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$275,478 pledged of $700,000 goal
By Moore’sCloud
$275,478 pledged of $700,000 goal

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Holiday ships soon -- get one at the special introductory price of $129!


MooresCloud has spent the last year working toward one goal - to create beautiful, intelligent, and connected lighting.  Earlier this year we announced Holiday by MooresCloud, a seven-meter (23') string of 50 independently-controllable globes, each capable of 16 million colors.  The response has been phenomenal.

Two weeks ago, technology blog The Next Web asked its readers, "What Geek Could Resist These Smart Christmas Lights?", and more orders flooded in.

We're nearly finished building our initial production run of Holiday - and we're almost sold out. If you'd like the world's smartest Christmas lights in time for this holiday season, you'll need to order them soon at

We launched Holiday at the special introductory price of $129, but on Monday the 7th of October, the sale ends, and Holiday will return to its list price of $199.  Now's the time to get your order in.

If you're wondering what Holiday can do, we invite you to download 'holideck', our open-source simulation and development environment for Holiday. MooresCloud provides full APIs (in both Javascript and Python) so you can create your own spectacular light shows for your Christmas tree, your verandah, or anywhere in your home. 

In ten years, all holiday lighting will be intelligent and connected.  You can get a piece of that future today, with Holiday by MooresCloud.

Thanks for your support!

The MooresCloud Team

Postponing Light

Friends of the Light –

Seven months ago, the MooresCloud team developed our initial product roadmap. On that roadmap we imagined the Light would be the first product to reach market – in the third quarter of 2013 – while Holiday, our smart Christmas lights, would follow along a year later.

Six months ago, we launched a self-funding campaign to make the Light real. At kick-off, we announced that we would assess our progress in six months’ time. It is six months today – and we need to make a decision about the future of the Light based on that progress.

As of now, we are only 20% of the way toward the $500,000 funding goal for the Light.

This is very frustrating, because we love the Light. It’s our first product, and we remain proud of it. Despite this, the Light has not proven popular enough to fund its development and production, and no investors have stepped forward to fill the funding gap.

Based on this clear market feedback we have revised our product roadmap. With Holiday in the manufacturing pipeline, we’ve reversed the order of product launches: Holiday will reach the market early in Q4 2013, and we are working hard to see that Light gets to market next year. The Light will happen – after Holiday.

What does this mean for you? If you have backed our self-funding campaign, you have a choice to make: you can either cancel your order, or convert your Light order into an order for a Holiday.

Although they have different form factors, Light and Holiday have almost identical hardware and software capabilities. Everything that you can do with Light you can do with Holiday – it gives you a real opportunity to 'show your colors'.  

We know that this news will come as a disappointment to many. It was a hard decision to make, but the limited resources available to MooresCloud as a lean startup made it necessary. We need to focus on one product at a time, and right now our focus is on making Holiday a success. 

We hope you’ll help us achieve that success by transferring your Light orders into Holiday orders. It’s an amazing product – the first of many we believe will delight and amaze you. 

Thank you for your continuing commitment to us, your faith in us, and your support for us. 

The MooresCloud Team 

Big News from MooresCloud: Holiday

Last October we introduced the Light by MooresCloud, a beautiful, connected and powerful ‘lamp-with-a-LAMP-stack’. Media throughout the world picked up the story, and with high hopes, we launched our Kickstarter campaign. We reached a few thousand people who immediately understood the potential of the Light, and a lot of them - a lot of you - backed our campaign.

Light fell short of its Kickstarter funding goal, so we launched a self-funding campaign, which has been running for over five months, but hasn’t yet reached 20% of its goal. People are passionate about the Light, but too thin on the ground.


We know the Light is gorgeous and incredibly capable. At the same time, it’s so different from any other lamp it’s difficult to explain what makes the Light so special. People are used to lamps that turn on and off. They’ve never seen a lamp do more than that. When we explain that the Light can listen to the Internet and react to it (or interact with you, via your smartphone) many people have trouble imagining how that works, or why it would be a good thing.

At the end of February 2013, MooresCloud briefed a roomful of investors with a business presentation we’d spent months working on - a pitch that we thought we’d delivered well. Investor reaction, however, told a different story. The investors said “We totally get your vision and your passion, but what the heck is it?”

After that briefing, the founders of MooresCloud spent a lot of time soul-searching. We knew we were onto something, yet we weren’t connecting. Why? In conversations with advisors and friends they all expressed support for the Light. But most agreed it might be too subtle for a consumer as yet unfamiliar with the Internet of Things.

