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Lima reinvents the way your devices store data. Find the same files everywhere. Forget size limits. Keep your content private.
Lima reinvents the way your devices store data. Find the same files everywhere. Forget size limits. Keep your content private.
12,840 backers pledged $1,229,074 to help bring this project to life.

Where we're at

Posted by The CGC team (Creator)

Hello everyone, 

We promised to give you more details on our progress with the project. The last week has been quite busy for me (preparing a trip to China), so it has taken me some time to write it down. But here we are!

(In advance, sorry for the non-techies, feel free to skip to the end. But then, as Obama said, you should really learn to code ;) ) 

First things first, let me just do a quick recap of the different parts of the project to help you visualize where we are in the development process. The Lima is composed of : 

  • A hardware adapter, with a USB and an Ethernet port, which enables you to connect any USB hard drive to your Internet router. This adapter enables Lima to use your hard drives as the common and unique memory of your devices. It’s a small embedded computer. We produce it in China. 
  • A firmware: that’s the program we run on this little adapter, to give it its functionality. The firmware we use is based on a variant of OpenWRT, which is a distribution of Linux. The programs we put in this firmware enable the Lima adapter to be constantly connected to all your devices and to manage the storage of your files. It’s this firmware that maintains a database of all your files, and makes sure they are always available to your devices and backed up.
  • Three desktop apps (PC + Mac + Linux): these apps are at the very heart of Lima. They change the way your computers manage their files, by introducing a new file system for your devices. They are the ones making Windows, Mac OS or Linux display all of your files in your computer, no matter its size. They will be used by your OS every time you open or press [Save] on a document. 
  • Two mobile apps (Android + iOS): they enable you to browse and stream your files from anywhere, and to get all your content always with you, in your pocket.
  • A web app, which enables you to access your files directly from the web, in case you're not on your own computer. 

Today, the product is still under development. As explained in the last update, we’ve decided to extend our development timeline to make sure we deliver a product stable enough for everyday use. 

The part we’re working on the most is the component that serves as the “main engine” of our solution. We call it the “core”, because all our software programs share it: our firmware, our desktop apps and even our mobile apps. This core is essential to the functionality of Lima: it determines how your devices should display and organize files, and how they connect with each other. As long as we’re still working on it, there’s no point in shipping the Lima device to you. Even if our hardware adapters are ready for mass production, they still lack the firmware that transforms them into working Lima devices. 

In the process of developing this core component, we’re facing a major challenge: transform our software deliverable from a « working » product – shipped to 1000 early adopters – to a stable and everyday-use product, shipped to 13,000 people. From a software standpoint, shipping to more people doesn’t make the product more difficult to program. But the quality requirements, which come with growing from a low-scale project to a large-scale project, do. Having 13,000 backers means that not everyone is a techie. It’s also already too big a feedback loop to let us iterate fast-enough on the very first versions of the project. So we need to anticipate problems before they appear, and come up with an A-level software right away. That’s what we’re doing right now. 

Two factors are specifically important for us: file integrity and performance. As Lima manages all your files, we put a special care in making sure it stores them safely. But it’s also important that the application is very responsive and efficient, as it is used every time you save a file on your device. 


The version we planned to ship in December was programmed in mono-threaded Python, for faster prototyping. For techies, we had decided to base our solution on an event-based asynchronous reactor, with PyPy’s JIT enabled for better performance. During our tests, we figured out the response time of file access IOs was going to be below our expectations with this technology. Everything indicated that if we continued to use it exclusively, our first version wasn’t going to be responsive enough for an acceptable use, even in beta. So we took several measures to correct this. 

  • 1. Change of technology. Our first decision was to change the technology behind the critical parts of our apps, as soon as possible. This has been a bold move, as it meant taking back months and months of work to design a more efficient solution. We decided to stop using Python for current development, and to recode the critical parts of our apps in multi-threaded C. The upside is that using C gives us a far better control on the performance of the applications. It makes Lima way faster. Using multi-threaded code also gives us the opportunity to use the multiple cores available in modern processors, to increase responsiveness even further. So we are in a clear path to achieve our goals in terms of performances. The downside is that we had to readapt in depth the architecture of our program. This process is costly in terms of delays, and is the main cause behind our decision to delay shipping. 
  • 2. Change of components. We also changed some external components used in our firmware. We were initially using the open source solutions provided with Linux and OpenWRT to manage NTFS and HFS+ file systems. But ntfs-3g proved to be too slow, and hfsplus didn’t handle the HFS+ journal well when writing. So we switched to proprietary components instead, which improves performances and response time. 


