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More space, less moolah. Complete Cloud storage subscription service in one little device -- Space Monkey.
2,989 backers pledged $349,625 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Space Monkey Creator on

      All devices should have been shipped by now, *other* than the 2TB devices. If you have not received your device, or you're a 2TB user wanting to know what's going on, please email us at so we can sort things out for you.

    2. Sebastien Garcia on

      Don't worry, one of those is coming very soon.
      > very soon being more than few months ?

      seriously pissed about the lack of comm

    3. Sebastien Garcia on

      Hi there. still didnt get anything.
      Estimated delivery: Jul 2013

      How can I get my money back ?

    4. Missing avatar

      Nigel on

      Dear Space Monkey,

      Any further update on International delivery, refer to me, since long time, since any update.



    5. Per Mortensen on

      Dear Space Monkey,

      Still no news of a shipment, would you be so kind to give and update on what is the status of the 2TB device?

      Kind regards,

    6. Per Mortensen on

      Dear Space Monkey,

      Any chance of an update on 2TB devices and when you expect them to be shipped?

      Kind regards,

    7. Space Monkey Creator on

      @Per: You're actually in a unique boat as you're a 2TB backer. The 1TB EU devices have all been shipped (and likely received) by now, but the 2TB devices were waiting on a couple of minor software changes before we're able to ship them. Those changes are complete and are currently undergoing internal testing to make sure they behave as expected, but we'll be shipping your device as soon as that's complete.

    8. Per Mortensen on

      Dear Space Monkey,

      You said in this update that european deliverys should be done by midt June. Today is the 13th of June, and I live in France and have not had any news or information of shipment in my direction. Would you be so kind to let us know where you are and when I can expect a delivery?

      Kind regards,

    9. Space Monkey Creator on

      @James: Oh no! :( Sorry about that! Our packaging was initially designed for the US plugs, and we didn't realize there would be such a difference in size! We'll definitely be re-evaluating our packaging for our eventual v2 to mitigate this concern. I hope it wasn't too badly scratched! :(

    10. James Lunt on

      One bit of packaging feedback, I'm guessing you had to squeeze one of our massive AC adapters in there, so the packaging has scratched the device itself as there was a big bulge from the adapter below. No biggie...

    11. James Lunt on

      It's here! Can't wait to get it set up, thanks guys!

    12. Space Monkey Creator on

      @James: We're just as excited to be fulfilling all of these! And we figured most people wouldn't even think about it until the device was on their doorstep, so we're just concentrating on shipping everything out, instead. Exciting stuff! :D

    13. James Lunt on

      Ah great, thanks for the update.
      Very pleased it is on its way finally! Can't wait to get set up.
      It might have been worth communicating with those affected by this so they know not to worry about duties etc.

    14. Space Monkey Creator on

      Shipping from the US ended up being the fastest way to get your devices to you, because they needed some minor repackaging that could only be done in our office, first. However, we have instructed UPS to bill any customs or duties charges back to our account.

    15. James Lunt on

      I'm not sure how Import VAT works - technically we're leasing the unit and buying service, so if the customs declaration has been done that way we'll be okay. However I'm not sure if it done on value of the item regardless of what is happening with it. Maybe someone else can shed light on that?

    16. Missing avatar

      Mike Hellers

      Same here. Received the shipping notice from UPS. The good news is that they are finally on their way. The bad news is that most of us international backers will most likely receive a nice additional bill due to the import duties and taxes now that the devices have been shipped from the US instead of the UK. Oh well....I am sure the response will be that the T&Cs mentioned this...

    17. James Lunt on

      I thought these were now in the UK?
      I've had a shipping notice from UPS (nothing from Spacemonkey) and the tracking shows it's just been collected from Salt Lake City!

    18. Space Monkey Creator on

      @Ludovic: I'm very sorry for that, but we will communicate precise ETA's by sending out a wave shipment notice once the UK devices are shipping, with the other waves to follow. Don't worry, one of those is coming very soon.

    19. Ludovic MAUX on

      Yes, I do not understand why you are not able to communicate precise ETA for the different remaing waves if international devices are in your possession.