We now have a solution for that problem.

Every person we spoke with had a strong reaction to one product on our roadmap. It was a product we hoped to release to once the Light had gone to market. Everyone believes it’s a winner. Most want it for themselves. One adviser actually said, “You have to build this -- for me!” We listened, and earlier this year, MooresCloud made a decision to commit itself to bringing this product - codename ‘Next’ - to market.

The idea behind our new product is quite simple. Take a Light, and open it up, scooping out all of the LEDs, laying them out in a row. Suddenly you’ve gone from a smart lamp - which no one has ever seen before - to something so commonplace everyone knows exactly what it is without being told.

Today we’re announcing Holiday by MooresCloud, the best Christmas lights in the world. With same connected intelligence of the Light in a beautiful new form - perfect for the Christmas tree, decorating the home, or lighting the verandah - Holiday has a million uses.

Holiday by MooresCloud brings magic into every celebration. With millions of colours, countless patterns and incredible animations, Holiday adds a glow that makes any event feel special. Fifty LED globes on a seven meter string, individually controlled by MooresCloud’s beautifully designed and easy-to-use apps. Use a smartphone, tablet or laptop - it’s so much fun, everyone will want to play with Holiday!

Holiday comes with dozens of apps to delight and entertain the whole family. With more apps coming from MooresCloud, Holiday will grow more capable and more magical the longer you own it.

Colours tell a story, and Holiday lets everyone speak the language. You can set it to show your team colours before the big game - or national colours for the World Cup. For every mood, every decor, and every season, there’s a colour, pattern or animation to match. Every celebration deserves a Holiday.

With Holiday, the MooresCloud team has come closer than ever before to realizing our vision of sensitive, responsive illumination for everyone. In a decade, this is the way all Christmas lights will work.

We are not alone in this belief. On the strength of our product plans, MooresCloud has secured the investment necessary to manufacture Holiday and bring it to market. We’re already well down the path to mass-manufacturing of Holiday by MooresCloud. Visit our blog, where we're detailing the path from conception to production.

Starting today, you can go to and order your own Holiday. For a very limited time, you can purchase Holiday by MooresCloud at the special introductory price of $129. That’s represents an almost 40% savings over the RRP of $199. It’s our way of saying thank you for your support.

Later today, we will be publicly unveiling Holiday by MooresCloud at CeBIT Australia. From Tuesday 28th to Thursday 30th of May 2013, we’ll be at the Sydney Convention and Exposition Centre in Hall 3, Booth H-30, Stand 2.

Come say hello - and have a play with Holiday, (And if you need a pass to get into CeBit, just let us know. We’ve got a few to share.)

The past nine months have been an amazing journey. We wouldn’t be where we are today without your enthusiasm and insight. Now it’s our turn to return the favour. We want Holiday to light up your lives, complementing every mood, every decor, and every season. Thank you for your help, your wisdom, and your support. With you behind us, MooresCloud can look forward to a very bright future.

The MooresCloud Team

Update 16: Play with our Christmas Lights!

Howdy, Merry Christmas and a big thank you to the more than 400 of you who have already pre-ordered your Lights at - we really appreciate your support.

Although we said we'd be going on holidays, we wanted to share "One more thing..."

Christmas Lights!

We have five of our six prototype Lights arranged beneath a small Christmas tree in Sydney - where it's currently 30 degrees Celsius (that's 86F).  You can watch them live on Ustream, at this URL:

The two Lights on top - Rose and Violet - can be controlled by you!

Rose is controlled by Cheerlights, which is an Internet-wide system that allows people anywhere in the world to set the color of Christmas lights all over the world via Twitter. Simply send a tweet with the hashtag #Cheerlights in it, and include one of the following colors: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, violet, magenta, white or warmwhite. It takes a few minutes, but Rose (top left) will change to the Cheerlights color.

Violet is controlled by some software we've been work on over the last few days. Any tweet with the #MooresCloud hashtag in it is received by Violet and scanned for colors (legal colors are the same as above, plus pink and black). Violet will also respond to RGB hash colors in the format #RRGGBB. Please note that the Light uses 7 bit color, so #010101 is the same as #818181. Do not follow color values with commas.

Changes to Violet (top right) should be visible within a few seconds. If you send multiple colors within a tweet, Violet will sequentially animate through the colors at half second intervals.

Have fun!

Happy Holidays from The MooresCloud Team!

