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Lima makes your computer bigger. Make your devices one. Keep your content private. Meet instant file sending.
Lima reinvents the way your devices store data. Find the same files everywhere. Forget size limits. Keep your content private.
Lima reinvents the way your devices store data. Find the same files everywhere. Forget size limits. Keep your content private.
12,840 backers pledged $1,229,074 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Henrik Dahlström about 6 hours ago

      Well, now a got a mail to wrong email-address. And the confirmation form doesn´t work. Can't fill in Country and if I press send I get a 404....

    2. Creator dim3m about 11 hours ago

      i miss ozymandias' comments.

      So here is one comment way back by:


      ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim) on May 28

      Here is part of an official reply I just got from Lima:
      " We just don't have enough time to reply to bastards like you. We prefer to spend our time improving our product, instead replying to trolls and liars like you. "
      So they accused a backer/customer of being a liar (despite having no evidence of that), *AND* called me a bastard. That's even better than Severin calling us 'small people'...

    3. Creator Christine Kapp about 14 hours ago

      Hi, I didn't receive an email about my Lima shipping. Can you let me know when it will be sent out?

    4. Creator Bob Allison about 20 hours ago

      Another rip-off project from KickStarter.
      Not only are they still in beta test over a year and 10 months after schedule but
      Lima has put in software requirements and will not support all devices.

      The claim was no matter your device we would share storage.
      How many besides me bought this because they had older devices that could not be upgraded - it was a dream come true.
      Not almost 2 years behind schedule I cannot use this with my Macs because unspecified software requirements were put in place after the campaign closed.

      This is the worst managed product I have had the displeasure of investing in on KickStart.

    5. Creator The CGC team about 22 hours ago

      @Karthik: We just need you to confirm your address and we’ll ship yours right away! I just sent you an email to do that: did you get it?

    6. Creator The CGC team about 22 hours ago

      @Casey Severin sent it today and I sincerely don't see how you could have found his email scornful as you seem to be implying.

    7. Creator The CGC team about 22 hours ago

      @Henrik: Just sent you back the email. Did you get it this time?

    8. Creator The CGC team about 22 hours ago

      @Mattias We’ve actually shipped already: I just need you to confirm your address to receive yours. I just sent you back an email so that you can confirm it (it’s your address)

    9. Creator The CGC team about 22 hours ago

      @Bruno: Thanks for the heads up :)

    10. Creator The CGC team about 22 hours ago

      @Marius Very cool, thanks!

    11. Creator The CGC team about 22 hours ago

      @David Thanks for the heads up!

    12. Creator The CGC team about 22 hours ago

      @Adam: Your Lima was stuck in the warehouse for some reasons. Our team is on it, it should be able to elave tomorrow.

    13. Creator Casey Allen about 22 hours ago

      My last post need clarity, its the FCC and the CE certs that are posted over in the G+ communities. Severin so graciously threw them at me almost a week since I contacted him. Just another Bastard Backer it seems in this case. No promptness when we ask questions, almost weeks out just for simple answers, and half the time run around.
      I hope all of you who are un-happy are also commenting on the Amazon Product page so that future buyers are aware of the issues.

    14. Creator Casey Allen about 23 hours ago

      I posted the images of PDF over at the LIMA communities on G+:

    15. Creator Christopher Lewis 1 day ago

      Casey, perhaps the FCC could help..... ;-)

    16. Creator Karthik 1 day ago

      I am waiting! You are taking pre orders, when will me "beta" arrive?

    17. Creator Casey Allen 1 day ago

      @CGC you said you'll get back with me, so 4 days later, where's the verification regarding the legality of the this product? FCC numbers ETC?

    18. Creator Henrik Dahlström 1 day ago

      And still no email to confirm my address and no device....

    19. Creator dim3m 2 days ago

      @Mattias, its faster if you order it on Amazon.

    20. Creator Mattias Carnerheim 2 days ago

      When Will you ship?????

    21. Creator Bruno Sintive 3 days ago

      I received my Lima and just installed it today, and it all works nicely, very impressed by the beautiful interface and colours, very professional. everything seems to work fine apart from the smartphone install: I didn't receive the sms so I had to download manually. Is it because I am far away in New Zealand? Please swear to me that I am the first kiwi user !!!!!!!
      Good luck for the future guys and very well done, it was worth the year delay.

