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Lima makes your computer bigger. Make your devices one. Keep your content private. Meet instant file sending.
Lima reinvents the way your devices store data. Find the same files everywhere. Forget size limits. Keep your content private.
Lima reinvents the way your devices store data. Find the same files everywhere. Forget size limits. Keep your content private.
12,840 backers pledged $1,229,074 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Luis Perles 4 days ago

      @Thomas Covington, they are way too busy writing fake reviews on their Amazon page.

    2. Thomas Covington 4 days ago

      Still no device ...... Refund?

    3. BrianS on May 14


      Fakespot now gives a "F" grade to Lima's reviews, which is down from the "D" it used to have. It rates 80% of reviews as fake.

    4. Luis Perles on May 11

      I have noticed a reasonable increase in the fake Lima reviews in Amazon recently. That comes as no surprise to me, however I was not able to comment or ask a question on those reviews. Not sure if that is a problem with Amazon for all products or just Lima. But the shilling attack from Lima is back.

    5. Missing avatar

      terry (Eye Toldyoosso) on May 9

      How to get a worked for me

      Tell them you use Linux they gave me a Refund ( i do use Linux)

    6. BrianS on May 8

      @Luis Perles,

      Somehow "Wait" seems appropriate as well.

    7. Missing avatar

      dim3m on May 8

      Wohoo 8,000 comment mark!

    8. Luis Perles on May 6

      Or delete your comments when is posted in their blog, or make up comments and reviews in the Amazon.
      @dim3m, Lima 2.0 will be a rock solid device. I mean, literally, so you can use it as proper paper wait.

    9. Missing avatar

      dim3m on May 6

      You can always count on the CGC team to ignore comments.

    10. Missing avatar

      dim3m on May 6

      @CGC, ?????

    11. Missing avatar

      dim3m on May 5

      @CGC team, shhhhhh

    12. Missing avatar

      dim3m on May 4

      @CGC team, whats next for Lima?

    13. Missing avatar

      dim3m on May 4

      The headphone that came with the Lima is cheap

    14. Missing avatar

      dim3m on May 4

      Any updates on a version 2 of the device. I need another paper weight

    15. Missing avatar

      dim3m on May 4

      Lima = $79 paper weight

    16. KC (goatCGC) on May 3

      The ransomware case a Lima flaw in the same way that their "backup" use case is flawed: If you make an unwanted change to a file or delete it entirely, you lose the desired content. The only backup use case that Lima (maybe) fulfills is if your Lima drive dies suddenly leaving you with a second copy of data.

    17. BrianS on May 2

      @Christopher Lewis,

      I assume Lima would happily copy all the encrypted files over top your good ones, since it doesn't have any kind of version control. I suspect your question was rhetorical, though :)

    18. Thomas Covington on May 1

      I have still yet to receive a device or a refund....

    19. Missing avatar

      Christopher Lewis on April 29

      One thought, if you should fall victim of ransomware would lima app allow them to access all the devices with the app installed and ransom those too?

    20. Cameron Cooke on April 23

      No limage for me either. ...

    21. Wayne Neng-Wei Lin on April 22

      Didn't get the device

    22. KC (goatCGC) on April 20

      @Alexander & @Rafael - You didn't get your devices, but that means you didn't lose your data. Contact Lima support and ask for a refund.

    23. Alexander Morozov on April 20

      I didn't get my devices ether. What's happening?

    24. Rafael Susigan on April 18

      Still waiting my device... nothing ...

    25. KC (goatCGC) on April 13

      It wouldn't be the first time CGC spent money on Deception rather than Development

    26. BrianS on April 13


      One of the things that really struck me as odd was the claimed transfer speed. Reviewer said he was able to get something on the order of 86mbps on his shit-tier consumer router with this device. That's pretty damn good for an ancient 100base device.

      Just for giggles, I grabbed my old Ineo NAS unit and put a new SATA drive in it. This is a late-gen Bifferboard derivative, using the same 486SX CPU with some additional RAM for buffering and whatnot. Connecting this and my computer directly to my 1000base Mikrotik router, I was able to push 66mbps sustained transfer. Remember that this is with the drive connected directly to the SATA bridge on the processor, not via a USB port.

      I'm don't think the reviewer was able to achieve speeds claimed. While I don't remember my own speeds with Lima, I remember them being painfully slow, certainly slower than the Ineo NAS.

      I have an older version of this NAS as well, with a IDE bridge instead - it's able to push about 48mbps when connected to the same setup.

    27. Corey Schroeter on April 13

      That reviewer is either paid off or an absolute idiot... Actually, I guess the third and most likely option is a union of them both. Either way, I don't get it? Does the fact that it didn't catch his house on fire give the device a +4 rating, and the fact that the plug fit into the drive push it over the top? I'm honestly perplexed. Like that scene from Zoolander. That review makes me think I took crazy pills, except that I'm not the only one scratching my head.

    28. KC (goatCGC) on April 11

      @Luis, ditto. I have had a pogoplug since whenever (now retired) and multiple synology devices; -all of which deliver far and above what Lima is capable of doing. They also do not lie to me.

    29. Luis Perles on April 11

      Yep, and the other very odd thing in the article, and later on the discussion below, was that "you get what you pay for" thing. I find a Synology single bay for $106, just $7 above Lima. There are plenty of other NAS-like devices well below Lima price with much more features. I own one of the early Pogoplug. It is not great, but it you can find it below $50, it comes with more features than Lima, and you just plug your current HDD and it will recognize it and start to index immediately. No need to reformat and I never lost any files there. It's been working for over 6 years with me.

