’re closing in on $260,000 in backing - because you believe in us and in the Light by Moore’sCloud.

We’ve found the easiest way to convince someone to back the Light by Moore’sCloud is to offer them a chance to play with one. On Monday we took our six prototype units out to a Christmas Party in Sydney.

Here’s founder Mark Pesce (wearing a Moore’sCloud t-shirt) extolling the beauty and intelligence of the Light to the assembled party-goers:

And here’s a shot of the three mains-powered units - Huey, Dewey and Louie - going through their party paces:

We wish we had more prototypes. More people could have a play and fall in love with the Light. Each of these six cost more than three thousand dollars apiece. To get them down to the point where they can be mass manufactured for a hundred dollars, we need to invest a bit more than a quarter-million in engineering and manufacturing.

That’s the whole reason for this Kickstarter campaign.

With just a bit more than 48 hours to, we need to bring in about $10,000 an hour if we want to reach our goal. Is this possible? It’s happened before in Kickstarter campaigns. And it can happen again, with a little help.

Someone accused us of having a lot of chutzpah after our last update - the audacity of asking people to triple their contributions and recruit new backers! While we’re sorry if any of you were offended by this blatant act of salesmanship, we’re confident it was exactly the right thing to do. You’re in this with us, always have been, and it’s our responsibility to make our needs clear to you. If you can help us meet those needs, that’s great -- and if you can’t, that’s fine, too. The choice is always yours.

In the hours that remain, ask yourself if you’d like more than one Light. They’re networked, they act together, so they really do want to play in groups of twos and threes and fours. We promise that if you back us for multiple lights, we’ll make sure you get all those Lights.

Also ask yourself if any of your friends or family might enjoy a Light as much as you will. Have a good think, and if anyone comes to mind, send them to our Kickstarter page, or show them our demo video. They might not back us -- but they might, and bring us that much closer to our goal.

That's all for now. We’ll be back to you again soon. Until then, you can track our progress on our blog. And don’t worry about the numbers being too big or too hard. It will all work out.

Thanks again for your most excellent support,

The MooresCloud Team


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    1. John Dalton on

      You reached for the stars and didn't quite get there, but it was a valiant effort nonetheless. "Plan B" (as outlined on the blog at ) looks good, and I'll be watching with interest. Kudos on the transparency, which I think ought to far outweigh any perceived "arrogance" in pleading with people to help meet the goal. Here's hoping we'll all see the Light in 2013!

    2. Missing avatar

      Loic on

      Thanks for the clarifications. Tripled my contribution. Let s cross our fingers and hope for a miracle then ;-)

    3. Missing avatar

      lolinternet on

      If you are still standing by your previous update then I suppose I will have to stand by my decision to cancel my pledge. Between the inappropriate and misused “shut up and take my money” reference and seriously asking your backers to TRIPLE their donations, I simply cannot bring myself to support your project. Of course, seeing as how it is extremely unlikely at this point that your Kickstarter will meet its goal, I suppose that even if I were to leave my pledge up I would be unable to help even if I wanted to. In cancelling my pledge I’m hoping to join the others who have already done so in an attempt to send a message that the attitude and message conveyed in your last update was completely inappropriate and unacceptable. You can shrug it off and make jokes about chutzpah all you want, but I’m pretty sure that there have been more than a few people who have backed out after that last update and I’m hoping that you have been paying attention to that.

    4. Kate Beddoe on

      I've just doubled my contribution, that would mean two lights, right? How will you know?

    5. Moore’sCloud Creator on

      @Ben - THANKS!

    6. Ben Galbraith on

      I've 2.5x'd my contribution––and hope you make it over the finish line! Good luck

    7. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      I hope you guys somehow get the Light to market sometime next year.

      I'm sure you guys learned a lot, and any efforts to take with this product are sure to be more successful in the future.

      Please update me if you decide to try again or if the Light goes into production. It's a great idea, and I'd like to buy a few of them.

    8. olafE on

      @ Moore's Cloud
      With 42hrs left, just a kind of miracle would help to raise the remaining 440k and it is quite disappointing seeing this great idea not going through.
      Please definitely keep me updated, in case you'll find another way to have this project funded and made your way into mass production and don't worry about "time to market". I have seen simpler projects w/o SW/UI being delayed for way simpler reason.
      Good luck and chin up!

    9. Moore’sCloud Creator on

      @Loic - Demos: It took us longer than we had anticipated because we needed both the demos and a UX/UI that made the demos clear and easy-to-understand. We have both now and have been doing limited demo testing with folks for the past week and a half.

      We promise that if you triple your pledge you will get three of whatever you're tripling. If there's any ambiguity, send us a private message with the details and we'll make sure you get what you want.

      Trust - the team members are very well known, both in Australia and in technology circles globally. We've done everything we can to be transparent and open. The decision whether you should trust us is, as always, entirely yours.

    10. Missing avatar

      Loic on

      I still don't think this is a good way of managing your kick starter campaign, you should have been ready with the demos way earlier .., you kept on promising and being late. Despite all of this I do think you had a fantastic idea and product and I want to own one ... Or more !
      I am willing to triple my pledge but why did you not add corresponding offerings ? I see nothing like I want three lights ? You mention in comments that you will feel obliged by honor to send more than one light if someone would pledge for more. Sorry but we never met, why should I just trust you like this ?
      Add new pledge options and do it quickly since I am quite sure not to be the only one thinking like this!

    11. Moore’sCloud Creator on

      @James - Thanks for the support. And this isn't marketing, at least not as it's ever been practiced before. It's something... very... weirdly... different. Imaging marketing to a box of kittens with ADD. That. ;)

    12. James Bailey

      @Moore's Cloud And I think I've been overly strong, so thank you for taking the time to clarify, I'll explain over PM and stop clogging up the comments section. I do hope you get to make your innovative light by some avenue as the strong work you put in to the engineering is obvious (even if I take issue with the marketing).

    13. James Bailey

      @Iain *sigh* I was just making a joke that their last update said "shut up and take my money", it was a token comment, way to miss the point... though actually I can see why you'd be offended if you didn't read the last update, sorry about that.

    14. Moore’sCloud Creator on

      @James - It seems we've really upset you -- and we're quite sorry about that.

      We always knew the target was quite a reach, but we've always been completely transparent about the reason why we needed that number. We've done amazingly well - a quarter-million dollars in 57 days is nothing to sneer at - but yes, the total is well beyond that.

      But have never "insisted" anyone do anything for us. To say that we have done otherwise is a misrepresentation our actions. We have only ever asked for help and thanked people for their aid.

      Some, like you, have taken offense at this request. Fair enough. We feel comfortable having asked, and we will continue to ask. We believe that the act of asking for help is the central act and absolute essence of crowdfunding.

    15. Missing avatar

      Iain Chalmers on

      So James, does asking for a refund for money you've not been charged count as "chutzpah"?

      (From the second question in the Kickstarter FAQ: "How does Kickstarter work?":

      "If the project succeeds in reaching its funding goal, all backers' credit cards are charged when time expires."

      So, what exactly are you asking to be refunded? Something that you claim is "IMPOSSIBLE", and won't happen until two days in the future anyway? And you're calling _them_ "rude"… Hello Kettle…

    16. James Bailey

      *fellow Australians, I'm just down the road as it turns out.

    17. James Bailey

      No, you're not "chutzpah", that's for when you try at personal cost to attempt the possible, not alienate your supporters by insisting they do more when the target is IMPOSSIBLE, that's just called rude. I can't believe you're Australians, I don't think I've met door-knocking religious people as overzealous as you guys.

      Shut up and refund my pledge.