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Lima: the brain of your devices's video poster

Lima makes your computer bigger. Make your devices one. Keep your content private. Meet instant file sending. Read more

Newark, DE Technology
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This project was successfully funded on September 8, 2013.

Lima makes your computer bigger. Make your devices one. Keep your content private. Meet instant file sending.

Newark, DE Technology
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    1. Creator fmotta about 7 hours ago


    2. Creator Quintin Tahau 1 day ago

      Refund please!

    3. Creator fmotta 1 day ago

      Yeah, when the sole stretch goals were changes in plastic color it was obvious that these guys were full of shit. But, I gave them the benefit of the doubt until they changed scope of the project... that was where the lies started compounding into a comedy of errors. Now there is nothing but poor attempts to extend our impatience until some time when (likely) their VC company will take over and either hire one guy to do the whole thing in a few weeks from scratch or just follow through with the raping of the backers.

    4. Creator Glory Goh 1 day ago

      I have no confidence in the project anymore, and would like to request for a full refund too. It is too late to say anything along the lines of "we are testing it to make sure you ship you a superior product". That's what the timeline was for. You've taken the backers for a ride. Please consider responding to all the refund requests, because your explanations just don't cut it anymore.

    5. Creator fmotta 1 day ago


    6. Creator dim3m 2 days ago

      Kirsten's request sounds very reasonable. +1

    7. Creator fmotta 2 days ago

      @Kristen: They also got a bunch more money from a another mark - I mean a Venture Capital company.

    8. Creator Kirsten Haugen 2 days ago

      Hmmm, with $1.2 million in your pockets, it seems this project should have moved along more quickly - certainly you had the cash to creatively solve many challenges. Early on, it seems you spent a lot of that cash flying around to shows and parties. Lately it seems you're trying to get through the beta process, but still, we're 1.5 years past the funding date. Would you be willing to release your books and show us how you've spent our money? Depending on what you've done with the money, that could restore some integrity to your campaign and project.

    9. Creator ChicagoSox 2 days ago


    10. Creator fmotta 2 days ago


    11. Creator KC (goatCGC) 3 days ago

      The product is bullshit, and it is shipped regularly and in large volumes.

    12. Creator Rohit Gupta 3 days ago

      What is the estimated dates for shipping the product. Didn't receive any update for a while now.

    13. Creator fmotta 3 days ago

      @CGC: You say that data in the root of (correctly annotated) C:\. But, I have many drives! What about D:\ and E:\ and all the others? And how do you handle it when I SMB or NFS mount drives to drive 'letters'? Also, what about my VeraCrypt drives that are mounted at a drive letter? Oh, and all the fused file systems I have elsewhere - like my Transporter, bt-sync, ownCloud, loop-back file systems, and mounted images?

    14. Creator fmotta 3 days ago

      @swissmawi: I am siding with KC on this. Yes, I have only backed almost 140 projects so my experience is limited. But, I have also:
      - Made products like the Lima
      - Supported people who have made products like Lima
      - Developed multi-host cross build flow (look up Canadian Cross) tools for all the platforms Lima wants to support
      - Worked in many start ups
      - Consulted to Venture Capital companies
      - And much more.
      I can say, without any reservation and without any doubt that what CGC claims they are planning to deliver should have been completed long LONG ago even if I had to train all the developers straight from College.

    15. Creator fmotta 3 days ago


    16. Creator KC (goatCGC) 3 days ago

      @swissmawi -Those are two incredibly ignorant and inaccurate posts.

    17. Creator swissmawi 3 days ago

      For those asking for refunds all the time: Kickstarter is not a shop. It is high risk venture capital. So so asking for refunds like babies and support the team!!!!

    18. Creator swissmawi 3 days ago

      Actually your task is enormous. Don't let your self get frustrated by angry comments and keep going your path step by step. Yes you are late but when the product safely delivers what you promise it's unique in the world. Keep going!!!

    19. Creator Derya Cebi 4 days ago

      I have backed another project in KS. It went smoothly, they have sent the product, didn't arrive, sent it again, didn't arrive. A problem with the post office. So they wrote me:

      "I understand that this is probably very frustrating and we would like to give you the option of a full refund. Many customers have told us the product is worth the wait but we know not everyone can wait. If you do want a refund please supply us with your PayPal details."

      So for an already backed, produced and SENT product, they still offer me a refund.

      CGC...You MUST offer us refunds for your own sake because if you don't, when we get our Limas, the whole internet will be filled up by horrible reviews that you can't even imagine. Keep ignoring us. What goes around comes around.


    20. Creator Stuart c wegenka 4 days ago


    21. Creator Ian R 4 days ago


    22. Creator fmotta 4 days ago


    23. Creator fmotta 4 days ago

      @CGC: 'C:/' Does not exist. If you must use DOS terminology then do it correctly. The amount of original code needed to make this application is trivial and should take months for the first platform and (if written by half-skilled multi-platform developers) a few weeks per additional platform. From what I have read you have been beta testing at the sub-20 beta users IOS and OSX only. In short... you have taken over a year to get to beta on two platforms. Now, let's be inclusive and state the code on the Lima - what should be a small bit of code wrapped around rsync and some web apps/PHP/Python/CGI on the existing Linux port.... Another month or two. Summary: You have taken over 18 months to get to VERY early Beta what should have been COMPLETED in 6 months. And some may wonder why there is no confidence in your (presumed to be) shipped product.