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Update 15: Mistakes & Apologies

Hello and a big thank you to the 1,950 of you who pledged over $275,000 to make the Light by Moore'sCloud a reality. 

As you may already know, we did not reach our Kickstarter funding goal. Disappointing, but hardly unexpected. That final total is still astounding -- and entirely due to your generosity.

More thanks are due to more than 300 of you who have already converted your pledges into pre-orders at We’ve reached nearly $50,000 in the first 24 hours! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Why the changes?

Several of you have asked us two questions:

  • Why has the pre-order price gone from $99 to $149?
  • Why do you only need to raise $500,000?

In brief: we killed the $99 mains-only Light; by charging 15% more for the battery-powered Light we need fewer pre-sales to generate enough revenue to enter production.

A more detailed answer to the first question can be found below, while a detailed answer to the second question was published on our blog this morning.

While we continue to be focused on our opportunities ahead, it’s time to have a look at what went wrong, and why.

We Priced Incorrectly

We’ve had some time to reflect on the mistakes in our execution. First among these was an error in pricing the Light. Although we very much wanted to offer it for $99, the cost of the Light - greater than $50 - plus the cost of funding on Kickstarter (nearly 10%) - meant that there was precious little left over to fund the development of the mass-production for the Light itself. This meant we had to get a lot of backers - around 6000 - in order to provide sufficient development funds.

If we’d made the price just a little higher - $149 - we would have needed only about half as many backers. Applying that pricing to our current backing, we’d be much nearer to the goal - around 65%.

We Set The Funding Bar Too High

Crowdfunding is a discipline that mixes individual and mass psychology - people back you because they like you, but they also back you because everyone likes to back a winner. The more you look like a winner, the more backers you’re likely to get. That’s the virtuous cycle at the heart of crowdfunding, and it’s the reason why the CEO of a crowdfunding site advised us to set our goal a lot lower - $200K.

We chose not to do that. If we had, and had funded to the level we have now, we’d be getting your $270,000, but would lack sufficient resources to design and ship all the Lights people had asked for. That was too big a risk to assume, although it would have made us look like a winner, would have attracted additional backers, and might even have put us up over our actual $700K funding requirement. Was that a mistake? Hard to say. Either choice is problematic, though it is obviously more problematic to have no funding at all than to be underfunded.

We Went To Market Too Early

We probably launched our Kickstarter too soon. We had the prototype of the Light ready, but we didn’t have a lot software or demos to show. Those came along much later, possibly too late to make much of an impression on a world busy preparing for the holidays. We did not want to run a campaign through the holidays (that would have been wasted time), and we did not want to wait until 2013 to launch the Light. This space is already becoming quite crowded, and we felt a real need to get out there and make a mark.

We launched before we had a clear marketing or messaging strategy. To secure our 6000 backers, we needed to get consistent media attention and we needed to reach key markets with our message. We were so busy getting ready to launch the Kickstarter we didn’t begin to develop this until late October, and by the time we were ready to lead with it in mid-November, the holidays made coordination and planning very difficult. We should have had a complete marketing strategy in place before we launched the Kickstarter.

Kickstarter versus Multiple Sales

In September Kickstarter issued a directive in the ‘Kickstarter is not a store’ blog post, which informed projects that they could not offer multiple units as rewards. Many of you asked us - repeatedly - to create reward levels for 2 or 3 or more Lights, but we had been specifically forbidden by Kickstarter from doing that. That likely slowed progress toward our funding goal.

We could have chosen to use a different crowdfunding platform, but we wanted to take a chance on the big name in crowdfunding. This meant we had to play by Kickstarter’s rules.

We believe this policy is poorly thought out and essentially unenforceable. Plenty of you pledged for multiple of Lights - knowing we would do the rest. It’s all nudge-nudge-wink-wink, which is ridiculous, and the sign of a policy that is at best ineffective, and, at worst, punitive.

Nonetheless, the decision to go with Kickstarter - and accept their rules - was ours. And that, too, may have been a mistake.

Our Apologies

Finally, many of you were offended by the tone in update 12. There’s a thin line between salesmanship and pushiness, and we clearly crossed it. For that - and everything else we did wrong - we are deeply sorry. We promise we will do better.


We’re going to get some badly-needed rest over the holidays, and we will be back in 2013 with more updates. In the meantime, we hope for your continued support, and we hope you turn your pledges into pre-orders at

It’s been an amazing journey -- because of you.  We hope you'll remain with us as it continues.

The MooresCloud Team