    22. Creator KC (goatCGC) 4 days ago

      There is a 33% coupon on the Amazon site. Perhaps $149 is an ambitious price for an alpha product with a 5 year old hardware spec.

    23. Creator Mycroft 4 days ago

      i just purchased a WD My Passport 2TB for my Lima, formatted it to HFS+ and when i plug it in to set it up it comes up as a foreign drive and asks me to plug in the drive used to set up my lima when this is the first drive I've plugged into it

    24. Creator fmotta 4 days ago

      The default FS appears to be NTFS
      Once I formatted a thumbdrive as NTFS I was able to mount it I am tarring off the overlay onto the thumbdrive

      I was unable to use a 320GB spinning drive - maybe it needs more power than the Lima provides

    25. Creator fmotta 4 days ago

      a junior developer error denis :)
      I suggest you build in a directory without your name as is done by more experienced developers.

    26. Creator fmotta 4 days ago

      It appears the 'beacon' is their service:
      strings on beacon got a lot... what makes me feel this is their 'stuff':
      could not read eth0 IPv4...
      wait %ds...
      error while reading '/etc/lima/sn': %d
      could not open '/etc/lima/sn': %d
      cannot create datagram socket: %d.
      cannot set socket broadcast: %d.
      cannot broadcast data (buffer size: %u): %d
      error closing broadcast socket: %d.
      fork() failed: %d

    27. Creator fmotta 4 days ago

      mount -t jffs2 /dev/mtdblock1 /overlay
      gets you the overlay partition

    28. Creator fmotta 4 days ago

      root@OpenWrt:/# uname -a
      Linux OpenWrt #1 Wed Feb 5 15:39:35 CET 2014 i486 GNU/Linux
      root@OpenWrt:/# ps -elf
      1 root 988 S init
      5 root 0 SW [kworker/u:0]
      6 root 0 SW< [khelper]
      7 root 0 SW [kworker/u:1]
      25 root 0 SW [sync_supers]
      27 root 0 SW [bdi-default]
      29 root 0 SW< [kblockd]
      62 root 0 SW [kswapd0]
      115 root 0 SW [mtdblock0]
      120 root 0 SW [mtdblock1]
      125 root 0 SW [mtdblock2]
      133 root 0 SW [kworker/0:1]
      276 root 0 SW [flush-mtd-unmap]
      278 root 0 SWN [jffs2_gcd_mtd1]
      299 root 0 SW [khubd]
      313 root 1012 S /bin/sh /etc/init.d/rcS S boot
      314 root 984 S /bin/ash --login
      316 root 980 S logger -s -p 6 -t sysinit
      328 root 992 S syslogd -C16
      330 root 972 S klogd
      344 root 576 S /sbin/hotplug2 --override --persistent --set-worker
      416 root 984 S udhcpc -t 0 -i eth0 -H Lima -b -p /var/run/dhcp-eth0
      474 root 984 S /sbin/watchdog -t 5 /dev/watchdog
      513 root 632 S beacon
      519 root 624 S beacon
      522 root 996 S crond -c /etc/crontabs -l 5
      533 root 780 S /usr/sbin/dropbear -P /var/run/ -s -p
      535 root 2160 S fwupdater
      540 root 976 S telnetd -l /bin/
      574 root 980 R ps -elf

    29. Creator fmotta 4 days ago

      A quick look it appears that
      pin signal
      9 TX
      8 RX
      7 gnd

      This is the unpopulated set of through-hole pads on the daughter card near the RJ45 end of the card.
      With jtagulator connected
      0 - 10
      1 - 9
      2 - 8
      GND - 7

      jtagulator says:
      TXD: 1
      RXD: 2
      Baud: 115200
      Data: 0xf5../bin/ash: [ 30 78 66 35 0D 0A 2F 62 69 6E 2F 61 73 68 3A 20 ]

      So I think we may have a serial console.

    30. Creator fmotta 4 days ago

      @Steve Hunter: A RasPi does not easliy travel in my pocket. Even in a case (to protect the device from ESD and other damage) it is at least 2x the volume of the Wanser device. The WiFi Shield is a great example of a reasonably well put together RasPi package (and it is secure by design). So suggesting use of a RasPi in place of what I backed (which differs from what I received) is appears to be like suggesting use of a 1967 caddy in place of a vespa.

    31. Creator fmotta 4 days ago

      Will this thing do anything useful (with existing firmware) without corrupting a perfectly safe/working computer with an app that has not had security reviews or is it essentially a brick without defiling a phone/tablet/computer?