    30. KC (goatCGC) on April 11

      The other odd thing is his defending his "This device is rated at 5/5 stars. I would rate it higher if I could" while acknowledging all the missing features, performance limitations, etc.

      Makes you wonder if a device has to stab his Gran in the eye to earn only 4 stars.

    31. BrianS on April 11


      The author of the article just seems confused to me - "Hey, I got one of those computer things, I can write articles!"

      The interesting thing? He admits he has a Synology unit can do all of what Lima proposed way back when, and more. I'm not sure what the need for Lima is...

    32. KC (goatCGC) on April 11

      @Louis, -what BrianS said. Lima was open about the hardware re-used; one of the few things they fully and honestly disclosed in the campaign.

    33. KC (goatCGC) on April 11

      @Brian - Yeah, the author seems desperately confused by the idea that Lima's proprietary *file* format is somehow akin to breaking a RAID array. Strange.

    34. BrianS on April 11


      >> This is far closer to Cryptolocker than RAID.

      lolololol The NEW LimaLocker virus, er, device. - Pay and still lose your files!

    35. BrianS on April 11


      That's because the Lima device IS that device in a pretty package. It's all based on a device called the Bifferboard, a 486-class CPU SBC that found it's way into a lot of low-end NAS devices.

      I have a unit from a company called Consus that's the same thing with a SATA bridge in a case. I used it for a long time before replacing it with a Synology unit.

    36. Luis Perles on April 11

      @KC, I hope those guys from MacSources realize what a mistake was endorse Lima.
      BTW, I found this NAS very similar to Lima from Addonics ( It strikes me its similarity with the Lima prototype presented in their KS campaign.

    37. Missing avatar

      Gilles Burnier on April 8

      Setting up my Lima. Congrats to the whole team for the job.

    38. KC (goatCGC) on April 8

      Mac Sources reviewed Lima: "This device is rated at 5/5 stars. I would rate it higher if I could."

      Reviewer seems more interested in attacking me for "plaigiarism" than devoting some effort to understanding how "proprietary file format" is not the "same as with RAID."

      Head-scratcher for me, I don't see how you could acknowledge the performance and security flaws while wishing you could give it a more than perfect revew despite them.

    39. Corey Schroeter on April 7

      That review you linked, KC, is spot on (and was actually rather generous of them). It's actually even worse than presented, imo, which is saying something.

    40. Corey Schroeter on April 7

      It is interesting to see this is still a giant mess. Not that I'm surprised, mind you - it wasn't what was advertised and even the "working" version of it was so bad I had to uninstall promptly. The only positive about this is it made me look at what options I had for finding that could actually do what this said it was going to do, and then I found more than one alternate, and an existing one with my router software that was flawless (for me).

      Looks like the company is finally dying out, though, which is what should happen when it is inferior and making claims it in no way backs up.

    41. KC (goatCGC) on April 3

      Video Review of Lima:…

      Still in beta despite the ETA of 12/2013 and being on sold Amazon for half a year

    42. BrianS on March 30

      Just for giggles, I calculated up this:

      In 2001, I bought a 256MB CF card at CompUSA for $119, "Reduced price sale." That's about US$464/GB. I can now buy a 256GB USB drive for $60, at a cost of about US$0.24/GB.

      It's like we're living in the future!

    43. BrianS on March 30


      The fact that Micro Center now sells a 256GB (!) USB flash drive for under $60 is a bigger disruption, says me, to the storage market.

    44. KC (goatCGC) on March 29

      @ExZackly -Who would have thought that is what CGC meant when they kept insisting they were "disrupting the storage market"

    45. ExZackly on March 28

      got my lima, connected it, transfered my files, 2 days later, lost all my files...
      put it back in the box.. pure shit. i bought a wd mycloud, been happy since.

    46. BrianS on March 24


      It certainly turned out to be one, didn't it.

      The original kickstarter did say, verbatim: "The hardware device you’ve seen on the video is ready for production. It will be manufactured by one of our partners in Shenzen. On the software side, we are in the process of transforming our prototype code into production code."

      The information posted on the link you provided seems to state otherwise, that of being an "unfinished prototype." I guess "Unfinished Prototype" and "Ready For Production" mean the same thing!

      What's even worse is that platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo simply do not care past the point of collecting money. They give it a basic smell test, then if something goes wrong they simply step back and say they can't help, they're just a platform. I (foolishly) backed a similar project on Indiegogo that ran into "delays" from a "third party" and now they seem to have left the room except for one comment from someone saying how easy it is to complain about lack of updates.

      Live and learn. Doesn't matter, both Lima and the other project are out of date and worthless these days.

    47. KC (goatCGC) on March 23

      Lima is a scam

      Some of you disagree, preferring instead a narrative where we gave our money to well-intentioned people with a bigger dream than they could pull off.

      Myself and others have posited that CGC lied to backers all along, pointing out that the September 2013 campaign which claimed finished code that required ONLY manufacturing funds for a finished product flies in the face of 2.5 years of evidence to the contrary.

      Below is direct evidence that CGC used the Lima Kickstarter as a funding source to launch a company, rather than a product, in direct violation of the KS ToS and our trust. Read this and decide for yourself:

      Published March 9:…

      "As it is the creator of a company that has a product idea, it is obviously highly motivated but there is no proof that this idea corresponds to market expectations," said Severin Marcombes CEO Lima,

      "At the time we launched on Kickstarter, we were only the two founders with a first unfinished prototype. We literally had nothing to show investors! "

      "When we were going to see investors, they replied that they did not know if they could take the risk of building on our project," says Severin Marcombes. "They asked us proof that we could sell in 1 000." The project has managed to rally 12,800 supporters. A success on Kickstarter gives legitimacy to contractors at the time to meet with investors.

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