Another challenge we faced lately is the compatibility with the Mac platform. Thanks to the backer dashboard, we know about 20% of you are using Macs. We realized that Mac OS Maverick broke some of the OS integrations of the Lima Mac app. This is something we need to fix before shipping. 

From our performance tests, we also figured out additional work is required to make Lima more integrated with SpotLight and Time Machine, which index your files extensively. So we added these items to our planning.

Current status

Currently, we have four people in our software team. From left to right, here are: Denis, Gawen (our CTO), Remy and Avetis. An additional developer, Pierre, will join us full time in January. 

 Since September, the team has been mostly working on improving the Lima core performance. Here is the current status for each part of the app: 

  • Firmware: basic firmware mechanics (cross-compilation toolchain, bootloader, linux distribution customization, auto-update routines, rescue mode) are ready. We’re waiting for a stable version of the core to finish integration. 
  • Desktop apps: most OS integration components (file system drivers, icon overlays) are ready. Some still need fixing to get compatible with Mac OS Maverick. We’ve postponed the development of auxiliary interfaces (file sending window, configuration window) for a few months to focus on priority subjects. The team is working on the core and its installation on the various platforms for the time being.
  • Mobile apps: this has also been shifted a bit in the planning. We’ve decided to develop the iOS app slightly before Android, so we can focus on one platform to shape the first version of the interface. Development of the iPhone app (interface only) is giving rapid results. Our internal pilot app is able to browse files and stream media, using a simulated version of our core. Android development starts in January. 
  • Web app: front end development has started. Our current iteration enables us to browse files online. We're now working on file management features. Backend development is planned to start in February.
  • Hardware: as mentioned in last update, the device is now ready for production. We have begun provisioning the components, starting with the processors and the SDRAM, which both require larger provisioning delays. However, to compensate for the additional wait imposed by our new software timeline, we’ve decided to put in additional work on the production process so we can improve the external case design of the device. More info on that very soon. 

Here’s how we plan to organize our work for the next steps: 

As you can see, we don’t have a full visibility yet on the time needed to refactorize the core. This explains why, even if we know we’ll be able to ship in Spring, we can’t give an exact shipping date yet. Of course, we’ll let you know as soon as we know more. In parallel, we’re continuing the development of the desktop and mobile apps. 

That’s it! This was a bit technical, but I think it was necessary to give you a relevant picture of the challenges we’re facing today. 

I hope this gives everyone a better idea of where we are and what remains to be done. Lima is a very ambitious and complex project. It requires rethinking most of the file storage foodchain, from the hardware up to the file system, and up again to your desktop & mobile file management interfaces. 

Lima will rock storage, but it won’t be just working with random files. Lima will be working with your data. And we take this responsibility very seriously. We must make sure the product we ship keeps your data entirely safe and improves your overall computer experience. That’s why we preferred anticipating problems and working a few more months to make sure our software fits to our (high-level) quality standards. 

We’re glad to have you by our side to finish Lima’s development. We’re really eager to ship you the first Lima devices and to start getting your feedback. We’re all working days and nights for this. And we’ll make it. 

Thank you for your support and enjoy your day! 



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    1. fmotta on

      I hope the post card was not supposed to be something valuable... are we on track?

    2. Missing avatar

      philmiami on

      I guess it's going ok. I honestly forgot I had put up money to this because it seems that I never get anything in email from you or kickstarter about any progress being made.
      For me it seemed like a good idea to made USB drives into a NAS that was accessible from the internet too BUT, while most people in the USA have a broadband connection (whether it's ADSL/Uverse/Cable) in their homes, it is download to them, not upload to the net.
      Not everyone can have OC 256 to their house, and besides, it's the 'last mile' that makes everything slow but anyway, if it comes along works good then it's worth it to have a private cloud that you don't have to pay monthly to some company somewhere.
      I just wanted to know, is the ethernet connection a GB connection or a 10/100? Is it auto sensing from 10/100/1000?
      Otherwise, good luck....hope things are going good.

    3. Brian on

      Can we at least get an ETA?

    4. Gregol Gratis on

      I have no problem with the delay if it's justified. And I think it is!
      Good work Lima team!

    5. Missing avatar

      Christopher Carlton on

      If you are going to have a significantly delay in the product release date then you should be communicating more.. I agree that improving the product may be a worthy goal but not at the cost of delivering on the original product. Not meeting the expectation you set for those that funded your project will likely result in you kissing future funding while developing a reputation of not completing a project! I contributed to 5 projects at the same time this one was done and Lima is the only one I have not received. Very disappointing from my perspective because I encouraged others to invest...

