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A beautiful and engineered water bottle designed to be worn, not carried.
A beautiful and engineered water bottle designed to be worn, not carried.
A beautiful and engineered water bottle designed to be worn, not carried.
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    1. leodav just now

      when i get?

    2. Major Glitch about 9 hours ago

      Received my bottles on Monday - kind of. I was also missing a tea accessory that I ordered. Additionally, my bottles were the wrong color. I had initially contacted Closca last week inquiring about the status of my shipment and was informed my second choice colors were unavailable. I was told I could choose from a handful of colors they did have in stock. I asked when the colors I requested were expected to restock, and instead was shipped three of the same color (which doesn’t work for my family). I never received an answer for when the color choices we wanted would be back in stock. My follow-up email, sent the same day I received the incorrect bottles, has also gone unanswered. (It’s been two business days for them, my initial request was responded to almost immediately. Even a “let us look into the situation and get back to you” would’ve been appreciated. Instead I feel like I’m being ignored, hence my post here.)

      I haven’t used the bottles yet because I am holding out hope that Closca will make this right. I understand the manufacturing delays, and while I’m disappointed in the delays, they have zero impact on my frustration with the situation. We were told the bottles were in stock and to pick a delivery window. I inquired about the delivery window and was told that, in fact, my bottles were not available. Instead of answering my follow-up question about an estimated restock timeline, I was shipped three bottles without any confirmation if I was willing accept identical bottles or if I would prefer to wait even longer.

      And even if I end up having no recourse to get colors I actually requested, I’m missing my tea accessory. Hopefully I can come back soon and let everyone know that Closca takes care of their customers.

    3. Missing avatar

      Susan about 19 hours ago

      Backer #1060. Finally received a package from the kick starter that I back to back in November 2017. However, I ordered three bottles and I only received two bottles and one of those leaks from the bottom. At this point is it possible to get a refund? Or are you willing to send me two functioning bottles? Something?!??

    4. Missing avatar

      Ken Sands about 23 hours ago

      Backer 403 here. Received my three bottles today. Haven't used them yet. My initial pledge was for three bottles for $79 to which I added $20 for two tea accessories per prior instructions. The tea accessories were not in the shipment. Are they coming separate? Thank you.

    5. Missing avatar

      Andrew Nguyen 1 day ago

      Just received my bottles yesterday. Took one to work today and the bottom leaks and the other one leaks as well... Any way I can get an exchange, return, or anything?

    6. Keith Bronstrup
      2 days ago

      @Creator I tried that but got no response...

    7. Missing avatar

      Gordon Chia 2 days ago

      Received in Singapore. I noticed that the box sleeve says not to expose to 50 degrees celsius. Is that true? I was under the impression that the bottle was able to hold both hot and cold drinks

    8. SkyTwo
      2 days ago

      Received tracking info Friday, received package today (Missouri, USA).
      Two bottles included, and both were the colors from the second survey, rather than the initial survey where they ran short on the combination so many ordered.
      No issues with leaking in either bottle, but missing the tea accessory.

      Q: Does the tea accessory arrive already inside the bottle, or is it packed separately?

    9. Missing avatar

      Caleb 2 days ago

      Okay, checked the tea accessory and found the bottom seal stuck to it. Works a bit better, but I’d need to see how it performs over the next few days.

    10. Missing avatar

      Caleb 2 days ago

      Received mine today. Sent by DHL over 3 days, so the delivery was pretty fast.

      And well, the bottle leaks from the bottom if you shake it, especially if you turn it upside down over and over.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ming 3 days ago

      Backer 706 . Still nothing eventhough been told it would send for multiple weeks now even with my non preferred colors

    12. Christopher Hay-Yin Ng 4 days ago

      Have not received product. Backer number 1,579

    13. Closca Design Inc. Creator on

      Thanks @JonathanHollingsworth and @Charles for the review and feedback. We'll share with all Closca Team =)

    14. Closca Design Inc. Creator on

      Hi @KeithBronstrup, let's keep conversation on our Customer Service plataform =) @ZyonTan, @Smalo and @JeiFengLi please write to hola@closca,com with subject "Status August". We're happy to help. Cheers!

    15. Jei Feng Li on

      Hi , please help to check mine

    16. Smalo

      hi could you give me the information when I get my Closca bottle ...? thank S.Š.

    17. Keith Bronstrup

      @Creator Back on April 14 I had sent a message with my new address, but never received a response (or my bottles). I just sent a follow-up message, can you please address it?

    18. Missing avatar

      Charles on

      Hi Closca Team,

      I would like to share with you just a short review on your bottle. Overall your bottle is really great! The possibility of opening the bottom of the bottle is really practical whether for filling or cleaning. The strap for hanging the bottle works very well and the texture allows a very good support on any surface whether it is smooth or not. In parallel to this, this material tends to become quickly dirty and to catch dust (especially when it is wet, after a filling for example). Finally the only drawback I found for my own taste is the openings that are still plastic (if I remember correctly, it's in your plans to change that). And finally, the joints in the caps could have been fixed permanently.

      Otherwise, as I had already indicated in a previous message, the most negative I could have encountered with you was that I found your communication fooled and not very transparent in relation to the problems you had with your suppliers and manufacturing.

      Besides that, I thank you for this product and especialy for your vision to minimize plastic in our daily lives!

    19. Missing avatar

      Zyon Tan

      Hi Closca, I have not received the bottles, can you kindly assist??

