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Lima makes your computer bigger. Make your devices one. Keep your content private. Meet instant file sending.
Lima reinvents the way your devices store data. Find the same files everywhere. Forget size limits. Keep your content private.
Lima reinvents the way your devices store data. Find the same files everywhere. Forget size limits. Keep your content private.
12,840 backers pledged $1,229,074 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Missing avatar

      Christopher Lewis about 11 hours ago

      One thought, if you should fall victim of ransomware would lima app allow them to access all the devices with the app installed and ransom those too?

    2. Cameron Cooke 6 days ago

      No limage for me either. ...

    3. Wayne Neng-Wei Lin 7 days ago

      Didn't get the device

    4. KC (goatCGC) on April 20

      @Alexander & @Rafael - You didn't get your devices, but that means you didn't lose your data. Contact Lima support and ask for a refund.

    5. Alexander Morozov on April 20

      I didn't get my devices ether. What's happening?

    6. Rafael Susigan on April 18

      Still waiting my device... nothing ...

    7. KC (goatCGC) on April 13

      It wouldn't be the first time CGC spent money on Deception rather than Development

    8. BrianS on April 13


      One of the things that really struck me as odd was the claimed transfer speed. Reviewer said he was able to get something on the order of 86mbps on his shit-tier consumer router with this device. That's pretty damn good for an ancient 100base device.

      Just for giggles, I grabbed my old Ineo NAS unit and put a new SATA drive in it. This is a late-gen Bifferboard derivative, using the same 486SX CPU with some additional RAM for buffering and whatnot. Connecting this and my computer directly to my 1000base Mikrotik router, I was able to push 66mbps sustained transfer. Remember that this is with the drive connected directly to the SATA bridge on the processor, not via a USB port.

      I'm don't think the reviewer was able to achieve speeds claimed. While I don't remember my own speeds with Lima, I remember them being painfully slow, certainly slower than the Ineo NAS.

      I have an older version of this NAS as well, with a IDE bridge instead - it's able to push about 48mbps when connected to the same setup.

    9. Corey Schroeter on April 13

      That reviewer is either paid off or an absolute idiot... Actually, I guess the third and most likely option is a union of them both. Either way, I don't get it? Does the fact that it didn't catch his house on fire give the device a +4 rating, and the fact that the plug fit into the drive push it over the top? I'm honestly perplexed. Like that scene from Zoolander. That review makes me think I took crazy pills, except that I'm not the only one scratching my head.

    10. KC (goatCGC) on April 11

      @Luis, ditto. I have had a pogoplug since whenever (now retired) and multiple synology devices; -all of which deliver far and above what Lima is capable of doing. They also do not lie to me.

    11. Luis Perles on April 11

      Yep, and the other very odd thing in the article, and later on the discussion below, was that "you get what you pay for" thing. I find a Synology single bay for $106, just $7 above Lima. There are plenty of other NAS-like devices well below Lima price with much more features. I own one of the early Pogoplug. It is not great, but it you can find it below $50, it comes with more features than Lima, and you just plug your current HDD and it will recognize it and start to index immediately. No need to reformat and I never lost any files there. It's been working for over 6 years with me.

    12. KC (goatCGC) on April 11

      The other odd thing is his defending his "This device is rated at 5/5 stars. I would rate it higher if I could" while acknowledging all the missing features, performance limitations, etc.

      Makes you wonder if a device has to stab his Gran in the eye to earn only 4 stars.

    13. BrianS on April 11


      The author of the article just seems confused to me - "Hey, I got one of those computer things, I can write articles!"

      The interesting thing? He admits he has a Synology unit can do all of what Lima proposed way back when, and more. I'm not sure what the need for Lima is...

    14. KC (goatCGC) on April 11

      @Louis, -what BrianS said. Lima was open about the hardware re-used; one of the few things they fully and honestly disclosed in the campaign.

    15. KC (goatCGC) on April 11

      @Brian - Yeah, the author seems desperately confused by the idea that Lima's proprietary *file* format is somehow akin to breaking a RAID array. Strange.

    16. BrianS on April 11


      >> This is far closer to Cryptolocker than RAID.

      lolololol The NEW LimaLocker virus, er, device. - Pay and still lose your files!

    17. BrianS on April 11


      That's because the Lima device IS that device in a pretty package. It's all based on a device called the Bifferboard, a 486-class CPU SBC that found it's way into a lot of low-end NAS devices.

      I have a unit from a company called Consus that's the same thing with a SATA bridge in a case. I used it for a long time before replacing it with a Synology unit.

    18. Luis Perles on April 11

      @KC, I hope those guys from MacSources realize what a mistake was endorse Lima.
      BTW, I found this NAS very similar to Lima from Addonics ( It strikes me its similarity with the Lima prototype presented in their KS campaign.

