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Moore’sCloudBy Moore’sCloud
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Moore’sCloudBy Moore’sCloud
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Update 12: Two Ways Home

Posted by Moore’sCloud (Creator)

Hello and thank you to all of our nearly 1,850 backers. Today we’ll likely cross over $250,000 - a huge amount - because you believe in us and the Light by Moore’sCloud.


Last night we completed a video that demonstrates twelve applications we’ve written for the Light. Together, we believe they make the Light completely irresistible:

Please share this video everywhere!



In order to make it to our goal, we need to raise about $90,000 in backing every day until the campaign closes. Although this sounds difficult, it isn’t even remotely hard, and today’s update will explain why - and what you can do about it.

So far, about 1850 of you have backed us to almost $245,000.00. That means each of you have pledged an average of $132.43 - a few dollars more than the cost of a battery-powered Light (less shipping).

There are two straightforward ways we can make our goal.

Each of our backers could triple their contributions - going from $132.43 to $397.00. With 1850 backers at $397.00, we’d surpass our goal, reaching $734,450.00, and immediately be able to begin the mass-production of the Light.

How much are you willing to put in to see the Light come to life? Every dollar brings the goal that much closer, and it’s easily within the power of the backers we have already to make the Light real.

Of course, not everyone is going to be able to tip in $400 - and we understand that. That's why there’s an alternative.

Everyone who has already backed us needs to make two ‘sales’ - find two more individuals to back us. If we get another 3600 backers at an average of $134.43, that will bring in $483,948.00 - and that will put us over our goal.

When you think about it like this, it’s not even hard. Two sales, and you’re done. Can you take a moment this week to tell a friend or colleague about the Light by Moore’sCloud, send them a link to our new demo video, and invite them to back us?

How easy is that? The majority people who hear about the Light decide to back us - because beautiful, intelligent, connected light sells itself. So if you can help us get the word out, we can do this. It is possible. With your help.

We’ll be back again soon with another update. Until then, be sure to keep up with all of our day-to-day happenings our our blog.

Thanks in advance,

The MooresCloud Team


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    1. Moore’sCloud Creator on

      @John - Point taken. Today's update should address your concerns.

    2. John Haugeland on

      There is not an "honest disagreement" here.

      You speak kindly to your customers. Period. If they're angry at you, you modify your tone, even if you don't get it.

      I would recommend being much, much more careful with the word "mature" in the future.

    3. John Haugeland on

      I think that might be the first time I've ever seen a product author respond to several people saying "the way you're behaving is a massive turnoff" by putting their hands on their hips and saying "This is crowdfunding, not sales. We have adequately demonstrated the technology and its applications - repeatedly. We are a tested and mature team."

      You're right. This isn't sales. I won't be buying, after that.

      You may be a tested team, but I wouldn't be so certain about the "mature" part. Every single one of your outreaches since this one is covered with angry and confused people who don't like the way you're treating them, and every single time you try to explain it away, instead of just behaving differently.

      A mature team would not have tried to raise three quarters of a million dollars for a plastic box containing half a dozen LEDs and a wifi Hitachi BlueWave, then used reddit memes that would be offensive to people who didn't get them in order to try to reach out to a group that mostly isn't familiar with reddit.

      You had two thousand people listening to you, and over your last three comments, you've generated complaints from 21 people. That's over one percent, guys, in three mailings.

      Stop fighting. You're just driving away the buyers you had. Send out a genuine apology, while it's still practical.

    4. Moore’sCloud Creator on

      @Bandar - Rather than taking your message one of two ways, we're going to take the middle path and accept there is an honest disagreement here. Our methods might not be yours, but we remain content.

      We've done reasonably well selling the vision. We're still well within the top few percentile of all Kickstarter projects. Less than what we need, but a sure sign that we have been able to connect.

      Could we have done better? Assuredly. This has been a learning process and execution has never been perfect. But we've learned and fed what we've learned back into our efforts throughout this process.

    5. Bandar El-Eita on

      @Moore'sCloud again I'm pulling for you guys, but you should maybe re-read this update "Everyone who has already backed us needs to make two ‘sales’ - find two more individuals to back us. If we get another 3600 backers at an average of $134.43, that will bring in $483,948.00 - and that will put us over our goal.

      When you think about it like this, it’s not even hard. Two sales, and you’re done. Can you take a moment this week to tell a friend or colleague about the Light by Moore’sCloud, send them a link to our new demo video, and invite them to back us?"

      Every backer "Needs" to make"two sales." It's just not the typical type of language I would expect from a kickstarter project founder.

