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Corporate, political, scientific, and criminal factions have set their sites on Planet Maxwell in this Alien Frontiers expansion.
Corporate, political, scientific, and criminal factions have set their sites on Planet Maxwell in this Alien Frontiers expansion.
1,382 backers pledged $76,078 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Harmony & Love

OK, maybe "love" is too strong of a sentiment here, but Q-Workshop and I have reached a resolution that gives everyone something if not the exact things we all wanted.

You, the backers, get a custom relic ship die, as you were promised. This ship is "thousands of years old" and is the product of "alien engineers and non-human sensibilities of beauty". Cherish it for it's endurance and diversity from the human norm...or chuck it in the trash.  Your call. :-)  I'm sorry it could not be all I had hoped it would be.

I receive a 50% refund for a product that is functionally useful but does not look like I was led to believe it would.

Q-Workshop retains 50% of the payment to at least cover their costs of manufacture since the product is functionally, if not esthetically, as ordered.

I'm off to the FedEx Office now to send the dice to Game Salute so they can pack it in with your Factions stuff.

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Aurora Success!

Aurora, the multilingual European edition of Alien Frontiers has achieved it's funding goal of 15,000 Euros! Congrats to LocWorks!

There are a few hours left to offer your support and get a unique version of Alien Frontiers for your collection.

Check out Alien Frontiers: Aurora today!


Some Good News At Last

I'm late for my day job, but I just had to share some good news with you...


Panda emailed me last night with the FedEx tracking number for the air-freight shipment from Shenzhen China to Londonderry NH. The "estimated delivery" date is just an estimate; US Customs could delay it. But it is finally in transit!

I will start sending out Kickstarter Surveys for shipping info tonight!


Relic Ship Fail!

I really hate giving out bad news and I really really hate dishing out blame to creative people, but I have to do both in this update.  Put simply, Q-Workshop frakked up your custom Relic Ship dice. 

I ordered 2000 of their #10 Transparent with Black with custom etchings on all six sides. Their sample image shows Transparent with Red, but they assured me it would be Transparent with Black.

This picture below is what I received via FedEx today.

The color dice from the AF game are here for comparison and the clear dice in the upper left are from our first edition of Alien Frontiers. These custom dice from Q-Workshop are very poor quality. They have no luster, the engravings are weak, the ink in the engravings is frequently spotty, they're a full mm smaller than the 16mm I ordered, and the color is completely frakkin' wrong!

You might say "Hey, what did their proof copy look like?"  I have no idea. They only ever sent one picture of a pre-production mould proof (see below). I asked them to make the lines of the surrounding circle thicker and they told me they could not do that. Huh?  Why not?

April 27th: Q-Workshop emailed the picture above. After this...NOTHING! They just strung me along.

May 29th:  They just need some finishing touch, painting, polishing, investigation and we are done. I will provide you with some photos of unpainted dice.

June 13th:  Sorry for the delay, we need just a few more days to finish this off. We are going to visit our workshop tomorrow, I will make the promised photos.

On June 29th, I asked Piotr from LocWorks (also in Poland) to call them for me to see if actually talking to them would make any headway.

July 2nd:  Finally we have manage to make your dice with a little delay. The dice are already on their way, to be more specific you should receive them today.

WHAT? You said my dice were almost done on May 29th, but on July 2nd you "finally" made my dice? No Proofs? No Pics? Plenty of Lies!  And now I have $2,000 of useless dice!

I have asked for a full refund and told them they can send a FedEx tag if they want these dice back.

I'm sorry, but it looks like I'm going to have to renege on the free Relic Ship die for all backers. Even if Q-Workshop agreed to make a new set of correct dice--which would take them more than 3 months based on the time for this job--it would cost me too much time and postage to send out nearly 1,400 one-die packages.

I'm sorry.  Q-workshop let me down...and I'm letting you down. I'm sorry.



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