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Lima reinvents the way your devices store data. Find the same files everywhere. Forget size limits. Keep your content private.
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The CGC team

12,840 backers pledged $1,229,074 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Derya about 2 hours ago


    2. Creator Lorna Goulden about 2 hours ago

      @BrianS Thanks for the tips

    3. Creator KC (goatCGC) about 18 hours ago

      They changed the main project page. I guess we can toss "Lima makes your computer bigger" on the trash-heap of abandoned features. That was my main reason for backing...-well, that and temporary insanity...

    4. Creator Joe 2 days ago

      Refund NOW!

    5. Creator Ian R 2 days ago


    6. Creator Brian 2 days ago

      HA HA HA HA HA Best website ever!! How do i contribute to this site?!

    7. Creator P.Sykora 3 days ago

      Everything what can go wrong is wrong with this project. Even my address is mismatched and nothing happens...
      Refund me now!

    8. Creator Jeramie Johnson 3 days ago

      Refund Now

    9. Creator Keith Anderson 3 days ago

      Yep, this product is just devolving into vapor -- or at most, functional obsolescence.

    10. Creator Daniel Chun 4 days ago


    11. Creator KC (goatCGC) 4 days ago

      Yeah... you sure showed us...

    12. Creator ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim) 4 days ago

      @G Wright What OSes are you using? Have you played with the mobile app? If so, how well do third party apps play with the files on the Lima device?

    13. Creator dim3m 4 days ago

      @G Wright, please do tell us how bigger your computer is now.

    14. Creator G Wright 4 days ago

      I see the same people are still complaining and making colourful commentary.

      Well I have my Beta LIMA and have been testing :-)

    15. Creator BrianS 5 days ago


      If you want to roll your own, google "syncthing raspberry pi" - it's not plug n' play, but it's not difficult to setup and has a nice community built around it.

      Alternately, BTSync (Pre 2.0) is still useful. Avoid 2.0 like the plague.

    16. Creator Lorna Goulden 5 days ago

      @John Podolanko:
      Sounds interesting, something for a RaspberryPi ?

    17. Creator ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim) 5 days ago


      Have you returned the CES award you purchased? I was led to believe that if you did not ship in Q1 you would have to return it, and you have no plans to ship working devices until Q3 at the *EARLIEST*.

    18. Creator David Ward-Penny 5 days ago

      @CGC just to confirm you have about 13,000 boxed and finished units at your warehouses, built on 2 year old technology just waiting for the software to be ready. Any chance of a photo to prove that you have 13,000 boxes in two warehouses to ship rather than the 400 or so you have shown us? Are you still on target for mid-April delivery as you can ship hundreds each day? If you miss this latest deadline will you use the US$2.5 million Romain Lavault and Partech gave you to refund those who want it our US$1.2 million?

    19. Creator KC (goatCGC) 6 days ago

      Testing is not shipping, scumbags.

    20. Creator The CGC team 6 days ago

      @Pablo, @Peter we have started a new beta program in December, and by the end of this month, 300+ backers will have joined the program to help us stabilize the Lima software.

      From mid-April we will start to gradually ship more and more backers, we will bring more details in the next updates. You will get your Lima soon!

    21. Creator Ian R 6 days ago


    22. Creator ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim) 6 days ago

      I agree! Where are the refunds you owe?

    23. Creator Johnny 6 days ago

      Hey guys REFUND NOW!

    24. Creator KC (goatCGC) 7 days ago

      Yeah, but their goal is not to deliver, -it is to spend all the money.

    25. Creator ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim) 7 days ago

      But lying on a project description would be dishonest! and fraud! We all know that Lima would never lie to backers!


      They are in a damned if they did, damned if they didn't situation. Either they flat out lied in the project description, or they made a terrible, foolish decision to restart, and drastically change the scope of the agreed upon project.

      If they lied on the description, that's fraud, and refunds are owed. If they restarted, that's a complete change in the project, and refunds are owed.

      No matter how you look at it, refunds are owed, based on those two facts, alone. The fact that they have been cutting features, and dropping support for things with almost every public statement they make is just icing on the refund cake.

    26. Creator dim3m on March 22

      @Dongjin, not true. With the amount of greed CGC have. There would never be enough money for them. They can't even provide refunds.

    27. Creator Dongjin Kim on March 21

      @KC they were funded enough money even they could buy a chinese company to develop LIMA. LOL

    28. Creator KC (goatCGC) on March 21

      @Don has an interesting point: There is no good reason to believe they EVER had a working prototype. They probably just had someone else's software running on someone else's hardware. When they got so many fish on the line, they had to scramble to actually deliver...