    32. Creator fmotta 4 days ago

      @Steve Hunter: Thanks for the teardown and openwrt info. Should CGC have started honest and kept to honesty then what I' have in my hands would be what I backed rather than this debacle. Honest, clear, transparent, and correct communication failed with CGC. Their continuation along the path toward misinformation and misrepresentation escalated. Yes, sometimes an ernest representation of the truth can appear rude.

    33. Creator Marius Øgård 4 days ago

      I installed my Lima device today and it works like a charm. Some minor issues installing it on my Android phone, but that is due to the fact that the app is still not official. Overall I'm very happy with it.

    34. Creator David Berkley 5 days ago

      Got mine a few days ago and after figuring out how to plug it in I was up and running on my iMac (both Mac OSX and and Virtual Windows 8.1), iPhone 5 and Nexus 7 tablet. So far my Lima Pioneer just works. I have a 1TB HFS+ USB-connected drive --- David

    35. Creator Adam Purser 5 days ago

      I'm still waiting for mine?

    36. Creator BrianS 5 days ago


      > I mean “Desktop” “Downloads” “Pictures” “Music” “Documents”.

      I assume that means you're monitoring the %USERPROFILE% directory on a Windows system.

    37. Creator The CGC team 5 days ago

      @Jose I’ve just sent you the email again to confirm your address. Did you get it this time?

    38. Creator The CGC team 5 days ago

      @Casey I will check into this and come back to you.

    39. Creator The CGC team 5 days ago

      @Rui Enjoy!

    40. Creator The CGC team 5 days ago

      @Corey I’m sorry to hear that and I hope we’ll be able to change your mind in the future.

    41. Creator The CGC team 5 days ago

      @BrianS I mean “Desktop” “Downloads” “Pictures” “Music” “Documents”.

    42. Creator Jose Girbés Martorell 5 days ago

      Hi! I don't remember receiving any email to confirm my adress, etc. nor I've received my device. Can someone confim it's ok and drop me a line? Thank you!!

    43. Creator Casey Allen 6 days ago

      @CGC I asked for FCC authentication numbers, as well as the other certifications you have received, nothing, not a word from Severin either. I would enjoy your assistance as to see if your device is legal in the states before I continue to operate this device upon my network. Legality is key. Proof is Legality is a must.

    44. Creator Rui Menezes 6 days ago

      My lima was arrived. I am going to try it now.

    45. Creator Corey Schroeter 6 days ago

      I suspect KC is happy to still keep coming to this forum as a help to those of us that have been bamboozled and didn't go through the hassle required to get our money back. I, for one, am happy to have his input.

      I also asked for a refund ages ago and was denied, even though my points were valid. My money wasn't used to make what was promised. I think it's self evident that this is only one set of several problems, which include transparency and horrid timelines, alpha software, etc. A solid percentage of the backers here are in 100% agreement with these frustrations. I, for one, would love to get what I was told I'd get.

      To be told your files are safe as long as you have another backup. All I can say regarding that is "No crap, Sherlock". That was true prior to having a device that has been shown innumerable times to either fry the drive or discombobulate the data. I'm literally safer NOT using the device. This is not something I ever have to worry about with Dropbox, nor any of the other cloud solutions I've seen.

    46. Creator KC (goatCGC) 6 days ago

      @Creator - What is on your roadmap is not backup. Q.E.D

    47. Creator BrianS 6 days ago


      When you say "that all your files will be synced automatically," what exactly do you mean by all?

      Everything on the hard drive of a computer, or just the user /home (aka My Documents)?

    48. Creator The CGC team 6 days ago

      @Steve Thanks for your comments and sorry for the unjustified suspicion you’re getting from some other backers. Unification indeed means that there will no longer be a Lima drive and that all your files will be synced automatically.

    49. Creator The CGC team 6 days ago

      @KC I don’t know where you’ve read that the back-up plan is no longer on our roadmap. This isn’t true. The back-up plan is one of our highest priorities and will arrive in one of the next releases (not 0.11 though). Not that it will change anything for you though, as you refused to receive a Lima device and have been issued a refund. But we know you can’t live without us, can you? :)

    50. Creator The CGC team 6 days ago

      @Michel It looks like you’ve just confirmed your address, so you should receive your Lima device early next week. Everything looks fine on our side, but if you haven’t received it by the end of next week, please send an email to !

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