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Lima makes your computer bigger. Make your devices one. Keep your content private. Meet instant file sending.
Lima reinvents the way your devices store data. Find the same files everywhere. Forget size limits. Keep your content private.
Lima reinvents the way your devices store data. Find the same files everywhere. Forget size limits. Keep your content private.
12,840 backers pledged $1,229,074 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator BrianS just now

      @Rick Perez,

      While I wil agree that KC is a very outspoken backer, that in no way discounts most of what he says being true: This device didn't deliver (after 4 years of dev work) a lot of what was promised in the campaign.

      I have no idea why those promises didn't get fulfilled. Perhaps CGC bit off more than they could chew. Perhaps what they want to do simply isn't possible with such old, limited hardware. Perhaps I'm not really a half eagle-half-lion creature who can somehow use a computer keyboard. Who knows?

      It probably would have been better to promise a simple device-to-device secure transfer system with other features coming later. But hindsight, yadda yadda...

      Regardless of how you feel about backers being fraudulent, or how other backers feel about the campaign being fraudulent, things simply don't do what we were told they would do. That's all. KC simply chooses to express that as loudly as possible, and if that's not acceptable to you then the door is right over there. It's open, you're free to leave anytime you wish, but you're more than welcome to come back as well.

    2. Creator Jerry Turner about 6 hours ago

      What is the current status of the project and software? I was in the Beta and checking the beta forum there has been one post since my question in Sept? I tried it again and really wonder when it will meet up with the promises of the kickstarter.

      Devices don't sync properly, software keeps HUGE database and takes up tons of space on the local machine even without files set to sync, and access is slow and sketchy.

      Supposed to have a Peer ability, but all I ever get is Relay which means slower connections even at my house.

      Haven't heard or seen anything about the backup functionality that was the whole reason I purchased more then one.

      Apps are half finished and really need a UI designer to look them over and figure out how the flow of the app should work.

      Still have no confidence that the product will work and using Dropbox or Google Drive to sync files.

    3. Creator Rick Perez about 9 hours ago

      Kc (goatcgc) is a fraud so everyone knows. This person has been a hassle to every Kickstarter this person has engaged in. Do not believe this person and I am trying to have this person removed from this great Kickstarter company!

    4. Creator Rick Perez about 9 hours ago

      Great product and works very well for me! Cheer up everyone , if you have a problem email the Lima team as I have and you will be satisfied.

    5. Creator Wesley Brown about 11 hours ago

      I forgot I backed this project it's been that long.

      Hooked it all up and was completely stunned at the total lack of functionality and stability.

      I guess I'll unplug it and wait for the software to be out of beta :(

    6. Creator KC (goatCGC) 2 days ago

      "beta" is pretty generous here...

    7. Creator terry (Eye Toldyoosso) 2 days ago

      July 10, 2013
      Project launched

      September 8, 2013
      Successfully raised $1,229,074 USD with 12,840 backers

      Estimated delivery: Dec 2013
      Estimated delivery: Jan 2014
      Estimated delivery: Apr 2014
      Received mine ; July 2015....(still in the box/not used)

      from the campaign page

      "We started it with the dream to make hard drives as easy to use as they should have been for the past 20 years. After 2 years of development, from hardware to software to web apps, we are nearly ready to launch a product we really think you’ll love. "

      October 2015 still in Beta

    8. Creator The CGC team 2 days ago

      @Mohammed I've just sent you the email to confirm your address (hotmail address). Did you get it? Once your address is confirmed, you'll receive your Lima within a week!

    9. Creator Mohammed Selim 2 days ago


      I haven't received anything yet, please update

    10. Creator The CGC team 3 days ago

      @Ophir @Kenneth /o/ \o\ /o/

      Thanks for your feedback :) Enjoy!

    11. Creator Ophir Zilbiger 3 days ago

      Lot's of excitement - starting to use Lima!

    12. Creator Kenneth Ostrom 4 days ago

      Lima set up in < 10 min and the UI is very slick. The CGC team did an outstanding job on this Kickstarter!

    13. Creator The CGC team 4 days ago

      @Matt In your case, we need you to confirm your address and we'll ship it right away! I've just sent you an email to do so. Did you get it? It's your gmail address.

    14. Creator The CGC team 4 days ago

      @Brenna I'm really surprised. According to your tracking number, your Lima was shipped at your place on July 30... Can you please get in touch with so that they can sort this out?

