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Lima makes your computer bigger. Make your devices one. Keep your content private. Meet instant file sending.
Lima reinvents the way your devices store data. Find the same files everywhere. Forget size limits. Keep your content private.
Lima reinvents the way your devices store data. Find the same files everywhere. Forget size limits. Keep your content private.
12,840 backers pledged $1,229,074 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. BS on May 24

      I see the sLima "V2" unit is no longer being offered on Amazon, save a few brave third-party tardlings that are attempting to sell them for $173-ish. The nasty comments continue to trickle in on both that and the original product page, most of which are "Just don't work."

      The "waiting list" for sLima Ultron is still at 97%, where it seems to have been for as long as I can remember. Wonder if they will ever offer it from a seller that allows public commenting? (Answer: Not if they have a brain cell left.)

    2. KC (goatCGC) on May 8

      Aint that the truth.

    3. BS on May 7

      "It sucks"

      The essence of Lima, distilled.

    4. Cyril Lim on May 6

      it sucks

    5. BS on April 22

      @Carlindo Lago - you can try and contact (s)Lima here - - but since the thing doesn't work you must ask yourself: Do I really want this thing?

    6. Carlindo Lago on March 14

      I never received the item. What I have to do?

    7. Missing avatar

      Are Thunes Samsonsen on March 1

      Ah, what a piece of shit this product was. I received mine, but it was utterly worthless, and I feel luck it didn't destroy any of my data.

    8. Missing avatar

      Surong Thunyapadungchot on February 7

      I'm one of fool guy that believes i will get this device. Since i pledge till now i get nothing.

    9. Kane Lambert on February 1

      Went to complain about their new hardware and repost my complaints thread and they've blocked me on Facebook! Terrible business

    10. Kane Lambert on February 1

      Went to complain about their new hardware and repost my complaints thread and they've blocked me on Facebook! Terrible business

    11. BS on February 1

      @DIVICO, I doubt Lima and crew read this comment board anymore. You're probably going to have to use other channels to get your turd or your money back.

    12. KC (goatCGC) on January 29

      @BS - The statements are roughly equivalent in truth and value to be sure.

    13. BS on January 29


      By that logic, every time I took a dump it would be "Innovative."

    14. DIVICO on January 28

      I never get my device. I want my money Back quickly.

    15. Corey Schroeter on January 27

      Lol. I love coming back here to read others who are still as annoyed by this project as I am. It's one thing to fail and just realize you've failed. These people anger me because they act like they succeeded and are still scamming people literally daily. Makes me want to keep posting about their trash and do my best to make sure they never get employed in tech.

    16. KC (goatCGC) on January 24

      @BS - No, you misunderstand. Lima is INNOVATIVE, and therefore you are wrong.

      They are disrupting the full media player market.

    17. BS on January 23

      I have to love how the copy for Lima Ultra promises that "Your smartphone becomes a full media player"

      My Smartphone has ALWAYS been a full media player...

    18. Missing avatar

      Eugene Solomka on January 6

      Worth hardware, software and support i ever saw - over year they could not stabilize it! Works very unstable: mobile app on iphone stuch when syncing photos and video, also mobile app using lot of space for cache or something; lima mapped disk (on windows) or partition (on mac) stuck during copying or accessing files; sometimes lima stuck and reboot needed to restore... lost of money and time. Very not recommended!

    19. BS on January 5

      Someone considering a Lima on reddit:

      I did my part.

    20. HotMayoSandwich
      on January 3

      @KS - Wow, someone's salty.

    21. Peter Ståhlberg on January 2

      I backed two units and got them just fine. But they lied about compatability with Snow Leopard, which was my criteria for backing (and I have written proof of this). I have not tried any other OS, which by the reviews of others was just as well. I have however had great use of the included in ear headphones. So I consider the project dead and a purchase of said headphones. DO NOT BUY THESE PRODUCTS - or any other from this company.

    22. BS on January 1

      @KC, I have 1000000000 nocoin I will invest in your project. Please send me your bank account number, routing number, SSN, driver's license photocopy, passport photocopy, mother's maiden name, full address, and pretty much any other identifying information you have, and I will have my Nigerian Prince friend send you the money.

    23. BS on January 1


      At the time, both had no real indication that they would turn out like they did. At least Lima delivered a product, regardless of the shitty quality thereof. No one is really sure about Wedg. I've had generally good luck with tech products, a good portion have delivered most of what I backed in a reasonable timeframe for a new product.

      But, seeing as how I've already decided to quit backing tech products because of Lima, Wedg, and Ignition, your ignorant-ass comment cannot be taken to heart. Sorry, you get nothing.

    24. KC (goatCGC) on December 30

      @BS - Don't listen to HotMayoSandwich, -you do you. BTW, I am launching a crowdsourced personal cloud storage device that is disrupting the crowsourced personal cloud storage device space in the most innovative manner possible. It is called the V4POR.

