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Blog Camp is a small news site that reports on today digital culture. Read more

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Blog Camp is a small news site that reports on today digital culture.

About this project

The idea behind Blog Camp is to create a reliable source for news relating to today's digital culture. What is happening with Facebook's latest change to its terms of service, how is Google+ holding out, what is the latest piece of technology that will change our lives forever, what are start-ups doing?

These are topics that are covered by the New York Times, Sacramento Bee, and Wall Street Journals. But some things get missed, or simply don't get covered. Blog Camp is here to change that.

Each article is written by a volunteer staff member, and edited by a volunteer editor. Then posted. Each staff member and editor is here at Blog Camp because they love technology, the digital culture, and most of all want to report the things that interest not only us, but you to.

You can visit us at

Why do we need funding?

While we are already online, and writing article on a daily basis, we need help paying for the redesign of our site, building a proper server, so we can host our site on a in-house server, and not worry about our site having a black out. We also want to push into new media, such as video broadcasting, apps, and yes even pod casting if the community so desires.

We also have to purchase plastic forks, spoons, knives, and a flat of coffee & ramen soup. Why? Because we are constantly looking for the latest and greatest news and want to get said news to you as soon as possible. Thus we don't sleep.

What is special about Blog Camp?

We are community generated. So anyone can submit material to us, and we will review it and help get it ready for publication. Our team of staff writers and editors will work closely to get your article online as fast as possible.

If you want to take it to the next level, then you can even apply to become a staff member.


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