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Lima makes your computer bigger. Make your devices one. Keep your content private. Meet instant file sending.
Lima reinvents the way your devices store data. Find the same files everywhere. Forget size limits. Keep your content private.
Lima reinvents the way your devices store data. Find the same files everywhere. Forget size limits. Keep your content private.
12,840 backers pledged $1,229,074 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Daren Han about 3 hours ago

      When can we get the Lima ? It's already end June.

    2. Creator Todd about 9 hours ago

      Here's the cut and paste from the very last FAQ off of the Campaign page.

      "Your files will be stored in readable format, so you can read your data directly from your disks should any problem occur."

      So why is that not the case?

      Someone else with a Lima try it. Please tell us if you can retrieve your files from a Lima populated drive by bypassing the Lima hardware.

    3. Creator Todd about 9 hours ago

      $150.00 retail... ?

      Are they delusional? Anyone with a web browser can find personal clouds that include hard drives for this price point that actually work and are immediately available. Right now. Not at some hypothetical unspecified point in the future.

      pre-orders? What does that mean anyways?

      Put up or shut up Lima.

      Allocution is in order Lima. Profess your transgressions and beg for leniency for you have been found guilty in the court of backers.

      How did you get around Kickstarter's rule against offering multiple rewards anyways?
      You called it a backup plan. Yet there's no functionality to support it.

      When are we going to be able to access files that have been stored on a Lima connected drive directly without Lima? Like how you said it would work in the Q&A section of the campaign page.

      Right now if I plug my drive directly into a windows machine after putting files onto it previously through Lima all I see are hundreds of small proprietary files labeled with alphanumeric gibberish.

      What's that all about?

      I can put things onto a drive through Lima, but I can't get anything off the drive without Lima recompiling it. That's bogus! Especially in light of how PAINFULLY SLOW file transfer is using Lima. Your product is a bottleneck.

      Proprietary file formats and scrambling my data without a means to retrieve my files and data naively on another system wasn't part of the campaign you charlatans.

      Explain yourselves.

    4. Creator J about 13 hours ago

      BTW, the early bird blue is awful just blue .... I actually like the black one with a blue stripe on it looks way better and that was my second one.

    5. Creator J about 13 hours ago

      I just received mine today, they really included the retail price as $150 dollars each?? Lucky I wasn't hit with custom fees.... as they used USPS post. Anyways I setup one Lima and added a used HD (that had data on it) and then downloaded an app for my LG3 phone. Now its downloading my pictures on my phone to my computer. Seems to be working OK.

      Sure, it took a LONG LONG time to get it but it seems to be OK. Just not going to be putting sensitive stuff on it as Lima can just steal my stuff if they wanted too.

      Seems to be what I wanted out from it was to make backups of my pictures and some not sensitive documents on my drive. Instead of paying Dropbox/Google/Onedrive for the same thing.

    6. Creator Taylor about 14 hours ago

      On my Lima drive I notice one folder missing thats quite important to me. The Desktop Folder. Is this not added because there simply isn't a desktop folder. Or will Lima only sync the documents folder with the media ones and leave the desktop unsynced?

    7. Creator Taylor about 14 hours ago

      Update #3

      My phone magically just started working. Not sure if it needed time to sync. My best guess is when I restarted my phone last night. It tried to do a fresh reconnect and actually worked.

      As for speeds. I pay for highest tier available, running at around 250/25mbps. Needless to say the photos and data stream to the phone fine.

      I am a little concerned with how long it takes the iOS Lima app to show any content when it first boots up.

      @Lima why is this happening? Why wouldn't you cache a file list and then update in background as I'm looking through my files instead of redownloading a fresh list everytime I start the Lima app..... Seems kinda silly if you ask me. Maybe because it's a beta?

      Anyway. Testing more files now. I have part of my documents in there. Over 20,000 files in multiple folders. Going to really stress test it and get back to you guys with results.

      @Lima About the UPnP.... Is that officially the way we have to go? Can I disable this? I'd prefer not having UPnP on my network for obvious reasons.

    8. Creator Dave Jones about 16 hours ago

      Let the copying begin! Desktop and Mobile all setup and ready to go!

    9. Creator Raul about 16 hours ago

      After all we got our limas today, we started to Juice them. �. Let's see.