      Can you shed any light on where you are with the project?

    6. Missing avatar

      Eric Koboldt

      Wow, what a huge disappointment. I am in product development and work closely with all of the largest retailers in the world. I say that to say there are none that would ever allow such a delay.

      The fact you would have provided the retailer with a portion of a set that is producing negative income is unacceptable.

      You have been provided funding, a tremendous amount of funding, however the fact you all, as smart as you are, were incredibly ignorant to the development process and shipping.

      You can take a great idea and always improve it however the product will never make it to market.

      I truly believe KS should penalize you and any other project for delays caused by the project leaders. I understand things happen however this is ridiculous.

      In my opinion all of us backers should seriously consider filing for a refund.

    7. Missing avatar

      Gio on

      @Pierre and @CGC I know that you have minimum non compresisble hiring time of at least 3 months, nevertheless I am surprised that the team is so small, since September already 3 months are gone and I was expecting of a bigger team... also saying that you Pierre will join from January is good but not enough, I was expecting an excuse saying we have hired 4 more developers in the meantime so that we can keep with a totally new schedule and product, given that we decided to restart from scratch and to compete at the level of much bigger companies than a usual start-up (or wasn't it the meaning of explaining the delay, wanting immediately to deliver a product as big companies does?)

    8. Andreas Finger on

      I love that you take your time to deliver a rock solid and performant product. Being a developer myself, I hate deadlines that force you into too many compromises (which might be ok for websites, but not for a product like Lima).

      I am also worried how 4 (soon to be 5) developers will handle all this Python, (low level) C, Objective-C, Java, JavaScript and whoknowswhat development... I hope you are all super experienced in all of that to deliver the quality we all hope for.

      Thanks for keeping us updated.

    9. Patrick Henry de Dios on

      Awesome update guys! Thank you for shedding light on the progress of the project and I trust you guys to bring an awesome high quality product to us.

      Looking forward on the progress of the project and of course on the product itself.

    10. The CGC team Creator on

      Hello everybody,

      Thanks for your comments and support.

      @Michael Mariano: looking for a job? Send us a PM at team AT We'd love to figure out how you can help!

      @Gio, @Frank: As Pierre Chapuis notes, we're indeed hiring (thanks for your comment, Pierre!), but as he explains the process takes time. Developers aside, there's currently 5 more people in the team (to manage hardware production, marketing, ux and operations). It's growing fast!

      @Stuart Nicholson: Windows Phone 8 is still in the post-shipping todo-list, but it's definitely planned. From the first feedback we got with the dashboard, around 5% of the backers use Windows Phone. So it's not much, but it's enough to make us take the plateform seriously.

      @Ryan Prescott: Android developement comes a bit after iOS dev, but the two plateforms will have fully working and equivalent apps when we ship. So no worries on this side :) Regarding the first statistics we have from the dashboard, Android comes second in our stats (40%). iOS is 60%. Crazy right? Interestingly, it seems at least 2% of backers even use the two plateforms.

    11. Missing avatar

      Krish S on

      good update.. don't leave us in the dark again..

    12. Michael Mariano on

      Find me and put me to work please. Thank you

    13. Pierre Chapuis on

      Hello all. I am the Pierre mentioned in this post, joining Lima in January. Before being contacted by them, I was also a backer like you :)

      Obviously, I don't work there yet and I don't speak for the company. I can point at a few things I know though.

      For Henrik Secher Jarlskov who asks about open sourcing the code in case the company closes, see this answer in the FAQ:

      For people saying the company should hire more people, I can tell you they're trying :) But at the same time it's not so easy for a small startup to hire people with the qualifications to work on this kind of software. And even when they do, it can take some time. It took over three months for me to make myself available, for instance.

      Also, the four people in that picture are *only* the developers. That does not include people dealing with other aspects of the company (e.g. the founder who wrote the update, Severin).

      Looking forward to help this team make a great product for you all... and myself :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Frank on

      Great Update mon ami!
      The roadmap looks very very busy for 4 a small team of people... I suggest you hire a few headcount.
      I'm interested to know more about the hardware specs of the device. Can you please give us an insight ? what CPU and GHz ? what Memory size and speed ? USB 3 ?? Ethernet 1Gbps ?

      Well done !!