    20. Major Glitch on

      @Jonathan - where are you located so we can potentially get an idea of where things are at.

    21. Jonathan Hollingsworth

      Just received my bottle and after a quick wash have been using these past couple of days. Great everyday bottle to ditch the plastic

    22. Closca Design Inc. Creator on

      Hi @HelderOliveira and @MajorGlitch for any information please write to with subject 'Status August'. =) @AlvinRosa we're waiting your pictures. We replied your message on june the 18th. We're happy to help! Cheers!

    23. Alvin Rosa on

      Hello Closca. Backer 574. Wrote to you back in June. Got a defective bottle. Unglued clasp on strap, broken seal inside the cap. Trying to get a response from you for either a replacement or a refund

    24. Major Glitch on

      Can you provide the information about the shipping date ranges again? I chose the first option but cannot remember what the date range was (and can’t access the survey anymore to double check). This way I can have peace of mind about the delivery window and when to contact regarding a possible lost product.

    25. Helder Oliveira on

      sooo....... will I drink anything from that bottle this summer?
      backer 1172

    26. Closca Design Inc. Creator on

      Hi @CheeYong and @KinChang, very soon we'll write to you back with an updated. We would like to remeber that we're a small team and we're doing our best to send your bottles. Thanks for your support and patience.

    27. Closca Design Inc. Creator on

      Hi @AvrilHenry, could you please send this message to with subject "Home moving"? We'll help you in the best way. Cheers!

    28. Missing avatar

      Kin Chang

      It's been a while, where is my bottle?

    29. Chee Yong

      Hi, @closca, I sent an email out but still didn't get replied. And I read your latest update and didn't get the survey. Please help. Thanks.

    30. Missing avatar

      Avril Henry on

      Hi there, I will be moving in less than 2 weeks. Will you please ship my bottle right away? It would decrease the chance of it getting lost in the mail.

      I also provided survey feedback on time several months ago, but the model I chose was not available so I gave feedback that I would wait for the one I wanted. The same as others, I have not received a recent email from you.

      Your help would be appreciated.

    31. Closca Design Inc. Creator on

      Hi @ElayneVilla @Elena @Ming @RozannyLim,
      Until the end of this week you'll receive an e-mail to fill a form with all the information is missing to us to procedure with shipment ;) Don't worry, we're taking care of each baker situation. Cheers!

    32. Missing avatar

      Rozanny Lim on

      Where's the survey? I do remember doing the survey before you delayed it! So now i am getting angry because there's been no communication from your end on what is happening? What. The. Hell!!

    33. Missing avatar

      Ming on

      My problem is i never got a survey at all? I keep all my email and it's not there.

    34. Elena

      No survey for me either.

    35. Missing avatar

      Elayne Villa on

      No email or survey. I'm backer 683. Looking forward to getting bottles soon.

    36. Closca Design Inc. Creator on

      Hi @PriscillaRamirez @LynMatten @JesperDoktor and @Ming,

      We already send an e-mail to confirm shipping details for those who answered the survey. If you didn't filled up on time, we'll contact with you before july the 20th.

      Everybody will have Closca Bottle for summer time =)

      We ask for all bakers a little bit more patience because we're a small team and we're working very hard to answer all questions and prepare all deliveries.

      Thanks again for all!

    37. Missing avatar

      Dasman Jeo on

      Where is my survey?

    38. Missing avatar

      Ming on

      Where is my survey? Backer 706 here

    39. Jesper Doktor on

      The email mentioned in the update - has it been sent? Seems a lot of people haven't gotten it.

    40. Missing avatar

      Lyn Matten on

      #backer 1479 I am not sure if I have done the survey but while trying to fill it out again I got error messages. Can you please confirm that you have received my survey answers or send me a new link. Thanks.

    41. Priscilla Ramirez

      Backer # 1450 can you let me know if you received my survey and when I could expect my closca bottles too. Very excited to try them out when I finally receive them!

    42. Closca Design Inc. Creator on

      Hi @YoshikaAlexander, @HongliLai and @JoseCalvo we'll contact you in the next days to confirm some informations before send your order ;) Cheers!

    43. Missing avatar

      Jose Calvo on

      backer # 366, I have not received my product yet. Please contact me. Thanks

    44. Hongli Lai on

      I have not received any of my product yet. could you please contact me? Thanks

    45. Missing avatar

      yoshika Alexander on

      backer # 1,506. send the message via pledge page too. I have not received any of my product yet. could you please contact me? Thank you.

    46. Closca Design Inc. Creator on

      Dear bakers,

      We come with great news! Today we are getting our new bottle stock. We finally have all your bottles with us; available in all models and almost ready to be shipped.

      Our plans are easy. We wanna start delivering as soon as possible. Because of that we will contact you before July the 13th to confirm shipping details for those who answered our survey.

      In case you didn’t filled it up, we will contact you before July the 20th to sort it out for you.

      Again, thanks so much for your patience, support and affection.

      Welcome to the Closca Family

    47. Missing avatar

      Ming on

      Backer 706 and received 0 of my 3 bottles

    48. Missing avatar

      Ming on

      Where is my order???

    49. Olivier Sepulchre on

      Hi, when will I receive my bottle and tea accesorios. Thanks.

    50. Closca Design Inc. Creator on

      Hi @MichaelChong,
      We're really happy with your message =)
      Enjoy your Closca Bottle and thanks for all. Cheers!

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