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Two awesome kids looking to start a web show made by kids (Eli & Gabe) for kids. Shows will be kid friendly and mother approved!

Hi, I'm Cliff Bremner, and I created this kickstarter for two awesome little kids. Eli & Gabe are my girlfriend's two silly kids determined to have their own web show.  They are fans of a very popular television show about a girl who has her own web show and it has inspired them to start their own.  Being a geek, a techie, and somewhat of a programmer by nature, I decided I would use my knowledge and experience to help them achieve their goal by creating this kickstarter project.


The goal of the Eli & Gabe Web Show is to entertain you and your kids with silly kid humor videos and silly skits about life.  All episodes will be kid safe and mother approved.


The plan is to film, edit, and release an episode of the Eli & Gabe Web Show once every two weeks. Episodes will vary in length (10 - 20 minutes or longer depending on scheduling ) and vary in subject matter. 


To develop a successful web show the right tools are needed.  Right now the kids and I are hampered by an older donated computer/monitor that also doubles as a television.  Most of the gear we have now is borrowed or donated, and vastly outdated.

What we have so far?

  • Hosting for the web show
  • Domain (
  • Borrowed Kodak PlaySport Zx3 (filmed this kickstarter video)

Here is a list of the hardware/software we plan to acquire for the web show:

  • 1 Computer: PC or Mac ($300-$1500)
  • 1 Monitor ($100-$300)
  • 1 Video Camera ($100 - $1000)
  • Memory Card for Video Camera ($20 - $50)
  • Video Editing Software ($100 - $300)

Minimal start-up cost: $620 (items above)

Optional items to protect investment:

  • Surge Protector ($20 - $50)
  • UPS ($50 - $200)
  • External Hard Drive ($50 - $150)

All the equipment acquired for the web show will belong to the kids and their mother (guided and supervised by their mother of course and myself).  As the producer/editor of the web show I will be using the equipment to film, edit, and publish the web show.  Depending on the amount of funds raised will determine type, brand, model, of hardware and software to be acquired. For example: 

  • New vs Refurbished
  • Dell vs Apple
  • Windows vs Mac OS
  • Flip vs Canon
  • Adobe Premier Elements vs Final Cut Pro


As the creator and parental figure of this kickstarter project my role will be as a producer, camera man, and editor for the web show.  Jamielynn Rozema (Eli & Gabe's mother) will be serving as producer, manager, and full time kid wrangler.

Thank You

We thank you for your support and hope you catch an episode of the Eli & Gabe Web Show.


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