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Lima makes your computer bigger. Make your devices one. Keep your content private. Meet instant file sending.
Lima reinvents the way your devices store data. Find the same files everywhere. Forget size limits. Keep your content private.
Lima reinvents the way your devices store data. Find the same files everywhere. Forget size limits. Keep your content private.
12,840 backers pledged $1,229,074 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Stewart Witt 1 day ago

      My Lima can now manage 1T of documents, music, pictures and videos!

    2. KC (goatCGC) 2 days ago

      @Vincent - You will never get a Lima that matches the product description of this campaign.

      You may get an incomplete, amateurish, insecure and buggy turd that endangers your data, but I recommend you ask for your money back instead.

    3. Vincent M Graziano 4 days ago

      When will I get my LIMA?

      Please advise.

    4. BrianS on July 11

      Seems that the 'ol boys club at CGC got a bit of breathing room today: MS announced they were finally shuttering a good portion of the dregs of what was once Nokia:

      It failed because apps didn't app appily apping apps with apps. You know, apps! and not because we didn't need yet another crappy half-baked mobile OS, like Android and iOS.

      While our friends at MS aren't giving up on Windows Mobile 10 ( + apps! ) I can't see anyone else wanting to use the system when Android can be had for free. Guess when CGC finally gets around to making a Windows Phone app! there won't be any Windows Phones left.

      Oh, and APPS!

    5. Ralph Begleiter on July 10

      Finally got my Lima hooked up. Long delay for me since receiving my device, due to personal commitments and wifi/router issues, which are now resolved. (Yes, it took much longer for Lima to "fulfill" than the developers originally promised. But this was a startup effort, and I was tolerant of that.)
      Initial impressions:
      1) Lima seems to operate essentially as promised, making files "available" on all devices, from my at-home drive dedicated to that purpose. I like the idea of keeping my files on "my" drive rather than someone else's. I also like the idea of not using wifi/cellular data to store my files, since Lima conveys them over my in-home router, rather than via the internet. Only when a specific file is actually "called" from a remote device is internet data used to transport it to that device.
      2) Although Lima promotes itself as a "personal cloud," Lima's usefulness seems much more limited than Google Drive, iCloud Drive or Microsoft Drive. Those cloud services automatically update their content when files are modified on your device. At least for now, Lima requires that users manually drag modified files onto the Lima drive for them to be available on other devices.
      3) Lima apparently does NOT store actual files; only "metadata" allowing actual files to be downloaded (Lima calls it "streamed") from your Lima drive to your devices quickly upon demand. So... offline functionality is limited to only those files users have "pinned" to their devices for "offline" use. That, of course, requires forethought, before a plane trip, for example. Version 1.1 of the Lima software includes a "preference" to automatically keep an "offline" copy of documents created on your device, but that "automatic" copy is not also stored on your other devices.
      4) I've set up my Lima drive to serve as a "backup" for some of my files (after all, I should be able to make good use of the large hard drive I bought for Lima use). But Lima doesn't provide such backup capability. I'm using other software to create scheduled backups (copies) of files onto the Lima drive from my computer. Then, Lima "streams" the metadata from those files to my other devices. Effectively, this makes my "backed up" computer files "available" on my other devices - if needed.
      5) Lima has crashed only once in the 3 days since installation. Very likely that was caused by my attempt to bulk load many GB of data onto its drive at once. Recovery was easy enough, though not intuitive. I had to "quit" the Lima software and restart it to recover. That's a function which probably should be added to the convenient Lima menu, just in case.

      For me, the "holy grail" of this product would be the ability to create a genuine "personal cloud," with which I could keep-in-sync all my files (or at least all the files I prefer to keep that way), without having to think about synchronization. A Google Drive equivalent, but running on my own personal hard drive via my own personal network, without storing my files on someone else's drive.
      For now, Lima doesn't meet that standard, though I could imaging it developing.

