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Funding the completion of the Alien Frontiers iPad App
Funding the completion of the Alien Frontiers iPad App
569 backers pledged $16,252 to help bring this project to life.

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Pink & Grey Bits -- and -- Rocket Dice

Pink & Gray Bits

This morning I received word from Piotr at Locworks that Panda is ready to ship the pink and grey bits.  I do not know exactly when they will reach the Game Salute warehouse for ship-out to you amazingly patient backers, but as soon as I do know, I'll let you know.

Each bit pack will have 6 standard D6, 9 wood colonies, and 1 scoring rocket in either pink or gray. 

Rocket Dice

Many of you supported our Alien Frontiers iPad project because you loved the original Alien Frontiers board game. So, I would like you to know about a new Kickstarter that I've just launched through my association with GameBits and GameSalute.

Rocket Dice are the perfect companion to Alien Frontiers or any other space game you enjoy playing. Six-sided dice that look like spaceships. How cool is that!?!

Please visit this new project and see Diiiiiice iiiiiin Spaaaaaaace!

A Progress Report on Pink & Gray Bits

A little good news on the pink and gray bits. 

As you may know, these are being produced as part of the Alien Frontiers: Aurora project over in Europe, so all I can really report is what they're reporting over there.

The proof pieces are being shipped to LocWorks in Poland. Assuming that LocWorks approves the proofs, the bits will go into production very soon. That still means about 60 days before they're finished, and then there's the lengthy bulk shipping to be considered.

So, as I said...a little good news...but not much. I appreciate your patience.

On another note, Clint is working on the Game Center integration for the iPad app. Still a long way to go with it...but it is in the works.

Happy Holidays to everyone and thanks again for supporting Alien Frontiers for iPad.

Physical Rewards Mailing Today

Thanks for your support and patience.

With the exception of the pink and gray bits, the physical rewards are being shipped out to you today. 

Backers in the USA should receive their packages in 5 to 10 business days.

International backers should allow 21 working days for delivery.

The approaching holidays may impact delivery time.

Pink and Gray bits will ship out as soon as possible, but we still have not heard from the manufacturer on a firm delivery date to our warehouse.  At this point, I would not expect them before the end of the year.

Physical rewards for the Admiral level backer are being handled separately.


Long Delayed Rewards

Hi All...Sorry for the absence. 

Looks like we're going to have to do two mail-outs for the rewards. We'll send out the games and the non-game items first, hopefully by the end of the November. I've already shipped the portfolios and sleeves and styluses and gelaskins to the warehouse in NH. They'll pack those up and the games and expansions that you pledge for as well.

Then we'll send out the pink and gray bits separately when they arrive. Still no firm date on that. Sorry.

If you're enjoying the Alien Frontiers iPad app please log into your iTunes account and post a review. We've sold nearly 5,000 copies of the app so far but there are only 106 ratings and 56 reviews.  I'm happy to say, however, that the ratings put Alien Frontiers: iPad at a solid 4.5 stars!  Wonderful!!!


Non-USA Backers...OMG! What A Cockup!


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