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Funding the completion of the Alien Frontiers iPad App
Funding the completion of the Alien Frontiers iPad App
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Alien Frontiers: iPad Status Report

It's been a while since I posted an update here, and I apologize for that. So, let's get caught up to date.

Clint and Karim are working hard on the app and we are currently "hoping" to push it to Apple in the first week of October. Later than we had expected, but we're dancing as fast as we can :-) With the iPhone 5 release, Apple's lag-time in approving apps is also longer than usual, so, after we upload the file, we'll all have to be patient while Apple thinks it over.

I have obtained the styluses (styli?), skins, sleeves, and totes. The pink and gray bits are on order through Piotr's AF: Aurora project, and the PDF Art Book...totally slipped my mind. :-( I'll have to get on that this week.  Sorry.

The physical game rewards are at the warehouse in NH, so I'll pack everything I have here, send it to them, and when everything is all in their hands, they'll pack and ship everything out to you. I'l get you an estimate on when that will be as soon as I can.

Below are some screen shots of the AF:iPad app. The first two are test images of Clint and Karim checking out various game state and overlay options.  Your game will never look like these, there are not enough field generators to trigger ALL those overlays and sprites, but it illustrates some of the progress being made.

The third picture is an end-game screen where I trounced a simple-minded Cadet AI. The Cadet is good for training new players, but you'll probably what the more challenging Spacer, Pirate, or Admiral AI's to test your AF skills.



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    1. Davin Nathanson on September 29, 2012

      It would be great if the iPad app didn't stick to skeumorphic dice. In the physical game the dice are needed to randomize the values and mark the filled docks in the orbital facilities.
      What if the dice were actual animated spaceships that spun or morphed into new values each turn? On your turn the spaceships of your color would fly from the orbital ports into a slow orbit around the planet then randomize to new values until you click one then it would follow your finger to the selected orbital facility. If the facility is full or the ship doesn't meet the criteria to dock then it would fly back to orbit. You could also select multiple ships and guide them all at once.

    2. Mikolaj Laczynski
      on September 28, 2012

      It looks great!
      I can't wait!!