      You can argue that all you are doing is asking for support, I agree, I just think you are asking poorly. Building momentum is about selling the vision, not making the sale. You can take my message 1 of 2 ways, either I am a dick and giving you a hard time or I want to give you honest feedback so that you can do better with your messaging the next time around. Up to you.

    6. James Bailey

      @Moore'sCloud @Laird Yes you have provided the financials, and in fact they're the most detailed financials I've ever seen in a kickstarter project. Having a quick read, it basically boils down to, if you sell a light for $100, you're lucky to make it for $50 and have $40 left over, and so you have to sell $700k worth of lights in order to (mostly) pay the wages of yourself and your team (seems reasonable).

      So when companies like iGoLED (who gave you a shout out btw) ask for only $50k (for a less ambitious remotely-controlled light) or LIFX ask for $100k (for something of seemingly similar complexity), they manage to do it for so much less because they don't pay themselves or their design team, and don't do much to pave the way for manufacturing until they've got the money? And I mean this as a real question, how on earth they do it for so much less? It'd be interesting to compare your financial breakdown to other Kickstarter projects if they provided stats like yours.

      PS: Yes but even when I was dismissive of your product, I didn't cancel because there was no need, I presume it would be the same for others. As it turns out you are now welcome to my phantom $99 ;)

    7. Moore’sCloud Creator on

      @James - We see the cancellations come in. We know exactly how our actions have affected our crowdfunding. You're going to have to grant that we have at least some sense of how our actions are perceived by others.

      This is a step we are willing to wholly own. If it causes some bad will amongst some customers, that is unfortunate, but it we will continue to own our actions.

      Any question about the $700,000 and how it gets allocated was answered from day one on the Kickstarter page, and in our detailed financials. We have always been transparent about how those funds get spent. Because we always knew we were asking for so much.

    8. James Bailey

      You're assuming that all the people who took offense would take the trouble to write in, from what I know for every person who proactively makes contact to complain there are 10-50 who felt the same but didn't (depending on the industry). At least you're directly replying to me, how about answering Laird's question of what the $750,000 goes towards as a rough breakup as it seems extraordinarily high?

      I would never ordinarily be so negative, but you must know, it would take EVERY backer (on average) to TRIPLE his number of lights sold, either by funding it themselves or spamming their friends. Since this has 0% chance of working with only days remaining, all you are doing is creating bad will with 'some' customers and indirectly spamming others.

      Thank you for at least partially acknowledging the frustration of your supporters though, perhaps you could use your last remaining hours to communicate your backup plan and get people on-board for that. I just can't shake the feeling that you know that everyone's effort is in vain, but you're persisting because you want to point to investors and say "see look how popular this project was" - if that is your aim, it should be explicitly stated.

    9. Moore’sCloud Creator on

      @James - It's surprising and encouraging the number of people who have stepped up on both counts - tripling pledges and recruiting new backers. You and a few others may have found this update off-putting - and that's your right. But plenty of others took it as a call to action. Fortunately, they far outnumber the few people who have taken offense.

    10. James Bailey

      +1 to Laird Popkin (and John / Inkblot). I found this update off-putting for exactly the reasons mentioned. And then you just dismissed them, as though their criticisms were completely invalid.

      You were never going to triple your backers at this point, by any means, everyone knows it but you guys. This update however makes you guys look pushy and out of touch (*cough* insane *cough*).

      I would now cancel my pledge, but that will happen in 49 hours anyway.

    11. Missing avatar

      TXAG99 on

      I think you are going to see more than a couple of canceled pledges as a result of how this update came across...

    12. Moore’sCloud Creator on

      @Bandar - This is crowdfunding, not sales. We have adequately demonstrated the technology and its applications - repeatedly. We are a tested and mature team, and have received a wealth of coverage in the media. We will continue to ask our backers for more support.

    13. Bandar El-Eita on

      I'm glad I wasn't the only one who was a bit put off by the last message. Still pulling for you guys, but don't forget I have $129 wrapped up in a product I've never touched, seen, read a review about, and can't return. It's unfortunate that you aren't going to meet your goal, but when I make sales, I get commission, not the other way around.

    14. Laird Popkin

      Wow, this update didn't work for me.

      First, "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY" doesn't work if it's said by the one doing the selling. So your message comes across as "SHUT UP AND GIVE US YOUR MONEY" which is pretty pushy.

      Second, you're aggressively pushing the people that are already backing you to triple their commitment and promote you to their friends. That feels more like an obnoxious pyramid scheme than a Kickstarter project.