    19. Missing avatar

      Gilles Burnier on April 8

      Setting up my Lima. Congrats to the whole team for the job.

    20. KC (goatCGC) on April 8

      Mac Sources reviewed Lima: "This device is rated at 5/5 stars. I would rate it higher if I could."

      Reviewer seems more interested in attacking me for "plaigiarism" than devoting some effort to understanding how "proprietary file format" is not the "same as with RAID."

      Head-scratcher for me, I don't see how you could acknowledge the performance and security flaws while wishing you could give it a more than perfect revew despite them.

    21. Corey Schroeter on April 7

      That review you linked, KC, is spot on (and was actually rather generous of them). It's actually even worse than presented, imo, which is saying something.

    22. Corey Schroeter on April 7

      It is interesting to see this is still a giant mess. Not that I'm surprised, mind you - it wasn't what was advertised and even the "working" version of it was so bad I had to uninstall promptly. The only positive about this is it made me look at what options I had for finding that could actually do what this said it was going to do, and then I found more than one alternate, and an existing one with my router software that was flawless (for me).

      Looks like the company is finally dying out, though, which is what should happen when it is inferior and making claims it in no way backs up.

    23. KC (goatCGC) on April 3

      Video Review of Lima:…

      Still in beta despite the ETA of 12/2013 and being on sold Amazon for half a year

    24. BrianS on March 30

      Just for giggles, I calculated up this:

      In 2001, I bought a 256MB CF card at CompUSA for $119, "Reduced price sale." That's about US$464/GB. I can now buy a 256GB USB drive for $60, at a cost of about US$0.24/GB.

      It's like we're living in the future!

    25. BrianS on March 30


      The fact that Micro Center now sells a 256GB (!) USB flash drive for under $60 is a bigger disruption, says me, to the storage market.

    26. KC (goatCGC) on March 29

      @ExZackly -Who would have thought that is what CGC meant when they kept insisting they were "disrupting the storage market"

    27. ExZackly on March 28

      got my lima, connected it, transfered my files, 2 days later, lost all my files...
      put it back in the box.. pure shit. i bought a wd mycloud, been happy since.

    28. BrianS on March 24


      It certainly turned out to be one, didn't it.

      The original kickstarter did say, verbatim: "The hardware device you’ve seen on the video is ready for production. It will be manufactured by one of our partners in Shenzen. On the software side, we are in the process of transforming our prototype code into production code."

      The information posted on the link you provided seems to state otherwise, that of being an "unfinished prototype." I guess "Unfinished Prototype" and "Ready For Production" mean the same thing!

      What's even worse is that platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo simply do not care past the point of collecting money. They give it a basic smell test, then if something goes wrong they simply step back and say they can't help, they're just a platform. I (foolishly) backed a similar project on Indiegogo that ran into "delays" from a "third party" and now they seem to have left the room except for one comment from someone saying how easy it is to complain about lack of updates.

      Live and learn. Doesn't matter, both Lima and the other project are out of date and worthless these days.

    29. KC (goatCGC) on March 23

      Lima is a scam

      Some of you disagree, preferring instead a narrative where we gave our money to well-intentioned people with a bigger dream than they could pull off.

      Myself and others have posited that CGC lied to backers all along, pointing out that the September 2013 campaign which claimed finished code that required ONLY manufacturing funds for a finished product flies in the face of 2.5 years of evidence to the contrary.

      Below is direct evidence that CGC used the Lima Kickstarter as a funding source to launch a company, rather than a product, in direct violation of the KS ToS and our trust. Read this and decide for yourself:

      Published March 9:…

      "As it is the creator of a company that has a product idea, it is obviously highly motivated but there is no proof that this idea corresponds to market expectations," said Severin Marcombes CEO Lima,

      "At the time we launched on Kickstarter, we were only the two founders with a first unfinished prototype. We literally had nothing to show investors! "

      "When we were going to see investors, they replied that they did not know if they could take the risk of building on our project," says Severin Marcombes. "They asked us proof that we could sell in 1 000." The project has managed to rally 12,800 supporters. A success on Kickstarter gives legitimacy to contractors at the time to meet with investors.

