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Help us publish the SECOND book of steampunk short stories from New Babbage - the sooty SecondLife City-Nation.

The City of New Babbage is a consensual hallucination of a steampunk city in a time that never was. It’s built out of bits and prims in SecondLife (instead of bricks and plaster), but it’s as “real” a place as Paris or Mumbai.

People from all over the world “go” there daily to build fantastic machines, fight krakens, and roleplay vast, open-ended storylines replete with mad scientists, street urchins and evil geniuses. We also write stories. With a few exceptions, none of us are professional writers, and few write enough to generate complete works. But for all that, the stories are immensely entertaining and sometimes excellent. We’ve assembled pages and pages of them – and want to share them with the world.

Last year's volume was a huge success (copies are still available at Babbage Fiction Press) but this year the writing is even better. If you bought your copy last year, you'll want to buy one this year to put next to it on your (steamy) bookshelf. If you missed last year's edition, definitely jump in on this one - it will be worth the read.

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We've got all the stories, layout, and publishing arrangements all made. The only real risk is that our volunteer editing staff lose their mind trying to get it out the door during the holidays.


  • We're publishing the Tales project in paperback and e-book form. The image on the project suggests backers might be getting a bronze-bound, gear-clad hardcover, so ... don't think that. Maybe someday we'll do a collectible coffee-table edition, but not this time.

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    Receive a cuztomized steampunk avatar, a guided tour of the City with evil genius Doctor Obolensky, Clockwinder (Mayor) Tenk, and City doyenne Dame Breezy Carver, plus a VIP invitation to the launch party in SecondLife.

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    PRE-ORDER a printed hardcopy of the finished book. We'll send it to you directly when it's published.

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    A printed hardcopy of the finished book and receive a personalized thanks in the dedication page of the book, immortalizing your name (or your avatar's) in the annals of the City.

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