    6. Missing avatar

      Christopher Lewis on July 8

      Rha back up in computer land has a specific meaning,
      Two Lima units provides redundancy and removes single point of failure not back up....

    7. Missing avatar

      rha on July 8

      The features of 1.2 Lima version (plus "Save files to Lima on iOS" planned later) shown on the roadmap ( are the ones I am waiting for. They were generally promised in the project and without them Lima was not a fully-featured product, so I was reluctant to try using it (beside of reported stability problems).
      The features of 1.3 version are very nice and useful enhancements, allowing us to use Lima effectively. This is a level to be reached for Lima to be successful. Let it be sooner than later.

      @Christopher Lewis - The two units are to be placed in different locations. When one of them is failed/destroyed/stolen, the second will act as a backup.

    8. Missing avatar

      Christopher Lewis on July 8

      I see you are saying Lima is a back up device. Even with two units if I delete a file on my phone it'll get deleted everywhere. What a second device will offer is redundancy and remove a single point of failure.
      Or are you saying one of the pair will never delete files? If that is so drives will fill up rather fast

    9. lokiracer on July 7

      CGC, I never agreed to receive your unsolicited marketing emails. Sending unsolicited marketing emails is a violation of CANSPAM federal US law. Please stop exporting your backer list and importing it to and sending me spam.

      Not everyone that was ripped off by you is interested to know that you're still struggling, years later, to try and deliver on promises you made.

    10. BrianS on July 7


      Since DSM5, Synology has supported sync between your NAS and various cloud services. Since forever, they've supported sync between your NAS and devices.

      Lima wasn't new or unique, it just appeared to offer an easy way to keep one set of files in a number of locations, and make them easy to access by yourself and others. It's too bad it didn't happen, this could have been a useful device instead of simply something to replicate a few empty legacy folders on a computer.

    11. works on July 4

      As you know, now apple supports this feature natively using iCloud Drive on macOS Sierra. You don't have to buy this garbage anymore if you are using on mac.

    12. BrianS on July 3

      @Kevin Magna,

      I don't think I'd do that just yet.

    13. Missing avatar

      Kevin Magna on July 3

      Took some hard drive reformatting, but I'm on. Now to disconnect from all other external clouds. Eager to see multi drive support with hard drives that already have existing files. Keep up the great work team Lima.

    14. Chris van Gorder on June 22

      I am on, finally!

      Only took a reformat of the HD and connecting it to the OnHub router.

    15. Luis Perles on June 20

      @Graeme and @Mike, the Limas at Amazon store are running out, and despite the fact that their website has a "waiting list" they claim to be 97% full. The Blue and Green versions are out already. It does not look good at all, specially considering their ratings at Amazon store has been on low 3 stars for quite some time.

    16. Missing avatar

      Graeme Robertson on June 16

      Nope I never got it either.
      Very little response from them when I chased it as well.

    17. Missing avatar

      Mike Vanderpool on June 16

      Never got any of my LIMAS what gives?

    18. Missing avatar

      terry (Eye Toldyoosso) on June 15

      @Brian S
      Thanks for the AdTrap still works on my PC

    19. BrianS on June 15

      If any of you also backed the AdTrap, I posted a link to a factory firmware image and the original documentation in the comments section for that kickstarter.

      AdTrap seems to be a dead device these days, their forums are gone and I've been told that phones have been disconnected.

    20. Thomas Covington on June 12

      Still no Lima....

    21. Missing avatar

      Enrico Maria Casarotti on June 11

      I got lima many months ago and finally the linux beta client, i Can try it now. Even if after all this time it is no more a "cool" technology and there is something better outside

    22. Luis Perles on June 10

      Bait and Switch. I still have mine despite the fact they gave me a refund, but I won't waste my time testing something that is potentially dangerous to my privacy and definitely not safe to store my data.