      Without giving any technical details of our amazing solution, it makes your computer and mobile devices BIGGER. Need more space on your smartphone? No problem, just put your head near the V4POR and wish for more space. Boom! Your smartphone just got BIGGERER! It's that simple.

      V4POR does not require any wires of any kind, nor does it need a router or internet connection to work. V4POR is open source and really, really secure; no one but you can access your V4POR device. Best of all, V4POR comes in any color you can imagine.

      Please send money...err, I mean "microinvest in this amazing product" as soon as you can as ski season is upon us.

    25. HotMayoSandwich
      on December 29

      @BS - you got scammed by TWO personal cloud storage devices?! Maybe you should refrain from crowdsourcing.

    26. BS on December 23, 2016

      If any of you backed "WEDG: the personal cloud you've been waiting for" on Indiegogo:

      Please log into your Indiegogo account and select contact us. I don't care what you pick, but please:

      Let Indiegogo know about the crap Wedg pulled with the campaign.
      Let Indiegogo know how much money you lost on this campaign.
      Let Indiegogo know if you've tried to contact Wedg or any associated party (and the result.)
      Let Indiegogo know that Wedg isn't talking.
      Let Indiegogo know that Wedg has pretty much vanished from the internet.

      Apparently, the campaign is under review. The more people scream about this, the quicker we get it resolved.

      I'm posting here because it's a similar project to Lima (remote storage) that I foolishly backed, and I wanted to let anyone else who may have backed it know.

    27. KC (goatCGC) on December 14, 2016

      @Kane - CGC has long take the stance that they delivered *a* product which means they fulfilled their commitment to KS backers. They steadfastly refuse to acknowledge that they have not delivered *the* product for which they were paid.

      Despite the "KS is not a store" marketing nonsense, the law is very clear: We have prepaid for a product and the creator is legally bound to deliver the product as described when they sold it.

      This KS has been like ordering a custom leather bag with your initials on it and when it arrived we unboxed a vinyl bag with the company logo on it instead.

      Of course, these creeps are beyond US law and KS is utterly unwilling to hold creators accountable so we are all SoL. Alll we can do now is help prevent CGC from creating fresh victims.

      Don't expect them to help you with that, and their track record of deceiving their customers and backers speaks for itself.

    28. Kane Lambert on December 13, 2016

      A team member from Lima has replied, as have I to their comment. I believe the company is stepping around the issue rather than addressing it, which is very cowardly behaviour.…

    29. HotMayoSandwich
      on December 12, 2016

      Ha! I won't rest until CGC files for bankruptcy and Lima devices are no longer for sale on Amazon. Speaking of which, their "version 2" device is on sale for $10 off! But alas, it looks like that 2.7 star rating and all those negative reviews aren't helping sales much.

    30. BS on December 12, 2016

      @HotMayoSandwich (in regards to Gennadiy Arestov)

    31. KC (goatCGC) on December 9, 2016

      @HotMayoSandwich - C'mon man, CGC never tries to lie to their backers and customers. Totally straight up....



    32. HotMayoSandwich
      on December 9, 2016

      @Gennadiy Arestov - So you created your Kickstarter account right before the Lima campaign ended, and since that time you've not backed any other projects or posted a single comment? Now, for some reason, you chose the subject of your first comment to be your overwhelming success with a product that has been proven to be technically inferior in almost every way to other similar devices on the market? Excuse my skepticism, but this reeks of a shill, and no one believes for a moment that your experience is typical.

    33. Corey Schroeter on November 30, 2016

      Lol, I highly doubt you do, but congrats if somehow that's possible.

      There are just so many options out there that don't double your data footprint, require a backup to your lima backups (because a failure in one part leaves your data corrupted and unusuable). My router literally does everything promised during this process, and it wasn't even considered a major component. And it does it without endangering the data or doubling the data footprint... So ya, grats if you somehow find use for this, but I really, honestly, don't believe it's true.

    34. Missing avatar

      Gennadiy Arestov on November 29, 2016

      Hi! I still use the first device to Lima. EVERYTHING works. Windows 10 Home + Windows 10 Prof + Windows 7 Prof + Android 5.1. Documents, music, photos sync. Convenient! Thank you!!! From Russia with love! Gennady.
      Привет! Я пользуюсь еще первым устройством Lima. ВСЕ работает. Windows 10 Номе + Windows 10 Prof + Windows 7 Prof + Android 5.1. Документы, музыка, фото синхронизированы. Удобно! Спасибо разработчикам!!! Из России с любовью! Геннадий.

    35. Missing avatar

      Vivek on November 28, 2016

      Product is a dud.

    36. KC (goatCGC) on November 26, 2016

      CGC is just trying to squeeze the remaining juice out of these lemons.

    37. HotMayoSandwich
      on November 26, 2016

      I'm certainly not "buying" anything from Lima. In fact, considering I got a refund on my pledge, I technically never bought it the first time.