      So try again. If you're not getting the backing that you need, how about thanking your backers and find ways to give backers more value, to encourage more backers. Remember, we don't owe you anything - you have to seduce us! I have to say - while your product is cool, and I'm a backer, you're not doing a great job communicating how the Light is better than something I could build myself. Is the plastic amazing? Are the LEDs super-bright? Is the software amazing? That's only hinted at. And for a fairly expensive product, you need to really communicate value. I have to admit that I pledged based on hoping that you came up with something cool, as I am optimist, but it's pretty clear that to get more people to commit you need to give them a bit more.

      I'd suggest a little more humility.. Sure, you're doing something exciting, and we get that. But if you need $700K, tell us why, with real numbers that we, as investors, can buy into. What are your tooling costs? How much for rewards? And so on.

      While I hope you succeed, my guess is that you likely won't hit your target. So you should try again, with a more reasonable target tied to your actual hard costs. So instead of trying to hit a huge target or fail, you can hit an easy target and focus on building momentum for stretch goals. That approach usually works a lot better, and typically raises more money because the momentum generates its own energy and press coverage. Would you rather be the project that tried for $700K and fell $100K short, or the project that asked for $15,000 and raised 40x your target? It's the same number of pledges, but a much better story, and of course success instead of failure.

    15. John Haugeland on

      Well, now, let's not jump the boat. They might have just been trying to encourage us.

      Let's give them a chance to say "we could also treat it like this."

    16. Steffen Beth on

      John Haugeland : I completely agree,and I am one of those thinking the is not the type of business I want to support, and will therefore cancel my pledge.... I will find others that would make better use of the money I will give.....

    17. John Haugeland on

      The fact that you think everyone can easily just triple their contribution, and hasn't been pushing for you all along, suggests that you may have deeply misunderstood KickStarter.

      Please understand that people have been pushing for you; casually suggesting that people who've already given you on average more than a hundred dollars for a small piece of consumer electronics is likely to offend.

      You're asking for three quarter million dollars for a lamp. You raised nearly a quarter million. Practically speaking, you need about fifteen thousand.

      Maybe, instead of making people angry, you should accept that this kickstarter asked for way, way too much money, and you could start a second one at a more reasonable price point.

      Speaking as a supporter who wants to see you succeed, please consider being less glib about asking people to triple what they already chose as their ceiling of contribution.

      It is *not* easy, it turns out, to get two other people to give more than a hundred dollars, in the bottom of the worst depression in a hundred years, just before Christmas, at seven and a half times the rate you've already gotten.

      Seriously, you raised a quarter million dollars for a piece of consumer electronics that it'll take you low five digits to actually manufacture. Stop trying to be Ouya on a lamp; be reasonable and succeed, instead of casually requesting the moon and the stars for a box full of LEDs.

    18. Moore’sCloud Creator on

      @inkblot - We are _not_ asking you to spam. We're asking you to have a good think. You'll very likely know at least two people who will enjoy the Light as much as you do. Reach out to them. Show them the video. Let them make up their own minds.

      We have always considered our backers part of our sales force. We've been completely transparent about that, from update #1.

      Australian Financial Review, Engadget, Boing Boing, Cnet and *many* other blogs and sites have reported on the Light. A lot of this has been reported on our blog or on our website - All of that publicity has helped.

      But most of all, we need your help. You already know who would enjoy a Light. We're asking you to close the gap, connect with those people, and tell them. That's not spam -- that's an inside tip. They'll appreciate it.

    19. inkblot on

      Let me start by saying, I find LIGHT to be an interesting & exciting product... I backed it right away when I found it, and shared my excitement with my friends via social media, conversation, etc.

      However, this "Everyone who has already backed us needs to make two ‘sales’ - find two more individuals to back us." and "When you think about it like this, it’s not even hard." really makes me question the company that I have supported by way of backing this product. I certainly don't want to spam my colleagues to fulfill this campaign.

      I would love to see LIGHT be a reality. And I do understand the goal amounts, timing etc. as you have explained it very well... I just wish you didnt expect your current backers to become your sales force. Word of mouth and referrals are very important, and the most beneficial - but I wish you didnt ask your fans to sell your product for you. I imagine that most of your current supporters, if they are anything like most people I know who linger on kickstarter, have already shared their excitement for your product with their peers at least once..

      A lot of the big winner kickstarter campaigns I've seen got press in many forms - by way of well known & reputable blogs, news sources, banner ads directing to kickstarter, etc.. SmartThings was featured on CNN.

      Just my thoughts on this last update... I do wish LIGHT & Moore's Cloud the very best of luck!