    20. Space Monkey Creator on

      @James: Ah, no, I understand! I just like to be really thorough in my answers where I can be and explain things properly so you guys don't think we're just being arbitrary. Sometimes I can do it to a fault, sorry if that was the case here! :) There's no official estimate yet, but they should be heading out very soon! I'm sure we'll make a big backer update once the UK shipping starts, and/or you'll get a wave confirmation email thing.

      @Ludovic: We're still on schedule for the timeline we've given in the update above, and the international devices are in our possession. I'm very sorry if there was any confusion; was there something I missed responding to?

    21. Ludovic MAUX on

      Any update ? Please respond to international backers....

    22. James Lunt on

      Hi again - I was just wondering, no need to revert back to T&Cs!

      They've been in your possession for 2 weeks now - any estimated time for actual dispatch/delivery within the UK?


    23. Space Monkey Creator on

      @James: Realized that we didn't answer you, I'm so sorry! Though we reserve the right to change our minds in the future, currently we're concentrating on getting you your reward and improving the product. While the delays we've faced are unfortunate, we did warn that they might happen in our "risks" paragraph in the beginning of the project: "Delivery of units to international customers depends on regulatory approvals, and may be delayed past the estimated dates listed in the Rewards section." We wish the delays hadn't happened, but this is a Kickstarter-- Space Monkey is a brand new company, and you've helped fund a brand new product! Kickstarter has all of the risks AND rewards of being mega-bleeding-edge! However, an advantage of having your reward delayed is that the domestic users were the "guinea pigs" for many of the bumps, and you should have a smoother and faster experience overall. :)

      There'll definitely be another offer in the future after we've shipped the international devices for those of you who wanted to wait to test the product, first.

    24. Space Monkey Creator on

      Hi everyone, International units are in our possession as of today. There is some minor packaging processing to do before putting them in the mail, but delivery is nigh!

    25. Three Axis on

      Any news on international delivery? I'm in the Netherlands and have not received anything nor heard anything about international deliveries since long.


    26. Ludovic MAUX on


      Can you confirm units arrived at London warehouse as we are now reaching "end of March + 6 weeks" ?


    27. James Lunt on

      Hi again. Still patiently waiting in England here :)

      Are you considering any kind of increase to the benefits for international backers? It's looking as though I'll get my unit a full year later than estimated if everything stays on track now, and in that time I've been paying for other (inferior) solutions.

      Further to that, I didn't want to change to the ownership model from the lease model as I hadn't tried the product - will there be a repeat for those of us who were still waiting?


    28. Space Monkey Creator on

      @Brouard: Contact as you've done. :)

      @John: Canadian devices are still going out. If you haven't received your shipping notification yet, you will within the coming weeks.

      @Otto: Well, we just don't really have anything new to say! We're still on target to meet the timeline as outlined in this post for international users. If anything changes, we'll let everyone know!

    29. Otto Mok on

      9 months later, still no monthly updates.

      Learn to set expectations, so we don't ask the same questions over and over and over.

      Regular updates goes a long way. Think of them as external status meetings.

      You guys have regular periodic internal status meetings, no?

    30. John Organ on

      Can you provide a reasonable update at this point? I'm in Canada. Thank you


    31. Missing avatar

      Brouard on

      Hy, i want a refund, what is the procedure please ?

    32. Space Monkey Creator on

      @Lesley: We do only put things we think are important in updates! :) I think we're waiting to have new news before we do another update, but we are on target to meet the timelines as outlined in the above post.

    33. Missing avatar

      Lesley Van der Wee on

      Hi Space Monkey,
      Could you please inform your backers more with any new information? This would be much appreciated.
      Also, only put important information in the next update, this way it's easier for people to quickly find the info they're looking for. Thanks in advance!

    34. Space Monkey Creator on

      @Nathan: I'm sorry that we were not able to meet your expectations and that we have had delays regarding international shipping. Of course we can provide refunds for anyone who asks, just contact us at

      @Victor: The speed improvements have already rolled out to a small group of testing users, so once we've seen how it interacts there and smoothed out any issues that crop up we'll be rolling it out to everyone else. With a change of this size we want to be very careful, so it could take a few weeks, but it is definitely coming! Streaming will be coming some time after that.

      @Ludovic: Yes! We are still on track to meet the timeline outlined in this update.

    35. Ludovic MAUX on

      International backers would appreciate an update to to know if timing announced in February is still on track for Europe delivery....

