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Update #3

Rehearsal Update: If you could be anywhere in the world right now ...


We just wrapped up our 2nd to last rehearsal before we head off to Miami! Armed with our latest and greatest version of the script with updated translations from Esther, we ran every scene of the show including a brand new one that we read for the very first time.

In that scene, the Interrogator asks Amante a question that he has difficulty answering, "If you could be anywhere in the world right now, doing anything you wanted, where would you be? And what would you be doing?"

The Amante character dismisses the question because it seems so foolish. But what the Interrogator is really asking him to do is activate his imagination for a moment. Instead of being stuck in what the current reality is, she pushes him to consider what other possibilities there might be.

Ultimately, I hope that is what this project inspires in people. I'm reminded of an interview Sage and I had with Lillian Manzor, Director of the Latin American Studies Program at the University of Miami, Sage said that to resolve our current conflicts the thing we need most is imagination (see the full interview at

Thank you to all who have contributed to our Kickstarter drive! Keep spreading the word. We're almost there.

- Chi-wang

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    In addition to Kickstarter project updates, you'll receive two beautiful 4' x 6' prints of photographs taken during our time in Havana (taken by photographer Adrianne Koteen), plus our love. This is, after all, a performance created by Project Por Amor.

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    You'll receive the photo prints above, plus a bootlegged CD featuring original production music composed by Sage Lewis and hip hop from Doble Filo and The Click, burned at home by Sage himself. You'll also receive a DVD with our "Making Of" documentary, plus footage from our full-length performance from Havana. Did we mention our love?

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    Everything from above, PLUS a production poster from the Havana World Premiere, designed by RAUPA, one of Cuba's youngest and most prized movie poster designers, and a hug from Chi-wang (Based on your location, this hug may be digital).

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