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Lima reinvents the way your devices store data. Find the same files everywhere. Forget size limits. Keep your content private.
Lima reinvents the way your devices store data. Find the same files everywhere. Forget size limits. Keep your content private.
12,840 backers pledged $1,229,074 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Zamp on

      I bought two Lima (both still in their sealed boxes) in the kickstarter so that I could use the replication feature. If I understand correctly, replication wasn't in place at version 1.0. Did replication ever get added? Is there anywhere that Lima posts info on their software updates, or is development of the Lima no longer being pursued?

    2. Missing avatar

      jack lennon on

      Still haven't received by Lima, i completely forgot about it. any chance of an update of when mine is being posted?

    3. Missing avatar

      Robert Masters on

      OK, I *know* this is a kickstarter, and I should not expect to actually get *anything at all*.


      Either come out and tell us that Linux is dead as a Lima platform, or give us some sort of crumb to get started with.

      Even being able to register the device under Linux would be a start, as we could then use them with phones and tablets, even if we cannot sync to the OS. Some sort of OS sync would be great - but anything is better than a vague "We're working on it."

      There are a whole lot of us out here who are extremely unhappy.

    4. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    5. Joey Smith on

      If you are interested in some additional Lima devices, I have two of them - completely unopened - that I am willing to give away for the cost of shipping. See

    6. Jurg on

      Great job, the 1.0 release solved all the issues I had.

    7. p-middy on

      "1.1 is already on all of our minds, and will be focused on the back-up plan, to have 2 Lima devices back each other up in case one the hard drive fails."

      This was advertised functionality during the kickstarter. You offered - and I among others - bought TWO limas because of this functionality. By announcing that you are "out of beta," you have admitted that as-released, your software is feature complete. Thus you have failed to deliver on what you described in your kickstarter.

      Please let me know how I can get a refund.

    8. Ian 'Smurf' Murphy

      Mine works fine in windows 10.

    9. terry on

      I give it too them ...they can talk a loads of shite.
      Linux support from them will never happen .
      what about windows 10 or 11

      I Want A Refund....Now....i will send back the Limes to you

    10. Jörg Lippmann on

      @cloud-guys »Linux support will arrive at one point but we don’t have an ETA at this point.«
      usually means: »We haven't even started yet«. Bye bye, 79 EUR …

    11. Missing avatar

      Dave Nelson on

      I'm another Linux user waiting to use the Lima.

    12. fmotta on

      @Brian: It is Boolean Algebra
      Algebra: algebra is the study of mathematical symbols and the rules for manipulating these symbols

    13. Brian on

      For example: .90>.11

      Is that mathematical statement true or false?

    14. Brian on

      You guys should really learn to count.

    15. fmotta on

      Oh - yes, and with a small change in building the OpenWrt image... all modern file systems was available and they were not proprietary nor did they require reformatting your existing drive...

    16. fmotta on

      Linux support was/is available in the firmware that shipped with the basic product (I think it was the Addonic NAS) which was open source, audited, and maintained by seasoned professionals over many years.

    17. The CGC team Creator on

      @Chris B: You can actually do this with Lima without problems. The way it works now is the following: you have a Lima drive on your desktop, and you can move or copy files in there. The files will be automatically uploaded to your Lima device. They won’t be stored locally by default, but if you want to do this, you just have to go to advanced settings and check the box “Automatically keep an offline version of the files created on this device”.

      So you do choose which files you want to put in Lima, and you also choose if you want them to be kept locally or not. The unification feature - which is coming soon but I can’t give you an exact date because as you all know, we’re not really good with ETAs - will enable you to stop choosing which files are in Lima because it will automatically take all of them. Note that this feature will be optional, so if you don’t want it, you’ll be able to stay with the current settings.

    18. The CGC team Creator on

      @Linux folks: We hear you, and we haven’t abandoned you. Linux support will arrive at one point but we don’t have an ETA at this point.

