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Lima makes your computer bigger. Make your devices one. Keep your content private. Meet instant file sending.
Lima reinvents the way your devices store data. Find the same files everywhere. Forget size limits. Keep your content private.
Lima reinvents the way your devices store data. Find the same files everywhere. Forget size limits. Keep your content private.
12,840 backers pledged $1,229,074 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator The CGC team about 2 hours ago

      @Hart it seems you've been in contact with our support team today and your parcel is now ready for shipment.

    2. Creator Hart Steen about 14 hours ago

      Like most I've been waiting and haven't received anything... Please advise as too how to get my products.

    3. Creator The CGC team 3 days ago

      @everyone the latest tech update is out: check it out here…

    4. Creator The CGC team 3 days ago

      @Anthony do not hesitate to send an email to if you have issues with your Lima

    5. Creator Anthony Painter 6 days ago

      The headphones rock !best KS ever :-) Lima never worked. Given up on this.

    6. Creator The CGC team on November 19

      Don't forget that you can find Lima's latest tech update on our blog here:…

    7. Creator PierJ on November 19

      Bonjour, j'ai deux boites Lima que je donne Paris 75014, je ne vais rien en faire, aucun amis geek ne veux jouer avec un produit dépassé techniquement, et je tiens trop aux données de mes amis non geek pour leur offrir ce produit symbole la malhonnêteté ! Au comment ruiner une bonne idée par son incompétence. Bref, je donne ces deux Lima, contacter moi par MP

    8. Creator BrianS on November 19

      Well, after much ado, I finally put my device in the trash can. I've tried to get rid of the thing a couple of times before, but always kept it back in the hopes that I could do something with it. It sits there, looking at me forlornly, but it knows as well as I do that it can never fulfill it's promises to me.

      Out of the three cloud devices I've tried to get/back:

      1 delivered but really doesn't do what was promised in the campaign.
      1 is tied up in legal problems between the creator and a former programmer who lied about his/her availability to work for other companies.
      1 is sitting on my network rack, working happily.

      I guess since i can't get the boot parameters to restore the Lima, and there's no chance of a recovery image in sight, it's time for me to go. I leave you with my review on Amazon.

    9. Creator The CGC team on November 18

      @Andrew: Please contact support regarding this:

    10. Creator Andrew Weir on November 17

      In fact reading the comments refund please

    11. Creator Andrew Weir on November 17

      Hi received nothing? Can i get an update or a refund please

    12. Creator The CGC team on November 16

      @everyone The weekly tech update is here:…

    13. Creator The CGC team on November 16

      @ Hochiminh Rosario: We just need you to confirm your address and will ship your device right away. I've sent you an email to do so (gmail address). Did you get it?

    14. Creator The CGC team on November 16

      @KC and Corey: Thank you for those kind words. The Lima team is fine, even if everyone is still under shock.

    15. Creator Hochiminh Rosario on November 15

      I am still waiting here!

    16. Creator Corey Schroeter on November 13

      I 100% agree with KC. I hope you and yours are safe and well tonight, regardless of the product. This is a humanity thing, and for this rough time I completely lay aside my frustrations and sincerely wish you well.

    17. Creator KC (goatCGC) on November 13

      Despite my dislike for how you have run this project, I hope everyone at CGC is OK there in Paris tonight.

    18. Creator KC (goatCGC) on November 13

      Todd is not silly for examining the litany of deceits CGC has visited upon backers and concluding you are scammers.

    19. Creator The CGC team on November 13

      @Todd Maybe at one point you'll realize that you're the one being silly if you still think we're a scam... - Penelope Liot (I'm a real person, you can check.)

    20. Creator Todd on November 12

      Silly scammers.
      Why are they still carrying on?
      This is the longest I've ever seen a scam continue to roll after being thoroughly debunked.
      Besides Saygus V2 I guess.

    21. Creator The CGC team on November 12

      @Daniel @Sung Hoon Lee Glad to hear that ;)

    22. Creator The CGC team on November 12

      @Marcelo Your Lima will leave the warehouse within a day and you'll receive an email with the tracking number!

    23. Creator hans wurst on November 11

      50. hans wurst --> i got a full refund (well, minus 6,11 us$ paypal-fees)

    24. Creator Sung Hoon Lee on November 10

      The first one Lima bricked and sent to return.
      I got the my second Lima today and working fine!

    25. Creator Daniel Farr on November 9

      Just set-up my Lima. All went well. Very easy to get going right out of the box. Great investment and experience.

    26. Creator Marcelo Cavalcanti on November 9

      i didn't recive mine!!
      where is it?


    27. Creator The CGC team on November 9

      @Everyone our weekly tech update is out and basically talks about what's in the latest release.…

    28. Creator The CGC team on November 9

      @Alon Yair: Glad to hear that!

    29. Creator BrianS on November 9

      @Scott O Clark,

      Can't wipe your butt with it? You've never had the pleasure of being in a primitive camp, have you ;)

      You can wipe your butt with anything when needed. I would, however, suggest you NOT use the poison ivy.