    29. Creator Pablo Perez on March 21

      never received my lima, need either a refund or a send it again. I´m really disappointed.

    30. Creator Don Gateley on March 20

      I don't know why anyone thinks they started over. They started. It was abundantly clear at the beginning that they had no idea what they were talking about or what it might take to do the incoherent advertising BS they were spewing. They had nothing at the point that they were funded to show other than that add copy because nothing existed. They scrambled to find contractors to code it when they had the money but they and their hired help were utterly incompetent for the task. They seduced some more money from VC and started hiring people that might know how. The result of that is this beta stuff that remains a pig in a poke so far as anyone knows. Something will probably come but as everyone has pointed out they totally blew their window of technical relevance. It will just be one other of many that got there first because of management incompetence.

    31. Creator Charles Engen on March 20

      @John Podolanko:

      I am interested in your design. I lost faith in these idiots long ago. I have stopped crowd funding entirely because my projects have become zeros.... people take the money and run, and kickstarter does nothing.... I thought I was buying into someone else's dream and could contribute in design desiions and/or receive regular and honest updates. The last three on kickstarter have been horrible. I know it's not amazon and store shopping, but they just take the money and run. These idiots will get their karma someday.

    32. Creator KC (goatCGC) on March 20

      No one outside of Delaware, France would do that...

    33. Creator ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim) on March 20

      If you do open source it, please make sure you take steps make sure that some seedy scumbag can't just lift your code and add it to their own failing device...

    34. Creator John Podolanko on March 20

      I've built something very similar myself over the past 5 months because I got tired of waiting, and it works on Windows/Mac/Debian Linux installations. It has no Apple/Android phone/tablet support, but only because I didn't need that. It does offer USB 3.0 support though! It has no "bugs" (at least none that I've found). If I see any significant interest on this page, I'll publish open-source materials online and post the link so you can DIY.

    35. Creator KC (goatCGC) on March 20

      It's all about the "cash runway" At some point, the runway runs out, and they start a new company. There will never be a refund, and there will not be anyone to sue.

      Severin will likely never be the "face" of another tech company, but this industry still has plenty of room for people that are comfortable screwing investors.

    36. Creator dim3m on March 20

      @ozymandias, you're right. Avoid the law suit. And drag the project to a dead end.

    37. Creator ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim) on March 20

      I think once they started dropping the ball, and made the decision to start over, scrapping the supposedly working code, they assured their own failure. There was no coming back from the decision to drastically delay the project, and introduce massive issues. They recently started beta tests -- and they *STILL* have not got to the point they claimed they were at in the original description -- and do not have MANY of the features they claimed already worked working again.

      At this point, I think they no longer have any hope of selling this product after they actually launch it -- they are just trying to spend all the money on legitimate looking expenses so that there is nothing left when they get sued, and they can pretend to have tried.

    38. Creator ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim) on March 20

      No reply to my email yet...

      @ConmenGatheringCash, what does it take to get a reply to simple questions?

    39. Creator dim3m on March 19

      It's like their goal obviously has no future. The way they ran this project is nothing but a joke.

    40. Creator dim3m on March 19

      How does the CGC team wake up everyday knowing they the one who ruined their own project, pissed off so many backers. Yet ignore all that and think releasing an out dated device would make it all better? Seriously, there's no more hope. By this time, people should been buying the version two already. Not 2nd beta test group.


    41. Creator Peter Wojciechowski on March 19

      This project was successfully funded on September 8, 2013. guys..... it's 2015 now.... can we get a working device???

    42. Creator Derya on March 19


    43. Creator ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim) on March 19

      Scratch #1, there is even less content on that 'update' than usual. It almost looks like you did it to improve click throughs...

    44. Creator ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim) on March 19

      1) Why are you using an outside site for Kickstarter updates?
      2) What about the Linux tests?
      3) If the Windows Beta just went live, does that mean your previous updates regarding Windows testing were lies?
      4) Why no word on when our refunds will be sent?

    45. Creator KC (goatCGC) on March 19

      That's interesting. You stated that the Windows application that was *already in* beta testing was showing some issues.

      Now it is suddenly *live*...

    46. Creator The CGC team on March 19

      Quick update: the Windows application is now live for beta tests.

      Previous beta testers and group Bangkok are starting to test as we speak.

      More info here:…

    47. Creator KC (goatCGC) on March 19

      @ozymandias -Word. I actually have to laugh at myself when I reread the original project. "Lima makes your computer bigger." I must have been dfrunk.

    48. Creator ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim) on March 19

      @dim3m -- I just hate feeling like a victim. I got hustled by some con men, and the more I look at it, the less sophisticated they appear...

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