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Lima reinvents the way your devices store data. Find the same files everywhere. Forget size limits. Keep your content private.
Lima reinvents the way your devices store data. Find the same files everywhere. Forget size limits. Keep your content private.
12,840 backers pledged $1,229,074 to help bring this project to life.

We’re coming out of beta!

Posted by The CGC team (Creator)

Hey everyone,

Things have been wild since this Summer! We’ve shipped all of you by the beginning of September, and saw Lima devices keep popping up all over the world. Specific thanks to all of those who have sent out tweets with pictures ;) Very nice.

If you haven’t received your Lima device yet, check out the very end of the update.

During those few months, we’ve been constantly talking with you to keep improving your experience with Lima. 

Whether it was through support emails, feedback surveys, or the Lima Feedback Centre, you’ve been very helpful. Finding new bugs, showing us where improvements were needed, etc.: your feedback has been incredibly valuable.

Just to give you a bit of overview: 

  • More than 14 000 emails were exchanged between you and our support team ( since the end of July. 
  • 591 topics have been created and discussed on the Lima Feedback Centre since its introduction.

You’ve probably been in touch with Christophe, Arnaldo, Thierry, Leon, Benjamin, Karine, Carmen, Cecile, Stephane, Narim, Manuel, Haingo or Faniry already. And have discussed with Gawen, Denis, Pierre, Dmytro, Guenole, JC, Pierrot, Charles or other developers on the Feedback Centre.

So, how have things improved in the product since this summer?

Every Monday, we post a tech update explaining you what we’ve been working on over the previous week. You can find all of these here.

I’ll sum things up since July:

Week 30 (end of July): 

  • We released 0.9 version for all platforms and shipped all of those who hadn’t been part of the beta tests yet.

Week 32 (beg of August):

  • Version 0.10 was released for all platforms.
  • Boost of performance and stability on all platforms, 
  • On desktop computers, files are no longer kept offline by default, 
  • In your Lima Preferences, you can check if you’re in P2P or relay, 
  • You can open and share any Lima files with another app on Android.

Week 36 (end of August): 

  • Updated versions of 0.10 are released on all platforms. 
  • More stability, introduction of the Lima Feedback Centre to communicate directly with developers on problems found, 
  • You can open and share any Lima files with another app on iOS.

Week 40 (end of September): 

  • Version 0.11 was released on iOS and Android.
  • Big boost of performance (x10!) on all operations, 
  • New status on mobile for clearer understanding of what’s happening with your files.

Week 42 (mid-October): 

  • Version 0.11 was released for Windows and version 0.12 for iOS and Android. 
  • Windows does a x10 in terms of performance, 
  • Possibility to reset your password 
  • More options to choose Lima’s behavior in Advanced Settings. 
  • Internationalization for iOS and Android. 

Week 43 (end of October): 

  • Version 0.12 was released for Windows.
  • Internationalization: Lima is available in Spanish, German, Italian & French

Week 45 (beginning of November): 

  • Version 0.13 was released for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android 
  • El Capitan support (hurray!) and a x10 improvement in terms of performance for Mac, internationalization and password reset, 
  • More information and ETA of what’s happening between your computer and your Lima when you click on the Lima icon in your taskbar, 
  • Recent hard drives are able to sleep when not used by Lima, 
  • New wizards on mobile to help you get started and make the first photo import, 
  • Major stability improvement on all platforms.

Lima 1.0 is here

Today is a big day because we’re now officially coming out of beta.

We’re releasing a new version. Version 1.0.

Version 1.0 brings massive improvements for all platforms.

  • It’s 10 times faster to upload files to the Lima device when you’re outside of your home network,
  • It’s 10 times faster to download files from the Lima device when you’re outside of your home network, 
  • Performances when you’re in relay are 5 times better
  • Stability is much better.

Because it’s such a big update, we need you to update all platforms in order to use Lima properly.

  • If you haven’t installed Lima yet, just go on and follow the steps.
  • If you have a version of Lima prior to 0.9 installed on your computer, uninstall the Lima app (following these steps) and re-install it, following the steps of
  • If you have a version of Lima equal to or superior to 0.9, the application will automatically tell you to update within the next 24 hours.
  • If you’re using Crashlytics: delete the Lima app, and download the 1.0 version from the official stores (AppStore and Play Store)

To make 1.0 complete, there will also be a firmware update pushed on Lima devices by the end of the week. This will be done automatically. 

What else is coming?

Coming out of beta doesn’t mean we’ll stop updating the Lima apps. Quite the opposite.

1.1 is already on all of our minds, and will be focused on the back-up plan, to have 2 Lima devices back each other up in case one the hard drive fails.


We can’t wait to see you all update to this new version and tell us what you think.

Severin and the Lima Team


PS: To all of those who haven’t received their Lima devices yet: this isn’t normal.

Can you please: 

  • Check for emails sent by “” in your inbox (we’re using the email of your Kickstarter account). You should have received an email asking you to confirm your rewards or confirm your address. Make sure to check your spam as well. If you find it, just follow the steps indicated in the email and you will be shipped right away.
  • If you can’t find any emails from us, please send an email to so that they can check what went wrong.