    10. Creator Casey Allen about 17 hours ago

      "Update week X: We at CGC are dedicated to conning you further, by first lying about the scope of the project, changing the scope of the project, and furthering the delay of a product that is basically a highschool project we thought up while under the influence. Don't ask us how it works, it just does"

      Am I missing anything in there CGC? Because that is what we see in every update. No REAL updates are posted to the Kickstarter backers...Which is part of the whole process of Kickstarter. I'm surprised you have not refunded the backers as you have clearly cheated us out of our money for a product we backed for different functionality.

    11. Creator Erik van den Berg about 17 hours ago

      Got my Lima today! I just set it all up and am ready to rumble! Fingers crossed.

    12. Creator JC Cruz about 18 hours ago

      Just finished setting up my Lima to my computer and mobile. So far, so good. Will continue testing.

    13. Creator fmotta about 19 hours ago

      @CGC: Just let those sane and intelligent amongst us to bail out of this debacle by REFUNDING NOW!

    14. Creator The CGC team about 19 hours ago

      @everyone: The latest tech update is out:…

      Note that a new Kickstarter update is coming tomorrow.

    15. Creator The CGC team about 19 hours ago

      Thanks to all of those who took time to tell us about their first experience with their Lima devices!

    16. Creator fmotta about 23 hours ago

      A company who has proven to lack scruples asked you to text them and you did!?

    17. Creator KC (goatCGC) 1 day ago

      Yep, the writing has been on the wall a long time. The whole strategy from CGC has been to keep delaying until expectations are lowered enough for them to deliver garbage.

      What *I* backed was a sync product that I could have used at the end of 2013. What they are delivering (maybe) 2 years later is a crufty, buggy beta that they think I am willing to sign my legal rights away to receive.

      As stated previously, I wouldn't plug this into my systems if it were free. These guys are hacks & scammers, and your data and network security is at risk if Lima is touching either of them.

    18. Creator Christopher Lewis 1 day ago

      I've stayed away from this project just to see if a bit of distance would help calm me down, and just to let you guys at CGC know, it hasn't work I still consider this a bait and switch scam, seed money for VC approach is definitely what this was all about. even if this turn out to be the best thing since sliced bread I want my money back!

    19. Creator Frank Castor 1 day ago

      Got my Lima 30 Minautes ago. Setup took 10 Minutes. My devices are beeing syncronised.
      Everything works well and it was as easy as I hoped.
      Allthough ist is still beta software version, the ease of use is as it were an Apple product. Great!

      Iphone 6 connects seamlessly.

    20. Creator Balazs Hamornik 1 day ago

      Testing it now...

    21. Creator TC 1 day ago

      Backers: Why couldn't code for 1000 not scale up to 12,000 especially seeing how there should be no central infrastructure

      Creator The CGC team on June 18: Maintenance. When speaking about scaling software, most people make the error of only taking technical infrastructure into consideration. Indeed, ....bla bla bla.... bla bla bla..... glorious reasons like all backers are sheep ... (…)

      Severin Marcombe on an interview: "We were a really small team," said Marcombe. The product idea, he said, is actually nearing four years old, and its founders turned to Kickstarter after they were unable to impress investment sources at the product's earliest stages. "The first thing they say is, OK, you need money to make 1,000 [units], and I will invest."
      ( Thanks Adam for the link!

      So, the truth is they used the backers money (intended to be 1000) to proof to some "wise" VC to give them more money for their lifestyle. So to get more noble money from VC they lied to bastards like you and me to buy them the entrance ticket. End of Lima and CGC over glorified story!

    22. Creator John J Yelton 1 day ago

      Today (29/June) I have begun to test Lima one for office and another for home use

    23. Creator Taylor 1 day ago

      Update #2!

      Finally got my Lima to connect and recognize my hard drive. For the record, I am using currently a spare 128gb Samsung EVO SSD.

      I have to say, it's buggy as hell and I still can't get my phone to connect.

      I will say one thing. I uploaded an 8GB blueray copy of The Avengers to it. When I tried to play in on VLC player. It without buffering, loaded in about 1 second.