    15. Missing avatar

      Stuart Nicholson on

      Thanks for the update, we know you are working hard to get this done, remembering that you do not have a unlimited pot of cash to employ tens of developers.
      There is one thing that seems to have been missed off your roadmap WINDOWS PHONE 8 Apps. You previously promised this 'shortly after release' but there is no mention now. This is a problem as this promise was the one that convinced me to invest. Have you any stats from the backer dashboard to show how many users have requested WP8?
      Keep up the good work, remember how many times Apple fail to meet deadlines that the customers expect?!?

    16. Benoit 33500 on

      Courage Séverin ! L'heure de vérité et de la reconnaissance de votre travail est proche. Bravo à toute l'équipe pour sa persévérance. Passez de bonnes fêtes de fin d'année.

      Good luck, Benoit

    17. Noelix on

      Great update guys. Extremely informative and I'm glad you're taking the extra time to make it right. Even so - man that plan is insanely ambitious for a four person team!!!

      Speaking for myself, I say take the time you need to make sure the product is as rock solid as can be prior to beta testing.

      I think one other person had a good suggestion; hire someone to write your updates for you. You need some administrative staff to collect feedback and keep you guys on task. As we can see, you're busy writing code!!!

      Thanks again and good luck.

    18. Chris Russ on

      The mythical man month is a serious issue. Probably too late to add anyone to the software project at this point that will make a difference, or in other words adding people at this point would probably delay the project, unless he already knew HFS+ and had working code in his back pocket.

    19. Missing avatar

      calvinbean on

      If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Thanks for the update.

    20. Missing avatar

      Gio on

      Nice but this update only means one thing:

      I am shouting it as it seems an evidence, giving that you are basically saying that you (re)started from scratch in October or most probably November!

    21. Ryan Prescott on

      The decision for the ordering of Android/iOS implementation should be driven from a survey of donors to this KS.

      I'd be surprised if iOS came before Android in that light, but I've been wrong before!

    22. Cocorickoo on

      thanks for the update, you should keep us updated with more Vine :)

      im used to delays with KS projects. Make Lima a product that can be sold in stores, not just on KS.

      Keep up the good work.

    23. Chris van Gorder on

      Thank you for the update. Frankly, if we wanted a finished product, we wouldn't be lookin for it on KickStarter. (Or shouldn't be.) Do it right. Keep up the good work!

    24. Henrik Secher Jarlskov on

      Hmmm.... thanks for the update!

      Sure it makes it clearer what the current situation is, but it also raises quite a few questions from my side...

      Why wasn't this complexity apparent in the prototyping you did before launching the KS campaign? ... You must have known that Python is not the most IO-efficient way to go!

      Again the number of backers should not change the scope or quality of the product! Did you expect to ship beta-software had it onlky been 1300 backers and then expected that it would be okay to screw up their file systems and files? I really don't see the train of logic...

      Last, but certainly not least, I'm quite concerned for the deep-OS file-system integration you are playing with... Should we expect that this functionality risk getting damaged and the file consistency with it when we download an update from Windows Update or when Provision our SSD?

      It also raises other more troublesome questions, like what happens when you guys cannot manage the many error reports and then close shop? Will we be stuck with a product that doesn't work after the next Service Pack?

      Will you be open sourcing your code to ensure that development can continue where you leave it?

      There are plenty of bad examples on Kickstarter for Hardware with integral software gone horrible wrong - leaving backers with nothing more than fancy paperweights (like ).

      I really hope to get some serious answers to this ...

    25. Missing avatar

      matthelas on

      Great update that fully meets my expectations. I was not really happy with the previous one but imho this one make (the important) things clear.
      Keep the good work (including the communication ;)) and polish the soft. Indeed, files corruption is not a good option!

    26. Missing avatar

      Samuel Allemann on

      Thank you for the update. I can see that with 4 people working their ass of getting this done, you don't want to concentrate on writing what you have done or will be doing. You rather get things done. Unfortunately, this approach - although getting things done faster - creates resentment among the people who give you the money to complete your work. You should understand that with giving you this money, we expect to be part of the process. To escape the dilemma, I suggest you hire someone to do your PR work and answers questions and posts updates on a regular basis, so you can concentrate on reaching your ambitious goal. You have 1.2 Millions to spend right now. If you screw it up, you will probably lose quite some of that money and will be left with nothing to build on. If you do it right and hire people to help you out, you will make a lot more than that by this time next year. Please do it right.