    23. Missing avatar

      terry (Eye Toldyoosso) on June 10

      Hi all
      I got this email today


      We've just released the Beta version of our Linux client & thought you might be interested in trying it out (finally!)."

      but i got a refund and sent my Plugs/Limas back a few months ago


    24. Alex Hunte on June 5

      I received my 2 Lima devices in Apr 2015 after signing up for the beta program. I was too busy with work at the time they arrived to set them up, and boy am I glad I still haven't unboxed them. Just watched the review and all the negative comments here, and I'll just write this off as a total scam. Anyone who didn't waste time and data trying to set this up has dodged a bullet

    25. Missing avatar

      CJ Watson on June 4

      Do you have an estimated delivery date for me? It's been 3 years

    26. BrianS on June 2

      That should have been "Another similar project"

      I ended up purchasing an OPI unit from Open Products. At the time, it was pretty cheap - US$99 plus some shipping, but they've raised the price a lot...

    27. BrianS on June 2

      Interesting. Fakespot is now back to a "D"

      I backed another project called WEDG - They're over a year late now because they had "legal troubles with a third party claiming code written by a contract employee that was on leave from his/her former employer." They're silent on the whole thing and the few updates (admittedly, more than Lima gave us for a long time) are nothing but marshmallow fluff.

      Lesson: Technology crowd funding sucks. Don't do it.

    28. Luis Perles on May 21

      @Thomas Covington, they are way too busy writing fake reviews on their Amazon page.

    29. Thomas Covington on May 20

      Still no device ...... Refund?

    30. BrianS on May 14


      Fakespot now gives a "F" grade to Lima's reviews, which is down from the "D" it used to have. It rates 80% of reviews as fake.

    31. Luis Perles on May 11

      I have noticed a reasonable increase in the fake Lima reviews in Amazon recently. That comes as no surprise to me, however I was not able to comment or ask a question on those reviews. Not sure if that is a problem with Amazon for all products or just Lima. But the shilling attack from Lima is back.

    32. Missing avatar

      terry (Eye Toldyoosso) on May 9

      How to get a worked for me

      Tell them you use Linux they gave me a Refund ( i do use Linux)

    33. BrianS on May 8

      @Luis Perles,

      Somehow "Wait" seems appropriate as well.

    34. Missing avatar

      dim3m on May 8

      Wohoo 8,000 comment mark!

    35. Luis Perles on May 6

      Or delete your comments when is posted in their blog, or make up comments and reviews in the Amazon.
      @dim3m, Lima 2.0 will be a rock solid device. I mean, literally, so you can use it as proper paper wait.

    36. Missing avatar

      dim3m on May 6

      You can always count on the CGC team to ignore comments.

    37. Missing avatar

      dim3m on May 6

      @CGC, ?????

    38. Missing avatar

      dim3m on May 5

      @CGC team, shhhhhh

    39. Missing avatar

      dim3m on May 4

      @CGC team, whats next for Lima?

    40. Missing avatar

      dim3m on May 4

      The headphone that came with the Lima is cheap

    41. Missing avatar

      dim3m on May 4

      Any updates on a version 2 of the device. I need another paper weight

    42. Missing avatar

      dim3m on May 4

      Lima = $79 paper weight

    43. KC (goatCGC) on May 3

      The ransomware case a Lima flaw in the same way that their "backup" use case is flawed: If you make an unwanted change to a file or delete it entirely, you lose the desired content. The only backup use case that Lima (maybe) fulfills is if your Lima drive dies suddenly leaving you with a second copy of data.

    44. BrianS on May 2

      @Christopher Lewis,

      I assume Lima would happily copy all the encrypted files over top your good ones, since it doesn't have any kind of version control. I suspect your question was rhetorical, though :)

    45. Thomas Covington on May 1

      I have still yet to receive a device or a refund....

    46. Missing avatar

      Christopher Lewis on April 29

      One thought, if you should fall victim of ransomware would lima app allow them to access all the devices with the app installed and ransom those too?

    47. Cameron Cooke on April 23

      No limage for me either. ...

    48. Wayne Neng-Wei Lin on April 22

      Didn't get the device

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