    15. Creator KC (goatCGC) 4 days ago

      The truth has never been CGC's friend...

    16. Creator Matt 4 days ago

      Have not received or an update email. 2 years wtf. #scam

    17. Creator Brenna Hill 5 days ago

      I have not received mine or any emails about it

    18. Creator The CGC team 5 days ago

      @KC The price on Amazon is actually just $99. And we’re far from saying adieu, although I surely appreciate your use of French words :) A plus tard !

    19. Creator The CGC team 5 days ago

      @Mike We’re glad you like the headphones, and don’t hesitate to send an email to if you have any problems with your Lima.

    20. Creator KC (goatCGC) 5 days ago

      Amazon price is now $99 with a $50 off coupon; cheaper even than the Early Bird Suckers got it on KS.

      The curtain is falling, and we bid an unfold adieu to this troop of hammy dilettantes whose feeble mumming so recently cluttered the stage.

    21. Creator Mike Hudson 5 days ago

      The best part of receiving my Lima after a 2 year wait was the free headphones that were included - the only thing in the package that actually works.

    22. Creator KC (goatCGC) 6 days ago

      Does anyone else find the "Week 39" nomenclature on the MeetLima blog hilarious? Don't you think that "Week 91" (the original KS ETA) or even "Week 195" (the total amount of time you claim to have been vaporcrafting Lima) to be more a meaningful description of this shitshow?

    23. Creator The CGC team 6 days ago

      @Everyone: the last weekly update is live!…

    24. Creator The CGC team 6 days ago

      @Frederic Le support va vous contacter pour voir ce qu’il se passe.

    25. Creator The CGC team 6 days ago

      @Amit We just sent you an email to confirm your address? Did you get it? (it’s your hotmail address). Otherwise, if you haven’t changed your shipping address, let me know and I’ll update the status for you.

    26. Creator The CGC team 6 days ago

      @Yashwanth I’ve just sent you an email to confirm your address. Did you get it? Otherwise, let me know if you haven’t changed it and I’ll update yours manually.

    27. Creator BrianS 6 days ago

      @Jerry Dallal

      "Even better, say you're wanting to watch a video on your mobile device, the hardware actually transcodes it to your device's optimism size like magic."


    28. Creator Jerry Dallal 6 days ago

      Of the recent 4&5 star reviews:
      Three were written by those for whom it was their ONLY review.
      One was written by someone with two reviews.
      One was written by someone with 53 reviews, but someone commented that "what he's describing is not possible with the current product."

    29. Creator charles-etienne jamme 6 days ago

      Anyone having not received his Lima - I can help - don t complain and I can ship you my Lima for 70 EUR ... My worst kickstarter - out of 28 ... It lays not opened at home...

    30. Creator yashwanth malladi 6 days ago

      Hi I still not received my Lima . Plz update

    31. Creator HotMayoSandwich 7 days ago

      It looks like CGC is stepping up their Amazon review game. 4 5-star reviews in one day, and on the weekend too. If you're unsatisfied with your Lima, head to Amazon and write a review so others aren't suckered into buying one:…

    32. Creator Rees Maxwell on September 27

      So I forgot to chime back in here. I asked them for a refund both in the Comments section here, and in a private message. About 14 hours later I got a message from them asking for my Paypal email address so they could get me a refund. I gave it to them and a day later I had $66.70 in my account. Now I pledged $69 plus $10 shipping, but I'm not complaining. I didn't think I'd see any money, and am glad for the payment.

      So give it a try! It looks like they're in a giving mood. And good on 'em for being honest and actually giving refunds. At least, for me.

      I hope they figure out the tech, but I needed to move on and get another solution. (Still researching that...but there appear to be several alternatives out now.)

    33. Creator Provost Kjell on September 27

      Hi everyone, received my 2 limas 3 months ago. Sold one already and selling the second. Anyone interested? I bought myself DS215+ from synology.... the best thing i bought in's great fast and easy.

    34. Creator Amit Bharakda on September 26

      In fact... If I don't receive in the next 14 days .... Please REFUND my money!

    35. Creator Amit Bharakda on September 26

      Guys - when am my going to receive my device... I'm one of the early backer and received nothing.... Please advise ASAP

    36. Creator Ian R on September 26

      @brian s
      thanks for your honesty. it's hard to come by these days. unfortunately, i can find no use for a brick in my storage solution. maybe a charitable collection group could be started, reserving unused LIMA for the most expensive chenga game ever. it would look so "wanna be" apple.