    36. Victor Mateevitsi on

      Any updates on when you will roll out the above new features?

    37. Missing avatar

      Nathan on

      This project has continually failed to deliver on its promises. The international shipping times are a joke. I've asked for a refund - I'm done waiting.

    38. Space Monkey Creator on

      @Chris: Canadian deliveries are still underway-- they're going a little slower but they're definitely going. I'm going to check into what I can do to speed up the final handful that are left to go out, including yours!

      @Alex: Unfortunately, yes. I know it's a big pain, but we did mention that international rewards may be delayed due to customs requirements, and that's what's happened here. We're very sorry we've faced these delays and that they've impacted you and the other international backers, but we wanted to try our best to meet all of the customs requirements before shipment so that we didn't get devices confiscated or have similar issues.

    39. Alex Banh on

      Does it mean that I will be hopefully receive my unit in Hong Kong in the summer of "2104". 1 year after the estimated delivery date if I AM LUCKY?

    40. Chris Maki on

      April 5th, and I feel as though we Canadians are being left out in the cold. I'm sure the other international supporters feel the same way.

      What's up guys?

    41. Space Monkey Creator on

      @Victor: We don't have an ETA for the SMB support yet, but we're working on it! Hopefully soon, but we have to do a lot of testing and things like that even when the actual programming is complete. We were just too excited not to let you guys know about it!

      @Sean: We're getting them out slowly but surely to our Canadian backers! You should receive shipping confirmation via email in the coming days, if you haven't already.

    42. Sean Thomas on

      So this post from February 21st claims that international delivery has begun, it's not March 13th and I have yet to receive anything about my shipment (to Canada). Do we have an ETA or is this delayed again?

    43. Victor Mateevitsi on

      Great, thank you for keeping us up to date!

      When do you plan to release the SMB and DLNA support? Looking forward trying it out!

    44. Space Monkey Creator on

      @Stephen Chan, please contact support@ if you'd like a refund.

    45. Missing avatar

      Stephen Chan on

      Honestly you guys suck. I almost forgot I fund you guys and that I still have not received my product.

      The market is changing so quick that other company bringing out NAS Solution and cloud storage at an exponentially cheap rate that what I thought was a good deal back then with Space Monkey is a horrible deal now. Project such as yours really hurts the credibility of other projects with timely delivery as backers such as myself are not willing to risk another cent on delayed projects such as this (whole damn year of delay)

    46. Missing avatar

      Aron Rotteveel on

      Thanks for the update, this is exactly what we needed.

      Keep 'em coming! :)

    47. Space Monkey Creator on

      @Dan: They're definitely coming! The engineers are moving mountains with this speed-up, so it's not ready quite yet, but trust us: you'll know when we release it without us even saying anything!

      @Richard: I'm sorry that you're disappointed in our shipping times for international backers, but we've been working non-stop on getting these made for you guys. And the US devices were also shipped by sea; air freight is an expense we did not want to pass on to our backers and so did not factor into our initial Kickstarter campaign.

    48. Richard Groves on

      I should have known when the 'We've shipped wave B/C/D, you're in Wave I' emails stopped in December that you'd messed up again and were going to throw another big delay in. And cheapskating with shipping by sea - nice way to add 6 weeks extra delay for Europe.

      Sounds like the service barely works for uploads anyway, so maybe not missing anything much. Given past performance I guess this new 6 month delay will turn into 10+ and the software might have improved, or more likely a TB of access anywhere cloud storage will be given away in breakfast cereal boxes by then.

    49. Dan Dill on

      In my experience, because Space Monkey handles large (many 10's of gigabytes) transfers so slowly (days to complete) it is hard to rely on it as a backup medium. If access can increase by several orders of magnitude, then Space Monkey would be workable. As things are now, speed is a major hindrance. As an early backer, I look forward to such improvements.

    50. Space Monkey Creator on

      Thanks for the honest reviews, guys! It's good to see that most of you are having largely positive experiences, though we know that we obviously have things to improve on-- and we are full steam ahead on making that happen! We're glad we have such amazing people backing us, who're willing to walk with us as we take our project all the way from Kickstarter to where it is now, and beyond! We can't wait to show you all what we have in store, and we're glad that you guys are seeing the improvements we've already made. There's no where to go but up!