    19. fmotta on

      @David: It is one of the options in the OpenWt build - I have to go see if I have the VM I built my image on. But, purely from memory I put some info in comments for this project that is a good starting point.

    20. Missing avatar

      Martin Zecher on

      Linux isn't even an alternative to the survey.... what the hell???
      "We released 0.9 version for all platforms" Is this a joke?

      We Linux users are used to be left behind, but when a project specifically states that it WILL support this OS and then it says that it will be delayed a little, the least I expect are some words about the progress in all updates.

    21. Benjamin ThePaparazi Singleton on

      The best part of the Lima Project was the wood headphones albiet better quality is found on

    22. Missing avatar

      David 10216 on

      @fmotta How did you replace the Lima firmware? Does OpenWRT work with Lima without modification or did you have to customize it? Is there a way to reinstall Lima firmware if desired, or is it a one way operation?

    23. fmotta on

      With this worthless 'update' I was reminded to turn off notifications from this project... no need to hear from the CGC people ever again...

    24. fmotta on

      My Lima hardware is effectively doing what it is intended to do with open source code... I took OpenWRT and replaced the shitty firmware provided by CGC and it is serving many files (albeit slowly) onto the the internet safely ands securely.

    25. Jörg Lippmann on

      Not even a single word about the promised Linux support. Very very disappointing. Please be honest that you don't intend to write Linux drivers, so that I can finally unsubscribe from this blog and throw my Lima in the trash.

    26. terry on

      ..............................Breaking News.............................
      I got a email from Team Lima.....

      "You received your Lima on August 5 but it doesn't look like you've installed it yet.
      We wanted to touch base with you to understand the reason why & see if there's anything we could help you with.

      Could you take just a second to answer this quick survey?"

      my answer


      will they reply ?

    27. Missing avatar

      Chris B on

      Been a long time since I checked in here... My Lima is still sitting in it's box.

      My hope was that this would work like a personal Drop Box... it would be a network location where I could *choose* to put files in and then access from any device that I wanted to.

      However, my latest understanding was that Lima intends to REPLACE local storage on my devices as much as possible. That files would automatically upload to the Lima drive rather than save locally.

      This is NOT what I want at all. I want the ability to pick what does or doesn't get uploaded to the drive and I always (well, almost always) want to keep a local copy of the file as well.

      So, I guess the question I have is: Is Lima still trying to take over my devices?

    28. terry on

      Linux ?
      How long do we have to wait till this word will appear in a update ?
      Have you given up on Linux? just tell us
      I have two Plugs / Limes unopened and cant use them till this is sorted out
      Do i have to sell them ?

    29. Keith Blyth

      Putty it does not work . No answers to my questions on the forums. I now have two NAS but no actual Lima features ... Hurd I'll keep using them as a paper weight

    30. Kyle on

      Haven't checked on this product recently, it's been sitting in its box on a shelf... Does the device still change the file types?

    31. Missing avatar

      Dave Sherohman on

      Linux... Unification... Mirroring between two Limas...

      Those were all promised in the kickstarter. They're the reasons I pledged in the first place. None of them are there yet. So how can this be 1.0?

    32. Brent Passey on

      Still can't get mine to work. It worked for 5-10 min. Now it can't connect. Support emails send outdated help advice.

    33. Arman Borghem

      Ditto with unification ... these improvements in the update sound phenomenal, but I've been waiting to start using Lima until you have unification in place. :)

    34. Missing avatar

      Robert Masters on

      OK - I see in the release blog that something is coming soon.

      I am waiting with bated breath!

    35. James on

      I have been waiting for the 1.1 feature of replication between two lima devices, to me that was the killer feature when this project was announced. Little over 2 years getting there we are almost there.

    36. Missing avatar

      Robert Masters on

      And the Linux users still have bricks... :(

      At least release something that lets us configure the device!

    37. Rich on

      awesome stuff, my lima hasn't had any problems in ages!

      i have to ask, where is unification? i would rather you stop work on everything else and get that sorted first

    38. Marc Roodveldt on

      I actually forgot about this project