The update you were waiting for: we're shipping everyone!

Posted by The CGC team (Creator)

Hey everyone,

Today is the big day! 

We’ve been waiting for this day since we’ve started our journey on Kickstarter. We are now ready to ship the Lima devices to all of our backers!

We’ve released the Lima 0.9 software version last week. As we were explaining you in our weekly updates, this was the last essential step before we could move to mass shipping.

What does it mean for current Beta Testers?

For those who have been part of the Beta Program (i.e. all of those who have already received their Lima device and have installed Lima 0.8.1 or prior versions), you have received an email last week inviting you to switch to Lima 0.9 and giving you all the instructions you need to do so. (The email is called "Lima 0.9 is available: 3 reasons why you'll love it".)

Today also marks the end of the Beta Testing Agreement. You’re no longer bound to it and you received an email today confirming that you can now speak about, show and share your experience with Lima as you like.

What does it mean for backers who weren't part of the Beta program?

For backers who are starting the Lima experience now, you will receive an email today asking you to confirm your shipping address. Nothing special is required from you apart from confirming your shipping details. No Beta Testing Agreement. No Beta Key.

Just confirm your address, and your Lima will be ready to go! You'll receive an email when your Lima leaves the warehouse with a tracking number. Note that since we're now shipping everyone at once, it might take a bit of time to receive yours (up to 3 weeks maximum). 

The first people to confirm their shipping address will be the first shipped, so confirm yours ASAP! 

The email is sent to your Kickstarter email address, so make sure to check this inbox and your spam if you haven't received yours. 

What’s next?

Even if it’s a great and major milestone for us today, the adventure is far from over.

As you know, the Lima software isn't at its final stage yet, and will gain stability and features in the coming weeks and months. You will all keep receiving free software updates as we continue development. Lima is not bug free yet, but thanks to the support & time of our thousands of beta testers we’ve tackled the most critical challenges.

For the time being, please note that using two Lima devices to back each other up is not supported, and that this feature will be implemented in the next few weeks. The Linux client is not included at this stage, even if it’s a great priority on our side and will come ASAP. 

One last word

Lima is an ambitious project. As you know, we’ve been going through some challenges in the past year and a half. I would like to sincerely thank all of you for your patience, support and also for your questions and feedback.

We’ve been learning so much along the road, it has been an incredible experience. I would like to congratulate the whole Lima team for all the efforts, the energy, the time they’ve dedicated to this amazing product, the great ideas and massive work they’ve produced to make it happen.

Gawen and I are very proud of this first achievement and we’re convinced we’re just at the beginning of the next revolution in computing. 

We can't wait to see you playing with Lima.

Let’s keep building the next big thing together!


All beta testers shipped: who's next?

Posted by The CGC team (Creator)

Hey everyone,

It’s awesome to see so many of you with Lima in their hands. As I’m writing, we’ve shipped 3935 of you, so we’ll hit the 4000 mark tomorrow.

Note that all the backers who registered on the beta list from our last update have received their Lima devices. If you’ve registered and haven’t been given a chance to receive yours, check your emails as we should have sent you an email if something went wrong (ex: you haven’t filled out your backer dashboard).

If you want to receive your Lima in Beta in the next few days, don’t hesitate to subscribe to the Beta list. We’ll ship the first to subscribe directly, and then keep following our rate of 1 backer shipped every 15 minutes.

Some messages from backers on social networks
Some messages from backers on social networks

Where are we now?

All the backers currently using Lima are using Lima 0.8.1 software version. It’s a good version already, but it’s still missing the final element that will make general shipping possible.

That missing final element is the new firmware that we have prepared for Lima devices. That new firmware is extremely important because it solves the last critical bug of Lima, which is that performance decreases when you add a large amount of files in Lima at once.

The new firmware also drastically improves performance in terms of data writing, CPU consumption, battery saving and consumption of temporary space.

We’ve taken more time than anticipated on debugging 0.8 (which led us to pushing 0.8.1 last Wednesday) which explains why we haven’t fully integrated the new firmware yet. Since Wednesday however, the whole team is completely focused on this. The integration actually went pleasantly well, and we’re now testing it like crazy in house.

Once we have a 0.9 version ready to be tested outside the office, we’ll push it to a small group of beta testers (50-100 people). Once it’s proved stable with them, we’ll push this software version to all current beta testers, and ship everyone else as well. We expect that to be around the middle of July.


What happens next?

If you haven’t received your Lima device yet, here’s your choice: 

  • sign up to the beta list here, and receive your Lima device now (the list is now empty and we’re shipping 96 devices a day so it should be very quick). You’ll be using Lima with version 0.8.1 for now and will update to 0.9 when we ship. That means you’ll need to re-install Lima on your devices. 
  • wait for 0.9 to be released. Easiest way if you want everything to work right away without installing the software twice.

As always, don’t forget that you can check the weekly tech updates on our blog to see what we’re working on.

Have a great week,


Ramping up shipping pace + news about Lima’s software

Posted by The CGC team (Creator)

Dear backers,

Time is flying and June is there!