    30. Michael DaSilva on March 22

      Please copy-and-paste this list, including the header above, and this preamble, and add your Kickstarter username to the top of the numbered section.
      Over the months, many people in these forums have publicly requested a refund from CGC Team ie. Severin Marcombes (CEO) and Gawen Arab-Laffon (CTO).
      These requests have been easy to miss, because there are thousands of comments.
      Also, whenever someone Googles this product, or its originators, this list appears in the search results. A case of "reaping what you sow"
      121 David Batu (Refund declined since passed 15 days from delivery date and kickstarter comments section is not the "correct" media for asking refund)
      120 Joseph Finlayson. I got the refund because Lima does not have a Linux client (contrary to what was advertised in the campaign).
      119 Luis Perles. I got the refund stating that Lima never worked as intended on Android and does not have a Linux client (contrary to what was advertised in the campaign).
      118. Faamaoni. Never received a Lima. May I please have a refund.
      117. Jeff Mottle (CGarchitect). Unit can not even install and gives errors and no one replies to support tickets.
      116. Darryl (Refund Policy in the Q&A on backershub has no details. I went on to choose colour - could not. Then items delivered as I thought there was a stage two. Now refusing return and refund.
      115. AnnMarie Johnson (req'd refund via KS messaging; told they wouldn't refund delivered products)
      113. Gift of Gab( multiple emails send requesting a refund, but all were denied)
      112. Michael DaSilva (Was offered refund, but box has to be unopened and you have to front shipping costs to France.)
      111. KDB
      110. leomaier
      109. Albert Chung
      108. C Schroeter
      107. Richard A
      106. Rasmus Andersen
      105. Jakamoto
      104. Ibon Azkoitia (
      104. Johnny Chung
      103. Jonathan Tasman
      102. Hugo Borge
      101. Sebastian
      100. Shant Jordan
      99. Robert Cheung
      98. Wayne Tamane
      97. nahum kivshani
      96. Airad
      95. Clemens
      94. Philipp
      93. Z. Isaiah
      92. AndrewWatson
      91. D. Sun
      90. Nicholas Connolly
      89. Phrig. (added due to comment)
      88. Andrew Pearce .....2 years of waiting and countng ....
      87. Josh
      86. Gloups
      85. Alvin Phang
      84. tropic10
      83. betabrain
      82. Matt
      81. Ulf Behncke
      80. Nestor Miyares
      79. Matt Grandis
      78. shokunin
      77. thunderkingdom (
      76. Julie Tagliamonte
      75. Thomas Orzechowski
      74. tris
      73. Guilherme Mori
      72. Margaret Donohue
      71. Ingo Stengl
      70. Jeramie Johnson
      69. Drew Tennimon
      68. Benjamin Jacob Wehmann
      67. Sébastien KEMPF
      66. BeCause
      65. Adam McIver
      64. Linoge (added due to comment)
      63. Burton Strauss III (added due to comment)
      62. Tadeu Bento (
      61. Shichimi (added due to comment)
      60. Maoz Maroody (added due to comment)
      59. BAPTISTE Jean-Christophe (added due to comment)
      58. Michael Hofer (added due to comment)
      57. Bereth Galicia Cetina
      56. Mirko Maurice (
      55. VW (
      54. Steve Munro (
      53. Afonso Luciano (
      52. Nickstarter
      51. Ariel Wiznia
      50. hans wurst
      48. Robert Gauck
      47. Scott O Clark (added due to comment)
      46. Baskaran Gupta (added due to comment
      45. works
      44. QF (added due to comment
      43. Fred Raguillat (added due to comment
      42. Bogdan Stanciu
      41. Mike Gunderloy
      40. lalee
      39. Colin de Mello
      38. SinNYC (Refund request emailed & ignored)
      37. fmotta (added by comments)
      36. Nicolas Morell (added due to comment)
      35. Justin Bean
      34. Joey Smith
      33. Charles Engen
      32. Amy Daley
      31. Mehmet Acr
      30. Andreas Dahl-Hansen
      29. Gabriel de la Pena ( Requested twice via email & denied)
      28. Daniel Arevalo
      27. Francisco Dianderas
      26. Adam Doig (added by request)
      25. Benjamin Eick
      24. Charles-etienne jamme
      23. Siqi Damien Liu
      22. Daniel Wolpert(added due to request for refund)
      21. Jason Bond (added due to request for refund)
      20. Casey Allen
      19. John
      18. Michael Reiter
      17. Ikalios
      16. kokobin
      15. Brian Carter
      14. Kjell Provost
      13. Keith Anderson
      12. Dongjin Kim
      11. Geert
      10. Brandon Williams
      9. Ian R
      8. TC
      7. Chris Lewis
      6. Derya
      5. TaylorWatson
      4. KC
      3. Ozymandias (managed to get a refund after support called him a 'bastard' and antagonized him
      2. Max Metz
      1. Rey Espinueva

    31. Suresh K. Volam on March 22


      I do not know what you guys did in the last update (1.0.5), but you are really a bunch of crappy idiots. Even though I received my Lima quite some time back, I did not use till last one month because I did not have an empty hard disk.

      Once I bought a new hard disk, I connected to Lima and started moved my files. After move 692 GB of data from my older (yet reliable) hard drives, you idiots gave an updated version of 1.0.5 and I blindly upgraded the software. Since then, whenever I try to access my Lima device, it says connecting, sends crash report to Lima and nothing happens.

