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A modern riff on "string art" from the 60's & 70's. Modular panels of aluminum & nylon cord attached to the wall with powerful magnets.
A modern riff on "string art" from the 60's & 70's. Modular panels of aluminum & nylon cord attached to the wall with powerful magnets.
38 backers pledged $3,015 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Quick Update

Wow, it's February already...

Where we're at:

• I made and shipped all the rewards to backers who said that they wanted their panels sooner-rather-than-later in January. So that's good, and they all seem to be happy.

• After a lot of practice, I have started to "stamp" individual names and the name of the piece on the back of the panels with a set of steel punches rather than just write it all on there with a Sharpie. I've also stamped my hand a couple of times, but I'm getting better and better with each piece and I have yet to misspell anything. Pics below to give you an idea of what I'm talking about.

• I decided to build a 15' x 7' metal wall in my basement as a photo backdrop that I could use to take pictures of different combinations of panels without having to install individual wall anchors for each of the magnets. So far I've gotten about a ton of raw 1/8" steel cut, drilled, sanded and brought into my house (it's currently crushing my dining room table) and my plan is to install and paint it this weekend. As with everything I ever get myself into, this has turned out to be a bigger project than I anticipated, but that's how it goes...

• The templates to mount the panels and the magnets are also done and came out great. I decided to make them out of 1/16" steel and they make it really easy to mount one or more panels with perfect spacing. Also, I no longer have to cut these out one-by-one from big sheets of vinyl, which is a big plus.

So, the sum total of all this means that you will have your reward in your hands within a few weeks if you don't already. I've recently started to experience some pretty scary term-paper writing flashbacks from college (I never once turned in anything on time, ever) so I'm sufficiently motivated to get these out of the workshop and into the hands of the FedEx guy as soon as possible...

Thanks again! -Adam

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Getting Close To Shipping Rewards

Hey Gang, 

GOOD NEWS - The panel blanks are finally done: drilled, sanded and ready to be assembled with all of the other components that have been arriving in big boxes over the past few weeks. Check out some of the photos below to get a sense of what over 15,000 pegs, screws, magnets, etc... look like before everything gets put together. The magnet photos came out especially well - that's the basic shape they want to arrange themselves in naturally and it's easy to create different configurations.

I'm waiting on one replacement tool (that I use to mark the back of the panels) which should be here by Wednesday, so the first packages should go out no later than Monday of next week. I've reached out to almost everyone to collect addresses, etc... but if you haven't heard from me, sit tight, it means that I probably already have your info.

I've spoken to some of you about using your rewards in a photo shoot I have set up for next month - I'm actually building a metal wall that the panels will stick to as a backdrop / photo set and that should be finished by the 2nd or 3rd week in January so the goal is to have everything done and out the door by the end of the month. I will forward pictures to each you individually as your panels are strung and packaged.

In other good news, I've agreed to my first retail / gallery situation with a very cool space in Brooklyn, NY called Module-R ( ). They are a self-described "gallery of modular and customizable art and design" which seemed like a great fit for my work and they have been fun to work with so far. They just had their grand opening this month and if you look closely at the photo below, you can see a group of 4 of my panels hanging on the back of the right wall.

So, that's the quick update - thanks again for backing this project and please email me at with any questions.


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Funded - Thank You!

Materials are ordered and I will be able to start making everything early next week. Stay tuned for more progress updates and I will send a survey to collect everyone's shipping address shortly. Thanks again! -Adam

Raw Materials Update #2

Made a couple of panels tonight before leaving for a long weekend out-of-town. Some good shots of the individual components as well as some details of the backsides - which, to my eye, are as interesting and precise as the front...

See the complete set of full size images here:

Just 11 more days to go, so please keep up the good work spreading the word!


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Project is Funded! Raw Materials Update #1

Thanks everyone - the project has met its initial funding goal of $1,500 and continues to build on its fast start! With $2,121 already pledged - and 21 days to continue to raise money - I decided to go ahead and start pulling together all of the raw materials for the 40 pieces that I will be making.

Each panel uses over a dozen unique components (all from separate specialty vendors) and none is more important that the aluminum plate itself. I took a ride out to my primary supplier ALRECO (ALuminum REcycling COmpany) last Friday to place an order and spent a few minutes taking some photos while wandering around their huge salvage yard.

The complete set of full size photos can be found here:

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