    37. Creator HotMayoSandwich on September 25

      Also, Amazon rating is down to a mere 2 stars. This is what you get for treating your backers like shit for 3 years.

    38. Creator HotMayoSandwich on September 25

      @CGC - I wish you would have been truthful about your horrible product. It's cool though, I got my money back, as did many others, and it won't be long before your product is in one of those giant bargain bins at Walmart. Lima and CGC are a joke.

    39. Creator Frederic Genevey on September 25

      Toujours pas reçu d'email, toujours pas reçu de LIMA. Fin de l'histoire. Je vous laisse 5 jours pour le remboursement intégral de l'appareil.

    40. Creator Corey Schroeter on September 25

      Well, I've actually tried it now... and honestly, it sucks. It's PAINFULLY slow, and the current "non unification" silliness makes it absolutely useless. If it were a competitor with something like dropbox, that would be awesome, but it doesn't even come close. I can't even use it for the one minor thing I was willing to trust it for - having it sync my mom's photos directly to it. Nope, not unless I let it store those same abundant photos on my hard drive. No, that was the whole point - I want to be able to choose files that appear to be "on the cloud" unless I wanted them locally. The way it is is honestly worthless. At least, though, it was able to be seen on the network. I don't know why I keep hitting myself in the head to mess with this. It's not like I've had anything other than regret since a few months after backing this thing. *sigh*

      Once Casey or one of the others finds something more useful to put onto the hardware, I'll give this a shot again. I really did give it a shot, darn it. Even bought a bay and drive to give it a "fair chance", since it seemed to me the support lately got better than they were (and they have, actually, so that's good).

    41. Creator Sebastian on September 25

      Same here. Received the refund pretty fast.
      However, since they payed via paypal, there is a fee of 6.11 USD. Still better than nothing, I guess...

    42. Creator Matva on September 25

      I received a refund to my PayPal account immediately after contacting their helpdesk. I would suggest anyone who wants a refund to do the same: team[AT]

    43. Creator PierJ on September 24

      Juste une question ça sert a quoi votre truc, je l'ai acheté visiblement en 2013, et nous sommes en 2015, je comprends pas trop ce que c'est ? Une sorte de NAS en USB2 et 100mb/s ? Je sais pas j'ai un NAS synology de 10TO RAID 5 dupliqué dans le cloud sur Hubic, alors ça devrait me servir a quoi votre truc ?

    44. Creator BrianS on September 24

      @Casey Allen,

      Any chance you could dump the showconfig parameters in BIFFBOOT for me?

    45. Creator Casey Allen on September 24

      "@HotMayoSandwich I wish you had actually tried the Lima device before judging it."
      @CGC wow, bold statement coming from a company that cannot seem to get software up and running after tell us they were switching to C, but are still using Python....cute. How about you go over to Amazon right away and start trying to post against some of the stuff...but that would be lying on your part and your product is actually sitting quite nicely holding down some papers at the moment before I recycle it into a more excitable device with third party software. Hope your still rolling in your con-money.

    46. Creator charles-etienne jamme on September 24

      As this mail is not even answered here it comes publicly - I am 24 in the list of refund requests published below.
      Hello , I received my Lima as beta a long time ago and it stays on my entrance radiator for all my friends to see this product failure. As Cthulhu wars backer I compare and explain the campaigns to them. As Linux user haven t even installed it , I feel cheated. My girlfriend peeled because she thought it was a nice box from Apple. I congratulate you on the design .... Please send me a refund I can ship the box back

    47. Creator BrianS on September 24

      @Ian R,

      I accidentally wiped the bootloader parameters, so it no longer boots into the Lima software. Right now, all you can do with it is get a serial console in the BIFFBOOT portion of the firmware. CGC seems unwilling to provide a reflash tool or the parameters needed to restore the bootloader.

      I really have no idea what to do with it, as a Raspberry Pi offers a lot more power with a lot less pain. You'd need to restore it to some useful operating system before doing anything with it.

    48. Creator Mike Walters on September 24

      Given the awful experiences I read about, along with the delays, I would prefer a refund :(

    49. Creator Ian R on September 24

      @Brian S

      I'm a recent "refund received" backer. just curious what you can do with a hacked LIMA? is it more useful than it was before hacking? Postage would be to the u.s. west coast.

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