    27. Thomas on

      So many people out there seem to be insane. Whoever wants to share their data to NSA, FBI or GCHQ - just do it and shut up. If the cloud services are your way to keep you data - have fun with it.
      @CGC team: thanks for the update. I´m patient and keen to get a working product. I did not expect to get a Lima immediately after the KS ended. Do your work, learn, and don´t listen to these mad persons. Its a shame.

    28. Tanax on

      @Brendan Rowe: The way Lima works, on an abstract level, has never changed. It was *always* meant to be changing the way your OS interprets (most of) the files in your Home -folder by not having those files on the computer but rather on your harddrive attached to the Lima device. You knew this from the start, why did you back it anyway? Also, Lima isn't meant to compete with harddrives, SSDs or Fusion Drives. It's meant to complement it by automatically syncing (most of) your Home -folder to your personal cloud so that, for instance, the files on your desktop is the same on all your computers.

    29. Missing avatar

      Kevin Saliou on

      Good, although as mentioned in a few comments below : this very same update 2 months ago would have been far more appropriate! Let's hope you can cope with the amount of work left and won't have to delay this again!
      Good luck!

    30. Gianluca Casu on

      I have to say that i staied well off the rise of histerya thata caracterized the last comments about this being a scam/fraud/complot/insertinsulthere.

      I start to get used to projects running late and being a project manager myself I can partly understand the reasons behind.

      I have, nonetheless to state that this update could have been given TWO months ago and spare us a lots of problems, but okay. Communication seems never a priority on Kickstarter.

      Talking of something completely frivolous. Would you terribly mind throwing in the STL file of the casing so that I can print a new color if I did not like mine?

    31. Itay Levy on

      Hi guys,

      Great update! I'm glad you decided to leave Python aside and use C for much better performance and in my opinion easier cross platform integration.

      I would like to help you because I really believe in that project.

      Please contact me if you need any advice and / or help developing and testing.


    32. Vagelis Fragkos on

      Guys I think that was the best update of over 20 projects that I have backed here!
      As JP Re says below,me too I have another 2 NAS drives and 2 external usb drives of 1tb & 2tb.So am pretty backed up.Your product is mainly focused on software and how data will be handled.It's very important to have documents that are not going to be corrupt and speed transfers.Apart from that sharing is crucial and secondary the multi-user platform.Let me tell you another thing:Because of the awesome design when somebody sees that at my house they will ask me what it is and I want to give them the chance to try it for themselves (cause yes I know about computers but not everyone)So the product must be kind of "full-proof" for not computer-literate folks out there.So yes please take your time and design great software.I believe around May 2014 is the time my Lima will arrive.Last thing:Please mind the shipping platform and not ship with UPS/Fedex to European & Australian backers.Use USPS or a logistics company to ship within the EU or within Australia & NZ.Thank you,keep up the good job.

    33. Missing avatar

      Brandon D on

      please expound upon this statement: "They change the way your computers manage their files, by introducing a new file system for your devices. They are the ones making Windows, Mac OS or Linux display all of your files in your computer, no matter its size.'

      Specifically, which file systems will need to be modified, and why?

    34. Mike Morrison on

      That clarifies things a lot better than the last update!
      the last update looked like an excuse, this is very different.

      Thanks & good luck

    35. JP Re on

      Hello Guys,

      good update on the situation. I've 2 back-up sets, so take all the time you need to give us an fool-proof Lima.

      Don't let all the complainers get under your skin, they want a Lima right now, but if you would have shipped them now, they would start screaming Hell, because it would not work the way the want it to be.

      Good to delay all shipments to spring '14



    36. Missing avatar

      pmtheone on

      Soraru guys but I think he said right things:
      "NihLyle about 4 hours ago
      It sounds like you had no creative or inventive engineering idea when you started just a vague concept. And now you are hacking at the problem.
      I expect your product will never see the light of day.
      By the time you get this "done" a big brand will have a cheaper, better researched, & tested one out."

      Hope to be wrong, let's see....

    37. Missing avatar

      William Cabana-Marshall on

      I was wondering if using your SDK I could integrate it with my pre-existing media server. So as to not have to remove those drives and place them in enclosures. Perhaps a server or software side client?

    38. Kenny Ng on

      I'm not much of a techie guy, but now that it seems like there's some kinda re-architecture of my native file system, it kinda scares the shit outta me. It feels a little too invasive, and should anything happen, I would have absolutely no idea how to troubleshoot or perform some kinda obscure command prompts. I'm afraid this is one project I just have to sit out on. Does someone have any idea if it's possible to pull out from this? Don't get me wrong, I think this product is great, and I do actually trust the guys working on it. I've just come to realize that this isn't what I signed up for or/and not quite prepared for if things fail or crashes. Cheers

    39. Lee Teck Koon on

      Take as much time as you need.
      I would take a "windows 7" product over a "vista" product.