      I re-installed version 1.0.5 couple of times, but not use. Finally I uninstalled Lima and re-installed. Now I see that I lost most of the data - my 45 years collection of Photos (about 75,000), About 5,000 Videos and a lot of other files. I really do not have words to describe your idiocracy when you push a software upgrade. Probably you guys became too proud of the backers' support and neglected testing.

      How in the world do you suggest, can I get my files back? I know you suggested to have a backup of all files, but I don't think there will be any idiot to store Tera bytes of data in multiple locations.

      I really cannot be more polite or respectful than this.


    32. Missing avatar

      Jerry Dallal on March 21

      Hey, Luis, I agree about bugs and weekly update. I wanted to draw a distinction between "no site updates" and not issuing weekly updates. The former would be even more damning that the latter.

    33. Luis Perles on March 21

      @Jerry Dallal, I meant weekly update of the planned features and bug fixes. Not the blogs teaching you to have a "healthier relationship with your phone". Since they haven't delivered planned features like Linux and Windows phone support, and unification. Plus, the current software for the implemented devices is full of bugs. You can check their "Lima Feedback center".
      Unfortunately, I have to listen to more and more customers complaining every now and then because Lima banned me from their feedback center just because I requested a refund, and whenever any question/bug report/feature request I've ever made or contributed is updated I get an email. I cannot unsubscribe or close my account because I've been banned.
      That's not war, it's accountability.

    34. Anthony Painter on March 21

      Revived Lima. Binned it. Used the headphones, then lost them. Life is much better.

    35. Missing avatar

      Jerry Dallal on March 19

      I'm no fan of Lima. I got out months ago. I check in out of curiosity occasionally to see if anything has changed. Luis Perles comment from "5 days ago" caught my eye. I checked the website myself. Here's a site update from March 3 (…) and another from March 16 (…). If some supporters want to declare war on Lima, so be it. As I say, I got out months ago. Still, there is the Geneva Convention... :-)

    36. BrianS on March 16


      I'd send you mine save for the fact it got bricked and trashed some time ago!

    37. Luis Perles on March 14

      @Poignant, did you send an email to If not, do it soon. And if I were you I'd ask for a refund. They stopped updating their website, it sounds like they are slowing down on almost everything. To me, this is a sign that they are going out of business.

    38. Missing avatar

      Poignant on March 10

      Could you ship my Limas ??? ⚡️
      No answer and i paid �
      WHO are you ???

    39. Just Sturgis on March 8

      I backed the first day this thing was available as the "Plug" and have had my Lima for about 6 months. Easily one of the WORST products I have ever purchased (backed.) Completely unreliable. Still no ability to connect to a hard drive with existing data. "We’ll invite testers to switch from the Pioneer Kit to the full Lima experience (unification) in a few weeks." This statement still appears on their website after nearly a year without ever delivering on this promise. I have yet to figure out what Lima does better or beyond any NAS device or micro server (PogoPlug, Tonido, etc.) Setup is not easier, the app is not better, the software is not more intuitive, the connection is definitely not more reliable. Why would I buy this or recommend it to anyone? A complete disappointment. This video was back in January and yet this is the same experience today.…

    40. Missing avatar

      Poignant on March 8

      I did not receive my 2 Limas and no answer to my msg ! Why ??

    41. swissmawi on March 6

      The LIMA software is extremely buggy. Date and time of files get messed up which prevents any serious usage of LIMA. At the same time you pretend to be out of Beta and even sell this defective product in shops already! How can you justify such actions?

    42. Creator The CGC team on March 4

      @Javier Arce I invite you to contact the customer support, they will help you quickly:

    43. KC (goatCGC) on March 1

      FakeSpot Opinion: Thumbs down
      (80.0% low quality reviews detected, based on 203 reviews)

      Tread lightly, this product may contain a major number of inauthentic or low quality reviews!

    44. Javier Arce on February 26

      I received my lima but so far I can not make it work. What would be the process?

    45. Missing avatar

      Sean Ahern on February 25

      Still waiting!

    46. Creator The CGC team on February 24

      @Ryan @Samuel @Joerk :D Great to hear!

    47. Creator The CGC team on February 24

      @Steven @Aaron @Erin @Divico @Poignant Can you please contact support? This isn't normal. Just send an email to and they'll help you get your hands on your Lima device.

      To everyone: if you haven't received your Lima yet - send an email to and they'll help you out.

    48. Creator The CGC team on February 24

      @Paulo :)

    49. Joerk Krueger on February 23

      just received my second lima after the first one showed to be defective, received amazing fast feedback on my request, handling of shipping was perfect, with tracking numbers and everything one should expect. great team, now i will give it a try on all my devices.

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