      Now considering it was on Lima and I made sure there wasn't an offline version, I am actually pretty impressed.
      I also could open all my AI and PSD files without any hassle. Again there were no offline files.

      I have to say, I will give Lima 1 more month to work out the bugs before I grab my pitchfork again.
      They have royally f'd up. I think they know that, and they are trying to move forward. They have lied and cheated us at every turn, but at the end of the day. It's actually a pretty good product.

    24. Creator sinnyc 1 day ago

      @Todd Thank you for distilling most of the complaints into a single, well written post.

      @CGC What is your mailing address in the U.S.? What is your mailing address in Paris?

      *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

      To all backers who have received their Lima and are satisfied: I am happy for you.
      To all backers who are content with CGC's management of this campaign: I am happy for you.
      To all backers who complain about the many posts (like this one) that you construe as "negative", I ask you to review the very long list of complaints lodged against CGC in those posts - and CGC's complete failure to address the majority of them - and, at the very least, acknowledge we have the right to be upset.

      For my own part, I feel I have been intentionally misled, lied to, and defrauded. I don't care if Lima turns out to be the greatest device​ ​ever built; I want my money back and nothing further to do with this B.S. "company".

      To CGC I say: refund my money in full and I will never post here or anywhere else about your company or product. Since your debacle with Ozymandias, we now KNOW that you can and do give refunds, So...GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!

      #Fraud , #Lies , #Delays , #Theft, #Scam

      REFUND NOW!​

    25. Creator Todd 2 days ago

      I encourage everyone to reread the entire Campaign page.
      All of it.

      Let it sink in.

      Check the Updates page. Go from the beginning to the end.

      Let it sink in.

      Read the Comments page. I dare you.

      Lesson learned.

      I hope.

      It was a costly lesson, but one that I won't be repeating. Sure it could have been worse. It also could have had a different outcome.

      The fact that Kickstarter washes their hands of it when things like this happen speaks volumes.

      We'll NEVER get the product we backed. NEVER. CGC changed Lima so much since funding ended that is ludicrous to argue it's the same product. From little things like no LED- which was a bullet point feature, to adding a media player and meta data. It's changed. The hardware is NOT what was proposed. The software, yeah the software. SMH.

      Guess who is sitting pretty.
      Who wins?
      Who had everything to gain with nothing risked?

      They got their cut.
      They keep their cut no matter what.

      Kickstarter wins whether we get satisfaction or not.

      They have no skin in the game but they get a cut of the action.

      Lima will never be what we backed. CGC made awful decisions and horribly over exaggerated what they were capable of delivering. They misrepresented the point in the process that they were at during the campaign.

      I backed a product described on the Campaign page.

      We were led to believe, I'll rephrase...
      We were given a timeline that said delivery in December 2013.

      I received a different product. In 2015.
      It's not what I backed.
      It never will be, in form or function, what I supported.

      I'm upset with myself for not fully understanding what Kickstarter is.
      They don't vet any project. They assume no risk and take no responsibility.

      Now I know better.
      I'm not a venture capitalist.

    26. Creator Alessandro Maniscalco 2 days ago

      Gotta say, I felt kinda forced into the beta since I still hadn't received my Lima and received an email basically telling me I had to sign up for the beta in order to get my Lima. And it wasn't until I received my Lima that I discovered I needed an empty external hard drive to use it. This goes against the impression I was given by the kickstarter, and had I know I certainly wouldn't have signed up for the beta being as I don't have an empty external hard drive. So as of now I just have a pricey paper weight until you guys can rectify the matter to allow for hard drives which already have content on them.

    27. Creator Ikalios 2 days ago

      Thank you for your first comment on KS for the only project you backed. Totally trust your smooth setup.

    28. Creator Stu Morris 2 days ago

      Also just wanted to say, the free headphones are a nice touch. Thanks a lot

    29. Creator Stu Morris 2 days ago

      Just installed my first Lima, it was a seamless process, with the exception of the sms notification to setup on my mobile. However this is not a problem with the Lima and more the sms notification system.

    30. Creator Moncef Moe 2 days ago

      Received my Lima a few days ago. Just set up. Runs smoothly. Thank you guys

    31. Creator Taylor 3 days ago

      Sorry I should be exact.

      It says "Lima core is not running"...