    38. Gregol Gratis on November 24, 2016

      Lima is pretending and we are buying! We became the fools with the first version and now they want to make a business out of more fools around the world with version Ultra. We have to stop them! Grrr

    39. Kane Lambert on November 23, 2016

      Seeing as they've disabled comments to the CEO's post, I've left this question here. Feel free to post your comments and issues there as the team needs to be made aware of the scale of their failure to deliver what they promised us.

      And just in case they delete the post, here is what I said:

      "After finally seeing an announcement from the CEO. I don't believe people's questions have been answered, necessarily.

      I keep seeing the same response of the new hardware being faster and more powerful etc and yet we're still not with a product that works initially. The correlation I'm seeing is that the original Lima hardware was not good enough in the first place, something original backers had queried before production and to which Lima stated the hardware would work fine.

      If the hardware is unable to perform to how the product was initially promised then you have failed us. A minor discount is frankly an insult, is that's your offer. We should be given replacement hardware for free (maybe pay shipping at the absolute most) if the original is not up to the tasks that were outlined in the backer campaign.

      We were promised X,Y and Z and you haven't delivered. We have a very buggy product 2 years after the initial beta release and 1 year after the first stable release. It's fine to release new hardware to provide new features down the line but we haven't even been given basic functionality that was promised.

      For example, I don't believe for a second that the Lima should be taking 15 seconds or more just to load an image yet will play a 1080p video within a few seconds. This is not limited by my connection speed as I've proven this happens on WiFi and LTE. This cannot be hardware based as my first generation raspberry pi can run as a faster server client.

      We want what was promised at the end of the day and IF new hardware is the ONLY answer to that then you should be providing it at no or next to no cost to us. It's not our fault if the hardwares lack of capability is an oversight of yours and you should do right by us. Instead, you seem to be insistent on either ignoring us or deleting our negative reviews, whilst paying people's to give positive reviews of your hardware.

      I'm asking you, on behalf of everyone with issues, to focus on your original customers. We're the reason you could grow into something much larger, so you need to pile your resources into fixing the issues and not on your marketing."

    40. HotMayoSandwich
      on November 23, 2016

      You think that's an applicable response to your concerns? Giving a $50 off coupon for their new product?

    41. Saurabh Panchal on November 21, 2016

      I actually never received my device!!! and these guys have already started to sell LIMA ULTRA... I feel all the backers should do something about these CGC guys!!!!

    42. HotMayoSandwich
      on November 20, 2016

      Kane Lambert, you're wasting your time. They don't give a shit about you or any of their other backers/customers, they just want to grab as much money as quickly as possible with the least amount of effort and with no regard for who they take it from. I'll be extremely surprised if you get to actually talk to a real CGC employee.

    43. Luis Perles on November 19, 2016

      Adding to KC list, I care about my email being used by Lima/CGC. I still receive their crap and my profile in their feedback center is listed as banned. I want that profile unlinked to my email and deleted. I want them to forget my email address. Then I may stop leaving negative reviews about their crappy products.

    44. KC (goatCGC) on November 19, 2016

      @Kane - I don'the see how ore lies will help the situation, but good on you for remaining optimistic.

      Refunds and buybacks are the only topic I would care to hear themore answer.

      Wear your Wellies...

    45. Kane Lambert on November 18, 2016


      I have contacted Penelope Liot,Vp of Marketing at Meet Lima, and I am arranging a discussion with either herself or another higher level member of staff to discuss our ongoing issues and distrust with the company.

      I'm requesting why, after nearly a year after exiting beta and 2 years after the first Lima's being sent out, the product still fails to deliver on what was promised in the Kickstarter campaign. I feel that there's a lot of very fundamental features of Lima that don't function as advertised, if at all. For a product that's been out of beta for so long, there is a lot still going wrong.

      These failings are worsened by the company's decision to release new hardware, as I feel that the company isn't putting every resource possible into making their original device functional, but instead are just trying to generate more cash.

      We were promised something and they have failed us, I shall make sure these issues are discussed and answered for. If you have any pressing issues then post on this comments page and I'll try and convey them to the Lima team when I speak to them.

    46. BS on November 17, 2016

      There's a new kid on the block, and this one is just as sketchy as the rest:

      This one vaguely mentions "tunneling," "DNS," and "firewalls" without giving any kind of information on how it gets data past your firewall or what it needs on the back end.

      Let's not forget this one:

      They haven't even delivered yet, and seem to have dropped off the face of the earth. Sound familiar?

    47. BS on November 17, 2016


      Yeah, I know. It's just not common to use them as time measurements outside of certain scientific circles. That's why it took me a minute, because when I see marks like that my mind automatically associates distance measurements if no information is given, and angular measurements otherwise.

      I checked a couple of the calibrated stopwatches we have here in the shop, and none of them use that type of marking system. I guess it's all in what you're used to working with.

      You need to target your audience however, and I doubt that Lima's target audience would understand.

    48. lokiracer on November 16, 2016

      @BrianS Hatch marks are pretty commonly used for time:

      "In regard to time, a single hatch mark indicates minutes, and two hatch marks indicate seconds."

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