As planned, we have two main challenges this month: keep improving Lima’s software & ship more and more people until all of you have their Lima devices in hands.

Let’s first talk about the latest developments of the product.

Lima release 0.8

A new Lima version has been pushed to the beta testers on Friday, 29th of May. 

This new version came with performance improvements on the Core, a revised installation process for desktop and mobile making the whole thing much smoother, clearer information of the state of Lima and a better management of storage space on mobile devices.

We have collected feedback from beta testers this past week and they confirmed us that the new release worked pretty well on Mac and iOS. It was a bit more chaotic on Windows and Android. 

After several exchanges with the testers through the week, a new release for Android (0.8.1) arrived on Friday and it fixed most of the bugs. All of the Android testers are now fully back on track. A new release for Windows is on its way and will arrive this week.

We invite you to read the latest weekly digest on our blog to get more details about the work done.

Strengthening Lima’s firmware

Since the beginning of May, a specific team is working on a long sprint to revise Lima’s firmware for better handling of very large quantities of files. This is a key project that is necessary for a massive shipment of Lima devices.

This sprint is almost over. We’re currently testing a first version of this new firmware and for the moment it looks great. We obviously need to keep testing it and correct the bugs we find before pushing it into production. We expect to release it at the end of June: this will be the go to ship all remaining backers.

We will keep you posted on this in the tech updates we post on our blog every Monday.

One important feature a lot of you are waiting for is the back-up plan.

As a new version of the Lima firmware is in the works, we’ll need to adapt this feature to the new firmware before enabling you to use a second Lima device to back up the first one. This important feature will come a bit later than we thought, and will be available a few weeks after we ship you all the devices.

Shipping, shipping and shipping

We’re quickly approaching the 2000th backer milestone and we’re happy to announce that we’ve just doubled the shipping pace again!

From now on, we’ll be shipping a new backer every 15 min :D

For those who haven’t left their email on the waiting list yet, it’s here. (If you have already, you don’t need to put it again.)

Don’t forget to make sure you use your Kickstarter email address (the one you had when you’ve pledged for our project - check your Kickstarter confirmation if needed), otherwise we won’t find you. Note also that there is no need to contact us to update your shipping address, as we’ll ask you to confirm your address in the shipping process right before sending.


Last but not least, having more and more backers onboard means we have more and more direct interactions with you, which is awesome. The Customer care team is doing its utmost to answer you as fast as possible, and we’ve been working on scaling our customer support since May. 

 If you’re a new beta tester, here are a few tips for you.

  • If you spot a bug, send a bug report using the Lima apps. Bug reports are used by the technical team to improve the product and collect your feedback. All reports are read and taken into account but we do not answer them personally. If you’re stuck somewhere and need specific assistance, send an email to Give as much details as you can (including screenshots, error messages, etc.)
  • Check our FAQ which is updated daily and answers the most common questions.
  • Read carefully all the emails we send you (from Team Lima), there are major instructions and tips in them (example: When installing Lima for the first time, you must create an account and choose a password, clicking on the link 'Create an account' at the bottom of the login page. Your Kickstarter or backer dashboard credentials won’t work.)

As always, thank you for your support, for your kind words and for sharing your enthusiasm of being part of Lima adventure on Kickstarter!


1000th Backer Shipped + Speeding up Shipping

Posted by The CGC team (Creator)

Hello everyone,

Yesterday morning, we made a surprise to the 1000th backer we were about to ship… I went to his place and delivered him personally his two Lima devices. I hope I did not disturb too much the family morning preparation!

Accelerate shipping

After crossing this “1000th backer” milestone, we’re ready to double the speed at which we send the Lima devices. It means that we will now ship a Lima every 30 minutes. 

Expect further increases of the shipping pace in the next few weeks. Once the product is stable (target: end of June), we’ll ship all remaining backers at once.

For those who want to get their Lima device sooner, we invite you to leave your email here (if you haven’t done it yet). We ship on a first-come first-served basis:

A few tips to make the process smoother:

  • make sure you add your Kickstarter email (otherwise we will not find you) 
  • don’t worry about your shipping address: it will be checked right before shipping your parcel

Don't forget to leave a Kickstarter comment on the thread or share a pic on Twitter when you receive your Lima device!

New developments and bugs solved

Every Monday, we publish on our blog a review of what we’ve been working on in the past week. (We share the link on the Kickstarter wall as well).

Here are the last three ones:

To recap, the core team is continuing to work on an improved version of the Lima firmware to make it more solid & punchy, and a lot has been done to solve crashes & bugs in the Lima apps.

We're now in the process of wrapping up all this work to make it available in the next release. It'll be Lima Beta 0.8, and it should come at the end of next week (depending on QA-approval).

New videos

To finish, I'd just like to share with you videos we’ve produced recently. 

  • The first is a lifestyle video to explain what Lima is.
  • The second video is the first of a long series, focused on specific questions about Lima.

As always, thanks for your support and we’re all very happy to see the community getting its hands on Lima.

Severin and the Lima team