    24. Creator KC (goatCGC) 4 days ago

      @Creator, let's talk about the "backup" solution you sold. Correct me if this is wrong: There is no direct Lima-to-Lima backup.

      Using two Lima's to "back up" your content requires you to fully sync all content to a middleware device. That is, to back up the entirety of content on Lima A, you have to sync every bit of it to a device that holds 100% of the content and is also syncing to Lima B.

      In other words, if I had only had two phones plus two Lima's, one of those phones would have to hold 100% of its own content locally PLUS 100% of the second phone's content locally to accomplish what you disingenuously label "backup."


    25. Creator Christopher Lewis 4 days ago

      CGC before funding completed you stated it would be possible to tell Lima where your data is stored as many people do not bloat out their C drives to keep the OS running better your comment to Christopher below shows that your choice to change coding language has lead to reduced functionality where one of your drivers to switch was to improve experience
      You lied about functionality and got as least one backer you would not have done if you hadn't

    26. Creator The CGC team 4 days ago

      @everyone Just to keep you up-to-date: Cape Town and Hanoi beta groups have almost all received their Lima devices and will start testing from next week.

    27. Creator The CGC team 4 days ago

      @Jacquelyn: We totally understand this. We are trying to find the best balance between making sure we ship you a great product and shipping you as early as possible to iterate on the product with all backers. It’s a fine line, but we’re happy with the first Beta results and that’s a good sign.

    28. Creator The CGC team 4 days ago

      @Christopher: Lima’s Unification technology only takes into account the folders in your user folder. So if you store something in the root of C:/ that will not be synchronized. Currently Lima’s technology is installed onto the drive where your system is. We’re working on making it possible to select the hard drive on which Lima stores data.

    29. Creator Ikhwan Nazri 5 days ago

      I just want back my money :(

    30. Creator Nassim Bojji 5 days ago

      Scam campaign! I ask you to refund me but you refuse. The bad experience ever, I will never buy stuffs on Kick Stater!! REFUND ME

    31. Creator Ian R 5 days ago


    32. Creator Derya Cebi 5 days ago


    33. Creator fmotta 5 days ago


    34. Creator fmotta 6 days ago

      @Jacquelyn: IMO CGC is beyond the benefit of the doubt and onto doubt of benefit.

    35. Creator Jacquelyn Soh 6 days ago

      I am still contemplating if I should give the CGC team a benefit of the doubt to ship a good product. But I am so sick of waiting. ARGH! To be honest I won't even be unhappy if the product is good. But!! I would be utterly pissed if I receive a lousy product.

    36. Creator fmotta 6 days ago

      Sorry - ~12,000 Limas -

    37. Creator sinnyc 6 days ago

      R E F U N D N O W

    38. Creator fmotta 6 days ago

      It'd be great to see the market flooded with ~1,200 Limas from the backers all dumping these like a bad penny. The value of the company will plummet and they will likely have to do the world a favor and return to their place earning €55 per day on the dole.

    39. Creator fmotta 6 days ago

      The thing I trust Most about CGC is that they will not tell the truth. Now, That I trust Completely!

    40. Creator Vincent Teeuwen 6 days ago

      Refund now, please/

    41. Creator KC (goatCGC) 6 days ago

      @Brandon - You did it wrong. See the TIPS section in my profile.

      See my profile for how to file a credit card chargeback:

      Also see Lorna's recent experience doing so successfully:…

    42. Creator Awakened Sleeper 6 days ago

      REFUND NOW!!

    43. Creator Brandon Eley 6 days ago

      For all those yelling "REFUND" and "CHARGEBACK" don't hold your breath. I tried to dispute the charge with American Express and was told it was too long ago -- they took our money in September 2013. That was almost a year and a half ago!

      At this point if I ever DID receive this device I would just immediately list it on eBay. I have no confidence whatsoever that it would work, and I am not about to install the app that will have access to the filesystem on ALL my devices.

      I've written off this project as one of the few Kickstarter failures I've backed... sad really.

    44. Creator fmotta 6 days ago

      No, REALLY! This is not a difficult product to design, manufacture, test, and ship. REALLY!

    45. Creator fmotta 6 days ago


    46. Creator Kai Chan Vong 6 days ago

      Refund now (please).

    47. Creator Eric Fortin 6 days ago


    48. Creator Andrea 6 days ago

      Berfore Xmas 2013 I've received a postcard from Lima team (the only thing I've received from them!) where they wrote (see the image: ):
      "We know it's disappointing to receive your Lima in Spring [2014] only."
      "Prepare yourself for an EPIC 2014!"


    49. Creator fmotta on February 22

      Oh yeah...

    50. Creator fmotta on February 22

      Darn! I missed a day


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