    40. Joseph Balderson on

      I'd rather risk $150 on the chance that a networked file synchronization and backup system which keeps MY data on MY hard drives without a half dozen 3-letter agencies peering over my shoulder every step of the way _might_ come into existence, than spend nothing and miss out on the chance of owning such a gem. In this age of cloud-based storage with ZERO security and privacy, this one stands out. And because it's new, and different, it might take a little longer than expected to get it right. What the hell are some of you all bitching about? None of you personally invested that 1.2 Mil. No, you invested 150 bucks. Hell most of us spend that every month on lottery tickets, restaurants and going to the movies. Or as the case in this season, a few Xmas gifts. You invested $150 for the opportunity to support the creation of a revolutionary file storage product. Not to purchase it on delayed consignment. You'd think someone had robbed your grandmother the way some of you are behaving. Be a grownup and a grip already.

    41. Missing avatar

      Brendan Rowe on

      I will be filing for a refund, as you are now not offering the product described. I have a couple big problems... Thinking that you are going to re-architect my OS's filing system is ridiculously invasive. I have news for you, Mavericks is one in a long line of updates that will never stop. I personally use a fusion drive that shuffles files in the background based on my frequency of use. Do you think you can compete with that level of sophistication? Do you expect me to trade my stable platform for your, who knows how stable? This is long winded for what has turned out to be a ridiculous product... Lastly, my second big problem, you're already outdated. Personal clouds are here and will only be far beyond your product by next summer... If you can get it done by then. Better luck next time, boys.

    42. Missing avatar

      Dave H on

      I really DISLIKE that new look. The white looks crappy IMO.
      Now, does this update mean we are gonna be waiting longer? WTF?
      Hell no! Please say it ain't so.

    43. Joseph Balderson on

      LOL, some people are never satisfied. Obviously there's been a learning curve on the part of the Lima team, but it looks like they're finally getting it right, and they're communicating their processes and updates with us. Bravo CGC Team, this is what we needed to hear. Keep up the good work.

    44. Missing avatar

      Vikram on

      These updates are awesome but really guys, how long do we need to wait now. By the time, LIma arrives on my doorsteps, there will be others lined up for sale in retail stores. My only fear is that, LIma should deliver what it said initially, but looking at your updates, it is very clear that, you guys did not have a foresight. You got excited, built a prototype and launched it on Kickstarter. Make sure it does not become an obsolete hardware by the time it reaches our doors.

    45. NihLyle on

      It sounds like you had no creative or inventive engineering idea when you started just a vague concept. And now you are hacking at the problem.

      I expect your product will never see the light of day.

      By the time you get this "done" a big brand will have a cheaper, better researched, & tested one out.

    46. The CGC team Creator on

      @All: Thanks for your warm comments. You rock!

      @Adam: That's a great idea. In the same spirit, we're thinking about opening a private beta early next year for the backers, on a voluntary basis. We'll let you know what we choose!

      @Thomas Arman: don't worry, if you're talking about the external components we chose to use, we're talking about proprietary drivers to manage well known filesystems. The filesystems used to store data on your USB hard drives will still be 'standard' filesystems, such as Ext4, NTFS or HFS+.

      @Suresh K. Volam: it's planned! We'll be starting WP development right after shipping, with a priority depending on how many backers say they have a Windows Phone in the backer dashboard.

    47. Juan Gallardo on

      I am okay waiting a few more months as long as the finished product works as promised. I just hope the don't make us wait a few more months and then the finished product isn't what we expected. I think you guys should hire more people but that's my 2 cents. Keep up the good work. Don't let us down.

    48. David Timpe (Not a CGC/Lima Fan) on

      Sketchy. The update gives me the impression that you have none of the project components complete except maybe the hardware which you have wasted time changing. The description of what is working seems trivial compared to what needs to be delivered. You've got our money, hire more people to get this thing done. Considering a refund.

    49. Suresh K. Volam on

      Please consider Windows Phone app also.

    50. Amnon Govrin on

      What is unfolding is the reality of how hard it is to make a file sync product, let alone one with separate hardware.
      As someone who works for SkyDrive I can sympathize, albeit somewhat concerned that these issues are coming up now, the project seemed to be further along (or at least that was my impression) from the KickStarter presentation.