    30. Creator Ian R on November 8

      @Scott O Clark

      Why not both? After the batting cage, might I suggest hollow point? Please post video.

    31. Creator KC (goatCGC) on November 8

      Kickstarter backers should be aware that there is a concerted shilling campaign going on over at Amazon with fake "reviews" are being posted to bring up the rating score.

      You may no longer care about this campaign, but if you care about FRESH people being duped, you should go to Amazon and post an honest review of your own.

      Just click here:… and then pick 1 through 5 stars and add your comments. You don't have to have bought a Lima to review it, but you do have to have a free Amazon account that has made at least one purchase.

    32. Creator Are Thunes Samsonsen on November 8

      This is one of the few Kickstarter projects I truly regret backing, even though I eventually received the item. I can accept that it didn't work 100% out of the box, and I can accept that with a new product. Being fed irrelevant boilerplate from incompetent customer service reps, however, is NOT acceptable.

    33. Creator Scott O Clark on November 8

      Wait a minute, my email says ver 1.0.1 not 0.13. Sill having issues with release numbers? Well, the most successful thing I have done with this turd is take it apart. Hmm, I just had a brilliant idea, hardware baseball or range fodder, Slugger or Glock?! I am not getting my money back so might as well have some fun. I can't even wipe my butt with it like they are with our money.

    34. Creator John gee on November 7

      It's been nearly two years since I backed this project and I haven't received anything. I want an immediate and full refund. Please contact me to get this done. John Gee 11-7-2015

    35. Creator Alon Yair on November 7

      Just got my 2 Limas... looking sharp and works like a magic... It was worth the waiting... my first Kickstarter project that actually delivers.

    36. Creator KC (goatCGC) on November 7

      Hang on to your OS, El Capitan...

    37. Creator The CGC team on November 7

      @everyone Lima 0.13 was released yesterday for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. The new Mac version is compatible with El Capitan :)

      All current Lima users should have received an email with the details of this new version.

    38. Creator The CGC team on November 7

      @Jack We just need you to confirm your address and your device will be shipped right away. I've sent you an email to do so: did you get it? (it's your hotmail address)

    39. Creator Luis Perles on November 4

      @Jack, it's a trap, ask for a refund while you can.

    40. Creator jack lennon on November 4

      I haven't got my Lima in the mail yet but they are in stock on amazon?

    41. Creator Corey Schroeter on November 4

      The thing is - even if it was "released" for your particular OS, speaking from experience, it's a pile of rubbish still. You are more than likely going to regret installing it, and without doubt will find out how slow it is. And heaven forbid you have an issue arise (very high odds of it, btw), because the files are torn apart into their proprietary bits and will be unusable. Follow the advice of the software in one thing, and don't use this as a backup. It's like putting your only copies of your precious family album inside a grinder and just hoping that you can piece it back together again.

    42. Creator Luis Perles on November 4

      I've been told the same thing about the Linux client a month ago. Luckily I got a refund.

    43. Creator The CGC team on November 4

      @Frederic The Lima version compatible with El Capitan will be released by the end of the week.

    44. Creator Luis Perles on November 4

      From what I've learnt about Lima, for every new version of an OS you will endure long months without a working Lima. And if the OS is Linux, forget it.

      CGC has taken the worst path to make a NAS device, relying on the client to do most of the heavy work. While most NAS devices are only a gateway to a hard drive, Lima stores your files in a proprietary database, and the indexing and other heavy works are done by the clients! With such large variety of clients nowadays (Android, iOS, OSx, Windows, Linux, BSD's and their respective platforms), it's very easy to know why this project doomed.

    45. Creator KC (goatCGC) on November 4

      @Frederic - El Capitan support has been "several weeks away" for several months now. Don't hold your breath.

    46. Creator Frederic Genevey on November 4

      I finally received my Lima... after paying half his price for taxes, because Lima wrote a 149$ value on the package, for something I've paid 69$... and the most beautiful: IT DOESN'T WORK AT ALL! No compatibility with Mac OS X El Capitain! How serious could be a cloud and backup device, when we need to waits an update several weeks after a new Mac OS X version? Hey, Lima: do you know that you can freely access to the Mac OS X beta since several months to be ready for the lunch? This expensive piece of shit will go to the trash.

    47. Creator The CGC team on November 3

      @Bruno Found the issue. You'll be shipped tomorrow. Sorry for the wait.

    48. Creator BrianS on November 3

      To anyone wishing to make a report to Amazon:

      Please note in your report the unusually short length of the questionable reviews, the lack of names on the reviews, and the unusually large number of reviewers that have 1 (or a small number in a short time) review(s) to their name.

      You may also note the lack of a verified Amazon purchase tag, but that carries less weight than normal, as the product was available through another channel before hitting

      As always, be polite, don't make up sh*t that you can't substantiate, and don't allow any personal feelings to come into play. Simply point out that what you've observed is odd.

    49. Creator KC (goatCGC) on November 3

      Here is the email address to report fraudulent reviews directly to Amazon: review-abuse-appeals-transfer @ amazon . com

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