    32. Creator Taylor 3 days ago

      Received my Lima yesterday. I have tried for over 2 hours to set the thing up. It's completely dead.

      Won't recongize any of my drives (says it's not a valid format.)
      I've tried the following formats.

      I also now can't even get to that stage, it asks me fore my login, I enter it and the whole device locks up, when I try to force close. I see the message "Lima Core is not working".

      I've also tried multiple drive types...
      3.5 WD 2TB drive
      2.5 Seagate 500gb drive
      2.5 Samsung EVO 128GB SSD

      I'm honestly done. Thank you for the beautiful paper weight. I honestly mean that because the packaging and device is god damn beautiful. It's however the most useless thing I've ever purchased in my life.

    33. Creator Pramod Kumar 3 days ago

      Just signed up for beta after a long time. Hoping this will deliver what is being promised.

    34. Creator Brad Ungar 3 days ago

      Signed up for Beta, since been so long. Will I get the full final build when it is ready too?

    35. Creator Rick Perez 3 days ago

      I just would like to comment on the number of comments. Thank You

    36. Creator Jerome Gay 3 days ago

      Hi there, I've just installed my Lima and I'm starting to use it right now. How exciting!

      Greetings from France,


    37. Creator BrianS 3 days ago


      Oh, I see. It's an idiot install - you can't download the apk and install it, you have to let the website do it for you.

      I'm so happy the email I received points that out: "After having installed Lima on your computer, you’ll be prompted to enter your phone number to receive the application through SMS. This happens when you create a new account."


    38. Creator BrianS 3 days ago


      It's hard to install a mobile application from the page you linked. There's only three links on it:

      1: UL, (Lima), (broken, obviously)
      2: UR (Discover Lima),
      3: Middle (Pioneer Kit),
      4: BL (Derpy kid with paper rocket), no link.

      Now, the email I received with codes and keys in it clearly shows that I need to text to a number to get an installable "mobile" link. So, who was instruction? who was phone? The world wants to know...

    39. Creator Sarah Baskerville 3 days ago

      Is this still a thing?

    40. Creator dim3m 3 days ago

      I did an unboxing video. But never got to edit the video or even do anything with it. This product has been so disappointing.

      CGC are the bigger Bastards here.

    41. Creator Merijn Bolhuis 3 days ago

      @BrianS: on yout tablet go to and follow instructions. You don't need a phonenumber.

    42. Creator BrianS 3 days ago

      Well, I received my device today. I will admit, it is packed nicely. The box says "Imagined in Paris, assembled in China." Strange thing to put on a product from a USA-based company. /s

      I don't use uPnP, as that's the most evil, malicious thing you could allow to run on your network. Well, other than Norton, but that's just a virus.

      I can't install the application on my tablet, because it doesn't have a phone number. As if I'd text my number to some unknown entity to get an unknown payload for install...

      The only candidate for install I could download is a package for my one Windows machine, which I use to play games and talk to my scanner. I'm not going to install it. I don't like what I see in it - and that's all I will say about it.

      Sorry guys. I don't twatter or facebutt, so no unboxing video for you. I guess Lima goes in the pile o' tech trinkets, beside the Ouya and the AdTrap.

    43. Creator fmotta 4 days ago


    44. Creator fmotta 4 days ago

      I have had a thought... should a Lima ever arrive for me - if it is not the COTS equipment with the Python additions then I will not have received the reward I backed. So, that would explicitly be a "Not Delivered" condition as it would not be what I backed.

    45. Creator Sanchay Kumar 4 days ago

      Never got mine. This is the longest wait ever!

    46. Creator sinnyc 4 days ago

      @CGC What is your mailing address in the U.S.? What is your mailing address in Paris?

    47. Creator fmotta 4 days ago

      Streaming and remote apps were not within the spec of this project.. It was a simple COTS hardware with some Python code. Please deliver that CGC!

    48. Creator Sandip Badwal 4 days ago

      After the initial teething problems with the software, everything seems to working properly. Though I had a glitch where the Sending xx items, was stuck at 14 for some reason? Anyways the new 0.8.1 fixed that. Anyone had experience using the video files on Chromecast or AppleTV?

    49. Creator Arno Hueber 4 days ago

      I just installed Lima.

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